PS Vita PCH-1000 vs PCH-2000: Screen Comparison

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  1. Smasterr says:

    Is it just me or does the PCH-2000 look way to damn yellow against pch-1000?

    • Pirate Cat says:

      I’m assuming it’s the color temp./white point on the two displays, lower the color temp. on your monitor and it’ll seem much the same.

      • Francois says:

        Yes but we can’t really change PS Vita color temp. If you look at the skin on the 2000, the uncharted hero looks really yellowish !

    • kupomogli says:

      The black level is a lot worse, so shadows are worse and colors stand out more. Lighting is brighter since the black level is worse.

      On Uncharted look at the main menu. On the LCD screen, the light shining down looks brighter and lights up more of the area that’s shadowed in the OLED version. A lot of color you can’t see on the OLED version is now colored in on the LCD version.

      Inside, the faint light on the OLED is anything but faint on the LCD version. When drake leans up against the wall, look under the the table in the back. Where it’s completely shadowed on the OLED, you can see clearly under it on the LCD. The light reflects on all things making them much brighter. The blue wall that Drake leans on, the blue and red cans, his clothing, etc. Yellow is lighter, it has less dark in it, so it stands out more than red and blue would when there’s less light/less black level. That’s why it looks like the yellow walls and yellow clothing look a lot brighter while the cans look brighter but not as bright.

  2. G0l3m says:

    It truely depends on the price of the devices. And if I see how often my 2k screens broke a TFT is slightly cheaper to replace then a OLED…

    How ever both are nice.

  3. mma jedi says:

    I like my oled too but there is nothing wrong with regular led,especially it being cheaper for those of us who have kids. So, I am happy to have a 1101 butvalso glad Sony made this move.

    • niksko12 says:

      I think its “LCD” not “LED”.. fyi they are not the same. 🙂

      • Michael says:

        They are the same.
        LED displays on your phones, TVs and computer monitos refer to LED backlit LCDs. Usually IPS
        LED dot matrix displays exist but they are huge and only really for large venues.

        • mixedfish says:

          No, calling something ‘LED’ when it’s LCD with LED backlighting is completely wrong, since there are technologies that only use LED simultaneously for lighting and pixels.

          For instance all those big screens you see at sports stadiums are LED.

          • JAmes Way says:

            Oled uses actual leds for the pixels, which is why they are much much more expensive. LCD is lcd, whether they use white leds as backlighting or fluorescent bulbs is the difference.

    • Norml says:

      So $9 less is a good deal for an inferior product? Remember, the Vita is 199$ now, this “cheaper” model is cheap in the hardware department and about the same in the consumer pricing department. 9$ is 9$ but this claim of a cheaper Vita is a good thing makes no sense in this case.

      • Jordan says:

        Then again if your buying from GameStop a USED vita 1000 it’s $179 while a brand new bundled vita 2000 with borderlands 2 and 8gb memory card is $200. The $12-9 is offering a good amount extra in this case. You also get FAR superior battery life with the 2000 due to power consumption of the LCD screen.

  4. zakaiya says:

    take that 2000 model back to the laundry mat, those colors looked washed out…

    • anon says:

      But aren’t you watching this on a LCD display? You wouldn’t be able to see the advantage of OLED if you’re looking at it through an LCD display…

      • David says:

        That is untrue. The camera takes in light, if there’s a difference between the light emitted from the screens it will be recorded, and you will be able to see it.

        I understand the you actually need to see it first hand to get away from you monitors calibration, but you can definitely see the advantages from a video.

        Overall the viewing angles and brightness are better with LCD, but colors are more accurately represented on the OLED, particularly white which is actually white and not kinda yellow

  5. niksko12 says:

    I like the PCH1000’s oled screen. Its way better than its lcd sister.

  6. jkoiou says:

    actually, even watching on an lcd screen the lcd panel’s colours are VERY washed in comparison to the OLED. The OLED also has a tremendous amount of contrast and detail in comparison, again, noticeable on my lcd monitor at work.

    if the price IS right, then this isnt a bad option for OFW PSVita gaming vs having one with VHBL/TN-V… or once the PSV TV is released that is also another option for this….
    (I wonder how it will interact with memory card swapping between lower firmware psv, etc?)

