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My VHBL exploit: grab it while it’s still hot!


I like beer.

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  1. ezekielx2 says:

    i have the arcade darts, is it still ok? did sony already patch this game?

    • wololo says:

      Sony don’t/can’t patch the games, they patch the firmwares. You’re fine. Just make sure the game is properly installed by running it at least once. So many people think it’s ok to just have it in their download list: It’s not

  2. Logan says:

    I guess all the games listed have been taken down in the US PS Store, as I can’t find them. Sad I downloaded Arcade Darts from Media Go…and I have no PS3 =w=

  3. Edo says:

    I downloaded Arcade Darts from PSN and installed it.
    What do I have to do now? Can someone help me out?

  4. Chasez671 says:

    That’s exactly what I was thinking. If they found it too, then wouldn’t that make it theirs also? But they still announced it in a poor way, and in doing so, they hurt the scene rather than helping it.

  5. wololo says:

    Please take some of the blog post’s content with a grain of salt: that’s months of work from a dozen people that’s down the toilet right now, so obviously Acid_Snake’s opinion on the subject is (rightfully) biased. *** doesn’t start to describe how one feels when this happens, and this is independent of how “legit” the other guys’ release was in the first place.

  6. lennyvita says:

    if you signed up in the forums and asked a question there im sure someone would give you an answer. there are quite a few people here that do want to help and answer questions people have. its just many of us have lives also. but if you wanted an answer its best to sign into the /talk forums and be a member.

    as for finding an exploit here, there is a area for that in the forums to report it.

  7. mlc says:

    Didn’t you know? It’s the internet, where we’re all perfect all the time. ;P (sadly, people often act like this about perfectly common human flaws in everyday life too)

    I kind of figured when I read the “‘I’ is not referring to Wololo” disclaimer that Acid was going to be upset about the release plan getting sc*** up. Especially since two minutes of internet video game fame or some website hits don’t seem worth the much lower install base to anyone who has actually read your reasons for doing ninja releases.

  8. Cheesethief says:

    Still though Wololo, you can’t say that you did not see this coming. At some point in time, two people will have had the same game in mind when looking for an exploit. The amount of games on the PSN Store is not infinite and neither is the PSP library in general.

    The execution of this release was terrible, I agree. Especially since Sony is taking down the PSN tomorrow, if they haven’t already pulled the game. That guarantees that only a small portion of the public will get the chance to get it.

    As for feelings, you can feel down all you want, but you cannot discredit the people and call them leakers when they found the exploit on their own and developed it. It is unprofessional. They had every right to release their work, even if others disagreed with them and they did a terrible job of it.

  9. fate6 says:

    please do go on, you have me enthralled >__>

  10. Mysterica says:

    @Raizuke Learn proper grammar before you insult somebody.

  11. LeaveItToBeaver says:

    @Fate6 You always have to be rude to people ONLINE, because that’s all you can do and act like your better then everyone else because your a MOD.

    As far as I’m concerned, you ain’t nobody. Just a little pleb that failed at the internet so go play in the streets.

  12. wololo says:

    @Cheesethief: yes, fair enough, and you’ll see that I personally have taken all the care in the world to not call this a leak (see https://twitter.com/frwololo/status/370303585545768960 , https://twitter.com/frwololo/status/370296613865930753 , and https://twitter.com/frwololo/status/370162256874442752 ), but Acid_Snake is entitled to his opinion and I do not rewrite guest bloggers’ articles to make them “politically correct”, even when I disagree with their word choices.

    In the past, several times, several hackers have found the same game exploit. This has happened several times already and never reached such a disastrous release, because, believe it or not, most hackers try to reach the best possible outcome for the scene, which is not what can be said of these guys. So, although I am not surprised that several hackers found the same exploit (and I don’t blame them for releasing their work), my personal opinion is that they intentionally disregarded all implicit rules of courtesy and common sense to drive this release.

    So basically I agree with you I think :)

  13. wololo says:

    Coming from the guy who just wrote Fate6 is rude…

  14. LeaveItToBeaver says:

    @Wololo But you deserved it too. There’s like only 2 decent people on this site.

  15. wololo says:

    Lol, and you’re probably one of them :)

  16. NNNRT says:

    Sony were gonna patch them even if they weren’t released.

  17. wololo says:

    Apparently you misunderstood the situation, or youre just trolling.

  18. mlc says:

    They all had the same flaw, are by the same company, and are in different regions. Presumably it was decided after Pool Hall Pro was fixed that they would all soon be fixed, so they released them all. It’s very likely that the other games with the same flaw would have been pulled until an update as well, or the update would have fixed the vulnerability anyway,

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