My VHBL exploit: grab it while it’s still hot!


I like beer.

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  1. J3LACK--EAGLE says:

    welp time for sony to make a new update, btw can someone loan me $1.99 for 1 game mini plz, i need it and havent had an exploit since 2.06

    • Hellbelial says:

      At least you test it this is my first exploid,the last one was 4usd i in my wallet have 3.50 XD so wait until the next release.

  2. ... says:

    Thanks for the hard work sorry to see the leakers ruin it I just hope most people get it before it’s pulled

  3. Drake says:

    welp due to work no copy for me!!!! FFUCKKK!!!!!!!! dude sorry ur game got leaked. perfect job anyways. down in US as of 8/21/13

    • Drake says:

      by the way I did go threw ALL the PSP games the day you announced there was a leak. I seen it…… just never knew……. so sad.

  4. natsu says:

    Please post prices.. im not on US account

  5. DjFIL says:

    Too bad the exploited titles were leaked so early. Hopefully another game will be found, kept secret, and development on a better kernel level exploit can be done. also noticing that the two pool/billiards games are not available on Canada (or maybe North America) PSN stores.

  6. Drake says:

    also last comment, acid. if I was you I would say *** yall and just simply not up loade it until it was compatibal with a latter fw. my opinion.

  7. kjblue says:

    so im having a little issue here, so i have the games(arcade darts) and the game save exploit (arcade darts [vhbl + 138 menu 1.1]) i make a game save via arcade darts, copy from vita > pc, delete the game save i just copied from, then copy pasta everything from game save exploit to one i jst copied to pc, over write all duplicates, now i copy modified game save > vita, open arcade darts, go to load the mod’d game save, and it can’t see any saves??! dunno what i’m doing wrong ;/ (also tried just copying everything from exploit game save to vita, without making one in arcade darts ) i am on ofw 2.60

  8. Tnutbutter says:

    I only have $1.10 in my wallet…guess I’ll wait again

  9. BeastyX says:

    When I seem this this morning I just couldn’t believe it that somebody would be so stupid to release the games like that after so many hard months of work I hate it every time it goes to show you how small the world really is and how people really are at heart. Now instead of being famous your now infamous to me. I guess that’s what ya get when you seen game in unhonest ways you knew just as any what something this big meant for the scene ughh sorry guys thanks to everyone for all the hard work

  10. howieumd says:

    If I’m on 2.02 with the Uno exploit, it still wouldn’t make sense to download any of these as it’s not an exploit at that level, where I can pay PSP iso’s, right? That said, is there anywhere I can download one of these games from, possibly my PS3, to keep for a rainy day in case I find a reason to update to 2.60, to at least still have some type of exploit (this one), or can I only download it if I update now to 2.60 and download the game directly onto my Vita? Just wondering if there’s anywhere else I can download this from the PSN store to and keep in a safe place? Thanks!

  11. mike24 says:

    This *** *** me off…one exploit at least evey few months at the least. I don’t need to explain why… This leads me to believe that Sony is invovled in this to number out the games needed to
    Eliminate hacking the system.. tell me if I’m wrong

    • fate6 says:

      please do go on, you have me enthralled >__>

      • LeaveItToBeaver says:

        @Fate6 You always have to be rude to people ONLINE, because that’s all you can do and act like your better then everyone else because your a MOD.

        As far as I’m concerned, you ain’t nobody. Just a little pleb that failed at the internet so go play in the streets.

  12. indo says:

    Hey I was able to grab arcade darts and the airhockey/bowling one, is there a way to go ahead and get vhbl on my vita now or do i have to wait for a save thing? I had the previous exploit but wanted to upgrade for dragons crown and i cant remember what i did.

  13. Chasez671 says:

    That’s exactly what I was thinking. If they found it too, then wouldn’t that make it theirs also? But they still announced it in a poor way, and in doing so, they hurt the scene rather than helping it.

  14. owanef says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOO >=/ this is bullman. all i ever dream about is just to play naruto again on my vita Naruto Heroes 3 is all. so now i know that this is the end :( the end of it all :< why are some people such F*ck faces

  15. mike24 says:

    By the way acid snake don’t let the cockroaches discourage you and your work.. Your doing a fine job at what your doing…can’t help to feel how *** I am.. I mean that in a good way

  16. wololo says:

    Please take some of the blog post’s content with a grain of salt: that’s months of work from a dozen people that’s down the toilet right now, so obviously Acid_Snake’s opinion on the subject is (rightfully) biased. *** doesn’t start to describe how one feels when this happens, and this is independent of how “legit” the other guys’ release was in the first place.

