Release: VHBL for Vita 2.60 by Acid_Snake and Qwikrazor87


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122 Responses

  1. leo says:

    just waiting for this,thks to you all!

  2. BahamutBBob says:

    Definitely going to grab and install this after work.

    Great work guys! Sucks that the release happened the way it did.

  3. vitalovesnintendo says:

    Hopefully many people can enjoy this. Ty for the info and the fair story

  4. Stealthmagnus says:

    Excellent. Been patiently waiting for an invitation to enter the scene. Thank you acid snake and qwikrazor. Your work is appreciated.

  5. oHDGx says:

    The games are already removed from PSN.

  6. exo_gurei says:

    I will try it with my 2.10 FW.

  7. Antichrist84 says:

    All 4 games are removed from EU store. I got the Arcade Sports Bundle
    Arcade Darts still appears in my download list for download only.
    Also Arcade Sports Bundle still shows on the store but you can’t download it.

  8. xlovenuggetx says:

    guys i have a problem. i’ve installed openCMA (by moving to cma folder and clicking run.bat in admin mode), but when i close and reopen it it’s still prompting me to update. i can’t connect and transfer. (US version) anyone else with this problem? is it safe to update it?

  9. Max7731 says:

    hello SNES dont work.!. thank you.

  10. good boy says:


  11. hene193 says:

    People… There is tons of homebrews that won’t work… Like Doom and some emulators…

  12. jkoiou says:

    is there a compatibility list for this release like the 2.12 one started? (i haven’t checked the forums in the last couple of days)…

  13. jkoiou says:

    PS. Thank you to everyone involved for the release.

  14. Hellbelial says:

    Snes doesnt work,i put roms in the main ROMS folder and nothing shows up when you try to run the games,is this sopose to be a joke!!! i waste 2 dolars for something that doesnt work!!!!!!.First time i got a homebrew in vita and im disapointed Acid.

    • wololo says:

      There’s never a guarantee that all homebrews will work with vhbl. Befor everything else, ask for guidance in the forums, maybe another version will work.
      Nobody put a gun at your face to make you buy the game.

    • breadleyg says:

      What is wrong with you man ?!
      These guys work their *** of to make this a reality, so people like you can enjoy homebrew and this is how you react ?

  15. Hellbelial says:

    No? really? why you guys didnt put the list for the homebrews that doesnt work in this release?.Im looking everywere and i fount nothing,also im interested using neo geo roms.

  16. Hellbelial says:

    And how do we unistall homebrews that dont work?.

    • me says:

      install PSPlorer and remove all files/directories do u want.

    • JoJoV69 says:

      Sir, please calm yourself.
      You are obviously ill informed, and have no idea how hard it is to program files and be able to make home brew work. They did not promise anything or everything would work, they tried damn hard to just get something to work and you have the audacity to ***?
      Tell you what, you find an exploit, you program homebrew, and you do the compatibility list with the ninja releases and all the effort and hard work they put in just to HELP people for the sake of homebrew and fun.

  17. eder000077 says:

    couldn´t find any homebrew in ms0 :/psp/ vhbl

    • exo_gurei says:

      VHBL page:
      “This is a known issue, and happens only as long as you don’t have any homebrew installed. To get rid of this error message, press the LEFT TRIGGER on your console, this will force wMenu to go to the SAVEDATA subfolder.”

      You haven’t installed your very first homebrew.

  18. DeathOfChaos says:

    It seems that this release has a lot of incompatibility, so I’m not sure if it’s worth it…

  19. Ahmed says:

    ONLY ARCADE DARTS IS LEFT!!! Hurry up while it lasts, its only 2 bucks :)

  20. ivo says:

    hey, works like a charm :)
    now to code a usermode app that does what easyphp
    does on windows (apache+php+mysql) (+browser?) :p

  21. Globi says:

    Thank you! This is my first time using vhbl and it works perfect.

  22. gmfeny says:

    I downloaded arcade darts and my ps vita is still on 2.12. How can I get vhbl for that

  23. Skars says:

    There is any difference between exploits? I mean the games? Anyone I choose will work the same way?

    Thank you

  24. no name says:

    Now sony remove 4 games for psn US
    i sad i dont download it

  25. Nazgul says:

    World of Pool VHBL doesnt work :(

  26. Gandalf says:

    ISO wheel? Nop! Sony Wins!

  27. me says:

    the time is over, all games removed in eu-store.