  7. veelk says:

    Can the LCD Vita dim down a bit lower than the OLED?
    I think that LCD is easier on the eyes. Also, LCD is better for those who like to play old games, like PSP games, because those were designed for LCD, and look way too colorful on Vita. While Vita games are designed to look just right on OLED, they will look a bit washed out on LCD.

    But at the end of the day, it’s all the same once your eyes get used to it!! But I think I might like the LCD better.

    • veelk says:

      What they SHOULD do is add some Saturation and Hue bars.
      If you use an LCD monitor, and you open up Photoshop for example, increase the saturation a bit, and poof! You have OLED colors.

  8. DarkenLX (Louis Royal) says:

    besides the lcd screen and the 1gb storage are there any other major changes like more ram or faster cpu or whatever?

    • BrendanBeckmann says:

      No, that would fragment the Vita ecosystem, at least a CPU change would. Sony did add 32 MB of additional RAM to the PSP-2000 and newer, so a RAM increase in a future revision for better multitasking isn’t out of the question; but seemingly unlikely.

  9. GuitaristMatt says:

    LCD and the rest of the new Vita leaves room for a bigger price drop in the future.

  10. papimax says:

    In my opinion, Sony plans to sell not had in the previous model. It will be a way to sell the PCH-1000 to be better its OLED screen.

  11. ViRGE says:

    Well at least the panel isn’t TN as we earlier feared. That top angle shot clearly shows that while intensity is diminished, the colors are maintained, so it’s not TN. This means the panel is IPS/PLS, so Sony made the right move here.

  12. kramoyag says:

    does psv 2000 have Bravia Engine…sony is using TFT/LCD because of the Bravia technology…

  13. Elratauru says:

    I saw this on kotaku:

    This is a direct comparisson between:
    [1] Rayman (PC Screenshot) vs Rayman (Photo/Video by Camera)

    [2] Uncharted (PSVita Video Output Hardware MOD Screenshot) vs Uncharted (Photo/Video by Camera)

    Considering a Screenshot’s image contain the most correct raw color data (eg. white = #FFFFFF), but photo shows how the image actually looks like (if white balance is correct), then by compairing how close the Screenshot’s color and the Photo’s color are, we could tell which screen have correct color. Meaning that the new Vita has the most colour correct colored pixels, warmer? Yes, but that’s how it was meant to look to begin with. The OLED screen has the blue levels way high up there to compensate for the dying blue on that kind of screens.

  14. natsu says:

    whats the built-in memory for out beloved oled-version-and-more-awesome vita?

  15. JAmes Way says:

    I like my screen better…I am no connoisseur when it comes to tvs or displays, but it would bother me to see a color represented differently than what the actual object looks like in real life. Oh and OLED represent blacks better since they are the pixels, just shut it off and you get black. Much better than LCD that still requires a backlight that will reduce the contrast in black/white images.


    OMG you can clearly see how the 2000 is ***. Reminds of of the Nintendo ds lite with the defects it had with the yellow tint on whats supposed to be on a solid white screen. and that was 100 percent lcd! Stick with the 1000 or wait for a 3000 which I am sure wont be too far from now.

    Sony stop being abunch of cheapskates with all the money you fat *** make off of the whole world who have interests in your products be descent enough to offer true superb quality to us at all.

  17. RodPin says:

    I don´t know if it was just me, but the 2000 loaded Uncharted a little bit faster than the 1000, since he pressed the 1000 first and then the game starts few moments first on 2000?

    • Thrawn says:

      Yeah noticed that too, but not only uncharted but also rayman lost sync.
      The 2000 seems to be slightly faster in terms of loading.
      Could be that A: the system software is more optimized
      B: the graphics driver is optimized
      C: the ram is slightly faster or different manufacturer (1000 sammy and toshiba)
      D: different memory cards in terms of R/W speed.
      E: different decoding of content stored on the mem card

      • poec says:

        wrong, he press the LCD vita first, so it load the game first…

        • Thrawn says:

          Really? Watch that Video again, he launches uncharted new game first on the 1000 (white) and then on the 2000 (black), look again closely my friend. The 2000 loads about a second faster and overtakes the 1000.