    • mlc says:

      Didn’t you know? It’s the internet, where we’re all perfect all the time. ;P (sadly, people often act like this about perfectly common human flaws in everyday life too)

      I kind of figured when I read the “‘I’ is not referring to Wololo” disclaimer that Acid was going to be upset about the release plan getting sc*** up. Especially since two minutes of internet video game fame or some website hits don’t seem worth the much lower install base to anyone who has actually read your reasons for doing ninja releases.

    • Cheesethief says:

      Still though Wololo, you can’t say that you did not see this coming. At some point in time, two people will have had the same game in mind when looking for an exploit. The amount of games on the PSN Store is not infinite and neither is the PSP library in general.

      The execution of this release was terrible, I agree. Especially since Sony is taking down the PSN tomorrow, if they haven’t already pulled the game. That guarantees that only a small portion of the public will get the chance to get it.

      As for feelings, you can feel down all you want, but you cannot discredit the people and call them leakers when they found the exploit on their own and developed it. It is unprofessional. They had every right to release their work, even if others disagreed with them and they did a terrible job of it.

      • wololo says:

        @Cheesethief: yes, fair enough, and you’ll see that I personally have taken all the care in the world to not call this a leak (see , , and ), but Acid_Snake is entitled to his opinion and I do not rewrite guest bloggers’ articles to make them “politically correct”, even when I disagree with their word choices.

        In the past, several times, several hackers have found the same game exploit. This has happened several times already and never reached such a disastrous release, because, believe it or not, most hackers try to reach the best possible outcome for the scene, which is not what can be said of these guys. So, although I am not surprised that several hackers found the same exploit (and I don’t blame them for releasing their work), my personal opinion is that they intentionally disregarded all implicit rules of courtesy and common sense to drive this release.

        So basically I agree with you I think :)

    • wololo says:

      Coming from the guy who just wrote Fate6 is rude…

    • LeaveItToBeaver says:

      @Wololo But you deserved it too. There’s like only 2 decent people on this site.

    • wololo says:

      Lol, and you’re probably one of them :)

  17. ground says:

    ” In the last several ours an italian site, whose admins found the same exploit I did, decided to release my exploit as if it was theirs” not to be rude but if they found it themself, and you didn”t tell them about it, then how would they know that it was your exploit?(and if they found it themself, it makes it also theirs imho).

    besides of that, it is a big shame that a usefull secret exploit like this (which can be used by real developers on every firmware) is gonna be patched soon :(

    • wololo says:

      Although I do not know the full story, in general when hackers find the same exploit, they always end up knowing about it one way or another.

      In the past, people have contacted me to ask me about it, and I would tell them “this and that guy have found it before you, please work with them and try to coordinate”. In this case, no such contact happened. So, agreed, if they found it, they do not “have” to ask anyone about the release, but based on my experience this felt almost intentional to not contact “known” hackers for the sake of confirmation.

      In this specific case, dozens of people knew about this exploit and kept their mouth shut to work hand in hand with Acid_Snake, except these guys. So that’s why this feels a bit suspicious to me.

      Again, I agree that Acid_Snake’s word are chosen a bit poorly in this article.

      • mikemike24 says:

        Unknown hackers aka Sony ????

      • mlc says:

        It was clear from the dude’s post that he isn’t a native English speaker, though, so it seems *possible* that contacting your site didn’t occur to them. It’s strange, however, since obviously this site is the main hub for these exploits and you have a relatively international audience. I would definitely assume that it was for fame/publicity/hits or to be kept as a personal exploit, since it seems unlikely that they would release the exact same exploit as you were about to release. It does seem possible that they contacted one of the 20 or 30 people who knew about the exploit, and then chose to release once they realized their chance to put their name on it or use it privately was almost gone.

        Or perhaps you or some tester/creator is being kind by not mentioning it, and these people really did release in a dumb way just to have their names on it, in which case I’d say your post is a mature way to go about it. (since there’s really no reason to make people angry at the solo guy who released it, since the damage from not planning it out as well as your releases can’t be undone)

        It does seem to be a very strange coincidence that they would release this exploit right now before it was intended to be released, although it could be for the same reason as Acid_Snake’s release. (the stealth patch of Pool whatever Pro in 2.12, which strongly hinted that these particular exploits would soon be gone)

        It’s all good, it’s just frustrating that Sony’s speed at patching these things requires us to use ninja releases. I hope you will encourage Acid_Snake and members not to be too angry with the guy who released it, though, as I can’t imagine he intended to limit the audience and therefore it was more of a silly mistake due to ignorance than anything intentionally harmful. (and if you don’t speak English very well, it seems less likely that you will have read much of the explanations on this site about why ninja releases are necessary – all the more so if you’re getting your ninja releases from release day announcements on some third party forum or international website)

  18. TheBigboss says:

    I’m a noob at this stuff, and I’ve been meaning to get VHBL on my vita. I just downloaded Arcade Airhockey & Bowling from the playstation store onto my vita. All I want to know is how to play snes or N64 roms on the vita. Are there any tutorials on how to do this?

