Sony and Indie Devs: a story of love and hate


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  1. Mizu

    Interesting article. Wonder why Sony’s so fearful of aiding indie devs?

  2. Arash Andalib

    Ahh i remember the good old days … downgrading your psp to 1.50 (psp had official homebrew support only on 1.50 and 1.00), using devhook to play your pirated games, downloading homebrew … i wish the same happened for ps vita 😀 at least we have vhbl 😀 and btw what ever happened to UVL ? its been a long time since it got a mention on this site 😛

    • Acid_Snake

      I believe UVL got patched

      • Stef

        I can’t understand this UVL patched thing yet. Cause why don’t you stay on a lower firmware to investigate it further , maybe make a native exploit at that FW and open the doors of understanding the structure of the Vita giving knowledge for native exploits on bigger FWs such as psp hacking went.

  3. Mr. McGoo

    I am wondering when anyone is going to mention the Sony Xperia Play. This is the first offically recognized playstation phone and was not supported from day one. Sony released a half *** psx store which did not get updated once and was left out to dry. This could have been a major turning point for sony to grab a new clientele but instead was used for trial and error for vita mini’s. I still have my Play but have since upgraded phones and have continually wondered why they let such a ground breaking concept wither and die… when I was following the NGP, I secretly hoped that it would run android market such as some sub par knock offs. Sorry for the artical with in an article but I have been wanting to get this off my chest for some time.

  4. Johno

    Sony should make it possible for some games that “homebrewers”, not “indie devs”, can put their stuff onto the PS Store for free. I have heaps of free games on my iPad, from the appstore. Sony should add a free section as well. If I had the opportunity to play mainstream games such as Subway Surfers or Temple Run on my vita, I guess I would take it.

    Don’t take me as a sony hater. I own both devices mentioned, and plan on getting a ps4 once the price dies out 🙂 but I would love to have heaps of free games on my vita. Apples’ appstore has proven quantity wins over quality.

  5. me

    Sony loves indies, and forbid vhbl. sony should to allow homebrew to survive ps vita.

  6. M12-SAT3

    what a *** article…

  7. Khairul_syazwan90

    what a great article. Very informative. thanks btw and I hope sony will change to be more and more friendly to indie dev and specially to us, their customer..

  8. Kuara

    thank you for the article~

    i hope when the ps4 cames out, the
    psvita will be sold more. So more peoples
    could maybe finds exploit’s etc.

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