Sony Announces New PS4 Bundle

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11 Responses

  1. Jun Chang says:

    This is what I have waited for, another bundle.
    Time to pre-order~

  2. PlaGeRaN says:

    waiting for a gta v/ watch dog bundle XD!

  3. xlovenuggetx says:

    when will the bundle be available on Amazon in the US? is it already sold out?

    • Pirate Cat says:

      It may be regional and unavailable in the US.

    • liquidmagic says:

      considering the ps4 is region free you can always get from france but you will get the shipping and handling slap lol

      • liquidmagic says:

        sorry for double post lol ill get it if it comes to USA

      • UE says:

        That and it will cost a pretty penny 499 euro is not $499 usd. The conversion rate, shipping and possible tax would just make it pointless, better to just buy the accessories and games separate

        • liquidmagic says:

          yes i agree but sony would never go beyond 500; why?. simple it wont look more attractive then the xbone and people might be pushed back by the price , sony’s tactic is to get as many ps4 in our houses as possible to create a strong install base if they make the bundle competitive (500$ no more) it will really give MS trouble, sony seems to be doing a lot of good moves lately lets see how it turns out, i actually predict it will be a 500 bucks bundle no more no less.

  4. Chuckthetekkie says:

    Free copy of Fifa 14, no thank you. Don’t like sports games. That PS4 bundle is actually a nice one since an extra PS4 controller and the camera would cost you $120 more to begin with so you do save quite a bit with this bundle. I pre-ordered and extra PS4 controller and the camera so if this bundle comes to the US I am definitely getting it.

  5. k3nn says:

    i’m actually waiting for a different color/look of the ps4, probably a star wars one in the US…but that will never come

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