  19. CaTTaTiN says:


  20. FREE THE PSVITA says:

    What will b the exploit for the games kernel or vhbl? Will this b a kernel in some time or only vhbl? Thanks still on 2.06 vhbl j.w
    Wololo always first to know best site online

    • mlc says:

      There will be a kernel exploit that is compatible with this, and presumably also with lower version VHBL exploits as well. That kernel exploit probably won’t come out for several more months, though. For now this is just a usermode VHBL exploit, so it’s primarily useful for you if you want to upgrade for a newer game or if it has better compatibility than your current 2.06 exploit. (I believe it may have worse compatibility, though, so personally I probably wouldn’t upgrade unless it was totally necessary)

  21. ps3y2kvirus says:

    I give credit to Acid_Snake because he wanted to share it so that more people could get a hold of the games over time! And not just a measly 24 hours or less.

  22. phil87700 says:

    Im staying on VHBL 2.12 GOLOR… and waiting for TN-V to be ported to it…. :-)

  23. One question, once I have this game and stay on this firmware, will I be able to get to the TN CEF? And if that exploit is ported to a later firmware, I might as well purchase the newer game for it, but speaking for what is happening now, will I be able to use TN CEF when it is released with this game?

  24. Chuckthetekkie says:

    The funny part is that these games will probably be removed with Thursday’s PSN maintenance. This is certainly one of the cheaper VHBL games. It’s already on my Vita.

    Once you get the game on the Vita, [b]use OpenCMA to back it up to your computer[/b] so Sony can’t prevent you from re-downloading the game when they remove it from the store.

  25. Octos says:

    I just want to say, keep up the good work Acid. It may have come out odd, but it looks like many of us have been checking our Ninjas so constantly that we managed to grab it. So hopefully you keep working at it in spite of the weird timing. I missed out on Gameocracy, so you saved me, my man.

  26. Brenza says:

    I’m italian, i’m truly sorry some kind of jerks like these live on the same planet of us!

    Thank you all for the hard work you do, i cannot say anything but i truly respect what you are doing

  27. natsu says:

    please post prices for the US store… @wololo

  28. lennyvita says:

    This is a shame people leaked these exploits so quickly. it just shows who you can trust, No one, lol. but i hope at least a few people get to enjoy the vhbl.

    As for those people who leaked they will no longer have trust here and should be ashamed. i hope they dont get to leak anymore info. it just shows how wanted fame can corrupt some people and want the glory for themselves. If you are a true member here you would know the rules of ninja releases and how to shut your mouth.

    the developers here work tirelessly to find exploits and have a strategy to help as many people get the exploit. so please for the better of this community show respect and follow the rules. it will benefit everyone.

    I am also waiting for TN-V4, still on 2.06. it is easier to upgrade when the time arrives, and no downgrades yet.

  29. mike24 says:

    BTW I’ve been on posting comments on this site for quite some time and maybe one of the main members might reply out of courtesy.. But no one has.. How many of us are there that support this place but don’t get I single reply ?? Very few!!! What if a follower of this site found for a major Exploit but had no need to report it because no one paid any attention to him/her for supporting a site such as this…just a thought but could someone aside from Sony be *** at this site due to being igrored????

    • lennyvita says:

      if you signed up in the forums and asked a question there im sure someone would give you an answer. there are quite a few people here that do want to help and answer questions people have. its just many of us have lives also. but if you wanted an answer its best to sign into the /talk forums and be a member.

      as for finding an exploit here, there is a area for that in the forums to report it.

  30. Levi says:

    soo umm How to use it?

    • Octos says:

      You’ll have to wait for a VHBL save file and guide which will come shortly. There is another one out there, but personally I am waiting for Acid’s version just so I’m not confused when he patches it to the TN-V4 release when that comes out.

  31. FishSticks says:

    Can somebody tell me which game can load an exploit save file the fastest? I just bought Arcade Darts & Arcade Airhockey&Bowling which have take a while to load.

  32. wistine says:

    I am disgusted….

    • mlc says:

      Collaboration and confidence between that many different people is already pretty impressive. You shouldn’t be disgusted, as shortsighted actions or greed for things (even recognition/credit) are really pretty standard for mankind. If anything, this scene seems to be doing a relatively good job of working together.

  33. icyheart says:

    Wololo I just need kenrnel exploit please …

  34. schmief says:

    haha i still kept GOLOR exploit yo. Extra 32 MB of RAM? heck YEAH! lol sux for 2.60 vhbl cuz it doesnt get the extra 32mb of ram

  35. gman says:

    With Killzone and Batman just around the corner, the disadvantages of exploits outweighs the advantages.

