Yifan Lu: ‘Why hacking the Vita is hard’


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  1. chingon

    Well I hope that the newer slimmer ps vita with the 1g of built in memory

    • chingon

      Is easier to hack

      • Michael Pulis

        I think it’s exactly the same

        • tunganhdo

          I myself think that it is not hacked yet because it is not interested enough for developers to develop games for Vita. Face it, it is expensive, and people would rather buy a smartphone, as well developers may get more money if they spend their time developing mobile games.
          But things will change when the Vita TV comes out, it is affordable and will become option 1 for low budget gamers. Vita will get more games and take back the attention from gamers, developers, and hackers as well.

          • lol

            Smartphone games suck and are more expensive. The in-app purchases make it more expensive. You might say it is not always necessary to buy in-app purchases, but in some games it is required. For example an app that forces you to buy the next episode in order to play further. i.e. Final Fantasy Dimensions.

            Hopefully this is not the future of games. Most smart Phone games are either 2 things:
            1. Fun, short, but poor quality. You won’t see a ‘Killzone’ quality game on the iPhone. N.O.V.A or Modern Combat 3 doesn’t cut it.

          • lol

            2. Higher quality games that are $10-15 each. Still not console, or even hand-held console quality. i.e. Chaos Rings.

          • dominosmd

            all $ony has to say is the VITA is unhackable and I think we’ll get one look at ps3 sony bragged that it was unhackable and look at it 🙂

          • gunblade

            well yea the vita abit costly but campared to how much one would pay fo an ipad to play game its not that bad and i can get an iphone 5 for 80 bucks jus saying ..
            to me its jus cuz its sony…

      • Yifan Lu

        Doubtful. They’re not likely to make major modifications to the hardware (no extra CPU or ram, so no revisions needed). Plus it’ll be the same, secure software. Same with the vita tv.

  2. NakedFaerie

    The PSP didn’t have exploits or flaws at the start, the first firmware had no blocks so homebrew was enabled from the start. That’s was firmware 1.00. They changed homebrew access in firmware 1.50 making it harder but it was still there. I think homebrew was blocked from firmware 2.00 onwards that’s why CFW was created to re-enable homebrew.

    • wololo

      So you don’t consider “no blocks” as a flaw from Sony’s perspective? I’ll respectfully disagree.

      • Yes

        He probably mean that people didnt have to do any hacking to make homebrew work on PSP to begin with. But yeah, Sony definitelly didnt intend for homebrew to work on the PSP, so it was no doubt a flaw from Sony’s side.

    • svenn

      Thats no argument at all, its like saying vita is “supporting” homebrew through VHBL. It had MAJOR flaws at start, including one about being able to run unsigned code (elf’s) (or something)

      In the point Yifan makes, its perfectly valid, where PSP was an open gate, the vita is still a good castle wall hacker efforts only turned up small gates not enough to be do reall damage.

  3. 110706

    To everyone not wanting CFW for PS Vita. I hope you are happy that greedy Sony, instead of releasing for PS Vita owners a TV-out cable(+firmware update to support it) which could be hooked to the already infamous “accessory port” on top of the Vita, they gave us the big FU finger and released a totally new product. PS Vita TV? want to hook your Vita to a TV? buy PS Vita TV!!

    If we had CFW, the amazing modding community that PSP had, would have already made a special Remotejoy app for it. And allow us to play Vita games on our monitor using a simple USB cable….

    And as the PSP, almost 2years later, Vita gets a slimmer model announced! and still no sign of HDMI port or even a TV out cable announced. PSP SLim was a total improvement over the PSP. Unlike Vita slim which brings battery and weight improvements, but losses the sweet OLED screen.

    And looking at the Vita TV, i think its set in stone the handheld version will never receive TV-out capability. Only solution remains CFW.

    • Abdou005

      I agree totaly , + 1000. Ps vita Tv was a shock to vita owners for sure. Dream to see a Dark Alex or geohot to give us freedom, thanks yifanlu for your hard work <3.

