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PsVita @ Gamescom: Price cut, Borderlands 2 and more

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  1. Obito says:

    Indies, indies everywhere… T.T But no big games for Vita.

    Also, I totally LMAO at the 1$=1€ conversion rates that they always use.

    • ?? says:

      if you don’t consider Killzone or Borderlands big, ur *** xD

      • Edward Carnby says:

        2 big games and you are excited already.

      • Leires says:

        To me, big things are entirely new genres, or games that people rarely make. That or games that set new bars. Killzone is a franchise, borderlands has been done on consoles..They’re not ‘big’ games, they’re just more games that are safe to place money into because they know they’ll sell.

        Soul sacrifice is an example of a ‘big’ game, it’s a genre that hasn’t been milked to the ground like every other FPS ever. I understand that sony needs to baby it’s console with games that it knows will sell so it can grow up strong, but i can totally understand why BL2 and Killzone aren’t ‘big’ games for the vita..

    • shut up, in south america we pay it about 2 USD X every USD

    • jd20dog says:

      minecraft is a big game, a very big game
      but i dowt sony will open it like the pc for custom mods

      • 13pokerus says:

        I think that it doesn’t really matter if it’s open for custom creations… I want minecraft just the way it is.
        but it should be more like the pc one than the xbox versione since it was pretty limited… I mean a fullfledged minecraft on a portable device??? take my money… all of it XD

  2. Minimur12 says:

    I didn’t mind the conference, but I was definitly hoping for a stronger vita show, I wouldve loved them to play Borderlands and showcase it there and then on the Vita, and more. I want more AAA games, don’t get me wrong all these indies are great but I want a game I can spend more than 8 hours on 🙂

  3. immson says:

    minecraft + borderlands 2, wow, bravo gearbox and notch

    • HateMachine says:

      Don’t “Bravo” Notch. He’s sitting back in his fat-*** throne watching other’s fix his pile of bugs and messy code. Thank the workers of Mojang.

  4. Tnutbutter says:

    Took 2 years to cut the price of the vita, but at least I waited long enough for the memory card price to decline. Just when I was about to buy one.

  5. BeastyX says:

    Is this gonna be $199 for the wifi only or is the wifi/3G still gonna be $249 like the wifi was before the price drop

    • Jd8531 says:

      It will be for both models.

      • ViRGE says:

        Which means I wouldn’t be surprised if they eventually discontinued the 3G model, especially in the West. Price has been part of the reason it hasn’t sold well, but there’s also the fact that cellular connectivity just hasn’t been that useful for the Vita.

        • squiggs says:

          It needs 4g and to be unlocked

          • ReapersRage says:

            Agreed, and all they really need to do is upgrade the ‘Cellular Carrier’ chip inside which looks like a WLAN card in a laptop. I don’t see why they make this card for the Vita knowing that the chip is not embedded onto the board of the Vita, I think more people would like to use the service at high speed instead of ‘close to Dial-up’ speed. My main problem here is that the 4G sucks in my area, at least for the next 6 months (as the carrier said, it will take to get a couple more towers in my area).

        • mlc says:

          This. The 3G model is entirely useless with the plans that are available in the US, so, unless there is some way to carrier unlock it, that model is pretty much a waste. I have one, and I might even consider buying another if I got another Vita, but it ends up being a pretty useless feature in America. Also it won’t ever be fast enough for gaming, so the best we can hope for the 3G is some future homebrew that makes interesting use of it. Or perhaps, if there is a 4G Vita, some 4G exclusive apps will be ported back to the 3G in lower quality.

  6. AlphaKiloCharlie says:

    Wow, that’s pretty damn good. I might have to start putting money into my PS vita, I only have 2 games now that my Plus expired. Do you think Borderland 2/indie games will require latest Vita firmware? I currently have 2.12 GOLOR and I am hoping for TN-V with high memory accessibility.

    • squiggs says:

      You know it will, the indie games will most likely be digital

    • mlc says:

      Anything announced today will presumably require 2.61+, assuming there is an exploit release and therefore a small update.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if these games ended up coming out on 2.7x-2.9x, since they’ve only just been announced and anything new will be on 2.60 minimum as a given.

  7. squiggs says:

    Mine craft and boarder lands need to be a physical game as well as being digital.

    • Edzo says:

      Generally I choose physical whenever possible but in the case of those two games with massive playability, id rather have them constantly on my vita as digital games. I also have 2 physical copies of borderlands 2 already 😛

    • Soosthemoos says:

      If the Xbox is anything to go off of, Minecraft probably won’t be a physical copy at first. I think Borderlands 2 will be both at the start.

    • mlc says:

      While I never really got into the Minecraft trend, I would assume that it will be digital. It probably has a relatively small install size, and the company specifically produces digital games, so I would be shocked if they put that on a cartridge.

      Borderlands 2 will probably have a cartridge, though, since the Vita is lacking in beloved recognizable games for store shelves.

  8. Crzylegz says:

    Good news and all and I can’t wait, but that seems to be the path of vita games…we get word of a few decent games then…….nothing.

