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Game Releases Of September 2013


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. Mig_Facio says:

    Awesome list. Thanks

  2. BahamutBBob says:

    I really wish Pirate Warriors 2 had a physical release in NA. And an English release on Vita. I would import that in a heartbeat 😛

  3. ScarecrowDM says:

    Amnesia and GTA V FTW!
    I will take a look at Castle of Illusion as well, a lot of childhood memories. :3

  4. SakkeMO says:

    Damn, Castle of Illusions is something i wait for good. Still have it on a original cart.

  5. FishSticks says:

    I got Killzone Mercenary today! It’s an absolutely great game, however I did have to lose the Arcade Darts, World of Pool & Arcade Airhockey&Bowling exploits. 🙁

  6. UraniumDude says:

    Got Killzone: Mercenary today ADD ME! [Name is the same UraniumDude], Will be seeing lots of people online today for Killzone Mercenary.

  7. KizumiK says:

    Hi everyone!

    Add “arthasfrozen” if you want to play some Diablo 3 or One piece with me.

    PS: On playstation 3 that is!

  8. jake says:

    Gonna have to get a new charger, cos it got all… muddy and wet 🙁 Until then… I shall wait for my charger so i can turn on my PS Vita so I can play Killzone Mercenery so I can play the first decent fps can so I can…….

  9. BurningHaze74 says:

    Didn’t I Am Alive came out last year?

    • Minimur12 says:

      That’s strange, i wasn’t aware it was already out on PC, I just took Eurogamers word Dx

      eurogamer.ne t /releases.php?platform=&month=9&year=2013

  10. 13pokerus says:

    man scribblenauts unmasked VS lego marvel heroes…
    I think I’m going for the latter

  11. AliFOJ says:

    Already got Rayman Legends. Now going to get One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 and GTA V. 😀

  12. x-eye says:

    Farming simulator? A machine for pigs? One piece? So they’ll call Anything triple A these days huh?

    • Minimur12 says:

      The reason for sticking Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs was because it’s production quality is quite high, and it deserves the discoverability – Not many indie games are actually 3D… If you’ve noticed.

      Farming simulator I listed under ‘other games’ which won’t be as successful to be frank.

      The ‘other games’ were announcements for old/indie games. (apart from Amnesia, of course)

      Sorry to confuse you 😀

      I actually thought about naming the ‘other releases’ as indie games. But I realised that Metro: 2033 is being released for Mac so I had to change it 🙂

  13. 110706 says:

    Vita is fuken dead….we neeed cfw!! fk you sony!

  14. Mips says:

    *Sigh* Another boring lame post, that everybody already know about….

    • wololo says:

      Out of curiosity, what types of articles are you expecting?

      • Minimur12 says:

        In all honesty, i had no idea that Amnesia, Fifa 14, Diablo 3, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and a few others were being released this month. i thought Fifa was launching along side next gen consoles.

        • wololo says:

          Your article was informative to me and I like it. I didn’t know of most of these releases either. I’m just asking the guy out of curiosity, not agreeing with his comment.

  15. Hernando says:

    Atelier Meruru Plus for Vita! 😀

  16. Codeine says:

    Would love castle of ilusions and kingdom hearts HD on vita.

  17. decookaaron says:

    I’m surprised they are still making game for the PSP system. Even though it seem like they discontinued making games for it. I can only find a PSP system at gamestop and places like that. But I guess I was wrong.

  18. Spickler says:

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