PS Vita compulsory Firmware 2.61 is out, patches the ‘Arcade’ exploits


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82 Responses

  1. davide says:

    Finally 🙁

  2. Datright says:

    Gotta update to play Killzone:Mercenary beta!

  3. Magadelcaos says:


    • exo_gurei says:

      But, you don’t even need to update your psvita just to get the Killzone: Mercenary beta. You see, you just have to use your PC and purchase the game at the psn store online using your psn account. Link below for US:!/en-us/home/games

      The next thing you need to do is to queue the purchased game by going to your download list at the same link above with your psn account. Then turn on your psvita’s wifi and restart. A minute after starting your Psvita the download will automatically start. It really works. I don’t know if there is a blog about this, I am too lazy to search for it online. But, I wonder why not many people knows about this. Too bad, you must have already lost your game exploit.

      • dmjr15 says:

        why its not working.. i did all but when the downloads is in Queue.. waiting then i went to my vita and open the wifi and restart and still nothings happen. I need instructions. Please

  4. Super says:

    I’m updating too because of Killzone and Ys.

    Everyone is going to lose their exploit because of Killzone Beta. lol

    • Yukon says:

      We only needed CFW to play games that were better than Sonys games. Now that they’re getting their stuff together, we really don’t need a vita hack anymore.

      • svenn says:

        So once that game is finished your gone cry on the forum/topics to make a new exploit are you ?

        I don’t wane choose between playing the newest games being able to play mario bros/tetris …

        HBL doesn’t allow piracy, in fact we are ages away from piracy as PSP. So why does Sony need to hunt us down, instead they should give money for doing a better job then them. As I see it, HBL is cross-compatible and can be exported to a multitude of exploids.

        • akian_aray says:

          Sega and Nintendo are still selling thoose games, y’know (check Virtual Console and one million rereleases of sega, there are old genesis games on Steam, even)? And they might be extremely *** at sony just saying “Meh, of course you can use that emulators of yours”.

    • sathriel says:

      Many people have two vitas: one for playing latest games, one hacked so it is not a big issue for them.

    • exo_gurei says:

      No, you can still download games from PSN store to your vita without updating. It’s not even a trick. Sony made it conveniently easy for us to purchase and download games without ever updating to newer firmware.

  5. xlovenuggetx says:

    Killzone Mercenary is a *** beautiful game. I discovered that i was playing online without having to update to the newest firmware (?) and everytime i join a game it kicks everyone. i’m re-downloading the beta hoping maybe that will fix it. anyhow, looks like you guys have sony’s undivided attention. that’s something.

  6. Berrios30 says:

    I’ve still have my 2.60 vbhl AD game will this update remove it

  7. Octos says:

    Some questions. I accidentally updated my CMA, and now OpenCMA doesn’t recognize the new version. I’ve never used OpenCMA before, so is this my error, or is this a problem that needs to be patched? Secondly, someone already asked – So the firmware has been patched, but if I update I can still use the exploit?

    • totsk1 says:

      Wololo, this is an evidence that your article is not clear lol

      • Octos says:

        Eh, you know how it goes. When it comes to this sort of thing there are paranoid users such as myself who need things spelled out in Alphabet soup.

        • Octos says:

          Anyway, I can see that I would lose the exploit, but my main question about CMA still stands. The other day, right after getting the exploit, Vita locked me out of Open CMA.

          • totsk1 says:

            I guess download an early version of CMA. And, how did you accidentally update your CMA? Just curious

          • Octos says:

            I connected to my computer and was stupid enough to update the CMA, basically. Nothing more devious than my own stupidity.

          • Giovanni says:

            you will be able to use OpenCMA again, if you just press ‘update’ (as you did) and then paste the openCMA files in the updated folder. It’s working with openCMA 5 and vita firmware 2.60 / 2.61

  8. The Budds says:

    Luckily I’m gonna buy the physical version of killzone, so I’ll be able to report what firmware it needs to be played.

  9. totsk1 says:

    I guess you’ll have to choose whether VHBL or Killzone but I choose the latter. Killzone is addicting you won’t notice you’re playing for hours, what more if it’s a full version.

    Perhaps play emulators on a smartphone or buy another vita, oh well thanks for the hard work guys!