      • nero

        theres no hope for seeing geohot hack the vita. if he touches another sony product, he gets life in prison.

        • skpg

          Yes life in prison for giving consumers what they want. As far as I can tell copyright law just benefits large corporate bastards like Sony at the expense of everyone else, no wonder Sony is in no hurry to drop the prices of Vita memory cards. And life in prison for copyright infringement? You would think geohot would have to rob a bank and kill all the people inside the bank to deserve life in prison, but modding and hacking an electronic device? Congress needs to look at the copyright laws and really needs to scale back the fines and penalties.

    • Abdou005

      Pro team , codbird and Total noob specialy with ecfw was a revolution 😀

    • mixedfish

      Well thank the heavens for that, I don’t want a HDMI cable laid 5m across my lounge room just to play my Vita from the couch to the TV. It’s dangerous and down right stupid.

    • No

      Has it been proved that it is possible to use a HDMI cable on the Vita accessory port? If it was so easy, it doesn’t make much sense why Sony didn’t release such cable at the Vita launch. That would simply have led to more profit for Sony.

    • Antichrist84

      Everyone stop complaining about a tv out for the vita, if you want to game on the tv then buy a damn ps3 ffs, the vita is a portable for a reason >_>

      • Shezed

        Not all games for the vita are on the PS3/ps4 einstein :p
        Given that the lower resolution might be a turn of for some. i would love to play some games i have on the vita on my big screen. I would only need to uncouple the cable to make it “PORTABLE” again. Just because you don’t care for it doesn’t mean the whole commpunity has to suffer for it. BTW i own a ps3 so what of it?

    • the3

      Dude why not buy a vita as a portable and a home console 4 ur tv. The vita doesnt have a huge game line up anyway

      • Shezed

        read my post above yours that’s why. really are people really this narrow minded. There is nothing wrong with demanding more features. It’s better to have features you don’t use than don’t having features you want to use(with the exception of features “you don’t use” that interfere with features you do use) I don’t see a tv out option as one of them tho

    • JeoWay

      By your understanding of the myserious “port” at the top, it is not easy to just simply plug a cable into a random port on the Vita and it magically appear on your TV or monitor.

      That is like saying “lets plug our PC monitor straight in to the power supply and hope it comes out on the monitor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Nope. The pieces of hardware have to actually “send” output data. For all we know, that port in the top could have eventually made its way to being some new type of secondary Memory card slot.

  4. FBJ

    “The rise of smartphones has changed the rules..”

    And for the worse too. Everyone is playing that damn fruit game or that idiotic man-jumps-over-cavern-and-avoids obstacles game. Smartphone users are a very conformist bunch, and if the portable gaming industry dares take their cue from them with any sort of seriousness, I fear for the portable gaming market overall.

  5. saeed

    no yo cant hack te ps vita ever..you now wath … you cant miss witch the dark alex…he is behinde the fierwall vita…noobs…hahahahaha

    • SuzieJoeBob

      Now if only you could actually type, instead of being a wannabe gangsta. Then people would actually be able to understand you & not care, instead of just not caring.

  6. jotax

    this is a tribute to sony for good work? … not think

    “hacking the Vita is hard” …but not impossible, they say many coders, “no device is invulnerable”

    however (although not the same device)the same was said of psp.

    Now the most important thing is patience and fun meanwhile looking bugs

    Good luck! 😉

  7. M12-SAT3

    lol.. it’s to harder to a genius like them?
    stupid ideas… go hack some kitty game on 3DS

  8. Kazumi

    Wut? Yifan Lu?陆一帆?Sounds like a Chinese hacker 😛

  9. theinfuser599

    What about the PS vita TV that might be hackable it takes psvita games

  10. ivo

    hi, what about a little hack ?
    sdlBasic for PSP version 0.5

    May 22nd, 2008, 03:47 Posted By: deniska

    sdlBasic is a small, efficient multiplatform basic interpreter originally created by Roberto Viola in 2002.

    together with dxbx ? delphi or pascal to psp sdlbasic convertion ?
    xbox on psp ?.?

