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PlayStation Mobile: One year on

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  1. italkgame says:

    Nice article, thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  2. WilcoB says:

    The biggest problem of PSM is still the availability, many countries still don’t have access to PSM.

  3. momi says:

    Hi Man Plz tell Me when i See Ps VitA is Hacked
    tell Me Br0

  4. NNNRT says:

    PSM sucks as long as it’s not available in my region. 👿

  5. mixedfish says:

    It’s an excellent platform, the fact that you can buy it on mobile but yet play it on the Vita makes for a good value purchase.

  6. ivo says:

    hi, why do i feel hijacked when i see these movies of the original store and with mobile program …

    both my vita as my ps3 both dont have crossedplay section nor original store 🙁 … stupid store update hijacks

    what i do like would be a download list into categories

  7. ivo says:

    still no mobile for me 🙁
    some chat logs

    [22:49] hi
    [22:49] some port stuff to psp
    [22:49] what do i do when i want to port psp stuff to pc
    [22:50] more likely custem emulator firmware for pc (devhook on pc 2.71 tiff eggs)
    [22:50] u8 translates to long on pc gnu make gcc or g++ ?
    [22:50] hi anybody home ?
    [22:51] ./sources/dh_inst/main.c:105: error: ‘PSP_O_CREAT’ undeclared (first use in this function)
    [22:52] so how do i use the psp defines and headers without compiling actually for psp ?
    [22:52] hence trying to compile pc lol

  8. Someone says:

    Can someone check to see if Yu-Nama: The Puzzle is available in US PSN? Cause it’s not showing up for me, but it might be for one of you guys.


  9. ismail says:

    The problem of the playstation mobile for me is the lack of application but i understand why developer don’t make apps it’s because you can put free apps or games on playstation mobile seriously who will buy a calender or a calculator

  10. botarguirix says:

    still not in my country… mexico 🙁

  1. June 21, 2014

    […] new SDK was just released today and since PSM’s free licence offer is still on, you can get the SDK here. As we all know, the Vita has become more of an indie device […]

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