Sony’s 2 hour SCEJA press conference in one short read

Today during SCEJA pre TGS 2013 press event Sony unveiled the rumored PS Vita redesign. Officially dubbed PCH 2000, the new Vita is twenty percent thinner and weighs fifteen percent less than its predecessor. Not only did Sony manage to make the package smaller they also put in a whopping 1GB of internal memory and a battery which last up to one hour longer . The newest version of the handheld has a LCD display instead of the much praised OLED screen the current Vita has, which could account for the extended play-time. Sony also showcased five new colors variations for PS Vita and mentioned that for transferring data to and from the internal memory as well as charging the battery Micro USB type B will be used. The new iteration will go on sale starting October 10th at a price of 19,929 Yen, next to the newly announced 64GB Vita memory card.

This year Sony named games where players cooperatively fight enemies next to each other (like Soul Sacrifce, Dragon’s Crown) Collaboration Battle Games. Today they showed a sizzle reel made up of new titles such as Gundam Breaker (31-10-2013), God Eater2 (14-11-2013), Soul Sacrifice Delta (March 2014).

Famous creator Keiji Inafune took to the stage to announce that within a year of the newly announced Soul Sacrifice Delta another Soul Sacrifice will be released. And further explained how SSD is to be seen as a fully evolved xperience when compared to SS.

Sega producer Sakai talked about Phantasy Star Online 2 and briefly addressed the troubled update the game had on PC, then announced PSO Nova which features an offline component with a deeper story for players to explore during single player and a stronger opponent in the form of Gigantus.

School Idol Paradise, Terraria’, DoganRonpa another episode. Many of the titles shown also showed special edition packages with exclusive Vita skins titles like Sweet School Life, Amnesia World, Diabolik Lovers.

SCEJA has incentives in place which add value to consumers who decide to hop on the Vita train. A 90 day PS Plus subscription comes with the purchase of the new Vita and with the help of publishers they added five games to the Instant Game collection.

Gran Turismo 6 was adressed social components accessible with smartphone, tablet and pc devices. Project “Vision Gran Turismo” was announced, asking the community to celebrate, think and submit their vision about the fifteen years of Gran Turismo.

PS4 releases in Japan 22nd February 2014, and the main reason given for the delayed release in Playstations’s home territory is the availability of Japan relevant and western titles. As a bonus Japanese consumers can purchase “Playstation 4 First Limited Pack” consisting of a PS4, a download code of the PS4 game Knack and one year of extended warranty with no extra charge.

Shuhei Yoshida expressed the importance of Knack and brought a new promotional video of the game with him. Additionally exclusive to the Japanese Market everyone who buys a PS4 will get Knack for free.

Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, Killzone Shadow Fall, Doki Doki Universe, Drive Club, Knack, Need For Speed Rivals, Battlefield 4, Fifa 14, Hohokum, Resogun, Infamous Second Son, Wolfenstein The New Order, Psycho Break, Thief, Strider, Dying Light, FF a Realm Reborn, The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, Watch Dogs, Kingdom Hearts 3, The Crew, The Order: 1886, FFXIV, Phantom Overdrive, MGS The Phantom Pain.

All above titles were given a spotlight in a montage about games to be released on PS4.

The MMO Final Fantasy a Realm Reborn will be available as a free of charge PS4 beta game at the start of the console’s launch.

Dynasty Warriors (22-2-2014), Yakuza Ishin (Restoration) were shown in great capacity and both respective spokespersons explained how PS4 allowed for richer experiences. Additionally Yakuza Ishin will be cross play for PS Vita.

A trailer for Lily Bergamo a new title premiered but very little context was given leaving the game shrouded in mystery. Described only as an action game Hung Ho and Grasshopper collaborate to create this new title. Explained that they are very interested in companion app possibilities for the title. The duo joked that maybe if the won’t get sick they might announce more at TGS.

Natural Doctrine (kadokawa Games), Guilty Gear Xrd Sign, Wonder Flick (level-5), Earth Defence Forces, Dream Club: Host Girls on Stage, Mobile Suit Gundam, Idol Masters (Namco Bandai). Where shown in a sizzle reel.

Capcom showed a new trailer for the highly anticipated Deep Down as well as a live Gameplay demonstration. Game maps show procedurally generated dungeons, equipment and monsters connected by a hub world. Set in the year 2048, New York, you play as a “gifted” person who can see the memories of objects enabling your character to interact with these memories. Footage of the online multiplayer part showed three people battling a Dragon.

Indies Galak-z, Pavilion, Octodad, Blacklight Retribution, Contrast , Don’t Starve where highlighted to underline Sony’s intent of supporting indie titles in Japan

Japanese Boyband Uverworld shared a Video Message promoting Music Unlimited with their single “Music Unlimited 3 Days”, Video Unlimited will bring game related films and anime and popular service Karaoke Joysound Dive 2 will all launch with PS4.

This year will see the launch of PS Vita TV

A device which offers a wide array of video and network services in a small device (6cm by 10 cm) next to the ability to play 1300 Playstation games (at launch) on your television. Find more about PSV TV here.

  1. Seong Aleque’s avatar

    “SSD is seen to be a fully evolved XPERIENCE…”


  2. theinfuser599’s avatar

    I don’t like the redesign the Vita looks feels weighs fine


  3. veelk’s avatar

    The LCD screen might be a good change for me, because the OLED is too bright for my eyes. But it depends on if it can dim lower too.

    What I really want is a TV HDMI cable for god sakes.