  18. phil87700 says:

    Will buy my next PS Vita, when it comes out with Flexible Display like samsung…LOL 😉

  19. AstralMajoris says:

    ps vita 1000 was released w/ beautiful OLED screen, folks are clamoring because they think it’s overpriced which is not really true (a quad core processor, high graphical engine for gaming, a nice dual analog sticks, and OLED screen all those great specs for only $250) and now the ps vita 2000 was released and SONY gave you what you want, the more cheapest vita than pch 1000 and still I heard some biased complain from micro$uck dogs that why did SONY replaced the OLED screen w/ LCD? it’s simply you have now the option to choose. complaining is useless without thinking

  20. anonyaki says:

    To whom think OLED has better color, read this.
    and this
    quote from kotaku: “people usually mistake color vividness for color correction.”

  21. Harvey Birdman says:

    This is a unrelated question but, why hasn’t the PS Vita made a book reading app yet? The screen on the vita is so amazing and I have been dying for some app that will let me read my ebooks on my Vita!

  22. Razor says:

    OLEDs have superior color and contrast compared to LCDs. Blackness and shadows is better in OLED.
    LCDs can be more power saving on the other hand.

  23. J Jones says:

    OK. so befor we go any further, yes. I am high as a kite. But Im just a pot head. Im not Fu ck ing Stupid. This is the “Lastest artical,” So my “Latest,” thoughts on the past. Will a older hack work for a SE D/L? Being a newbie I know… Leave it to the pros. But lets say a 2.60 psp hack on a uptodate psvita?????? JW

    Hate the player not the gamE!!!!!!! F Y A

    • gunblade says:

      my brother breACKS THE CONSoLE IF he starts loosing in the game think thats hatting the hard level on the game but i like fixing them… um i have no comment on the older hacks like gta ?.. but im not realy hacker so i dont say much..

  24. NNNRT says:

    I think the PCH 1000 is how a PS Vita should look like although the 2000 is more stylish.

  25. HIMFan says:

    I love the screen from the 1000, but I love the layout of the 2000. I wonder if I would be able to just swap the screens. I’d totally turn around and sell my 1000 off with a 2000 screen. Nobody would be able to tell.

    • Thrawn says:

      Oh yeah? The oled has black blotches when displaying a black screen also it has not so warm colors, but don’t hope for that, the connectors and pin layout will be different, guess the protocol will be different too. XD

  26. silkyskeeter says:

    It seems that the LCDs colors are a tad bit brighter in some instances but the way the LCD darkens when you look at it from the side urks me. I have very little issues with my 1000. Yeah, I like the fact that the 2000 comes with 1g memory but that means absolutely nothing to me since I had to buy a memory card (currently have a 8g, that came with the unit, and a 16g that I bought later. And, since I backup every game I purchase off PSN onto my laptop HDD, I dont really need any bigger memory card. Now I just use the 8g memory card for JPSN (since they made demos bind to memory cards now (thats all I use JPSN for; demos of games that will never come here or wont come for a long period of time)). Yeah, I like the fact that they made the “start”, “select”, and “PS” buttons round but not really worth it if I already have the 1000. The fact that the 2000 is lighter just makes me think the unit is just cheap. I have put my 1000 through heck and it works as good as it did the day I bought it. I dont think I could say the same for the lighter 2000 model. I dont mind the 1000 being a brick, maybe that’s the main reason it is so durable. BUT the one main thing that bothers me about the 2000 is the fact that the mystery port is missing from it. Which means that it will NEVER be used by/for anything. It’s just a worthless port at this point. I was really hoping that, that port was going to be used for something amazing. There goes my dreams, unless the PsVita actually DOES get hacked (which is seeming more and more unlikely with every firmware update).

