Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida flings Knack off phone during TGS 2013 keynote

At the kickoff of Tokyo Game Show 2013 Sony held a keynote speech where the company’s big-wigs re-iterated their vision for next gen and how the PlayStation brand as a whole aims to entertain gamers in the future. We also get to see the President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios flick Knack off his phone into a game.

Andrew House talked about how the PlayStation brand recognizes the emergence of tablet/smartphone gaming as well as free to play model. He also said hardcore gamers can’t be viewed as a niche market any longer and underlined this statement by pointing at the massive sales GTA V produced on day one.

He continued that the game industry will continue to look more like Hollywood. The quality and scale of games will continue to rise while still offering room for experimental smaller scale experiences (indies).  Sony aims to sell five million PS4 units at the end of 2014 by providing a user experience based on five core concepts

  • Immediate
  • Simple
  • Integrated
  • Social
  • Personalized

Being able to start playing games while the title is still downloading, using the PlayStation Eye for easy voice-, facial recognition and the share features are all derived from these values.

Shuhei Yoshida showcased how the new PlayStation app on your smartphone will work; providing updates, information on your friends’ activities and achievements are viewing their shared content. He also explained how smartphone/devices and tablets when connected to the PS4 become controllers, which he demonstrated by drawing Knack on his smartphone and easily sending it to the PS4 game Playroom.

During this years Gamescom gamers worldwide got a sneak peek at remote play on the Vita. At TGS Yoshida uses the recently announced PS Vita Tv to stream Knack via remote play. He did adress that when using remote play variables such as bandwidth and lantency should be considered, but he doesn’t foresee any problems when both the PS4 and the Vita are connected to the same home network.

  1. Wizard’s avatar

    Can’t wait to get my hands on a PSTV


    1. Antichrist84’s avatar

      It doesn’t appeal to me and i’m already sick of hearing about it everywhere :P


      1. buzz’s avatar

        Sony Playstation is becoming more stupid by every year that pass, something like “Apple Innovation” stupid.


  2. Chuckthetekkie’s avatar

    I’d love to be able to play PSP/Vita games on a TV with a controller better contoured for my big hands.


  3. wizardinblack’s avatar

    yeah, but instead of buying a new $100 device, i would much rather be able to buy a $20 video out cable, and get that nyko battery grip for $25. that way i still have money to go get KZM and my thumbs still wont cramp after an hour:D


    1. veelk’s avatar

      +100 points.
      And not be limited by non-touchscreen games.


  4. NNNRT’s avatar

    It all depends on opinion, how one likes something, & which is more comfortable for them. I personally won’t contrast the Vita TV with the normal Vita, I would consider each one a device for itself.


  5. skpg’s avatar

    At the same time he doesn’t want to drop the proprietary memory cards on the Vita, or get rid of CMA.

    Ever since the PS3 Sony has been doing everything to nickel and the dime the consumer, control/monitor the user to prevent them from modding their hardware or to prevent piracy. And people wonder why Sony is hated?

    Shuhei Yoshida doesn’t really explain anything other than Sony’s attempts to dictate what the consumer wants. Consumers don’t like that, they like freedom not some asshole corporation trying to shove all their useless interactive fluff down our throats. Most likely all this interactive fluff is just another way for Sony to monitor the user.


    1. buzz’s avatar

      Is there anyway I thumb this post up by a million times? This is certainly what I feel about Sony now.



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