  4. silkyskeeter’s avatar

    I love and hate the new redesign for PsVita. I dont want to lose my OLED screen just for better “select”, “start”, “PS” buttons, lighter frame, and a micro usb port tbh. The weight of the original feels fine to me, I love it being a brick. But I do like the new micro usb charging port tho because I freaking hate how sensitive the original’s charging port and/or cord is/are.
    But if they announce the PsVita Tv has remote play support with PsVita I will get that over the PsVita slim. Especially if the PsVita Tv can adhoc play with a PsVita. Because they already stated that PsVita Tv wont be able to play all PsVita games, for obvious reasons but if there is remote play that’s something different all together. Because I would much rather have a wireless means of playing my PsVita games on a Tv over a wired HDMI cord option. But maybe I am the minority in that opinion.
    But, on another note, Im still waiting on an announcement of GaiKai support for PsVita because I would love to be able to play Ps3 games on my PsVita (where ever I may be) without having to go out and purchase a Ps3. Cmon Sony, make it happen. If OnLive can do it with PC games streamed to an iPad or laptop, GaiKai can do it with Ps3 games streamed to a PsVita. Actually, depending how they do it, how many servers, and how much hardware they have dedicated to GaiKai, they could actually make GaiKai stream Ps4 games to the PsVita without owning a Ps4, js. Just some food for thought.


  5. decookaaron’s avatar

    It’ll be good for newcomers to the vita, but current owners won’t be getting much change. Like 1gb built in, 1hr added battery life, dimmer screen, usb port. Different colors are cool. But with my battery mod on my WiFi version adds more then an hour. Everything else I’m fine with. Like people say their ain’t much room in the WiFi vita for mods but there’s enough room to add 3 more batteries to boost battery life, and other things. Just don’t be scared to mod the backing a little to add a better battery or a second. Its worth the mod and has a very low chance of destroying something. Its better then paying another 200$ just for these little changes. But that’s my opinion.


  6. PlaGeRaN’s avatar

    Ok this sucks, just got a vita for my birthday now this! Sucks to have the device now.


    1. :'(’s avatar

      I know that feel. After leaving my vita to dust on the shelf BAM PS Vita 2 & PS4 & Killzone… I hope the new Vita is just a redesign not anything special that will kill my original vita (like PS4 remote play ect)


      1. PlaGeRaN’s avatar

        I know the feeling, got a psp 1001 and after a few drops the 3004, now this? I’ll admit the upgrade from 3004 to vita is a huge difference. only downside is I’m sitting with a stack of UMD’s….


        1. Thrawn’s avatar

          Ohhyeahhh those good OLD umds… the last time I was at my local electronics store they were selling umds per 100 gramms for about 22€. But all those shi*ty ones like locco rocco and the other psp “essentials”.
          Got a good umd library on my side too you know, I wish sony had brought the umd passport to us too but its always nippon that gets the crėme de la crėme!
          Like I posted already, its game console devs latest fad to “redesign” their trash over and over again and sony has a history with redesigns from good to abyssmal.


          1. PlaGeRaN’s avatar

            agreed! no point in buying a game for a 100 bucks, when you can get them for a third in your bargain bins XD!

            atleast my 3004 still works, time to finish my gta stories lol!

    2. Caio’s avatar

      You should be thankful for having that glorious OLED screen


  7. xxx’s avatar

    You can’t polish a turd.


    1. hurpdurp’s avatar

      Actually, you can polish it, but it will still be what it originally was.


    2. haveaniceleif’s avatar

      you can polish a turd, but you will more likely end up with the same shit and a shitty rag.


  8. NNNRT’s avatar

    OLED has better color & quality than LCD, LCD is cheaper & breaks faster. But if Sony really care about the battery, they should upgrade the software so that brightness can be decreased more. The screen is too damn bright in dark places.


    1. NNNRT’s avatar

      I think it’s LCD because it’s made by Samsung, if the screen is the same as the one on the Galaxy S4, then that’s good. The current screen sometimes freaks with many Vita owners.


      1. Thrawn’s avatar

        Nope not gonna be a sammy display.
        I bet its either a sharp like it was on the psp and all its iterations or a japan display.
        But no sammy, they don’t produce in nippon so this would hurt their economics.
        Its gonna be a sharp.


    2. thefact’s avatar

      nope, oled break down faster..


    3. veelk’s avatar

      “they should upgrade the software so that brightness can be decreased more.”

      A million times this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s the one single thing i’ve been wishing for since my first 3 seconds of using my Vita.
      Also, a desaturation bar. The colors may be great, but older games weren’t intended for it. I mean, TV’s have this. Why not Vita?


  9. K405’s avatar

    Give me (us) Onimusha and a real Ridge Racer. ()_()


  10. agent058’s avatar

    D-Pad is still too close to each other for me to play blaz blue like i did on my 3000

    Id much rather play on the LCD Screen, that way my videos scale better <3

    They should called this " Ps Vita Slim" <3


  11. Thrawn’s avatar

    95% of those announced games wont make it to us nor europe, so pretty unimpressive.


  12. mangosteam’s avatar

    Hmmm only the 1gig internal memory interests me


  13. DeathOfChaos’s avatar

    The bottom one is obviously the slim by design. Notice how it is less vibrant and the text is blurry compared to the 1st gen Vita. All in all, they’re sacrificing quality in order to make something cheaper. They took two steps back, they skipped regular LED and went to the basic HD screen format.


  14. FloydMayweatherjr’s avatar

    Man here we go with SONY’s ass being CHEAP with production.Making the damn vita thin isnt what gamers want or a change of what your eyes (oled)are looking forward to when your playing games.Everything else changed should have been a given but was only held back purposely.

    This is how sony loses due to Microsoft.


  15. cdrom0’s avatar

    It’s Gung Ho, not Hung Ho… but nobody cares anyway…


  16. Guardian’s avatar

    When you said short what exactly did you mean?



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