  27. cesar says:

    nadie se dio de cuenta que el panel tactil de atras es mas pequeño y solo sony quiere reducir costos, es desir ” mas barato menos calidad”

  28. liquidmagic says:

    correct me if im wrong but emulation sucks more battery life than a normal game right? plus most of the time we will be playing snes games anyways ,lol until the fateful day when we can have GameCube and ps2…oh the dreams, the improved battery and smaller size are tempting but i wonder if you can take the battery of the vita 2k and put it on the oled model that my friends would be heaven also is there a battery add on for the vita that isn’t hudge?

  29. gunblade says:

    seems like the older vita looks way better but iz the new screen sapose to have better battery life think i might get it since the rear camera on my old one tweeked out think i put to much presser on the middle of the vita.. does it still have the slot next to the game card slot… well i still got to get me the pokemon 3ds pokemon x and y and a ps4 cant wait…

  30. Tim says:

    LED – Light Emitting Diode
    OLED – Organic Light Emitting Diode
    LCD – Liquid Crystal Display.
    LCD screens need to be back-lit to be able to see the screen. If the back-light burns out the image is still there but only maybe seen in really bright light. The back-light saturates the image slightly compared to LED or OLED.
    LED or OLED displays don’t need to be back-lit. Each pixel is self lit. There is hardly any saturation in the image. A true black can literally not be lit to show black. LCD still glows with full black giving a dark gray color.
    Both screens look good by themselves until compared side by side. Clearly the OLED screen are more vivid.

    • Cyprean says:

      They are both GREAT consoles, both have their pros and cons, its just which you prefer that matters and what you consider, the 1000 gives more colourful gaming and the 2000 gives more battery life, and then the screen just ok, they both good!

  31. tsorin100 says:

    i like the new ps vita better for 3 reasons :
    1-better screen couse oled is just soooo over rated . high contrast does not translates to real colors (people being amazed by high contrast modified pictures are like kids watching high contrast *** cartoons). also individual subpixels slowly die differently in time . also the oled tends to change collors over time . while some games are made to look better on led for the vita there is not the case for all . new games will be optimized for lcd also . and 2 hours of playtime is something on a handheld device
    2-internal mem … it is nice to have built in mem even if it’s small . allowes u to have a proper device w/o acessories.apps, savings , accounts w/o paying extra and for someone that doesn’t use downloadable content but only original mem games is more than perfect
    3-the led lcd is way better for my eyes … being used to the psp 3k this new vita is perfect for me.

    also it uses a normal usb port wich for me is a blast . never liked the old one . and the back feels a bit better . also a good thing that they changed the glass top with a plastic top . people who cracked the old display know ….
    my only small complain is the build … i loved how the old havier vita felt in hands . but the new one is way better and finaly i get one (never was a fan of oled and kept me from having one of my own)

  32. benblitz says:

    Im disappointed by the sheer number of comments here and only a few are noteworthy and mentioned color temperature.

    Now, listen. I am from avsforum (clearly 99% of the commenter here will not know what is the website all about) and although i may not be as good as the others on the forum; it is the most basic principle to know stuff like color temperature.

    White colors are white, “brighter” white have blue tint on it and “warmer” white have a yellowish tint.

    Essentially, every human being on this planet who works at or reprode image/video will do so at a white color temperature of 6500K. Yes, which is “warmer” looking.

    The old ps vita have more “colors” to it because it has its color temperature of way more than 6500K. It is essentially quite a rubbish color reproduction compared to the ps vita 2000 model and the 2000 model have a yellowish tint because the color temperature is nearer to the 6500K standard (used by ISF).

    Now, hate me all you want but it is the fact.
    Before you start blabbering nonsense, try watching any movies at the cinema and compare it with its trailer on your rubbish “more color” screen. The colors are way off and doesnt do the producer justice.

    To convince you further i encourage everyone here to educate themselves of color temperature and calibration. A good way to start is try searching for your tv model and hoe to calibrate them. You will have to tinker around the display settings like contrast and all that.

    I know this is an old entry but the comments here doesnt do the ps vita 2000 justice!

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