Cross Generation Console Wars, Part 1: PS2 vs NES


I like beer.

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  1. Somehting Something Somehting Light Side says:

    i don’t get why Mario is so popular, its the dumbest game in history and it never changes, they re-use most of the levels so you find the exact same level in ever game, its just dumb, it’s like Nintendo Milks that dead cow while the Mario fan base give give the cow mouth to mouth resuscitation

    • VIRACY says:

      I’m just going to assume your under the age of 15.

      • Somehting Something Somehting Light Side says:

        ahh no, I’m a very bored 20 year old who in his spare time compares Video Game levels for games and their sequels as hobby and my finding have been so far for Mario are that:

        A lot of Mario levels are re-used, so far to say that world 3-4 of Super Mario Brothers 1 is the same as world 5-2 in Super Mario Brothers 3 except SMB3 is slightly better graphics and some blocks have been replaced with either holes in the floor or star blocks instead of Normal blocks

        • Thrawn says:

          You’re 20? That’s too young, you never touched the NES in it’s PRIME TIME, you would not know.
          I’m 27, even I didn’t touch the NES, and barely touched the SNES considering it was released 1991 and I got one when I was eight so 1995.
          And also, it doesn’t matter how many times they re-use a level, mario is a kid friendly game or would you give a six year old battlefield 4 or cod black ops whatever?
          It has a simplicity to it that other games do not have, you cannot expect a six year old kid to be an einstein.

          • Somehting Something Somehting Light Side says:

            i guess your right, but yes, yes i would give a 6 year old Battlefield 4, i wouldn’t give them Call of Duty though as i want them to be a good kid, not like those foul mouth kids who play it, when i was 3 i played Doom

        • Darkova says:

          The problem here is a pseudo-philosophical young adult ignorantly asserting what he believes to be fact. His subterfuge in the guise of narrow-sighted observations of levels plays to a queer sort of logic that he probably misinterpreted as Vulcan logic after watching a few episodes of star trek. He probably came to the conclusion that all the episodes of star trek have the same theme or plot design.

    • thediamante says:

      I agree with VIRACY.

      Does your mom even know you’re using the computer?

      • Somehting Something Somehting Light Side says:

        read my reply to VIRACY

        • NakedFaerie says:

          LOL. kids.
          I was playing games before the NES was even invented. It was never really that good when it first came out. I think that gaming really started bigtime when the PS1 came out.
          It was more fun when you had to type in your games and made them yourself. Now that was fun.

          The problem with Nintendo is they are for kids where $ony made games for everyone. How many Nintendo games are aimed at adults? I’m guessing 0 or maybe 1. There are hundreds of $ony games that are adult games. There are also thousands that are kids games. $ony will always win the war against Nintendo.

          • NakedFaerie says:

            My mistake, I meant CONSOLE GAMING was really started with the PS1 not gaming in general. Gaming did start with consoles then moved to computers then consoles tried again and now its sort of moved to consoles but games will ALWAYS look better on PCs no matter what console makers do.
            PCs these days are already better than the PS4 so if you want to see an awesome looking game get a PC and play it at full quality.

  2. Soldier says:

    Ps2 is a doo doo juice. Nes will always be better than any of Sony or Microsofts products. The only brand that ever could slightly compete against Nintendo in quality was Sega. Actually Sega in my books was coming out with better games when the Dreamcast died. Genesis also did have an epic battle against Snes. I grew up with the Genesis and that console was also pretty cool. The Nes is the best tho because it had Contra, Super Mario Bros 3, Shatterhand, any many other titles I can’t remember off the top of my head. It also had many War games that were good such as Guerrilla War, that one tank game I can’t think of the name of it but you blow up buildings and rescue people that way.

