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Legal ways of getting free iPhone Apps

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  1. capcomlegend says:

    dont feel bad I still got my 3GS, that phone is my life,and its pretty powerful still and new, had the otterbox on it since I got it and never once opened it,and its gone thru heck and not one damn scratch,I even dropped it in the toilet while doing a number 1 lol ,I had a rooted android HTC Aria with Cyanogenmod 7 overclocked to 805MHZ and the 3GS was still more faster than it…also switched it to Net10 Unlimited 50$ a month,not a bad deal,Im not sure if u can do it with a iphone 4 since they have different size sim cards…

  2. fardeen says:

    u could use

    i use it everyday.

    also try

    i use it always and i never paid for any apps, i had hundred of apps using these

  3. NakedFaerie says:

    You can always use an app like AppZapp which you can bookmark and when the app comes into your price range or free it lets you know so you never miss out on that one app you want for free.

  4. Promos says:

    Here is a website that do the same but from computer (free apps & reductions)

  5. jlo138 says:

    I have the 4s. Just wish it had 4G Internet. So I’ll be upgrading to the 5s I guess. I like the 4/4s design better though. Mine doesn’t offer LTE.

    But yeah, there are apps in which you can watch apps within it to see when they go on sale. They also let you know which are currently free and what the normal cost was.

    If your software version is between 6.0-6.1.2 go to evasi0n com and get the free program and JB it. So many things you can add to it.

  6. spellcheck your posts first says:

    Spell check your posts before posting, will look a lot better.

  7. bgorman1980 says:

    i use feature points got alot of free stuff if you sign up and add my referralcode qz230t you’ll get 50 free points

  8. Fuckencio says:

    Use appnana you also can get Paypal ,PSN/MS Points ^^

  9. AliFOJ says:

    I’ve been using “Free my apps” and it’s good but takes kinda long. I’ve also used many more apps to download free apps from store and they work great. I’ve gotten many apps for free from store that cost or get a $10 itunes card and then get them. 😀

  10. xXYuunoXx says:

    Or, you could get a Droid and just use Aptoid.

  11. Sean says:

    Are there any services like this for the uk?

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