  36. SSJ-Vita says:

    It does suck that this wasn’t a ninja release I know how much patience and work goes into those orchestrated events. But onto the selfish good news side, I already for a long time owned one of those games on my vita and lemme say….WOOOHOOOO!!!

  37. Douglas says:

    Arcade Darts bought the game and now? when will launch the download?

  38. zhouzhe says:

    I want to buy a game it? I just bought a dart 。

    I also Other games?

  39. phil87700 says:

    Hats off to you guys… yet another sixer…
    I Have Gamocracy exploit so will stay on it… and once again thanks to you Acid_Snake and others involved…. :-)

  40. JiachengWeng says:

    Will one of these VHBLs support Kernel Exploit?

  41. Saints Foe 6 says:

    Can it run PSP ISO’s?

  42. Raizuke says:

    ill just be happy for those who get vhbl and kept on waiting to play killzone and borderlands 2 before trying to get the next kernel exploit..that was just my plan..

  43. y_vad says:

    just want to double confirm, those games are not available in Japan’s PSN right? I’ve searched, and couldn’t find it. Despite these, great work!!

  44. Simmon Delltard Grants Peterson Jr. says:

    I just brought all 4 of them. Because i got money, to bad for those who are too poor to afford a $1 game. lol

  45. SSJ-Vita says:

    Well the leakers site is just another one that wants information for me to type. I don’t like to type that’s why I have a mouse, so their popularity shouldn’t rise too much among people like me who have 0 interest in “signing up” for a damn thing lol. Btw thanks for not being douchebaggy like all the others who want you to have “account information” to do something retardedly simplistic as viewing comments.

    • fate6 says:

      Yea I hate that >__<
      even worse is when you find a random site that has a program or homebrew but you need a account to download it.

  46. Nazgul says:

    They are all still available in Germany 😀
    Will these games have a better compatibility than
    Apache overkill exploit?

  47. Haze7 says:

    I think the leak was helpful in one way. Those who didn’t know *** is a Ninja Release might’ve come across this. I know someone who missed the previous released and he was very upset about that. But he found this via the leak and his luck was made. heck I wouldn’t have known about this leak if my friend didn’t tell me, as I was on vacation. :)
    BTW Nice job to the actual contributors!

  48. mikeNgel says:

    hey , i was wondering when all the xploit agames got removed from the psn here in north amerca , looks like it was a matter of hours as i see some guys could bouy them arround 6:00 am , i looked for them midnight and they are removed. sucks………..
    what other option do i have to get VHBL on my vita ?

  49. TheUnforgiven says:

    All available in France. ArcadeDarts is less expensive.
    But one thing to say: *** italian website (i have nothing with italian btw) wich release it … now, Sony, will work to patch it.
    But thank’s for the developpers.

  50. Haze7 says:

    LoL I just finished Arcade Darts. Easier than f**k.

  51. Evo_ExiLe says:

    Yes I am going to get it as soon as I can.

  52. dicemen4 says:

    nice justgot the game:)

  53. Seto says:

    i want to play isos of psp T.T!!!

  54. kotaku says:

    Can any one find these on the Japanese psn . ? im looking but does not seem like they have Minis at all.

    darts comes in a PSP version thou but still looking.

  55. quetz says:

    I took Arcade Darts 😉 I saw a video from the Zett just yesterday night directly from mi PSV 😛 i grabbed immediately. It is 2,99 in EU Store, the others are 3,99 and 3,99 and 6,99. Grab it as fast as you can! They’re still up right now. 9:00 AM CET

  56. iory4 says:

    help please i cant fin the game some one has a link to buy it

  57. michael says:

    no korea market?

  58. Sofoklis Chousos says:

    At last!!! the last exploit was updated by my sister because she wanted to use one of the other apps.. hahaha….

  59. slcfr says:

    @iory4 : just use the search to find the game once you are in the store.

  60. slcfr says:

    i had to update to 2.6 to get in the store will this exploit still work ?any help would be much appreciated

  61. dan says:

    when will te download be avialable for the vhbl

  62. Maverick81PL says:

    And this time we run backup ISO??

  63. brunoso says:

    Serriosly, i bought the apache, gamocracy and another one that i cant remember the name. We are like a dog try to catch ours tails: when a new fw version comes we need to buy another game. This is not suspect to anyone of you? Im thinking that sony is very happy about this situation cuz their sales is going so hot and more money comes from STUPID games that anyone want to play…i will repeat another time: we need find a NATIVE way to run homebrew. Then we really gonna get some freedom. Its very ugly run an emulator openning a game. Its will be good if we can downgrade ours console too. Go to ofw to play on line an back when we want to play snes or gensis.

  64. vijr says:

    In Russia Arcade Sports Bundle( Arcade Darts +
    Arcade Airhockey & Bowling)sold for 94 rub, but Arcade Darts and Arcade Airhockey & Bowling sold for 113 rub and 150 rub each. ***? IMHO i buy bundle, it is chiper.