  10. agent058 says:

    I just wanna play my jap vns on my vitas 5in oled screen
    im still at 2.10 lol

    As for when i update, well, as soon as disage 4 is ported over then its goodbye

    And killzone on vita amd ys celta = .<

    • mixedfish says:

      Yes, I was finally celebrating that I could finally play Dragon’s Crown after sitting on 2.10 for so long. Then this comes and I just know you’ll need the latest firmware to play Killzone and Ys.

      Oh the dilemma.

  11. alito says:

    ***! i need it too to play killzone. But i think this is a good sign for the future of the system. a really good and adicting game that could make us to think twice about a hack

  12. Maning says:

    every update here in vbhl & kernel exploits is monitored by sony … your just helping them to improve their system & help them find on what games in psn is still vulnerable ..

    i hope for the best 😀

    • AnonymousGuy says:

      But when they come with an exploit after the patch means that Sony is still inferior to the hackers. Sure they may work fast but it won’t stop the hackers. Think about many other games that have updates but the hackers find a way to surpass it

  13. 110706 says:

    Man i bet Sony is laughing their *** off saying : look! these iditos bought our expensive vita to play tetris and mamrio from the 90’s.


    • Maning says:

      aw thats a slap to their faces LOL
      besides you can play old games that play in vhbl in pc you just need emulator to play it you dont have to wait for a new vhbl exploit

      plus theres a ppsspp to play iso games in pc & in keeps on improving

  14. AliFOJ says:

    lol I am not updating my Vita at any cost. I don’t care about Killzone for Vita as I am not a big fan of it from the start. I’m gonna stay at 2.12 and going to wait for TN-V4. 😀

    • phil87700 says:

      The feeling is mutual here 😉

    • Lennyvita says:

      I am also feeling the same. I wont be updating KZ or another Vita game. I am enjoying VHBL and soon TN-V4 i hope. I enjoy playing “Mario” on the vita. If sony were so good on releasing great games and allowing openness and adding features to the vita, well people wouldn’t need to have vhbl or TN-V, but sony is sony, trying to get the most $ from people thanks sony!! great hardware. and Even more thanks to the people here who brings us these exploits and allows more features to the vita. I would have sold my vita if there was no exploits and stick to my PSP.

  15. ducky420 says:

    another block, hope you’re all happy

  16. For those with PS3’s, can they purchase the games on the console (when the games supposedly do come back), then copy the games file onto the PC using a USB, then using openCMA to transfer it to the vita? Worth a try? :SS

    Either Way, I have an in depth tutorial for NOOBS on my channel for the 2.60 VHBL exploit for all the games, its a very in depth guide, along with a clear speaking voice, good editing and perfect 1080p clear resolution 🙂

  17. Giovanni says:

    Hey , thanks for the information but my vita doesn’t seem to care, I’m playing Killzone Mercenary online on 2,60 now 😀

  18. James says:

    Okay question… I’m currently on 2.60. I didn’t grab the game in time. If the game comes back up on the PS Store, and I get it onto my Vita without updating (for example, by buying off my PS3 then transferring) will I then be able to install VHBL on it?


    • Giovanni says:

      sure 😉

      • James says:

        Thanks. I’m kind of a noob – how would I be doing things with OpenCMA? Will OpenCMA v5 work with the latest version of content manager assistant or would I need to download an old version of it, if so where from?


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  19. me says:

    i wanted to spend some money, but now.. shame on you Sony!

  20. I are says:

    There were exploits till 2.60, there will be more in the future 🙂
    As for Killzone, I just finished playing a few rounds. I am certainly not an FPS player, but holding a tiny war between my hands just blew me away 😀 everyone should try it !

  21. PspJunkie says:

    Quote: The Z mentioned on his twitter that the update is compulsory to access the PSN and other services (not all Vita firmware updates are like this).

    Well all Vita firmware updates have been compulsory since the the first exploit was released and will probably always be. I’ve got iPhone 4 Jb on 4.1 and can still access the app store. Apple doesn’t care about it and force me to update. $ony needs to concentrate on making it a better product rather than us playing frogger on our devices that WE own.

  22. xhost says:

    I need to update only for KZ mercs beta
    Screw the hombrews ,will play them on psp

  23. Dmaskell92 says:

    No game release could sway me from getting Total_Noob’s TV-V on GOLOR.

