Scam of the Day: Revitalized Team

I’ve debunked scam websites and (my articles respectively here and here), but there are many other websites on the net trying to scam you, that try to get you to believe you can fully hack your vita with their services.

Such is the case of “Team revitalized” ( I don’t link to them for obvious reasons), a fairly unsuccessful attempt at making money out of you with surveys.

Honestly these guys don’t really deserve a very long article: their scam is not as advanced as the other ones I’ve debunked in the past. They only have one (unsuccessful and out of date) website, a few youtube videos, and not a galaxy of sister websites like I’ve seen in the past for others.

The principle of their website is simple, they promise you free vita games with a “magical solution”, and the only thing you have to do in order to get the miracle hack is to fill a few surveys. Of course, every time somebody fills a survey, they get paid for it, and you’ll never get the promised “iso installer” (or if you do, it will be a virus).

Nothing to see here, this is a scam, and a bad one. At least I didn’t find anything on their site that could impact you (unlike other sites that do likejacking on facebook), but of course I would avoid those survey downloads at all cost, given that some of them might contain viruses.

Of course I want to fill a survey and install a virus on my computer, thank you for asking!

Of course I want to fill a survey and install a virus on my computer, thank you for asking!

Well, if you want to help, you can report their youtube video for spam/scam.

  1. Laiman’s avatar

    Such gaylords….


  2. PlaGeRaN’s avatar

    I only check this site and dash-hacks network. Don’t trust the other’s.


  3. catfungus’s avatar

    the douche forced authorise comments, then actually cherry-picked one mentioning wololo:

    “Psvita games dont use .iso formats, so fake. explained by wololo”

    replied with this:

    “That is why you do not copy .iso file via file manager… Think dude! THINK! vitainstaller does something…”

    v-taintseller more like


    1. DarkenLX (Louis Royal)’s avatar

      while the vita game are not going to be “.iso” we all really do not know what the real file extension will be as for some reasons ill point out: 1. we dont have a native hack so we dont have any real rock solid info on the vita’s game load method 2. because of reason 1 we cant make a custom loader so the games could use any file extension. it could even be a custom one for all we know.


      1. fate6’s avatar

        It would be a ROM but TBH I say if the day ever comes we should just dump the games to a folder and be done with it


        1. fatman01923’s avatar

          Just pointless predictions on my end but the vita dumps will probably be one of the following extentions: .vta (vita),.ngp(Next Generation Portable (Vita Protoype Name), or .rom.


          1. fate6’s avatar

            I like the sound of .ngp ^__^

          2. Guardian’s avatar

            My wild guess and for amusement purposes only would be that the actual format is plain txt file.
            Now I am no expert in this programming matter.

          3. Thrawn’s avatar

            The file extension is completely worthless, you could even name the roms .shtfckingvita or what ever you like.
            Whats really important especialy with roms is a COMPLETE AND 100% INTACT header.
            For more info gbatemp is your friend :).
            Think about a rom like a rar or zip or 7z or… archive which contains folder structure and the corresponding files, it also has separate architecture info like what instruction set is used.

  4. Chuckthetekkie’s avatar

    Every single hack for the Vita has always been free (except for the PSP game you have to buy) and never required surveys. I don’t like those survey sites as they are usually loaded with ads and/or malware for Windows PCs. So far none of the current PSP hacks on the Vita have required a specific OS either.

    I have a Mac and I have set up CMA so that when it tries to contact a Sony server it gets redirected to a file on my Mac. While it’s not a TRUE Open CMA, it’s close enough for me.


    1. Chuckthetekkie’s avatar

      Any site that I visit that requires a survey to download a file gets an immediate “Command+W” with me.


  5. KILLERHEDAKE’s avatar

    There are far too many BS sites out there “guaranteeing” these “Jailbreaks” and such for Vita. We just need to have a new legit VHBL added for 2.61 so there are no more victims to those who want to do something more with their device.


  6. GuitaristMatt’s avatar

    I’m glad you said something about “like jacking”. Now I can go research what that is. I had no idea it was a thing.


  7. jake’s avatar

    In theory, how would you find a “native” hack? Is it like an kernel exploit in a PSV game (which I understand is near to 0%) ect.
    I’m not trying to say how easy it is to hack the vita (it isn’t), I’m just wondering if it’s a “search every psv game until you find an exploit”, something the entire comminity could help with.

    I know that what I’m saying is probably dumb, but curiosity only ends up killing cats :P .


    1. fate6’s avatar

      See the problem is there is no way to debug anything Vita related so everyone would be randomly messing with values hoping we get a reaction but even then there is no way to check what happens or what was affected/how it was affected/where it was affected

      This is assuming we had a way to run the modified content to begin with

      Needless to say its just not practical


  8. Gull’s avatar

    13 years of Internet-Use and I’ve still not seen a single one of those ‘surveys’ which actually lead to a working link containing the required file with no virus at all.



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