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Mighty No. 9 might be released for PS Vita

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  1. Wizard says:

    Would like to play mighty no. 9 on the psvita some day.

  2. meanmachine781 says:

    It will be in Vita * if it is funded. There are three days left and 1 million dollars to go for Vita version which is impossible sadly.

    • Archaga says:

      Nah, that’s just to get people to fund more right now. They’re definitely going to expand to more platforms because it will be more profitable.

      • Ikith says:

        Maybe later, but right now and the reason they are using kickstarter is to not have to worry about profit, they want to build a good game first, then worry about what they make.

        With kickstarter you don’t have to worry about the share holders, you don’t have to worry about the company you work for, you can go and do as you please, you can get input from the fans, etc etc.

    • italkgame says:

      The 3DS/Vita goal has been reached

  3. David says:

    There really should have been a link to the Kickstater page.


  4. Kefkiroth says:

    Why would the Vita version be held back because of the 3DS? It’s being made for consoles too, so they would have to be held back as well if anything. I’m pretty sure the console versions will scale down to the handhelds, not the other way around.
    2D games generally turn out very well on Vita (see Rayman Origins/Legends, Muramasa Rebirth, and Dragon’s Crown).

  5. Becker says:

    They will first do the PC and consoles. Afterwards other company do the porting to 3DS / Vita. That’s how I understood it. So at least consoles shouldn’t be affected for watering down the graphics. Well 3DS is probably the only that’ not capable of 1080p.

    • Thrawn says:

      But you do know that the vita isn’t 720p nor 1080p capable?!
      As for the game, it depends on what is the devs favorite platform.
      If they mainly aim for pc than the console versions will be watered.
      If their main target are consoles especially handhelds then they will focus on delivering a mostly similar product between 3ds and vita.
      If they focus on home consoles then the “mobile” versions will be slightly different, and almost no difference to a pc version.
      As for the most profit you will choose the last variant.

  6. Hellbelial says:

    Rockman copy? nah CRAPcom need to release another Rockman game.

  7. clorbag says:

    why didn’t they just label it mega man 27? i really am a fan of the mega man games it kinda bothers me they just relabeled it and changed the main character a bit, hes still BLUE! ***!

    • John Xavier says:

      Because he created mega man. He doesn’t own it, capcom owns mega man, so enter in mighty number 9 for copyright infringement.

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