One more (VHBL) exploit on PS Vita firmware 2.61


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  1. Codeine says:


  2. BlazingHaze74 says:

    That’s good to know that there are 3 exploits on 2.61.

    • Thrawn says:

      Keep in mind that those are exploits from ppl willing to publish their exploits. So there is reason to assume that there is a black number of ppl which hold an exploit and are waiting for either later firmwares/features/more games or are keeping that exploit as their special little something for themselves.
      Regardless of that, we should be thankful to those who are willing to share some of their findings to the community, even if it is only a small exploit not capable of running something major.

    • Resinmg says:

      How Does everyone get 3 publicly known exploits…
      1 The Z
      2 xXShinkirouXx
      3 173210
      4 Total Noob

      None of these have been released and all work on 2.61.

      Unless Total Noob doesn’t have his own exploit witch would make absolutely no sense at all being he could not test his own work on 2.61. The above article also states that he doesn’t plan on releasing anything until the ps4 comes out. Don’t think this guy is a mind reader… So there is no way for him to make something for a future firmware besides running it on a present firmware.
      Keep up the good work guys but get the score right:)

  3. qwikrazor87 says:

    I’m sure the RAM issue can easily be resolved.

    • xlovenuggetx says:

      you really think someone will find a way passed Sony’s 32mb memory lock?

      • qwikrazor87 says:

        I’m not talking about the 32 MB limit, I’m talking about the lack of available RAM needed for homebrew.

    • titegtnodI says:

      That’s interesting. Maybe if you get in contact with him, he’ll consider allowing you to help out (if you’re interested). I hope nobody releases an exploit for 2.61 and waits for a f/w release that actually introduces new features.

      When I first read your comment I was thinking “really? How could you possibly know that” then I read your name and I was like “oh, because you’re always porting VHBLs and making them relatively bug-free ^-^””.

  4. omar says:

    another one? what is this? ^^

  5. isacco says:

    Can this exploit run also PSP ISOs?

    • Sylen7Nato says:

      lol, it never fails…someone always has to ask this question when a new exploit is mentioned…the answer is NO isacco, VHBL can NOT run PSP ISO’s.

      • Ryan says:

        As much as I understand how frustrating it can be when people ask the same question over and over. Please try to remember it is rarely ever the SAME person doing the asking. This guy could be some random dude who stumbled upon this site, and now he is welcomed as the *** who doesn’t know anything.

        My suggestion is to speak to these people as kindly as you can because it isn’t their fault that they don’t know everything in the universe. Ignorance isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes people just don’t know, and that’s okay.

    • Acid_Snake says:

      N0, 1t d0esn’t pl4y 1S0z

  6. Michael Pulis says:

    😀 Thanks for all the hard work. PS, can it please be a free title.

  7. phil87700 says:

    Great indeed are your works O Hackers.. Now and ever more…
    ;-)… the universe night and day… waits for all your wonders…. you are our light and our life… we shall praise you always…. great indeed are your……..

  8. mynameisstupid says:

    we only get dumb vhbl exploits
    when are the kernel exploits coming

  9. Wrozen says:

    I don’t know why people keep porting exploits for us. We are the most ungrateful bunch I have ever seen. It’s like toddlers “gimme gimme gimme!!”
    Total Noob, Qwikrazor87, Acid Snake, Wololo, The Z, Coldbird, and many many others. You’re all too good to us and I honestly have no idea why. Over the years I’ve seen the same attitude from these end users and I still wonder why these developers treat us so well.

  10. psvh says:

    hello wololo i have a new vhbl work on the last fw 2.61 i have a video but iam asking you how to post it
    my e mail is sorry for my bad english

  11. psvh says:

    the game is as nitro

  12. Dur says:

    D0ez t1s p14y 1$0z? 1 meen v1t4 i0ses not Sps is0z k1llzun 1s two epxenv1s5

  13. xj107359 says:

    Please tell us how much we should prepare .

  14. ShadowNeto says:


  15. Xavier says:

    So it’s safe to update to 2.61?
    I tried to stay on 2.60 in hope of another exploit.

  16. Brando says:

    Is the game to exploit really N20 Nitro? spending 6 bucks is a risk..

  17. Nigga says:

    I bought this arcade game for my PS VITA because i thought there will be a TN-V set to release but until now still nothing . im thinking now maybe the developer and sony are one, they are only making some maney to boost their sales.

  18. wwxiz66 says:

    Please let me know,Tn-v4 will support psv2.60?

  19. Mizu says:

    When Total_Noob’s exploit is released, shall it be compatible with earlier firmware (eg; Uno exploit)? Will it be kernal or VHBL? Can we play newer games than the firmware we have on it (firmware version spoofing)?

  20. berrios30 says:

    what happen to my posting it got taken a way and all I said was good things and it got removed

  21. Hanky says:

    Hello can anyone help me with a problem in GPSP?
    I am not able to save games.
    and so closing the emulator of an error (c1-2858-3)
    anyone have any solutions?
    My exploit is Arcade Darts

  22. OrphanTears says:

    this is mainly for the developer. I have an idea on how to install a custom OS onto the vita. I am not sure if this is possible but the vita downloads the update from the pan server. I know there are ways to mimick servers and redirect traffic flowing through a roughter. So my idea is when the next update comes out and by updating through the computer via ps vita emulator, maybe doing a virtual nand dump via ps vita emulator and tearing down the OS and rebuilding it as a customer then mimicking the psn server and update the target ps vita via wifi or through the computer…..just a thought…..i would really like this to be possible.