  65. Deagle275 says:

    Got it yesterday :)

  66. m0rb1t says:

    there is also a acrade sports bundle 2,49 in the EU store…
    it’s a bundle with Arcade airhockey and bowling and arcade pool…

  67. NNNRT says:

    Funny how UNO is in the Most Popular category on the PS3 PS Store. 😆

  68. Skars says:

    Just.. Thank you.

  69. GaDo says:

    I am ready for the next VHBL already bought the game(Arcade Darts)

  70. Obama says:

    Damn i wanted to play Monster Hunter 3rd with Patch on my Vita…no I’m hearing that the exploit is an Userexploit! Just…***

    But thanks for the hard work guy’s!

  71. AliFOJ says:

    This exploit is for users who are on firmware 2.60? I’m using Gameocracy so I don’t need this unless i want to update right?

  72. martin says:

    is it still available? i checked the US psn store site. it’s not there anymore

  73. madone says:

    Whhyy the fuuuck did you leak all these games!?!?!?!? It was kept secret for so long and now its ruined! BAD BAD BAD

  74. notcool says:

    A I can see Acid Snake was looking for fame. In the result he destroyed a lot of ppls work, time and money. bye bye to all that had these exploits

  75. itsugawakun says:

    so as of 3:14 AM Hawaii Standard time

    6:14 AM California Time

    7:14 AM Arizona Time

    9:14 AM New York Time

    I can’t search for World of Pool but i can search for everything else.

  76. MKombat94 says:

    Thanks for the release Wololo and others that have worked hard on the scene. I have the exploit and have installed gpsp kai, but like a day earlier I pre-ordered killzone, does this mean I will have to give up the exploit. Also could you tell me how to install doom on the vita.


  77. Hellbelial says:

    My first Exploid since vita comes out XD thank you.

  78. Hellbelial says:

    Arcade darts download it.

  79. ChrisWade says:

    what is te italian site name? I’m Italian, and I want to flame them.

  80. mixedfish says:

    Just got the arcade darts game from US store, thanks.

  81. Sky Yuki says:

    Air hockey downloaded

  82. gameus says:

    Just bought Arcade Darts and Arcade Hockey and Bowling. Got both of them just to be on the safe side. I couldn’t find them on the web store but they still showed up on the Vita store. Hurry and get them while you still can guys.

  83. Vinicius Mendes says:

    I’m not finding could help me?
    All are psp? or have minis too?

  84. jin says:

    I got the game Arcade Airhockey & Bowling which cost me £3.49 here in the UK but the same game along with darts as a bundle is £2.49 but not sure if that would work in the exploit so was not sure to get it

  85. jin says:

    Thanks for the info and glad I got it as I had Apache but was not using very much due to less compatibility

  86. anthony says:

    …I’m sory but if they found the exploit just like you did and they didn’t steal it from you then if they want to release it that’s there choice they don’t have to come to you and say hey we found the same exploit you found can we release it?

  87. Cody says:

    “found the same exploit I did” “decided to release my exploit as if it was theirs”

    If they found the exploit, they have every right to release it, when they feel like it. Just because you found it as well (regardless if you found it before them), doesn’t mean “release rights” automatically go to you.

  88. Dmaskell92 says:

    Wow so many, I assume all these games all have patched ram on 2.60, so I’m keeping GOLOR. Anyway what a ground breaking release. I’m sure Sony will be busy patching every game.

  89. Leires says:

    That’s pretty *** that they’d release all the games at once, honestly. I could understand wanting hits and giving away one (I could understand it, doesn’t mean i’d like it or approve of it, but i could get that they wanted hits)..but -all- of them? What sort of *** does that?

    Dispensing several exploits helps nobody, and actually really harms everybody because now instead of being set up for several updates, we’re set up for one with no real benefit to it.

    I wonder if it was a ninja release leak, or if someone just stumbled into it and thought it was a good idea to go full ***. Regardless, thank you for the info, and i’m sorry that people are such massive expletives.

    • mlc says:

      They all had the same flaw, are by the same company, and are in different regions. Presumably it was decided after Pool Hall Pro was fixed that they would all soon be fixed, so they released them all. It’s very likely that the other games with the same flaw would have been pulled until an update as well, or the update would have fixed the vulnerability anyway,

  90. jd20dog says:

    danm leaky people, stop leaking or we’ll have to replace you with replicants that cant type or talk!!

  91. cfv3 says:

    Just wanna play Iso backups … :'(

    Can someone tell me when I can play Iso’s?

  92. cfv3 says:


    • me says:

      buy a psp. 😉

    • Hellbelial says:

      They dont understand us at all,maybe you dont have money to buy one psv game or another game and maybe your wallet have only 3 bucks in it,they dont understand that!!!.I bought a psv to play psv games,since i dont have much money they want for psv game i will spend it in exploits at least until i get money to get psv games,so simple right? they dont understand that and we are *** tired to get indies stupid games and *** LEGOS!!! XD.

