173210′s upcoming VHBL release for Vita 2.61, and compatibility list

Japanese developer 173210 has been hard at work debugging and improving the compatibility of his VHBL port. He contacted me recently with a compatibility list and good news for us: his VHBL port for the PS Vita 2.61 will be released soon.

For those who don’t know it yet, or who found this website looking for a Vita 2.61 hack, VHBL is a homebrew loader for the PS Vita, running inside the PSP emulator of the console. VHBL runs through exploits in official games, and we reveal the name of exploited games on a regular basis (12 exploits announced over the past 18 months!). Although it is limited to the functionality of the PSP emulator on the Vita, VHBL runs a nice selection of homebrews, including emulators for popular consoles such as the Gameboy Advance, Neogeo consoles, or the Super NES. More details on VHBL.

I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s been confirmed to me that the game used for his exploit is only available in the Japanese store.  This means you will need a Japanese account on your Vita to get this exploit. There exist other exploits in games available in the European and US stores too, but no release date has been announced for these yet.

Below is a compatibility list, as shared by 173210. I haven’t tested this VHBL port myself yet.


Not Working

  • PSPixel v2.0
  • Little GP Tracker (?)
  • PSPPDA (?)
  • PSP Claw Explorer
  • PSpaint v4
  • Med PSP
  • Gaming Tool v0.3
  • iDaft
  • yMenu (?)
  • Unoficcial CPS1PSP Mod Rev.4
  • Unoficcial CPS2PSP Mod Rev.4
  • Unoficcial MVSPSP Mod Rev.4
  • Unoficcial NCDZPSP Mod Rev.4
  • gpSP-J
  • Snes9xTYLcm 0.4.2 Mod
  • DaedalusX64

Keep in mind that compatibility can improve with further revisions, but this should give you a good idea of what to expect with this hack.

The release will happen as usual, through a “ninja release”. The concept is detailed here.

  1. Smasterr’s avatar

    I’m thrilled! Awaiting the release. And hopefully it won’t hurt the wallet too much after rayman killzone and gta V cut a hole in it


  2. mma jedi’s avatar

    Stoked like an 8 yr old on XMas Eve! :)


  3. pppks’s avatar

    Watling for the Us release…


  4. neji_ro’s avatar

    waiting for US release thank you!


  5. Mud’s avatar

    Yes waiting for the US version to,
    no rush tho Im really wanting to play newer vita games like the Final Fantasy HD thats coming soon.

    Hope they hold off on this exploit.
    Sorry just saying.


  6. Raymond’s avatar

    Is the Japanese one free or not?


  7. NEOGEO’s avatar

    waiting for US release thank you!


  8. Justin’s avatar

    Will there be one from hong kong


  9. drawerfloat’s avatar

    Hope psp filer is working too. :)


  10. KliBre’s avatar

    i want jut know if The ps vita is haked or not Plz tell Me! !
    becaue i found in other site ”P vita jailbreak CFW Version 2.61”
    is True This nEw Or Not ?
    and ThnXx 4 all


    1. wololo’s avatar

      Sites that claim to have a “full” vita jailbreak today are all fake. In general they ask you to fill a survey, and the only thing you will get from these is a virus. VHBL is today the only way to remotely hack the vita, and it is not yet available for 2.61


  11. Hellbelial’s avatar

    Unoficcial CPS1PSP Mod Rev.4
    Unoficcial CPS2PSP Mod Rev.4
    Unoficcial MVSPSP Mod Rev.4
    Unoficcial NCDZPSP Mod Rev.4
    Snes9xTYLcm 0.4.2 Mod

    No worth it for me since i play kof and neo geo games,or just the mom version dont work i mean the normal version will work?,i saw snes running too slow why cant vita run snes full speed? come on is not 3ds its snes.


    1. fate6’s avatar

      You need to take into consideration the limitations of the ePSP plus even PC has trouble with some chips without speed hacks


      1. Hellbelial’s avatar

        Pc can run even Nds great fps no need to touch any options,i finish castlevania games in pc how can vita,new and latest console cant run snes? XD.


        1. Seong Aleque’s avatar

          Because its on the PSP, and since the SNES runs like crap on the PSP, the Vita’s PSP Emu will follow suite.

          When a native hack is found, then up to about N64/NDS will run well, but until then we are in the limitations of the original PSP. And with VHBL it is nerfed further since certain exploited games are clocked lower thus making some programs run worse/not boot.


  12. hacker’s avatar

    the game is age of zombies i am very sure
    i swear


  13. KILLERHEDAKE’s avatar

    Very exciting a JP exploit will soon be released, but I can’t justify going through a hardware reset to link a JP PSN account and not have access my US PSN account. I guess I will wait after PS4 launches for the TN CFW release.


    1. mma jedi’s avatar

      Its a pain but you only need to reset your Vita every time you switch over from mem card w/exploit on it (Japan psn acc.) and then back to your US account or wherever you are at.


  14. Maverick81PL’s avatar

    On this we play PSP backup games??


    1. TheMeq’s avatar



  15. Haze7’s avatar

    Dafuq is gpSP-J?


    1. Dactar’s avatar

      is the emulator of Game Boy Advanced.


  16. good boy’s avatar

    a people put 2.61 play PSP game MH2G汉化版 in youku from china!today


  17. ivo’s avatar


    is there a list of usermode /kmode exploits
    for games that have usermode/kmode exploits
    other than vhbl ?

    if i recall a dozen exploits gets released when it hits kmode ?

    thank u for reading ?
    greets ivo


  18. jay’s avatar

    do you need to buy games to run the homebrews? I have an R3 account linked to my vita..is there any chance that games for R3 will have an exploit?



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