The winner of Tonakai’s Weekly Competitions – Week 2 (for Burnout Paradise) is…!?!

Hello there, everyone. Before announcing the winner (sorry to anybody who participated) I would quickly like to apologize for how late this is.

I know it’s meant to be a weekly thing, but I caught a cold, then a stomach bug after that, so I’ve had double illness, while having to make sure I stay on top of my education which has been rather difficult in itself. This however has been exaggerated by the fact that I no longer have internet in my home so I’ve had very little opportunity to write this article.

I will do my very best to release the next competition on Saturday, but if that doesn’t happen then I guess I’ll wait until the following Saturday.

Anywhoo! on to the winner.

This week’s winner is kramoyag - Congratulations!

Please note that the winners are selected at random (in fact, my mother caught on and insisted that she drew the numbers out of a hat instead of me just using a random number generator or something).

I have sent kramoyag the game key, so enjoy !

If you’re upset about not winning this game; don’t worry. I have a second copy of Burnout Paradise which will be up for grabs in a few weeks time!

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  1. kramoyag’s avatar



  2. Cat’s avatar

    What a dumb prize an old ass game. lol


    1. Hellbelial’s avatar

      Its better than nfs in some ways like velocity,you dont know anything about racing games i bet you prefer nfs shift or grid.


  3. Haze7’s avatar

    You should’ve rather given him an early access to TN’s latest exploit! And then he cud’ve given it 2 me ;)


    1. Kramoyag’s avatar

      i have this game & i dont like it.. give it to wololo xD


    2. Hellbelial’s avatar

      No news about new exploit,weird we are almost at the end of this month.


  4. Kramoyag’s avatar

    Another Kramoyag? whos the real one ?


  5. huz’s avatar

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