Another VHBL port to PS Vita firmware 2.61 brings the number to 4


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32 Responses

  1. italkgame says:


  2. Ryan says:

    That’s right, keep it up gents. Wonderful work as always.

  3. xPhoenix777 says:

    Nice! Hopefully they can keep the exploits over the next few months… The PS4 push will most likely have some updates to the Vita.

  4. One Question, I strongly think you guys should give us a heads up before telling us the exploited game, it’ll keep us prepared to update (if on a lower exploited firmware)and know when to top up our wallets, because most of us miss the games because they get taken down D:

  5. Chief says:

    Four 2.61 exploits & not one released, sort it out will ya. going impatience over here 🙂

  6. capcomlegend says:

    NICE!!!!!,the CEO’s of Sony by now prob has a picture with Wololo’s picture on the wall throwing darts on it like a 1920’s detective hehehe

  7. kupomogli says:

    Not about VHBL, but if any of you guys find out about an exploit, could you hold off on releasing it until the PS Vita TV comes out if it works on that?

    I own a non exploited Vita to play retail games and an exploited Vita to play my PSP games and emulation. An exploited home console version of the Vita would be awesome :D.

  8. Adams Myth says:

    Congratulations and many thanks for the effort!

  9. All-StarGamer says:

    If I purchase the game that runs the exploit and jailbreak my Vita, will Sony ban my account from PSN? That’s the only thing I’m worried about.

    • wololo says:

      No, Sony has never banned VHBL users as far as we know.

    • Cat says:

      Yes, Sony will ban you if you do exploit. I recommend you DON’T do it.

      I lost my PSN account a month ago because of this.

      • wololo says:

        Proof or it didnt happen. This is the first report ever I read about someone being banned for usig hbl or vhbl in more than 3 years, so I highly doubt that.

        • Giovanni says:

          It’s meaningless and not logic to say that you’ve been banned because of an Exploit on the Ps Vita. If you got banned, you may have used cfw on a ps3 or someone else used your PSID while plaing online. Sony has no chance to see if you modify the PsP Emu on the Vita and they can’t control your saved data to see if you use an exploited savegame. So you couldn’t get banned for this and you won’t 😉 However, a VHBl is technically not illegal.

  10. MMA JEDI says:

    Sony told me a new update is scheduled this month(Sept.)..talked to a guy yesterday on the phone. I called to complain that the Vita can’t use java and asked if that was something they may do in the future. I want Soundcloud and more stufffffs. ;P

  11. Dmaskell92 says:

    Pointless for me as I still have my 2.12 GOLOR exploit, and JeoWay made a tutorial that has me on PSN. No worries here! I can haz TN-V4 now? Kidding but seriously can’t wait.

  12. Somehting Something Somehting Light Side says:

    you guys should get a bunch of exploits then release a few hours after each firmware update just to annoy Sony

  13. hamidooo says:

    i want real exploit emulator vhbl for ps vita 2.61 and tuto thanks

  14. Hellbelial says:

    No news about the new VHBL? weird,i hope Sony doesnt release another of their stupid patch,im also waiting for Rayman and still no news about it,just the old free august games also no sales.

  15. Jake says:

    Time for a “root exploit” as was done on the PSP. We who have updated to 2.61 to play “Dragon’s Crown” are now stuck it seems…unless I acquire a 2nd PS Vita that has a much earlier version of the OS on it.

  16. Nigga says:

    yes another exploit. and yes another scam to boost their sales

  17. Franzken says:

    Keep hoping i remember when ps3 is virtually unhackable… Then bam failoverflow did it…. I was like one of the first one who had a jailbreak ps3 goodtimes but theirs so much drama back then aswell now its all drama haha

  18. Sky Yuki says:

    Well more useless update coming up i guess

  19. BamBucha says:

    А не проще хакать и патчить игры чем пытаться vita сломать??? я не в курсе многих событий и если такой вопрос задавался прошу прощения…

  20. Matt says:

    Last time I hacked PlayStation portable product, it was PSP 1001 (w/ 2.xx – 3.xx). After downgrading to 1.5fw to customize the internal firmware (sounds, bootscreen, font etc..) I’ve been really into hacking my consoles.

    Currently own a PS vita originally came with 2.60, without googling VHBL I upgraded to 2.61. Which is now hackable, so are you going to release this?

    Other questions are in the PSP days. I could run homebrew, play PSX / PSP games from memory card, is it still possible with this hack?

    Thanks 🙂