  9. UraniumDude says:

    I will be getting Borderlands 2 on its launch for the vita when it gets announced for a release date.

  10. mlc says:

    I want a True Blood game! loljk, but it could be a Western reimagining of Japanese dating sims, with a fancy brand and some dumb fighting mechanics.

    I’m pretty sure nobody would produce something like that in America that will appeal to mostly women after accounting for the tiny Vita install base, but Walking Dead has gotten some games so True Blood seems like a pretty obvious option. (also I’m stressing over last week’s weak finale of this short, so-so seaason, so I’ve got True Blood on the brain)

  11. somthing something something light side says:

    Hey Wololo and Wololo Followers, which console do you think will be hacked first? PS4 or Xbone?

    • UraniumDude says:

      This, I can’t say for the console is brand new and It won’t be hacked so easily but, from what I know is that Sony has better encryption system than Microsoft. [To most people would say XboxOne will be getting hacked first]{For me it would be, I don’t care and I am going to get the Xbox one cause my friend and I was planning that he gets the PS4 and I go for Xbox one so that we can switch and play both consoles that would be great ya know!}

  12. TelcoLou says:

    I just came in my pants. Minecraft for the Vita = WIN! Holy ***!! When?! WHEN?!?!!!?

  13. Yukon says:

    Borderlands 2 on the PS Vita? Finally a big step.

  14. SSj-Vita says:

    I’m just kind of mad, I was considering selling the tablet wanna-be and now it’s worth too much less to properly replace it with something equal, forget greater than -_- Come on native vita hack, pappa doesn’t give a flying about free games just a mini computer will do : D

  15. theinfuser599 says:


  16. daxanoxe says:

    Finally the ps vita gets better and get some good games on it 😀

  17. lightstar says:

    Personally I’m hoping that the minecraft port is along the lines of the modable PC version, rather than the stupidly limited Xbox version. Being able to get onto my server from my handheld at work would be great… You know at lunch times…

  18. rob says:

    Any one here any thing about terraria for the vita??

    • Zhar The Mad says:

      Not yet, but I saw some screens a while back
      Since I assume you like Terraria, I suggest you keep an eye for Starbound. Looks promising. Will be out for Vita too.

  19. Zhar The Mad says:

    Wagic on Vita. I’ve literally dreamed of it. Make it happen! XD

  20. filodude says:

    I think we all agree that all of these *** little games are the ontree and Capcom is waiting for the timing to announce MonsterHunterVita. I’m sure you all agree with me, in the end we all only play monsterhunter just like psp i still play MHP2G/MHP3 on ps3 adhocparty

  21. svenn says:

    I always said, if borderlands 2 comes to Vita, ill buy it; Since they are dropping the price, and also working closely together with PS4 (yet to be confirmed IRL!)I’m pretty sure Ill be getting a Vita soon. So for me, yes this was great.

    Borderlands 2 is just … amazing.

  22. Colito13 says:

    Why is no one as excited for Binding of Issac as I am? I’ve been waiting for this on Vita for so long. SO MUCH WIN. Pumped for Borderlands 2 as well.

  23. BahamutBBob says:

    IMO, Borderlands 2 is the wrong choice to get a Vita version. I enjoyed the first game a lot more than the second, so IMO they should have started porting that, or making a new game completely.

    The rest of the news is better, even if I’m not interested in most of those games.

  24. DQEight says:

    Gah, I finally bite the bullet and bought Borderlands 2 during the summer sale and then it comes for vita.

    This makes me a sad broke college student.

    • Thrawn says:

      You poor sad boy 😉
      You already bought it at I guess steam summer sale 66% – 75% off the normal price and you’re still whining?
      And also Borderlands 2 isn’t that kind of game that would make a big hit on the vita, it’s a fast paced multiplayer fps, now imagine that on the vita with touch controls or the tiny controller sticks XD.
      And another thing, gearbox said they were working on a port of borderlands 2 for the wii u, they canceled it half way through :).
      Now the vita sold less than the wii u and gearbox talks again of a possible port? Nope, this is gearbox like, announce something, try to do it right -> see that there is more development and cost involved than it could earn back, stop the project half way through.
      Or another gearbox like thing (aliens… XD) show some feed, develop another year, bring out the finished product thats completely different from what they showed. 😉

  25. psYos says:

    I cant believe BL2 is finally coming to the vita! 😀 I’m so excited….. i just peed a little bit…….

  26. Kyu says:

    Here you can find Vitas (brand new) at that price (bundled with games most of the time),so meh :>

  27. Toshirou says:

    i think the vita needs n wireless wifi as well as 4G it would be nice to have faster wifi like the psp it had b wireless urg terrible! i think if it had g the experience would have been way better with downloads and online

  28. poec says:

    dayum, no more indie games…..

  29. Zhar The Mad says:

    @jJ8531: You left out Rime, dude. Easily my game of the show


    Everyone must have this on their radar. It looks lot like Ico!

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