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Tired of all these useless PS Vita Firmware updates? You can blame us… partially


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  1. skpg says:

    As long as copyright infringement is considered a criminal offense (which is ridiculous) there is nothing anyone can do about these patches. If copyright infringement is so evil and criminal why do people do it? Why is there an underground market for it?

    Copyright law just empower corporate bastards like Sony. The Vita is a nice handheld, very powerful and has nice features, but the consumer doesn’t have control over it, the forced updates is just proof of that. There are tons of hidden fees, most of it is directly tied to the memory cards.

  2. Soldier says:

    Sony patching these exploits are what stop me from updating or buying new Vita games. Nice going sony.

  3. Haze7 says:

    You know Sony has enough resources to patch all the games. They are just giving the developers a chance to make some money on their games that can be exploited.

  4. ianolivia says:

    Great, they patched the UNO exploit years ago and it’s still impossible to get it. Thanks hackers!


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  1. June 24, 2015

    […] is to slow down the hacking scene, and this will not bring any stability whatsoever. Add it to the pile of updates Sony released only for the sake of the scene […]

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