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Nintendo 2DS – Play Your 3DS Games…. In 2D!


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. wololo says:

    I actually kind of like the design, looks retro.

  2. witinhalf says:

    I’m getting one for my 6 year old. I might get one for me if I like the bumpers. I’m really impressed with Nintendo on this one. Kids shouldn’t being playing DS with 3D enabled since it causes issues with eye development. Selling it at the same time that Pokemon launches and before Christmas is brilliant. It’s a impulse buy at that price point.

    • Jd8531 says:

      It doesnt cause issues with development, there havent been any scientific studies to prove that even though most people believe it. Actually, The American Optometric Association actually said 3D technology could have a positive effect on children’s eyesight. It is a little more stressful on a childs eyes, otherwise its fine.

      • witinhalf says:

        That study won’t matter. Parents have read that it is damaging. They will be more willing to purchase the 2DS model.

      • ViRGE says:

        There has been enough of a concern that Nintendo specifically advises parents not to let their under-7s play with 3D on. Whether it’s strictly true or not, that’s going to be the advice parents act on since it’s conservative advice that comes straight from the manufacturer.

  3. GameBLAMER says:

    This is perfect for children it has the child safe proof look to it unlike the 3ds which is more for us adults.No little children can chew on the corners of it like a baby toy!

  4. niksko12 says:

    Where could i redeem the code? 😀

  5. lennyvita says:

    i can see some positive reasons for this being a little cheaper to buy and something you can give a young kid to play and not worry on their eyes with 3d or damaging it. i also have read some negative points from other sites.

    1. it looks like a slice of toast, it us ugly looking and from reviews it is cheaper made and feels cheaper to hold and feel of the buttons are cheap.

    2. it don’t fold like the regular 3ds, there is no hinge, you cannot put it in your pocket. imagine getting a case for that to carry, you will need a lunch box, or sandwich bag.

    3 you cannot adjust the angle of the screen like the regular 3ds.

    4. the price, for an extra 40, a regular 3ds and a nerf case for it would be more practical, they are almost indestructible.

    nintendo cheeped out, and i do like nintendo products and would like to get a regular 3ds someday, its a step back for handhelds imo. if they made a 2ds with a hinge, the rest is forgivable.

    • Jd8531 says:

      They cheeped out on purpose (just like Apple making a Low cost Iphone), its an entry level 3DS. Low cost, and cheaper to make and has kids in mind. And @ 2,it looks like it would fit in cargo shorts or in your back pocket.

      • ViRGE says:

        To be fair here, it’s meant for kids. Kids can’t really fit a 3DS in the first place due to their small pockets, so a 2DS isn’t exactly worse in that regard.

  6. Jon Goorn says:

    Lol thanks for the Burnout Paradise code. I have just copied and pasted it and did the code and put a 1 instead of a question mark up to 9 and then when that didn’t work I did a-z and now I have free burnout.

  7. kalte says:

    congrats to the one who used the code, looks like it took quite long before someone realized about it xD

  8. Vitality says:

    I wonder why it has 2 front camera lens then. If I wanna use a camera, the second lens would be useless since we can’t take a 3D picture/video.

    • silkyskeeter says:

      I think its because it is used for AR games to determine depth. Taking out that other camera would probably create a game breaking glitch in games that require the cameras. Taking the 3D out doesnt harm any game currently in the 3DS’s library because having the 3D slider up is never a requirement (only a choice). Where as the cameras are a requirement in every game that uses them.

  9. Brendan Beckmann says:

    Actually, the 2DS still takes 3D images/video at VGA quality – but will have to have said media transferred to a 3DS to enable 3D viewing.

    I would’ve preferred losing a camera if it meant keeping the clamshell body. I would’ve bought that.

  10. PSPcfwDUDE says:

    I actually like it… it reminds me of those old retro systems. If the price is true then I might pick one up, because I absolutely HATED the 3D view or whatever.

  11. Thrawn says:

    You’re shi*tin me… a 2ds 3ds…. bump.

    Customer: BUT Nintendo, you do know that the 3ds has a 3d slider from null to maximum on the right side of the upper screen.

    NINTENDO: OHHHHHH… *looks left and right* BUT its NEW and only costs 130$ so buy it.

    Customer: Uhhmm… the small 3DS costs about the same…

    *ROFL* this defeats the purpose of the 3DS… *spinning*

  12. giovanni says:

    I think it’s not really necessary, but for me as non 3DS user, the 2Ds would be helpful to play the new monster hunter games without buying a new 3DS for more Money 😀

    • giovanni says:

      ok the price change is not useful so: why? 😀

      • Thrawn says:

        Why you ask? BECAUSE.
        I’m getting the feeling that cutting down functionality of game consoles is the latest fad among console developers. O_O
        Examples: Wii mini, ps3 super slim, psp street, and now the 2ds…

        Now I’m waiting for a psvita “redesign” aka “cut version”, well I would prefer to have the touch function removed… it’s sooo not necessary for various games *rofl* and the analog stick on the right also needs to be eliminated XD.

        • Minimur12 says:

          What does the PS3 Super Slim, PSP street have that orig. doesn’t?

          • Thrawn says:

            Well for the street it’s quite clear, it does not have wifi so no psn on the street XD.
            And for the super slim, now where did that hard drive cradle go? Does it really cost sony so much, that they did not include that cradle into the 4GB PS3 super slim?

            Ohh and also the ps3 slim, where did that card reader go?
            All that good stuff lost…

  13. Bobby Harrel says:

    I like it .. made me actually want a buy Nintendo handheld for my kid

  14. hgoel0974 says:

    Minimur, Anyone could just bruteforce that code, there are only about 36-37 possible values for it, I’d suggest cutting out entire portions and appropriately changing things around (PM check plz)

  15. Tnutbutter says:

    It is like if Sony made the ps vita then came out with the psp 1000 a few years later

  16. tonyuk73 says:

    Not like nintendo to sell the same product in a different package is it(I do think so) got 2 3ds’s, 1 ds xl and 2 ds consoles and my kids (1 that’s 7 & 1 that’s 10) none of them want to play them. I suppose u can only play Mario for so long even when ur a kid.

    Android is the way forward they can not get Enough of them.

  17. Obito says:

    If they’re going for unfoldable systems… at least they should stick to one screen, that is, old GameBoy’s design xD. For future consoles of course.

  18. Need2Fap says:

    Kid friendly?
    Doubt it, by making the screen fully unprotected people will crack them, iphone style.

  19. Xavier says:

    Honestly I’d love if this device also had that “flip” design like all other DS’s. It was SOOOO cooL! 😀
    And also, the flip design protected the buttons.

  20. Cecil Skinner says:

    Many things wrong with this conversation.. #1 ps3 super slim has hdd slot but caddy is seperate for 15$ or do as i did and slap some thick cardboard on top and bottom of an AF hdd.. ps3 ss with 500gb hd.. #2 i have the 2ds my son drags it, throws it gives it to his sister to chew on.. stomps on it, mashes buttons and no screw ups yet.. next the 2ds has 3ds firmware so plays all 3ds and ds games.. ive never liked the 3d screen.. makes me crosseyed and dizzy. same reason ive never liked hd flatscreens. so 2ds is perfect.. to quote phillip j fry from futurama “i’m not sure i want to pay for a dimension im not going to use” so my option becomes buy a 3ds and leave it always in 2d mode or buy a 2ds and it will always be in 2d mode “whether i like it or not” also.. just try losing the 2ds in the couch.. its not possible

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