PS4 Devs Explain PS4 UI Details

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  1. Archaga says:

    So far, I like it. I like me some XMB and gridded UI. I’m just glad I chose a good username the first time around, seems many people were disappointed when they confirmed you can’t change it.

  2. BlazingHaze74 says:

    That’sn cool. I can’t wait for my PS4!! 😀

  3. phant0mg33k.64 says:

    Now if it could only be that snappy on remote play you got yourself a deal.

  4. BahamutBBob says:

    “The PS Store is integrated natively into the UI. There is no separate app for it.”

    So they realized they were wrong removing this feature from the PS3 and gave it back to us with the PS4? Excellent.

  5. svenn says:

    Cool, looks better then the lame-*** vita XMBC; I loved the xmbc on PSP allot.

    • Kro says:

      They can change the vita UI via update if they wanted.

    • Archaga says:

      I say we petition to have them at least give us the option to use an XMB theme on the Vita.

      • 110706 says:

        svenn Of course Vita has a lame-*** XMBC. If Sony wouldnt have developed Vita with PS3 security like, we would have already had CFW for it.

        What that means? awesomely custom CXMB for it. CXMB theme’s for PSP blows Vita UI out of the water. Sadly it’s almost 2years already since Vita release and we have nothing about CFW. Modding community played a big role in PSP success. Everyday i woke up back then, i opened up the browser and found a new cool exciting app for PSP CFW. Kudos to everyone who created superb, wonderful apps for the PSP.


  6. compccs says:

    have they anywhere shown where in the menu you can go to play videos or stream files thru dlna? all ive ever seen is essentially the “game” menu… i assume it will happen but i dont think they have officially announced anything either…

  7. Techni says:

    -Game pages play in-game music similar to what happens on the PS3 when you highlight the game icon on the XMB
    Damn. I disabled that on my PSP. Makes things load faster. Although PS3 (and hopefully PS4) didn’t need the boost.

    -No word on customization with themes or other personalization.

    -No Playroom app on the current PS4 SDK. No folders either.
    ARG! There’s no excuse for no folders! The launcher I made from scratch has folders! ITS EASY!!!!!

    -The PS Store is integrated natively into the UI. There is no separate app for it.
    That’s good. That means it’ll finally work with RemotePlay again

  8. NNNRT says:

    That’s the best GUI I’ve ever seen! 😛

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