PPSSPP update: Now use a controller on your android device


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  1. NakedFaerie says:

    What is the latest version? I got v0.9.1 but your link above is 0.

  2. freeforall tousez says:

    no releases for over two months?
    there been at least 5 update per day which anyone can download.
    in fact, in 2 months, it jump from 0.5 to 0.8,
    how in the world did you get the “no releases for over two months” part?

    • I said “Nearly two months” because all three version have been updated, this time Android,Windows 32bit,Windows 64bit. This time it was a big update and a good one for all three version. On 2013-08-31 was the last one and it was just a Update language. So no real big fixes,like this one: 1c52b76 dc9b515Merge pull request #3544 from unknownbrackets/module-importsInvalidate icache on stub/var import update. It has made many games work now, like DBZ tag team works I’m updating my game list.

  3. g3dn says:

    @hackinformer I would like to add that the latest version of ppsspp is (0.9.1). I’ve been following this emulator since version (0.5). And latest version was released not 8/31/2013 but 8/21/2013. Just saying! for those of you who want this emulator you can visit there site http://www.ppsspp.org

    It is the best psp emulator I’ve used so far. I am playing Crisis Core with below settings:
    mode: non-buffered rendering
    frameskipping: 2 during gameplay and 3 when in video cutscenes.

  4. l.o says:

    how to use the cwcheat?

  5. Andrey Botarguirix says:

    and its free … ill try it … if works for me… ill buy it :D!

  6. Andrey Botarguirix says:

    Damn!!! … it works like a gem!!! but still my phone lack of power … i have an Xperia ZL and cannot run Monster hunter … but .. hey is still in development and run ok 😀 ill buying this thing!

  7. ivo says:

    now to find a tutorial
    howto develop for ppsspp
    real world differences

  8. Randy Steele says:

    Too bad it runs like *** on my Nvidia Shield.

  9. del_inferno says:

    Man, I had never heard of this emulator before! It works 99 percent perfect on average for all of my games for PC. I havent tried it for mobile just yet but I just wanted to say, DAMN! It works really well and the UI is the best UI of any emulator out there.

    • OR says:

      How the heck did you get it to work for 99% of your games? The only game I’ve gotten to work is Ace Combat Skies of Deception and even on that one the sound is sc*** up on some levels. Every other game I’ve tried on PC either freezes on start up or just black screens.

  10. xdarkmario says:

    i just updated to this new version in my xperia play and it runs a lot of games on good speed, now my phone really is teh “PSP Phone”

  11. Thomas Wade says:

    Is this update any good on the Ouya as I heard that PPSSPP wasn’t that great on the Ouya.

  12. bob says:

    I can’t get the analog stick to work when using a ps3 controller. Using a 2cnd gen nexus 7

  13. Me says:

    Hi, first of all, thank you for providing such an amazing app that allows me to enjoy all my fav. psp games. Now I’m trying to get serious with my ppsspp experience by getting a bluetooth controller. I was thinking of getting ipega for starter. Is this device compatible with your app? Or is there any other controller that is optimized with ppsspp that you can recommend?? Really appreciate your help. thanks!

  14. zach says:

    recently as I’ve been using a controller with my ppsspp it causes all of the D-pad buttons to become simultaneously used, even when I disable them. is there anyway to fix this?

  15. GamerGaz says:

    Please help, I’m trying to play crisis core on xperia z1 but having trouble getting the right analog stick to work. It’s killing me. Any clues? Is this a common problem?

  16. harkeem says:

    I Want to use laptop pad to play ppsspp game on my Tecno j5,bow can I do it

  17. efhyde says:

    Does GameSir gamepad works on ppsspp?
    I wanna buy it, but doubt it for worry it does not work for ppsspp

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