  11. kenballas

    hey!! Yifan Lu im ip banned from your website for no reason.

  12. kenballas


  13. Vicsidious

    the fact that the PSP had flaws on day 1, which the Vita doesn’t;

    I guess there might be one, but we simply didn’t find it! Don’t you think?

  14. ivo

    free pascal on psp lol
    or even lazarus
    would do the trick of compiling dxbx for psp
    so anyone want xbox on psp/psvita/vitatv ?

  15. ivo

    hi Yifan Lu,
    so what are the tools to fully automatic reverse ps3/psp ?
    do u reverse windows/linux applications to ?
    thkx for the read anyhow
    long progrezz
    psvita ebot

  16. PS Vita


  17. Voltrom

    The little bit achieved within the vita OS is minimal but it’s there. There’s always a way to achieve our goals within our given hardware. But the fact of the matter is that nobody wants to release such an exploit and get jail time. It’s just not worth the risk. Very few have even experience in this new Sony OS. We will see an exploit publicly but that’s gonna be a long long time. Perhaps the vita tv will give us even more clues as to how Sony is thinking this time around.

    In the meantime, pray for 3rd party support and new games (Jesus give us sanandreas stories)


    • 110706

      And can you tell us whats stopping hackers to give the files to some foreign friend and tell him : can you please upload this to a popular filesharing website and then email some major gaming sites about the jailbreak?

      There are alot of countries where sony cant do anything to citizens other than suck their d**k!!

  18. MrMiyamoto

    “Some of view”?? The phrase is “some of you”.

  19. papimax68

    Friends, you may perform the same work in the psvitaTV kernell exploit to…


    Guys like the 3ds there will be a break through in one way or another.
    Time is of the essence.

  21. Kyu

    If some manufacturer makes an adapter for the front accessory slot, we will get to know more about the Vita.

    …maybe Sony left that by accident there?

  22. agent058

    The Vita Isnt UN-Hackable.
    The Vita IS very Hard to hack
    The Vita does have hdmi out with a usb, but that model is for developers ( i heard it cost around 2 grand O.o)

    Also, the vita isn’t bad at all, it just isnt receiving as much support over here as it is in Japan

    The only exception id wantto buy a smartphone over the vita are the free 3rd party apps that let u do things like watch videos in native format etc.

    Yay for vita with a LCD screen, i HATE the OLED screen on both this smarthphones

  23. Brandon

    Yeah I’ve thought this was coming for a while now…the combination of game developers making it harder to hack, and more expensive, while at the same time decreasing the desire for the hack (by supporting many of the features the hack would enable out-of-the-box) is killing console hacking. Personally I’ve always loved hacks and still have my trusty PSP with CFW on it. I’d love to see a Vita hack, but I just don’t think it’s coming. Would rather see a 3DS hack honestly(due to the possibilities on the 3D screen), but doubt that’ll happen either.

  24. Vergilxx3

    Vita can be hacked for sure as evey device out there but..
    This doesn’t mean it will be hacked

    • Judd

      Actually coldbird already did although a Jackass Released the Software and the Files so…. Sony already has the files to Enforce the Vita’s Defenses… although…” there are no absolutes in this world” (AHEM : PS3 anyone? )

  25. Josh101

    Good. I’m *** glad you don’t buy that ***. Considering no one complains about the *** Iphone with the basic same internals for 600$. Whiney ***. Of course Sony selling the Vita at a loss, a very high loss and you still *** complain.

    • skpg

      I’m talking about modding hardware which this site advocates you dumb ***. If you don’t think there is anything wrong with the Vita, than you are a brainless Sony apologist.

      If I pay $200 for an electronic device I better have full control over the device, because I paid for it with my own hard earned money, I could give a *** how much Sony spent to create the Vita. You got your priorities backwards you *** head if you honestly preaching what you are saying