  28. exo_gurei says:

    I’ve got two game exploits. One is the gamocracy which has the Wmenu and the Arcade Darts with the 138 menu. 😀

  29. Hellbelial says:

    Picodrive doesnt work,snes doesnt work,nesternj doesnt work and gba doesnt work,the only thing that works here are those stupid games like CS that i hate,wagic,gems,arcanoid and others no emulators this time,no roms shows up the emulators main menu works but why bother to see that main menu,well then now that the ps store is now online i will finish download DOA5+ and while downloading play Ninja gaiden sigma 2 plus.

  30. kernel says:

    hi all, i have total_noobs kernel exploit.

  31. ilia says:

    please help me crash bug VHBL C1-2858-3. What to do?

  32. me says:

    why u did that?

  33. Alex says:

    There’s a lot of “it dont work” going on here. How about thank you guys for your work and you support of VHBL keep up the awesome work.

    so i don’t forget anyone. Thanks to everyone involved that made it possible. you all know who you are.

  34. Digmac says:

    Looks like all the games have now been pulled in the US store as well. Just checked as of 8/23/13 at 11:24 AM Pacific Time.

    Searched for “Darts” nothing came up
    Searched for “Arcade darts” the game didnt show up
    Searched for “air hockey” the game didnt show up

    Thankfully I got both Arcade games 😀 (Hockey/Bowling & Darts)

    • Leires says:

      8/23/13, 1:33PM here (central time), can confirm that yes, they’ve been pulled. PSV ‘system stability’ update incoming in a day or two.

  35. Douglas says:

    Run psp isos?????????

  36. Hellbelial says:

    For those who cant make it work here is a video tutorial for Gba emulator i will try it now with others.

  37. noobrstxk says:

    i tested it.(mario kart 64)

    World of Pool vhbl DAEDALUS 64 EMU WORK!

  38. The Budds says:

    I can confirm the games have been pulled from the US store. Even removed from my download list.

  39. Infam0us says:

    Damn this sucks ***, it was available an hour ago so i rush to the nearest gamestop, buy a $20 psn card and go home and poof they’re gone……that sucks, Im sad but what can i do hopefully another exploited game will come out before the year is over. Thanks anyways Acid_Snake and Wololo.

  40. Infam0us says:

    Hmmm what ever happened to Frostgaters exploit?

  41. L7 says:

    How do you install this? Sorry i’m pretty much a noob at this

  42. SofaKing™ says:

    THANK YOU ALL…. by the time i finished work all the games were pulled, wait, whats this? for the SECOND time i have lucked out and already purchased this game months ago,but deleted it. oh no it has been removed from my download list, good thing i have it backed up on my PS3. YAY!!! thanx again!

  43. Victor says:

    Can someone give me a video or explain to me how to install homebrews everytime i open it up it says ‘ERROR! couldn’t find any homebrews PSP/VHBL/’ but i can’t even find that folder//

  44. Hellbelial says:

    Nesternj also work but i cant make run snes and i was looking for neo geo and cp2 emulators.

  45. JIMJIM says:

    The VHBL doesn’t start on Arcade Hockey & Bowling EU

  46. Brando says:

    I believe all the games have been removed from the US store. That really sucks :( :( I’ve been waiting for this as it was the only reason I bought my vita…looks like i was just a little behind. Great work Acid!

  47. Multiboy2k says:

    Yup, all of the games have been pulled in the US.
    And, with that I am now officially DONE with the Vita.
    I just bought an Nvidia Sheild from Gamestop yesterday. And, it absolutely blows the Vita away completely on every level as far as emulation goes. It even emulates NDS and PSP games at fullspeed.

    No more drama and no more headaches. No more CMA ***. Just connect to PC and drag and drop. Good luck everybody!

  48. JayzEsse says:

    Thank you for all your work guys wololo, Acid Snake, etc.
    Got the first step, now waiting for the second one after ps4 is out. Counting on you and thanks again~

  49. Hassan says:

    I’ve heard a lot of EU users mention a bundle with the games I wonder if the is has one too? Can anyone report about it?

  50. Romu says:

    Arrr :/ apologize…

  51. Francois says:

    How do you managed to make gpSP work ? When you load a game, the app crashes. I am not able to start any of my roms but the app starts.

  52. trunk208 says:

    this is so far the fastest exploit released I ever seen :O

  53. NNNRT says:

    I have a feeling that way too much people got this exploit. 😛

  54. Charme says:

    Looks like they’re down in the US now…

    Ah, well. Guess I was too late.

  55. yoon says:

    nice finally got the exploit good job guys!:) and i got something to ask here. where can you download gpsp roms

  56. mikey says:

    got the vhbl airhockey and will nintendo 64 emulator be available with it!? cus its not right now..thanks tho this is amazing

  57. Netrix says:

    When I try the exploit on Arcade Pool (not & Snooker), I get “An error has occurred. (C1-2858-3)”…

  58. alejandro says:

    When I try the exploit on Arcade Pool Us I get error (C1-2858-3)

    • qwikrazor87 says:

      My bad, there is a sound thread that is crashing, I didn’t notice it.
      I’m gonna be out for a few hours, when I get back I will resolve the problem.

