Killzone: Mercenary Public Beta Live


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56 Responses

  1. hene193 says:

    Omg so cool! Can’t wait to get it ^^

  2. cry-baby says:

    i have this but sadly my connection NAT type is 3.. i already did everything for NAT 2 like port forwarding, dmz, etc., still NO LUCK..:(

  3. Obito says:

    Can’t believe a handheld is able to run this game. The last I had was a Game Boy, you know XD.

  4. SsJVasto says:

    I can’t find it in the Store… Where is it hiding?

  5. DovahJoe says:

    Were is it? I have been searching all morning for it

  6. DovahJoe says:

    it says if your are ps plus yoiu can get it but I can’t find it ?!!

  7. x-eye says:

    Ok ok i get it PS plus members get the five star treatment. Thass cool. Enjoy y’all. Rest of will just have to be patient lol. But it sounds like a blast!

    • x-eye says:

      Update: ok i just checked and yes indeed it ain’t there. Too bad cause i have a weeks worth of free internet; woulda dl in an instant. Whoosh

    • squiggs says:

      We get EARLY access because we pay to keep the servers open. If you learned how much it cost to run a server you would understand why the people who pay with out being forced get a few extras.

  8. redsand says:

    Not in us store yet

  9. compccs says:

    the beta is pretty sweet…graphically very very smooth and pretty… i havent played too much yet… damn battery lol … but i think it will be a awesome game all around on the vita and i cant wait to see more like this … like borderlands on vita :):)

    • compccs says:

      oh and i have a extra code since i got one in home at e3 and i have plus and got one emailed to me… if anyone is interested… hit me up on twitter…

    • Edzo says:

      i know! that was some of the most exciting gaming news ever for me. on a side note killzone mercenary is surprisingly awesome. really fun multiplayer, smooth framerate and incredible graphics for handheld. very impressed

  10. jkoiou says:

    on 2.12 with vhbl but got the email with beta code… to update or not to update, that is the question… :( i know 2.60 vhbl will be coming out somewhat soon, but….

  11. WizardibBlack says:

    ive practically played this nonstop since i got it! out of the 8+ matches i joined, the worst lag was where it seemed like a player went prone and just slid across the map as if he was being pulled by something fast. The only compaints i have are the crouch/sprint button. sometimes i want to crouch even if im moving and that gets me killed. also, when switching weapons its easy to accidentally throw a grenade. and this game massively drains my battery. but all of that is nothing compared to all of the right things they did with this game. I LOVE IT

    • WiardinBlack says:

      ps. i would buy a new battery expansion for my vita before i missed out on this! and maybe some triggers or something so my hand doesnt cramp up… but thats sony problem, not the devs.

  12. TheTokBoks says:

    Well… If we want to play against the high and mighty Wololo, how may we do so?

    (In other words, I want to play against you)

  13. The Budds says:

    If you have playstation plus…wait till the store updates. For everyone else with a code, enter it and you’ll be able to download and play.

  14. redsand says:

    beta is now on us PSN for ps+ members

  15. DQEIGHT says:

    I accidentally wiped my iPod. With all my home codes, but I’m lucky I have ps plus. Now I just need the space.

  16. Evo_ExiLe says:

    Yay since I have PS Plus I got it. So happy.

  17. rvdscr says:

    I got the vita code in my email was like this

    War is Our Business – Welcome to the Early Access Public Beta for Killzone: Mercenary
    Thank you for your participation in the early access public beta for Killzone™: Mercenary that begins on August 20th. To download the beta redeem the voucher code after the store update on August 20th.

    But the problem is when I try to redeem the code it gives me a np-8128-9 error.Does anyone know about the error??

  18. Ryan86me says:

    Played the living heck out of the beta today, it’s as awesome as everyone says. Definitely going to buy the game first day :D.

  19. UraniumDude says:

    Hey, I can’t seem to activate mine. When I try to redeem the code they say the code is invalid.

  20. Esude says:

    Here one of you can have this code for the early beta, since I have a PS+ membership: F8P6-K8N5-KNF6

  21. NakedFaerie says:

    COD:D is the worst COD game ever. Its pathetic.
    The only reason I brought it as there was nothing else on the Vita worth getting and thats saying something.
    Well nothing else that I dont already own.

  22. Logan says:


    I just wanted to thank you a million times over my friend! I have been searching the internet for weeks on a Killzone Mercenary code and I happened to nab yours up just in time! I thank you for your generosity and may we meet on the battlefield:)

  23. DovahJoe says:

    anybody els having major connection issues I can’t even get into a game and I’m NAT type 2 even in party it says either kicked or could not connect

  24. alexyhoo says:

    another code for some1 who needs :D CPJD-AENJ-GR8C

  25. rvscr says:

    Can anyone give me a extra eu region code

  26. UraniumDude says:

    Is the beta only available for euro?

  27. Chuck says:

    I have been searching for a few days now…. If anyone has a US beta code I would love to play!!!! You can hit me up on psn. My ID is KingCJ84. I owe my soul to whomever can deliver!

  28. Z says:

    Lag free and bug free?

    I’ve experienced a handful of bugs, which includes me getting stuck, not being able to knife, and a Vanguard capsule falling flat on it’s face instead of being upright.

    And I’ve experienced more than a handful of lag. including not being able to kill a guy that is shooting at me, only to have him zip a few feet away, with his bullets STILL hitting me, causing me to die, and again, not being able to kill a player that’s not moving, only to have him disconnect a minute later.

    I know this is just the beta, but you saying it is lag free and bug free is wrong.

  29. manny says:

    i need a beta code gamertag is zeek360 please someone lol

  30. wtfsony says:

    So if i’m with a UK account I can only participate with ps+?
    I got the code but when reedeming it I get the same error as anyone else… I don’t understand the point of the key if you can’t use it…

  31. UraniumDude says:

    Using my brother psn account and it only works for US and EUR not asia.

  32. Ellis says:

    I hope this is ok but I made a youtube video on how to hack in the Van guard in case any body is confused enjoy!

  33. franzken says:

    i got the code on fb go to vita hub ite there im dwnlding it now on my vita but i live in asia can i play

  34. lengi123 says:

    6AM CT US on the 27th and still no access for non plus members :(

  35. Jasveer Singh says:

    The screenshot of the map you put up isn’t even IN this open beta :p lol

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