  3. Hellbelial says:

    Admit it guys nintendo was the first console,well no,but one of the greatest ones,i like mario but i love grandia,legaia,fatal frame,parasite eve ad many many others.This is like comparing a candy with a chocolate TOFI or talking about that,x-com psx versus valkirye profile of course i will choose VP instead that *** poor game.I have many of newest games in pc but sometimes i play Rockman nes,Monsters in my pocket,teenage ninja mutant turtles manhatan,Battletoads Double Dragon,Double Dragon 1,2 & 3,sonic,splatterhouse,castlevania bloodlines,splatterhouse 3 Rocket Knight,Mega Turrican,Comix Zone and many many others.Blame Dlc when it show up because of that the concept of play to unlock is lost.All consoles are great,Psx And ps2 were and still are great consoles.By the way,im *** tired about indies and legos in ps vita sony needs another portable console vita will be dead sooner than they expected.

  4. NakedFaerie says:

    Easily the PS2 wins if its just about games as it has the most games out of the two consoles and the PS2 games cater for everyone where the NES is for kids.
    Nintendo have never really been a all round gamer, its always been for kids where $ony have been for everyone old and young.

    And how about posting how many games each console has. I’m guessing it’ll be like NES = 100 PS2 = 1000. Thats what it feels like to me.

  5. mlc says:

    worst article ever. lol

    i’m not even trolling, i just think this is a really bad idea

    and it’s from Acid_Snake, if you know what i mean, rofl ;P

    • Itherian says:

      I think it was a interesting article agree with it or not. Fact is I do not see your articles, so if u can do better put up or shut up.

      • mlc says:

        I don’t have anything to say of importance, which is why I haven’t volunteered to write articles for this site. Acid_Snake obviously doesn’t have anything to say either, as demonstrated by this sort of rather pointless post. This would do better as a forum thread than as a front page article.

        And obviously it’s not terrible in every way, I’m just saying that this isn’t a very interesting premise: The NES and PS2 are completely different, so any effort to compare them comes off as a bunch of pointless ***. Anyone with half a brain can write some bs, but it doesn’t mean it is of high enough quality to have a place on this site.

        • Acid_Snake says:

          you obviously don’t know what the front page is about and what type of content goes here. Basically, the front page is about wololo and what he likes or dislikes, us guest bloggers simply help him spread his voice. If this article made it to the front page is because he liked this content, and again, this site is about wololo. If you do not like what wololo likes, I kindly ask you to leave the site altogether.

          • mlc says:

            Um, I think this indicates that wololo is a nice guy, if you get my drift. I’m sorry to have offended you, and I certainly shouldn’t have implied something rude simply due to my past impression of you. I was attempting to criticize the article in a relatively lighthearted way, as shown by my usage of “lol,” the obviously excessive “worst article ever,” and the clarification that I simply think it was a really bad idea.

            I’ve seen what sort of content goes on the front page, and I might just criticize it occasionally if I think it’s too fluffy. I can see how that would offend the writer, though I doubt it would seriously offend an adult like wololo. But, once again, I’m sorry to have hurt you but I must admit that tact has never been my strong point. I’ll make sure to compliment any future articles of yours that I do like, so you shouldn’t feel the need to get so defensive as to ask me to leave.

          • wololo says:

            I’d like to nuance some of Acid_Snake’s choice of words here.

            I did read this article before publishing it, and I enjoyed it (and the concept behind it) a lot. I think it’s a solid article with good research and an interesting concept. In particular I like that Acid_Snake was able to handle quite seriously a subject that looked like it would lead to a comedy article in the first place. So I stand behind the choice of publishing the article, and will publish the other ones in the series.

            Now, I really don’t like the choice of words when Acid_Snake says: “the front page is about wololo and what he likes or dislikes, us guest bloggers simply help him spread his voice”. This is absolutely not true. I have published several times opinion pieces from guest bloggers even when I disagreed with their opinion. Guest bloggers here share some basic principles with me, but they are the sole owners of their opinion. I do review the articles, but unless some parts look like there hasn’t been enough reflection on a given subject, I do not alter them.

            At the end of the day, guest bloggers’ opinion on this site is their opinion and not necessarily mine.

