PS Vita: 2 more VHBL ports for firmware 2.61


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  1. exo_gurei

    I wonder how many minis with vulnerabilities are left?

  2. hikarux3

    this will never end..

  3. just goes to prove that us hackers will always be one step ahead of any patches.

  4. Giovanni

    Is it already known if Total_Noobs new kernel exploit will work on the newest firmwares up till PS4 will be released?
    Just interested 😉

  5. Vitality

    Still waiting for another PSP kernel exploit..I miss it since my last using with Uno exploit.

    If it is discovered after Killzone released, I would definitely buy the second vita just to play PSP games.

  6. phil87700

    All good things come to those who wait… 😀

  7. stop

    please stop wasting your freaking time with useless usermode exploits PSP is PSP, Vita is Vita, keep the PSP exploits on the PSP and just do something productive

    • nero

      sounds like someone is angry because they cant find and make the exploit them self 😉

      • stop

        grow a pair, i even bet you know less about programming than i do, you’re just another blind idiot who likes to waste time and money, “IDIOTS, IDIOTS EVERYWHERE”

        • schmief

          well if you do know about programming then why dont you make a native vita cfw? stop telling other people to do it ***.

          • gunblade

            actuly i think first need a downgrader to downgrade to under 1.81(1.50) then i think u can install the coustume firmware

        • nero

          Buddy, I do know programming. It’s a little thing called college classes. I would love to see you build a simple hello world on a computer. I bet you can’t. The only reason I don’t share exploits is because my computer has an issue with psplink for some reason.

        • nero

          also, the one we call “stop”. if you think vhbl is a waste, why are you even on this website?

    • AndyEnsanity

      that is because atm there is no native vita exploit so the closest we get is psp exploits.
      Also the psp exploits on the vita are useful since you can map the 2nd analog stick on psp games making games like call of duty :road to victory much easier to play.
      Also i wouldnt hold my breath for a native hack it wont be happening soon if ever because there hase been no security flaw found that would allow that kind of exploit on the vita.

      So how about you find something useful to occupy your time with instead of coming here to whine about how psp exploits are being used on the vita.

      If you want a native hack so badly go find a exploit and report it here if you dont know how to code your hack or better yet if you know how to make your own vita cfw and become a legend in the scene.

    • xlovenuggetx

      hahaha i love that meme. another one read, “watch TV for 5 hours and no one cares. play video games for 5 hours and everyone loses their minds.” +1

  8. Brando

    Yeah cool, stop showing off and share

  9. Milla Maxwell

    I can’t stand The Z queer voice. lol

  10. phil87700

    Im still playing Elder Scroll on my N-Gage QD… 🙂

  11. AlphaKiloCharlie

    It’s Christmas already?

  12. meler-andy

    yeah more VBL i dont see the point buying those games just for it ,after all when the game’s go public sony will give you week or so to enjoy Silly VBL ,and the money goes like Good Monthly Bonus for Sony ,,its like a big conspiracy(sudden game desipire and back again patched so i dont really care i have bought mini but never ussed ,on uno 2.0.2),and keep the minis alive and develop more holes in game on the other hand….would be nice to see Kexploit goin on 😀

  13. Dragar

    PSP and VHBL hacks are kinda useless now, PPSSPP can play most psp game fullspeed on an android phone, thus removing any need to play those backups on Vita. Plus android has full homebrew support with thousands of apps, games, and emulators available for free and occasionally a small cost. If there was an actual vita mode hack then we could see some awesome uses of the vita hardware, but until then PSP mode hacks are pretty pointless.

    • nero

      you havent played a psp iso on a vita have you? its a heck of a lot better then that *** ppsspp *** that doesnt even run most games.

    • OR

      That is ***. Most PSP games do not work with PPSSPP and those that do are glitchy as heck.

      • Sky Yuki

        Errrrm It not glitchy at all
        I confirmed (except for dead or alive paradise)
        It can up scale resolution to HD (vita can’t)
        It can up scale texture to make it look a bit better (vita can’t)
        It can use anisotropic 16x (vita got bilinear)
        It can play back up game (lastest firmware can’t anyway)
        It run super fast even on smartphone pause and continue play without lag (ps vita go to sleep mode and tekken 6 lag after wake up) (but well smartphone can crash when pause)

  14. Ryan

    Hey Wololo, or anyone who can answer this question for me.