  93. exo_gurei says:

    to BahumatLord, i am on a FW lower than 2.60. I just downloaded arcade darts using your link without ever going to PSN store and be forced to update to 2.60. But my question is; is this game exploit going to work on FW under 2.60? even so, I just downloaded for safe reasons. The questions goes to the devs. For anyone who wants to try it. Go to BahumatLord’s link. and follow the instructions at the site. You can actually make the game a queued at your vita without ever touching your vita. Just turn the Wifi on, and then Turn then restart. Of course after it is queued in your download list. I still hope I can use this or something can be ported to that game even in lower firmware. only 1.99 dollars to lose. Anyway, I am still currently downloading and its very slow. I think many people are downloading this game right now.

  94. xNix777 says:

    Acid_Snake… Thanks for the release and shame on you for just showing your hand and telling ALL the exploitable games.

    • Dmaskell92 says:

      From what I understand, if Sony patches one of these games, they will patch them all. “I knew it was just a matter of time before Sony realized that other games had the same exploit as Pool Hall Pro, so I decided to release them.” Quit acting like there was no rational reason to release multiple games at once. Not to mention another source leaked this information with no formal Ninja release…

  95. gotti says:

    Is it a Kernel Exploit?

  96. DQEight says:

    To all those that want to play PSP ISO’s instead of whining about it, go grab like what? 50 bucks and buy a PSP. It’s a lot simpler then having to not update your vita and missing out on the latest games.

    • Hellbelial says:

      Hahahaha if we bought a vita is not for playing psp isos dude,what if we want a vita but we dont have that money to get psv gammes?,you people dont understand anything at all.We bought psv to play psv games and if we dont have so much money like you do we buy expliots to play emulators until we get some money to buy psv games,its not that hard,use your brain sometimes.

  97. Coraje187 says:

    Just got Arcade Airhockey & Bowling 1.99 USD thanks for your work on theses exploits guys.

  98. jeff says:

    i bought arcade darts :) cant wait

  99. touda says:

    does anybody know if this exploit will also work on the game which was bought from the asian psn store?

  100. RisingStorm says:

    PSN HK have Arcade Darts i just buy it a few ago

  101. GEoffrey says:

    I bought Arcade DArts
    The game is so so bad

  102. 110706 says:

    And the point of this is? playing PSP games? i can do that on my PC too.

    • watswat5 says:

      The point is to let you run homebrew games and emulators on a convenient handheld you already own rather than be tied to consoles, PC’s or phones with funky touch screen controls. Also, if a Kernal exploit is released, you can play backups of any of your psp games at full speed on the go

  103. Aidan says:

    Sorry but what update version will this vhbl be on?

  104. intuitivehealer says:

    does this work on asian singapore region? totally tempted to buy arcade darts from the minis store. pls reply

    • Acid_Snake says:

      it will, so buy it if you can

      • Astro GmR says:

        Why the heck did you give the names of ALL the exploits?!? Seems to me that those leakers want followers and you want fans. If you kept the other name of the games secret. there will be 3 more exploits we could’ve used, but nah, you rather lose the whole wallet instead of a dollar. This is the first time that 4 exploits were floating around, you caught the exploits with a net and put them for the world to see. I needed this exploit to delete the homebrews out of my PSP emulator. Thanks god that there was a price drop for the PS Vita memory sticks cause dang.

        I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE THAT YOU GAVE ALL 4 OF THE DARN GAMES AWAY! For now on, I know that it isn’t good news to the public when YOU find an exploit.

        • wololo says:

          All games are from the same company, and rely on the same vulnerability. Once one of them got patched, Sony would have quickly figured out the others need to be patched as well. This is what happened for the patapon series, and once one of the games got patched with 2.60, this accelerated the decision for a release.
          Those are not “4 different games”.

          • Dmaskell92 says:

            That was precisely what I got from the article. I mean, if people would just read they would have no questions, as they have been answered already.

  105. berrios30 says:

    I just downloaded the arcade darts on the ps vita

  106. maxzilion says:

    sorry i didnt chatch will this pay iso

    • Haze7 says:

      No it won’t. Only a kernel exploit can run isos this exploit can only run homebrew games,apps and some emulators for the psp (There is a whole list of all that stuff in the forum). the last kernel exploit only ran on 2.02 and it required the game UNO. But as far as I know a new kernel exploit is supposed to be up after the PS4 has been released for 2.60.

  107. Haze7 says:

    Anyone who has run a kernel exploit. Can you function your PS Vita (like access the internet and go onto psn) after you have exploited your vita?

