9 reasons the Vita TV is Sony’s best idea in years


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  1. phil87700

    ill stick to Sega TV game box.. 😉

  2. Thrawn

    Uhmmm am I the only guy that read the whole article and did not get what that thing does?
    Now in three sentences, what is that thing for?

  3. BeastyX

    hmmm there seems to be no accessory port on the Vita 2000 or I just missed it? what’s up with that thing anyway?

  4. meh

    Oh boy, consumerism at its finest.

    Why sony didn’t just release an hdmi cable to conect the vita to a TV? Profiting from fanboys tht’s why.

    People buying this = Blind sheep.

  5. VoidKeeper

    The only problem I have with it is that this could be done with the Vita having TV out =/. It *** me off that if I want to play CERTAIN Vita games, I have to shell out 100€, when it could be done with the Vita I already own… it would allow play through the console, or, since it has bluetooth, enable connecting a PS3 controller… it isn’t THAT hard. I don’t see how they could not put HDMI out on the thing, there are phones 3 times smaller with mini-hdmi … maybe the cost would be higher, but still, it sucks.

  6. the3

    Ppl keep mentioning the vita mem card slot but I haven’t seen one in any of the videos just the vita game card slot wonder if its gonna be a psn upload save type system. If they did it would be hard to upload vhbl to the psn or maybe that was there plan

  7. the3

    And wouldnt it just be easier to make a backwards remote play app that alows ppl to play vita games and content on ps3/4 from there vita then no need 4 vita tv or a cable /wireless setup

  8. ravenbarry

    more like a scam , why couldn’t the actual ps vita do all this like PSP did? Vita TV is another cash in scam like their idiotic memory scam which bit them in the A$$…

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