            But then again, I would say this article was not an opinion piece, just a funny approach on the console wars, and I would publish again similar articles.

            I get where mlc is coming from (commenters are also entitled to their opinion, the comment section is here for that), and the only answer I can give about that for now is “avoid the next article in this series next time if you don’t like the idea”

          • mlc says:

            Don’t worry, I certainly won’t criticize any future articles in this series. I wasn’t trying to insult the article too harshly, but by (stupidly) being unduly rude in the same post I kind of ruined any possibility of it *not* being taken personally. Also, I’m sorry that I let it escalate to the point where you had to come here to put your word in… that was me being too defensive. (maybe one response to Acid_Snake’s response alone, rather than several to every one, would have been smarter on my part)

            Also I didn’t notice initially that this was part of a series, which clearly makes criticism of the premise a lot more harsh given the amount of work he’s clearly put into several pieces. I hope Acid_Snake realizes that I don’t come off looking good here (*** might be the appropriate term), and that he need not take my criticism too hard because I kind of put my foot in my mouth. Sorry again; it’s funny that I initially said “I’m not trolling” as it turned into a troll-y amount of time wasted. =(

    • TheTokBoks says:

      Certainly not worst article, but definitely the strangest idea. You can’t compare cross gen platforms! Console wars is all about the present because everything is up to date! Something Acid_Snake could have done is compare one failed console versus one that succeeded in the same gen. AKA N64 vs Dreamcast

      • Acid_Snake says:

        Dreamcast was in the 6th gen, not 5th gen.

      • mlc says:

        “Certainly not worst article, but definitely the strangest idea. You can’t compare cross gen platforms!”

        Exactly this! I may as well write an article comparing checkers to Monopoly; it can certainly be done, but there isn’t really any reason for it and you won’t gain any insight from the process.

        • Acid_Snake says:

          anything is comparable if the right categories are chosen, if you are unable to see this then I can clearly see why you fail to understand the post, or even fail to make your own blog posts.

          • mlc says:

            Like I said, you can certainly compare anything. I could write a long essay on just about anything, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be *** or trash. A key part of deciding to “professionally” “publish” something should be if it illuminates the subject or has original/important observations. In my opinion this particular topic isn’t so great, which is why I suggested in another comment that it would do better as a forum post than a front page article.

    • Acid_Snake says:

      Please link me to one of your articles so I can compare them with mine.

  6. naishi says:

    “The PS2, the best selling console in history and the one responsible for making videogames a mainstream media in households all over the world, versus the NES, THE CONSOLE THAT SAVED THE GAMING INDUSTRY FROM DISAPPEARING AND SET STANDARD FOR VIDEOGAME QUALITY.”

    Time always change everything, gameplay from the ps2 era and NES maybe different.. but the fun and excitement that it brings to everyone is just the same if you are living in the same time that these consoles are invented. And based on the highlighted statement above… Ps2 owes everything to NES.. cause without NES… they maybe stop innovating and console gaming would have died.

    • Somehting Something Somehting Light Side says:

      actually without the NES, PC gaming would have probably taken off so no consoles holding it back

      • Acid_Snake says:

        I have to disagree, PC gaming wasn’t even a thing when the NES came out, and the general disaster the Atari 2600 made against videogames would have made PC. games nonexistent.

  7. Chuckthetekkie says:

    It’s funny that out of the best selling PS2 games, I’ve only played one in the list, Gran Turismo 3. In fact it came with my PS2. As for the best selling NES games, I’ve played the first four. My favorite all time game of any generation is Super Mario Bros. 3 (The GBA version didn’t feel the same).

    The main reason is that is was the ONLY game that both of my parents played with me. One time my mother was *** that I beat Bowser in SMB3 and I did it with a flower power suit so you couldn’t kill yourself so she could replay the level. We played so much of that game, our NES actually overheated a few times since we had to leave the console on all the time since there was no way to save the game.

    I continue to play SMB3 on my PS Vita as I find it enjoyable. At least I got over my fear of those damn Boo. Anytime I came up to a level with them, I had my dad play that level.

