Valve update: Steam Controller revealed

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11 Responses

  1. Show says:

    Yeah, every time I see that key binding for Portal 2, I just wonder what happened to the Jump button.

  2. Hamdan says:

    Gamings going to cod damn heck

  3. mixedfish says:

    It’s like as if Valve is deliberately making this as a parody of gaming consoles. Too bad April fools is about 6 months away.

  4. Dmaskell92 says:

    Can’t they just use analogs ffs?

  5. clorbag says:

    well as the controller is modular by how they say its hackable im sure there will be traditional analog sticks that can be swapped in or out, im a bit iffy on the whole track-pad type controls but it may actually work really well? until then well just have to wait and find out. personally i am very excited with how steam is moving forward and introducing all these new concepts and “machines”.

  6. veelk says:

    As a set of stereo speakers, it looks kinda cool.
    As a game controller… well let’s say it doesnt make me go all “HOLY *** I NEED TO PLAY GAMES AND NOW”

  7. Trevor Philips Is White Trash Worse Character Ever! says:

    That looks ***, I rather use my console controllers. lol

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