  24. mikehunterX says:

    is that when they find an exploit because instead of publishing it better if they know they will always sony patching, better work on perfecting it and make it a separate CFW as well as those used for hackiar the psp, otherwise we will always be the same story you always find the exploit and sony removes it, you find the xploit and sony it off and so on …

  25. sptrk75 says:

    If you’re looking for handheld emulation, I think an Xperia Play is a far better choice than a Vita and/or PSP. You can grab all of the *.emus (gba, neo, snes, genesis, etc.) from the Play Store and they’re frequently updated and run much better.

    For example, the gba.emu can play both Golden Suns at pretty much full speed with no crashing. Plus you’re not constantly fighting a losing firmware battle that restricts your PSN/Online access.

    I’ve seen them go pretty cheaply on ebay with bad ESNs. Or clean ESNs if you’re actually looking to use it as a phone.

  26. rondev5 says:

    if you really want to play retro games i suggest buying a nvidia shield or an android gaming tablet from willgoo they will be selling the iReadyGO Much i5 Quad Core Console Phablet for only 165 euros only 50 pieces in stock so preorder now

    • internally-blazed says:

      Retro games can be played easily on majority of android smart phones and the PSP without the need to hack the devices.

  27. Nigga says:

    Guys why my ps vita is promting me to update to latest firmware even im using open cma 5 and my pc and vita are both turn off the wifi. anyone here can help me. and also how to install 138 menu, im using arcade dart vhbl

  28. Antichrist84 says:

    Too bad i need to update, i didn’t even get around to installing any homebrew yet but Killzone is pre-ordered and im needing my beta fix until then lol

  29. FreeMyVita says:

    I need a beta fix too, but I can hold out a little longer. Does anyone know how to tell if a game from the PSN requires an update?

  30. FreeMyVita says:

    Nevermind I see it in the forum.

  31. Haze7 says:

    Its not that Sony has a problem with us playing homebrews in the VITA. Its just that they cannot take a risk of an kernel exploit game to be released in the name of a homebrew game. So if they did not prepare counter measures, you guys can take advantage of that and lie which can result in a huge number of people getting their hands on a kernel exploitable game thanks to your lie. Its funny how Sony has Trust issues XD.

  32. Haze7 says:

    Solution: You can just write a formal letter to Sony informing them that they can trust you. 😉

  33. icyheart says:

    Is so long to get kernel exploit ….. again

    • wololo says:

      As you might have guessed by now, those are rare and very few people know how to find them, even fewer people know how to make something out of a kernel exploit (or have the patience to create a homebrew enabler), and even fewer are willing to publicly release the result.

  34. internally-blazed says:

    We all know that Sony is allowing this. They have all the money and resources to patch all these exploits and completely block VHBL from running. But they are playing us, as expected.

    Every new exploit brings them and the developers some money and exposure. Seems like a good plan for now.

    • Kamryn says:

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  35. vhbl says:

    You can still go online on 2.60 just use charles 3.7

  36. Haze7 says:

    Guys don’t update if you want to play KillZone and as well as keep the VHBL! Just restart your PS Vita (While the WIFI is turned off) then connect to OpenCMA, then turn on the WIFI on your Vita and then you can play KillZone without updating.

  37. Google says:

    Picked up a retail copy of Killzone Mercenary here in Gemany, and no update was required for my firmware 2.60. 2.61 Not needed. Game works. Waitin 4 kxploit!

  38. martin says:

    I have 2.61, i’m sc***?

  39. bongo says:

    listen guy im a ps vita newbie is there a tutorial for playing downloaded vita games or something i aint got a clue 2bh i came on this page thru google and the comments on hear sound like u guys are all experts any info for a newbie like myself would b gret please i got a brand new vita in the box for my boy xmas presentn if theres a way i can download games n save or buck or an emulateor and play classics that wud b amazing any info would b much appreciated many thanx …bongo ….

    • Synergy87 says:

      Hey bongo. There is no way to play PS Vita Game Backups on a PS Vita. There are just some ways to play old PSP Game Backups on the Vita, but these exploits are found in games which you have to buy on PSN. And then, with every new firmware version of the ps vita, these exploits are fixed.
      So this is a hard game for the szene cause of sonys biiig control over the vita.

    • Lilly says:

      If time is money you’ve made me a wetaehilr woman.