      • Netrix says:

        (To wololo) Will there be a blog update when the fix is ready? I imagine this is affecting a good amount of people, including me. (To wololo, quikrazor87, and Acid_Snake) Thanks for all you do for us.

  59. delta191 says:

    The download for Arcade Pool (also known as Arcade Pool & Snooker in Europe) is cocked up guys, Its actually a “legend of Robot” download, it shows up when you copy it to your vita through opencma.

    can you check the download plz, its why everyones getting An error has occurred. (c1-2858-3)

    think you’ve uploaded wrong file.

  60. I got gPSP working time to test out some other Emulators And homebrew. Thanks for everybody who made this possible :b

  61. elbarto says:

    lovely. PSN refused to accept my billing info to buy. bought a PSN card today…..and theyre all down.

    well played sony. you win this round.

    at least I still have a 2.02 vita – just would have been nice to see the new features put to use on a 2.60

  62. Ivan says:

    i got the vhlb but there is no image in the back and the snes emulator does´t work for me any ideas?

  63. yoon says:

    I try to install gpsp and it wouldnt work for me got an error so i try to erase it with psp filer 6.6 but then i get this error from psp filer 6.6(c1-2858-3)

  64. so good says:

    all 4 games remove for psn

  65. Maning says:

    its a great piece of work but honestly i can play little games in my pc & i cann use ppsspp for playing PSP/PS3 ISO (but not all)in my laptop.. soo… hehe


    -English is not my native language

  66. iShadowX says:

    Shut!! Not available anymore. Guess I will have to wait a couple of years for another exploit…

    • wololo says:

      We’ve publicly released 11 exploits in the past 16 months on this site alone, that’s more than 1 exploit every 2 months on average, not sure where your “couple years” estimate is coming from.

      • Charme says:

        Yup, I’m honestly just going to wait for the next one. I’m really excited that this one’s making everyone so happy, though!

  67. Bastien says:

    On the EU version of Arcade Airhockey & Bowling o have the same problem of Arcade Pool (also known as Arcade Pool & Snooker in Europe) “An error has occurred. (c1-2858-3)”

  68. mike says:

    gotta make the emulator compatibility list bigger for arcade airhockey & bowling all i got is like atari lol

  69. Infam0us says:

    Hmmm then hopefully in two months time a new exploit will be released.

  70. Nicholas says:

    I run the exploit on Arcade Darts (EU) and I made sure that I had the EU version as I matched the numbers up from a save I made and the exploit save.

    No matter which menu I try (VHBL stock or 138Menu), when I exit a homebrew application like gPSP or most apps, I get a crash and then would get a popup of “An error has occurred. (c1-2858-3)”.

    I don’t have Arcade Pool/AP&S, this problem happens to me on AD.

  71. Jomann says:

    whats the deal wololo? I didn’t get an email this time…

  72. dexter says:

    very good work. compatibility is stuff to check, but overall it works fine. I think there is a issue when VHBL tries to assign/free memory, so the thing is just retry (or just shutdown/power PSViTA and do it again)


    BTW. is there a way to “transfer” already buyed game to another system?

  73. TheAmazingAtheist says:

    Is PSP WiFile Transfer working on 2.60?

  74. Bucko says:

    I got the arcade air hockey and bowling, but when I go to transfer it to my ps vita, it doesn’t show up in my menu under psp titles. Using the opencma pc ps3 swap trick. Is Sony somehow blocking the game from installing on my vita? I also noticed that the game is missing from my download list. And yes it is on my ps3 in bubble form and hasn’t been installed. Any thoughts or suggestions.

  75. 2020_worldwide_services says:

    hey guys I’ll be selling my ps vita with VHBL, 32gb memory stick,3 games, a controller type grip and more extras.
    I will post it on ebay. My store ID is 2020_worldwide_services if you’re interested. I will post it tomorrow.

  76. Uiler says:

    I can not install emulators on my ps vita appears so FTP is no vita emulator I place appears to be installed

  77. bastien says:

    I dl “VHBL For Arcade Air Hockey & Bowling – EU (v2, 2013/08/25)”

    But i have the same problem …. Any idea ?

  78. chapas says:

    Still on 2.12 here, there is no way to get “Gamocracy One: Legend of Robot” now right, it’s already asking to upgrade to 2.60?


  79. how can i install vhbl on psvita

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