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Wololo is 5 year old, and to celebrate, one of you gets to win a PS4!


We are constantly looking for guest bloggers at wololo.net. If you like to write, and have a strong interest in the console hacking scene, contact me either with a comment here, or in a PM on /talk!

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102 Responses

  1. Guardian says:

    I want to take this opportunity to ask a question…
    How is Wololo 2.0 doing? Is he destined to do nerdy stuff like all of us here? I hope so ;)
    Again I am sorry about the Optimus Prime incident, I just had to do it for the sake of revenge!

  2. TechWolf says:

    Finally, a real reason to dust off my old twitter account. This is the only site to keep me checking for years. Your dedication to the community is greatly appreciated, Wololo!

  3. Guimac09 says:

    Can I ask for a vita and $200 worth of psn cards? :P

  4. tinogodi says:

    Got my tweet in…fingers crossed…

  5. kylesky says:

    How do i retweet?

  6. ??? says:

    What if I just created a Twitter account just for this, could I still win?

  7. Softtm17 says:

    Did it the following and the re-twitter.
    Anyway here a question.
    Shipping are restricted only for the US. I think that the cause is the release that will be held on Nov 15 for US/Canada…..so if you wait some days until Nov 29 for UK/Europe the shipping are no more restricted. Right? (because i’m italian >_>)

  8. chad says:

    Maybe I missed it but how will the winner be initially notified? I read about sending you our email and real addy, but not how i will be notified

  9. Fifthm00n says:

    Retweeted! Hope i win. And congrats again to wololo and all of us!

  10. John says:

    I want to win this! Either the PS4 or the 400 Dollars U.S. PSN Code! Thanks Wololo! ^_^

  11. StaticCodex says:

    Oh man, this one is definitely huge.

    Hopefully I can get this and not end up saving my lunch allowance for a year again just to get an up-to-date console..

  12. StaticCodex says:

    Oh when will the winner be announced? At the end of this month, or…?

  13. Andre says:

    You are the nicest guy ever. Good luck to all participants.

  14. Squall says:

    Where do I contact you in order to send you my e-mail address?

  15. Squall says:

    LOL, just the winner, sorry XD

  16. Josh says:

    If you’re outside the US you can get it shipped to a US address (I’ve used Bundlebox before) and you just pay shipping and import taxes to your country.

  17. Gazra says:

    Well this is a great contest imo I can’t wait for the ps4 even tho they have console banned a few consoles now lol.

    Ah well good luck all and congrats to the winner when it is announced.

  18. psYos says:

    I love everything about this site Wololo. But mostly, i love that you guys just keep giving back to the community, no matter what country they’re from, or how rude/impatient people can be, You guys keep doing your thing. Stay golden pony boy. My retweet is in… are yours? :P

  19. Abdiel says:

    I just retweeted it! so random because I never post on twitter lol :)

  20. Damian Huerta says:

    I want the ps4, how do i send u all the things that u ask???

  21. Alex says:

    Wow, amazing! I don’t have the money to preorder at the moment and was planning on having to wait till June! Haha

  22. jok3r0314 says:

    Holy cow! This is the most epic giveaway, hands down. I can’t lie I never win anything so I don’t want to get my hopes high but damn it’s so tempting. Wonder what day you’ll announce the winner? Will it be a public announcement or will it just be a direct message on Twitter. Good luck to all who enter

  23. imran_peter says:

    It would be the coolest giveaway for gamers…:D

  24. nassim says:

    hi wololo i realy love your work

  25. Clarkalel says:

    Thanks for giving all of us a chance to win this great prize.Thank you to all those who contributed to the scene and hoping for more great things to come, another 5 years of greatness.

  26. Clarkal says:

    Wow nice prize,Good Luck to everyone.

  27. Boi says:

    Wow. Only 100+ retweets for a free ps4. You would think there would be more

  28. dexter says:

    Hello wollo, thanks for going out of your way to make our lives easier.

  29. dexter says:

    wololo* ;o

  30. jok3r0314 says:

    Closer to 1200 retweets but still the odds are good. I’m just curious how the do the random picking.

  31. jok3r0314 says:

    1298 to be exact. I hope I’m that lucky 1

  32. Kyu says:

    Do US psn codes work in European store?

    …because I am sure that the ps4 will not be able to be shipped in Greece -.-

  33. Chuckers says:

    This would make my year… heck… probably many years.. Fingers Crossed!

  34. Aytug Yuceer says:

    my fingers crossed

  35. landon says:

    Nice, very very nice !! reteweet done, happy birthday wololo

  36. Al Parker says:

    Absolutely amazing giveaway… well over 1K RT now, but got to be in it to win it :-) Thanks for the chance and you’re going to make one lucky gamer absolutely ecstatic!


  1. February 10, 2014

    […] more than the equivalent of 7 years of PS Plus subscription on this blog, including a contest to win a PS4 last year. If I wanted 7 years of PS Plus for myself, I don’t need to pirate […]

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