  8. jlo138 says:

    Nintendo should of just made the SNES backwards compatible with NES Carts instead of that ugly (but HTF) top loader. I grew up with Atari 2600 as my older brother had two. My other brother and I broke the first one he had… So he says. Then NES. I spent tons more hours on my Nintendo than I ever did on my PS2 and that included watching DVDs. I had more fun with my NES but I was a lot younger than when I got my PS2 (which I got for free at a work Christmas party). Lol, awesome day. I already had one and another guy won the Xbox but his controlling wife wouldn’t let him trade me for it. She immediately made it known to everyone that she would be returning it for the money. The husband just listened and kept his head down…

  9. ivo says:

    hey, i still would buy a ps2 if i could run linux on it without sideeffects with it being a console
    and backups ofc 🙂

    where are they still selling old consoles and linuxkits ?
    can it allso run xp ?

  10. ivo says:

    u better check two consoles of the same generation
    … xbox vs ps2 ?

  11. Randy Steele says:

    The ps2 has an NES emulator.

    • Acid_Snake says:

      except in some rare occasions that might come later, I try to avoid comparing the consoles using unofficial material (homebrews, hacks, emulators, third-party accessories, etc) as in the end, they weren’t really meant to happen in the first place. Just for clarification, imagine I’m comparing two non-modded, straight out of the box consoles.

  12. Adams Myth says:

    Like Star Trek the Original Series and the Next Generation – one can’t simply can’t compare the NES and the PS2. If you’re going to do a similar comparison in the future, then it has to be better than what’s already out there on the internet/game mags – I guess it’s in the right direction but could have been better written. Then again these are volunteer efforts so there’s still merit to this piece of work.

  13. john10101 says:

    NES By far. Dont get me wrong i loved the ps2 but the NES.. something about it, just keeps drawing me back. I just love all them bits.

  14. amanonimous says:

    I don’t think that is nonsense to compare different generations. There are some aspects independent of the technical aspects that I’d like to be compared like:

    – Innovation (ther was new things or just a lot of things copied from the previous generation?)
    – Influence/inspiration (were platformers games different after smb? there was a ton of clones of smb because everybody wanted to make a smb? were driving games different after GT2?)
    – New Legendary IP’s (were new IP’s which now are considered legendary born in that generatin (megaman? kingdom hearts?)


  15. The Last Nightmare says:

    You used the fact we play the NES games today, but aren’t the PS2 franchises running just as strong? I’m also not sure why we’re limited to comparing the top sellers. Why not go with more direct comparisons?

    Metal Gear NES (Featuring no Metal Gear, and “I FEEL ASLEEP.”) vs. Metal Gear Solid PS2 (Featuring a cruel meta deconstruction of player agency and a hero swap out.)

    Final Fantasy NES (No storyline, and complete with nonworking elemental damage and status magic) vs. Final Fantasy X. (Tidus and Raiden ought to hang out.)

    Rad Racer (Outrun rip-off) vs. Outrun 2006 (A dramatic improvement over the original Outrun.)

    Godzilla (The king of sprite flicker, and you’re forced to slowly walk into tiny shots that blow you back.) vs. Godzilla.(even the angry videogame nerd was blown away.)

    The problem with the NES library was that once you leave the top classics like Castlevania, Megaman, Ninja Gaiden, and Contra behind, and the hidden gems like Shadow of the Ninja, Felix the Cat, Ultima IV, and Crystalis, the library takes a dramatic nosedive into garbage that would flunk Atari’s infamous quality control. It’s where western games developed a reputation for being trash, over in Japan.

    Compare that to the PS2: every single genre available at the time is represented by more than good game. It was the height of class gaming, and the only generation where critics complained they didn’t have time to play all the awesome games coming out.

    It must win any fair competition between libraries.

  16. Chaosruler says:

    it is kinda cruel comparing a console on different generation, many aspect of the dualshock was based on the NES controller

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