Release: VHBL 2.60 Update for Arcade Pool (& Snooker) – fixes error C1-2858-3


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  1. What about the broken link for Arcade Darts EU on VHBL?

  2. me says:

    Thank you mery much.

  3. stavrosomo says:

    Thanks a lot for the release!!!

    I have already tried VBHL on 2.60 and it working fine on the games i already tried.

    Just to mentioned that i still received the C1-2858-3 error when i tried to copy some files from my pc to my ps vita. Other than that i did not get any errors or anything else.


  4. BurningHaze74 says:

    Dude. Vhbl is amazing!!! I can play emulators and wagic on my vita. When do you think that TN-V will be avaliable for vita.

    • giovanni says:

      as seen in an older news in here, Total_Noob will probably release his version of VHBL with a kernel exploit shortly after the Ps4 Update used for VITA has come. So you can expect it in ~3months or a bit earlier. 😉

  5. Timothi says:

    The games are no more available for download from PSN Store?? 🙁

  6. MacadelicHD says:

    Im on Arcade Darts (US) and I’m still getting the error message. My emulator starts but once I choose a rom it crashes. Help?

  7. Levi says:


  8. Hellbelial says:

    Snes doesnt work it freeze,mame i dont know how to make it work and the same for neo geo emulator.The rest is working fine.By the way,psp filer 6.6 doesnt work for me it get black screen and some time later an error apear and y have to reboot the arcade darts.

  9. A full in depth tutorial will be up for n00bz on my channel, one question, its obvious we have to wait for TN-V4 exploit until the PS4 comes out, but isn’t it easier if Total Noob used these newly discovered, exploited games and ported the older TN-V3 onto it (for the time being)?

    • giovanni says:

      seems not to be an easy thing to do it. I think you can’t port it in an much easier way than develope a new one.

      • LoLqPeZ says:

        You can’t ‘port’ TN-V to any of the 4 exploits released recently. TN-V needs kernel access, but the current exploits only have usermode access. TN might release a new kernel exploit some time later and port TN-V to that.

        Please correct if wrong

  10. ivo says:

    cma error

  11. ivo says:

    can not connect to network

  12. x-eye says:

    Is there any danger of bricking the vita with this stuff?

  13. ivo says:

    hi, i think a tutorial might be needed
    i used vhbl homebrew preparer
    but must see that i cant copy in capitals
    on any save cma just doesnt do it

    vhbl darts gets no homebrew becuz of it

    a tutorial or a faq or howto page
    detailing howto transfer homebrew for each version of vhbl ?

  14. ivo says:

    hi, finally succeeded installing deadalus r13
    no thank to homebrew preparer 🙂

  15. yuyuyu says:

    Will there be a fix for the Snes Emulator? All i wanna do is play some Chrono trigger and Earthbound on the go with my vita.

  16. Hellbelial says:

    Psplorer and File 6.6 doesnt work,any other choice to erase homebrews that i dont need?.

  17. synapze says:

    I downloaded one of the exploited games to my PS3 because I my Vita is still on FW 2.12. Tried to transfer the game to my Vita and install VHBL but the game was already removed from PSN. Now I can’t transfer the game until the game is put back on PSN 🙁 I guess this is a classic case of self-pwnage lol oh well.

    Thanks to wololo and all the devs that make VHBL/eCFW and this site possible. Keep up the great work.

    • giovanni says:

      If you’ve already downloaded the game to your ps3 and you connect your vita it usually has to work. It worked for me too with the new exploit games after they’ve been removed from the German SEN(PSN).

      • synapze says:

        The exploited games aren’t showing in my list of games I can transfer to my Vita. Based on some searching on the forum, if the game is blacklisted by Sony aka game has been pulled from PSN) you can’t transfer it from your PS3. From what I read, once it’s put back on PSN then I can transfer it.

        Z: Yea I know I was being lazy and didn’t know about this issue when the game is pulled from PSN. I thought because it was on my PS3 already I could transfer it regardless, but apparently not. Oh well will just have to wait a bit.

    • Z says:

      should have transfered earlier

  18. Dark says:

    Can we get a fix for ace darts please?

  19. Haze7 says:

    The Error for Arcade Darts (US) is also showing up. Please upload the fix.

  20. PlaGeRaN says:

    Will have to test the old exploit. It seam RSA is linked to the Europe store. Will check in again after testing.

  21. SSJ-Vita says:

    6.60 Arcade air hokey and bowling vhbl, any news for attempts at a working n64 and also is this the exploit currently limited to 32 mb? And also thanks for all the hard work NZP is fantastic on vita screen, much appreciated!

  22. SSJ-Vita says:

    I said 6.60 hahaha. 1.60*

  23. ivo says:

    hi, so is it normal that deadalus r13 works but cant detect roms ?
    i mean that it looks in ms0:/psp/game/daedalus/roms
    and not in vhbl dir instead of game dir and ms0:/n64 dir
    it allso looks in

    so i wanted to develop some menus for vhbl so my question is are any of the vhbl menus opensource ifso where
    i wanted to look into getting evolutionx and avalaunch like with xbox before 360 or one (the old one)

    if anybody cares let me know right here

    then the last issue i have is with vitaftp not detecting ipadress and shutting down
    so shutdown on ftp … any works around ?

  24. schmief says:

    lol you guys should’ve stayed with GOLOR exploit. i did. me and qwikrazor87 is homies.

  25. Hanky says:

    Qual será o próximo TN-V para o PSvita ?

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