CIA kickstarts rts/jrpg game

phoenix-thumbnailVita owners who feel their handheld isn’t getting the AAA support they expected might be getting their fix from an unexpected source. Project Phoenix is a Kickstarter funded game made by a development all-star cast. Allow me to explain.

Luckily CIA doesn’t refer to that North American government agency, but a new game development studio named Creative Intelligence Arts, Inc. The members of this independent team are anything but rookies. In fact the pedigree of these successful industry veterans seems to be a mayor aspect of the game’s initial draw. Collectively these professionals have worked on titles such as “Diablo 3, Halo 4, several Final Fantasies, L.A. Noire, Valkyria Chronicles, Crysis 3 and many more.”

Project Phoenix is aware of its own lofty and ambitious goals: from wanting to set “the new standard of excellence for the Japanese gaming industry” to creating a game that can satisfy longstanding fans of the jrpg genre. That being said the game doesn’t follow the beaten down path with a turn based battle system but is a real time strategy game with jrpg elements, especially visually.

Band of Heroes by GANTARO

There isn’t much know about this game which is set to be released mid 2015, but the initial explanation of the battle system sounds like a real time version of the Final Fantasy Tactics or Fire Emblem series.

The game tells the story of an unlikely band of heroes, much like the band Frodo had in LoTR. The paladin Marcus Stern who encounters the Angel with amnesia Ruffles, the elven princess Sylrianah who is curious to discover the world beyond her forest and the battle mage Zarum The Lost who struggles with internal conflicts. A story about finding their place in a world where orcs and men are on the brink of war because of misunderstanding and ignorance.

Currently this game is targeted at PC, Mac, iOS and Android with a PS4 and PSVita release still in negotiations but highly likely.



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  1. raizuke’s avatar

    doesnt look very good to me..but atleast…


    1. Martin’s avatar

      i don’t think it is the game graphics. it’s just used for us to have a visual idea on what they’re planning. hence the term visual aids.


      1. raizuke’s avatar

        of course its just a visual presentation of how the devs want it to be, anybody knew that, unless,you thought that your only the one undertanding it,smart kid =)) ,its just, its hard to play as group with only a single player, or im just not a fan of nba games :D, cause for me, i guess itll come out like the beowulf game in played on my psp, havent try that?..maybe with only some special skills in every member?..


  2. NIck’s avatar

    At Least we’re getting more original IPs for a console that’s pretty much on life support until the PS4 is released


  3. Obito’s avatar

    They keep not making full 3D games on a powerful Vita. Oh well, we’ll see how it works, maybe it’s interesting, though right now it feels like another Indie game.


    1. italkgame’s avatar

      This game will be in 3D. Supposedly large amount of the funds are for the creation of these 3D assets.


    2. raizuke’s avatar

      i second to that, the killzone mercenary graphics maybe?, with some concept like in monster hunter?..itll be awesome..


  4. Esude’s avatar

    THIS LOOKS FREAKIN AWESOME! I would thing of more of a strategy then rpg, but still very cool! and I really can’t wait for it to be finished and I hope it comes to the vita


  5. SHA-1’s avatar

    The characters sound a bit like Breath of Fire 2 characters.


  6. mlc’s avatar

    Also, while you play, the Vita records you via front and back cameras to make sure you’re not a terrorist, drug user, or illegal immigrant. No one would expect the CIA to develop a game under the name CIA, which is why it is the *perfect plan*

    This article has a good click bait title, btw


  7. PlaGeRaN’s avatar

    looks like a cross between final fantasy and seiken densetsu 3.

    Well sort of XD!



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