  108. maxzilion says:

    hey haze7 yea i had uno and internet worked fine

  109. ManOverboard says:

    11:50 am in the US, Arcade Darts and The other Arcade games are still available for download.

  110. Evil_Dooms says:

    the eu psn is “currently down for maintenance” as of 20:14 gmt.
    i hope the games are there when its up.

  111. Ker~Man says:

    Damn… I Bet anything it’s because they’re removing it. Under maintenance I the US now, too…

  112. Brian says:

    PSN STORE MAINTENANCE TODAY and i already upgradded from 2.10 to 2.60 and i hope they don’t remove the 4 games doing the down time

  113. David says:

    Yea i just checked the PlayStation Store and there just now pulling the Games off the store (US Store)

  114. Ker~Man says:

    SON OF A ***! Exact minute I was going to buy it the store goes all maintenance *** on us! And, obviously, just updated to 2.60. That’s some REAL ***…

  115. Hellbelial says:

    PSN Maintenance thank god i bough it but now we will see if the exploit still works,im mad because i was about to download Dead or alive 5 plus and now i have to wait,again,thank god i bought the exploit and the game DOA5+ XD.

  116. Tman says:

    Thanks guys.

    I will definitely try the completed work upon finished.

    As of late the some of the games are still available on PSN.
    I’m in the US.

  117. Tonny says:

    can not be! :( again will not be able to enjoy the exploit, here in my country do not sell those blessed PSN cards that sadness again waiting till segir’ll have someone make a game exploit those who are free on the PSN. but still thank you very much for the input and good luck to those who manage to have have fun friends

  118. stillmad says:

    Acid_Snake you can go *** yourself for leaking and ruining secret exploits all over the world! The REAL communty thanks you alot…

  119. Geoffrey says:

    I don’t get it .

    I managed to install VHBL without problem but when I try to send INSTALL.ZIP the save appears as bigger but it doesn’t copy the Zip to the vita


  120. Edzo says:

    This maintenance was already planned so there’s a chance they will still be up

  121. Evil_Dooms says:

    the psn is back online but the latest store version is still down for maintenance (uk)

  122. mrcrew says:

    wololo you had to post that on the day the PSN goes down. now I will have to watie for 3.00 update. cheers

    • wololo says:

      First, this was not my article, second, in case you haven’t read, we had to post this since the exploits had been revealed a day before on another site.

      • ducky420 says:

        This exploit was revealed months ago when it was 2.05, many people were running the exploit safely til this day. Now we can forget about VHBL on future firmwares with this game.
        Cheers to Acid_Snake who took full credit for it. And spoiled it.

  123. Srokaty says:

    In EU stone i have error (NP-2238-5)

  124. itsugawakun says:

    well US Playstation store is down for maintenance as of 12:00 Pm Hawaii Standard Time

  125. Ryan says:

    Can’t tell if there are just really bad trolls or I am just being paranoid (probably both, lol) but this exploit HASN’T been released yet, correct?

    • ducky420 says:

      Sorry, but this is not correct, and I’m not a troll. This was a truly successful ninja release months ago. Just telling the truth..

      • wololo says:

        This was announced on many other sites before acid_snake took the painful decision to write this article, so what the heck are you talking about?

        • Ryan says:

          Is there a guessed time/date for when it will be released? Keep in mind I am not trying to be like “HURRY UP AND GIVE IT TO ME” I just like to keep things in check so I know when to come back here, etc. I tend to check on everything daily but if its going to be at a specific time then taken down. I do not want to miss out.

          Thanks for all you guys do btw, really good stuff. I have been around here since the first HBL. It was quite fun. Cheers

        • ducky420 says:

          The less I speak, the better it will be for future ninja releases. There is no way back anyway, so I stop here.

  126. gatopsy says:

    yo me compre hustle kings snooker pack no saben si este tenia xploit ?????????

  127. me says:

    calm down. it was just fine from acid_snake, but next time please leak one game a day. so can get more people any chance.

    • Dmaskell92 says:

      They are all the same, easily patched, and essentially the same exploit. It’s better for everyone in other regions to get this. Why release a single game and have the other 3 patched and useless?

  128. SilentKnightXII says:

    I will be sad face if the games are down when the maintenance is done, I had to take driver licence test

  129. Antichrist84 says:

    maintenance just finished on EU store and all 4 games are still on the store 😀

  130. me says:

    i checked, arcade darts is still available.

  131. gatopsy says:

    por que en la de mexico no sale ninguno??

  132. elrey says:

    I’m sorry I do not speak English … I can download the games from any store??? no matter whether it is the U.S.A. or EU version of the game?

    • agp670 says:

      Si cualquiera de los juegos mencionados te aparece en el store, lo puedes comprar con la confianza de que te servirá para el exploit, no importa su fué descargado del store de Europa, Estados Unidos, México, o cualquier otra.

