Scam of the Day: Revitalized Team


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17 Responses

  1. Laiman says:

    Such gaylords….

  2. PlaGeRaN says:

    I only check this site and dash-hacks network. Don’t trust the other’s.

  3. catfungus says:

    the *** forced authorise comments, then actually cherry-picked one mentioning wololo:

    “Psvita games dont use .iso formats, so fake. explained by wololo”

    replied with this:

    “That is why you do not copy .iso file via file manager… Think dude! THINK! vitainstaller does something…”

    v-taintseller more like

    • DarkenLX (Louis Royal) says:

      while the vita game are not going to be “.iso” we all really do not know what the real file extension will be as for some reasons ill point out: 1. we dont have a native hack so we dont have any real rock solid info on the vita’s game load method 2. because of reason 1 we cant make a custom loader so the games could use any file extension. it could even be a custom one for all we know.

      • fate6 says:

        It would be a ROM but TBH I say if the day ever comes we should just dump the games to a folder and be done with it

        • fatman01923 says:

          Just pointless predictions on my end but the vita dumps will probably be one of the following extentions: .vta (vita),.ngp(Next Generation Portable (Vita Protoype Name), or .rom.

          • fate6 says:

            I like the sound of .ngp ^__^

          • Guardian says:

            My wild guess and for amusement purposes only would be that the actual format is plain txt file.
            Now I am no expert in this programming matter.

          • Thrawn says:

            The file extension is completely worthless, you could even name the roms .shtfckingvita or what ever you like.
            Whats really important especialy with roms is a COMPLETE AND 100% INTACT header.
            For more info gbatemp is your friend :).
            Think about a rom like a rar or zip or 7z or… archive which contains folder structure and the corresponding files, it also has separate architecture info like what instruction set is used.

  4. Chuckthetekkie says:

    Every single hack for the Vita has always been free (except for the PSP game you have to buy) and never required surveys. I don’t like those survey sites as they are usually loaded with ads and/or malware for Windows PCs. So far none of the current PSP hacks on the Vita have required a specific OS either.

    I have a Mac and I have set up CMA so that when it tries to contact a Sony server it gets redirected to a file on my Mac. While it’s not a TRUE Open CMA, it’s close enough for me.


    There are far too many BS sites out there “guaranteeing” these “Jailbreaks” and such for Vita. We just need to have a new legit VHBL added for 2.61 so there are no more victims to those who want to do something more with their device.

  6. GuitaristMatt says:

    I’m glad you said something about “like jacking”. Now I can go research what that is. I had no idea it was a thing.

  7. jake says:

    In theory, how would you find a “native” hack? Is it like an kernel exploit in a PSV game (which I understand is near to 0%) ect.
    I’m not trying to say how easy it is to hack the vita (it isn’t), I’m just wondering if it’s a “search every psv game until you find an exploit”, something the entire comminity could help with.

    I know that what I’m saying is probably dumb, but curiosity only ends up killing cats :P .

    • fate6 says:

      See the problem is there is no way to debug anything Vita related so everyone would be randomly messing with values hoping we get a reaction but even then there is no way to check what happens or what was affected/how it was affected/where it was affected

      This is assuming we had a way to run the modified content to begin with

      Needless to say its just not practical

  8. Gull says:

    13 years of Internet-Use and I’ve still not seen a single one of those ‘surveys’ which actually lead to a working link containing the required file with no virus at all.

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