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  1. xj107359 says:

    I’ve tried PPSSPP v0.8.1 on PC, it’s still not good at animation. But I believe It’ll be better next version.

  2. ricardo says:

    I will try it out on my nvidia shield as soon as it arrive 😀

  3. BahamutBBob says:

    I’ll give this a shot on my S4 and PC, thanks for pointing it out! I want to replay Crisis Core, and it not being Vita compatible is annoying. Hope it works well here!

    • nine1 says:

      I had CC on my vita with TN-V eCFW and it plays and look great

      • khovel says:

        I’ve tried Crisis Core on an S4 not rooted. There are graphic issues where it runs slow, but otherwise pre-rendered scenes work just fine.

        Dont know how much better it would be if it gets rooted.

  4. squiggs says:

    Burn out legends works. This was a usa cso copy on the gs4

  5. boriswinner says:

    I was a curator of the PPSSPP topic on 4pda from the earliest alpha.
    I tried this out on 3q ts1003t (Tegra 2): Ridge Racer demo was a bit slow, but worked quiet good. (Old emulator version, it may be faster now).

  6. osumaniac says:

    What about Patapon? 🙂

    • djarke13 says:

      i tried playing patapon 1,2,&3 on the PC version. it just doesn’t sync well. the time difference between the button press and the register makes it hard to get a fever. or even mess up your combo.

  7. Tnutbutter says:

    Nice little list you got here

  8. djarke13 says:

    wololo, would you mind sharing that “CPU master” you’re using?

    i searched the play store and saw a lot of apps named CPU master. and i got scared when i saw “You agree to not hold the developer responsible if anything happens to your device.”

    and a tutorial on how to adjust the settings for optimal playability on an android device? if it’s not too much trouble.

    thanks for sharing this.

  9. GuitaristMatt says:

    I wish you would mention that he developed for Dolphin.

  10. Charme says:

    I’m going to throw this on my Galaxy S4 right now! Has anyone had any results with that particular phone yet? Notably, I’ll probably try to run the English Patched DanganRonpa. I’ll reply with results.

  11. meanmachine781 says:

    Plays eboots too, this emulator works beautifully on pc, im running monster hunter 3rd HD ps3 version with english patch! Its amazing, and works on ouya too

  12. kevin says:

    So basically the Note 3 is the phone for this emulator?

    • Maning says:

      no… ppsspp is for windows, Ios, blackberry check the website bro its fun and free

    • The S4, note 2 or the new note 3 coming soon will work great. Any quad core phone will do just fine. Dual core with tweaking it will play a lot of games still.

  13. acocalypso says:

    if you cant hear the sound, you propertly didnt download the atrac 3 plugin. i using my xperia play and most of the games works fine.

    • Yes but some game just did have the best audio and I just update the gold version to 0.1.9 and now you can use a controller with it. Plus it fixed a few games with speed etc..

  14. phil87700 says:

    Lost my Xperia P which played Exit 1&2 pretty well.. but lost my phone last week….
    So waiting for TN-V release now.. 🙁

  15. Maning says:

    hahaha i remember my comment in the other thread about the new vhbl exploit xD …

    we can play psp games in pc
    Check out the compatibility list before DL-ing any ISO:

    im currently playing:
    – naruto shippuuden impact
    – persona 3 portable
    – God eater burst
    – kingdom hearts BBS

    my laptop is Toshiba Ultrabook i5 & the graphics awesome

  16. svenn says:

    Its a emumator, so you need to convert MIPS commands to something a ARM can read, no ? Its pretty obv. this is super slow. The vita in contrary is also a ARM, I can imagine it beeing allot easier to run that on ‘droid phones …

    • Thrawn says:

      Yep, I’m with you.
      First you need a database of all commands from the psp, then you need to match make those commands to your hardware/software base. Also a lot of those original commands will be much more complex because your hardware/software does not have a similar command, so one command becomes a series of complex commands (eating up cpu and ram). Also you need to figure out what the game wants to do (HLE).
      Like glide to direct X, glide was a graphics api before m$ invented directx, it has A LOT of commands which incorporate several processing steps (much faster) at once which directx does not have (so back at that time, glide was superior, n64 and ps1 era).
      BTW a perfect example of similar commands and good rerouting is a nds on droid phones due to the fact both are ARM based. I tried drastic with my galaxy s3 and my mario kart dump with orig save works wonderful, but there are a lot of other nds emus for the droid. 😉

  17. th0rtheg0d says:

    The PC Version of PPSSPP works flawless for me. =P I even use 5x upscaled graphics and it runs perfect on most every game i have like Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, Kingdom Hearts, DBZSB, and more.

  18. Hanky says:

    Quem poder dar um joinha ai no vídeo

  19. NoName says:

    “The Sound didn’t work on most games with all the devices I tested it on. Some games will play bits and pieces of audio files, but you never hear the background music.”

    Could that be because of the used audio codec? Getting music on a PC PSP emulator seems to require Sony Sonic Stage installed which comes with said codec I think.

    • thedicemaster says:

      ppsspp(pc and android versions) doesn’t require sonic stage.
      you only need a plugin that can be downloaded from within the emulator.

      and hackinformer seems to have missed a few more things.
      the only difference between the gold and regular versions is the icon and the price, the screenshots are from older versions, and while the play store versions are only updated every few months there are also buildbot versions that are updated several times a day.

      there should also be no difference in performance between dual and quad core, only the last few buildbot builds have experimental multi-core support.

      game speed(with the right settings) is quite good for many games in the last few versions, and some games have been perfectly playable for months now(project diva series for example)

      and sound support is far better than mentioned here, only a handful of games have no sound because of a bug but most games have no issues.

  20. know1 says:

    the iReadyGo Much i5 and the JXD S7800 modle B…. nuff said

  21. huz says:

    fujitsu arrows v f-04e phone 128gb android
    tegra 3 cup 12 core with ppsspp check word , :d watch video ppsspp and games will update version future

  22. roneyizpie says:

    You need to download the sound plugin to get all sounds working in most games. It’s in the settings

    • mixedfish says:

      Yes without it lots of videos and sounds won’t work. By ‘work’ let’s not expect perfection, to say the least.

  23. Nate says:

    Ill try this on my Lg35g single core 800 MHz processor and see how it runs…
    Just kidding, lol we all already now the outcome of that, Ill actually try it on my S4 and see how it works. looks intresting 😀

  24. paco says:

    NO Resident Evil??? fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  25. Mr. Shizzy says:

    PSP on android.. very cool… But what would be even cooler? If Vita ever gets hacked and we can emulate android on vita!! 😀

  26. OR says:

    PPSSPP is garbage. I’ve gotten one game to work on a PC, Ace Combat Skies Of Deception, and that’s it. None others work. They won’t get a damn bit of my support until it improves compatibility.

    • thedicemaster says:

      or you’re using wrong settings.

      a lot of games work, some just require very specific settings to show anything other than a black screen.

  27. sphinxter666 says:


    Working fine one my Device(Samsung Galaxy Note 3)

  28. sphinxter666 says:

    Everybodys Golf
    Burnout Legends
    Disgaea Infinite
    Strikers 1945 Plus
    Prinny 2 – Dawn of Operations Dood
    WW2 – Battles Over The Pacific
    Star Soldier
    Ape Academy
    Tales Of The World
    SENGOKU Cannon
    All on Sgn3

  29. sphinxter666 says:

    Burnout Dominator…works on SGN3

  30. sphinxter666 says:

    Ys – The Ark of Naphistm (SGN3)

  31. sphinxter666 says:

    Ys 7
    Adventures to Go!

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