  133. gatopsy says:

    that on the psn of mexico and not leave any games?

    • michel says:

      no se por que no lo estan en mexico pero lo que si te puedo decir es que el arcade pool si esta en la store de PS3 en caso de que tengas la consola buscalo hay y despues pasalo a tu ps vita yo eso fue lo que hice

  134. Victor says:

    Is there a FORSURE US vhbl exploit for arcade darts i don’t wanna go and buy the game for nothing please respond.

  135. CrUmp says:

    I was going to switch to the US store and the second I format my memory stick all stores went on maintenance, ***…..guess I should check their plans before doing something like that. and then I was afraid that when the stores are back online, exploitable games will be updated.

    good thing I bought arcade darts and arcade pool & snooker. and I used PSN DM to download the second game. it’s pretty safe to say that pool & snooker has not been updated. I can tell because it downloaded the title from the proxy cache. So although I don’t have arcade darts cached, I will assume that the games has not been updated. but i’m not sure, good luck 😀

  136. wizardinblack says:

    surprisingly, this game has not been removed yet! just got it.. super mario here i come!

  137. Ker~Man says:

    YESSS!!! Arcade Darts is still in the US store upon being back up & running! Just snagged/downloaded it! Amazingly lucky!!!

  138. iphone 5s says:

    this VBHL exploite is for FW 2.60 right and arcade darts and arcade hockey and bowling are still there didn’t see arcade pool just pool hall

  139. BeastyX says:

    arcade darts and arcade bowling and air hockey are still up in the US Store GET IT GET IT GET GET!

  140. Hamish Claxton says:

    Will a kernel exploit allow the wifi to be used? As wifi doesn’t work on this exploit.

  141. Meki says:

    Anyone has a clue if it still working ? just managed to see this post ! Should I grab any of them fast ?

  142. airjer says:

    Mis-leading title… it makes you think that Acid_Snake’s VHBL exploit was actually released. I grabbed arcade darts when the info first leaked (the game’s worse than gamocracy, jesus) so psssshhhhhhhhhh

  143. Mud says:

    Im updating gonna miss my monster hunter exploit

  144. Nachox says:

    There is some of the game still avaible ???

  145. Nachox says:

    Its this true or fake??

    FishSticks on August 23, 2013 at 7:14 am
    Arcade Darts VHBL no password:!hV8zzK6B!DXzyNlM-bjwuhcLCJZFnY03I_JoLaP5SL6pFfzosnqw

    Enjoy Guys!

  146. mud says:

    Just updated the games have been pulled from the us store.. I just lost my monster hunter exploit. :/

  147. Dark says:

    Arcade Darts is still up on the AU/NZ store. Just got it. :)

  148. Srokaty says:

    Arcade Darts is still up on the EU/PL store. 😀

  149. ulquiorrA_schifeR says:

    Hope its not yet late :(

  150. Matthew Getch says:

    Arcade Darts is still available US. Haven’t done exploit yet.

  151. Laz says:

    I want to download this exploit. iam currently @ fw 2.10 us store but psn force me to update to 2.60… any help asap… i really want to keep up on exploits ever since i got my vita… thanks in advance

    • exo_gurei says:

      use this link using your pc and sign in with your account;!/en-us/home/games

      If the game is still there, then you will be able to download it. Buy the game using the link. Once you purchased the game you should see instructions about queuing the game in your PSVITA’s download list. Once it is queued, turn your PSVITA’s wifi or then restart. Then, you’ll be able to see the the game being downloaded at your download list. TRY it. It worked for me. I am currently at 2.10 too. And I have the Gamocracy exploit but I just downloaded the game for safety reasons. The last time I checked, the game Arcade Darts is still up. hurry!

  152. xlovenuggetx says:

    I wonder how much longer it will be up in the US. 4:49am CST it’s still on PSN store.

  153. good boy says:


  154. Justin Scollo says:

    damn just missed it was there when i was leaving to get the psn voucher was gone when i came back :(

  155. DAN says:

    ive got vhbl 2.60 for my vita but i’m trying yo use gpsp 2.12 for vhbl 2.60 is there a gpsp 2.60 download link anywhere thx

  156. fingloi says:

    No asian love? huh? wololo?

  157. ezekielx2 says:

    i have the arcade darts, is it still ok? did sony already patch this game?

    • wololo says:

      Sony don’t/can’t patch the games, they patch the firmwares. You’re fine. Just make sure the game is properly installed by running it at least once. So many people think it’s ok to just have it in their download list: It’s not

  158. Logan says:

    I guess all the games listed have been taken down in the US PS Store, as I can’t find them. Sad I downloaded Arcade Darts from Media Go…and I have no PS3 =w=

  159. Edo says:

    I downloaded Arcade Darts from PSN and installed it.
    What do I have to do now? Can someone help me out?

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