    I will try to keep this brief but no promises. Anyhow, I am on 2.60 and VHBL works great, I am playing my emulated games and homebrews just fine. However when I tried to connect to CMA (yes I am aware I am supposed to use Open CMA) it says “I need to update” or whatever.

    The problem here is, I don’t know how to get around this. Every time I’ve tried to get Open CMA to work, it just hasn’t. I run both the run and the setdll files as admin and the run file says a bunch of stuff as I believe it should but when I run the setdll file, it just flashes up and then goes away in a split second. So I assumed that’s what it was supposed to do, but to no avail. It still doesn’t work and prompts me to update.

    Now maybe I am just being an ignorant fool but I really don’t know what to do. If any of you could help me it would be greatly appreciated. If not I understand, you all do enough wonderful things as it is. It is wrong of me to ask more.

    Thanks regardless, Ryan.

    • exo_gurei

      have you tried turning off your PC’s wifi or internet connection?

    • gunblade

      from the program folder of contenmanager run the files cma and downloader then run the run.batt then the setdll.ex then change the system lvo in the xml for the np system filles to 00.000.000

  15. FreeMyVita

    Is it possible to run the Charles proxy on the homebrew windows emulator? if so then is it possible to by pass the update check by running the charles on your vita via windows emulation?

    • gunblade

      was thinking about pc emu on vita thought sony bl.oc.ked char.les pro.xy from psn…but u can bypass the update with pc so would think be the same thing with an emu on the vita… wat i was trying earlier was to do the ps3 proxy thing… did realy figure out the numers yet..

      • gunblade

        dident- realy figure out the numers yet tryied the psn .. the psn store… and sum static ports.think i got to figure out my pc ip …

  16. This is for all the Mac users

    سمَـَّوُوُحخ ̷̴̐خ ̷̴̐خ ̷̴̐خ امارتيخ ̷̴̐خ

  17. Levi

    So if I got Arcade darts I can’t update you guys barley give anything

    • Ryan

      I’m sorry what? Are you new to this scene, if you are then I understand however whenever there is a cfw, hbl, jailbreak, etc. You do not update. That’s just how it works.

      Also for the record, these guys have done a *** ton.

  18. Zz

    The Z is becoming ALL Show.. No Release…

  19. Levi

    can I update and still use arcade darts?

  20. mixedfish

    I’ve repurchased an exploit for the 3rd time now, if Sony don’t announce a redesigned Vita by years end, i’d probably permanently have the Vita updated to continue playing my games.

    I mean seriously, Dragon’s Crown, Killzone, Teraway, Ys: memories of celceta. Killer line up for me, that can’t be missed.

  21. paulcute08

    Thanks for the hacker hacking psvita but what if they make a program that you can buy psn games for free like in android blackmarket… or raTher making a working code generator for loading up your walket on psn store…

  22. I have an in depth tutorial for NOOBS on my channel for the 2.60 VHBL exploit for all the games, its a very in depth guide, along with a clear speaking voice, good editing and perfect 1080p clear resolution 🙂

  23. Hellbelial

    I wonder why when they show a game,always have to be Wagic and pokemon *** XD,adventure island,batman return of the joker,TMNT,Monsters in my pocket,megaman,there millions better games than pokemon ***.Well i updated just for instant game collection for Rayman,i will wait for the next exploit and i hope not to see lags and fps drops in snes,normally gameplay on castlevania and then when you pass to the second 1-2 the fps drops from 60 to 20 or 19,also neo geo has a little bit of lag in some parts.

    • Ryan

      Well sir that is called an opinion. You may not like those games, but whomever is making the video, probably does.

      While I am an avid fan of Megaman (and pokemon, tbh) I don’t like to see people smack talking other games.

      Opinions my friend, yours isn’t right, and neither is mine. That’s why they are called opinions. Just a personal preference. Show some respect next time, please.

      • Hellbelial

        ??? It’s my opinion like you said,i didnt say “The guys is stupid” or something like that,read more carefully later,good yo hear that youre a Rockman fan,even after all these years im still playing Rockman 1!!! XD insane right?.

  24. jake