Unverifiable rumor about a PS Vita redesign tricks the internet


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  1. ReynkZ says:

    Hopefully they add HDMI port, I love to play PS Vita games on big screen although I rather not buy another PS Vita.

    • phil87700 says:

      i think that will be also be possible on current pita in a become few updates.. with that unknown port on top center… 😉

      • kuagelo says:

        I’m hoping that would be the case, it would really blow if only “new” Vitas would be able to do that. :/

        (then again, the PSP1000 couldn’t do it either…)

    • You can already do that now, however it will cost you about $300.

      What you do:

      Go to Katsukity’s PSVita site(3dsgamecapture.com)
      Either ship your Vita or buy theirs.

      Hook up your computer via HDMI to a TV

      Now you can play your Vita on the bigscreen.

  2. Yea, if they add hdmi support, bigger screen, wayyyy more ram and video ram, heck make the touchscreen as indestructible as they can cause mine got a dent in it, make the touch pad and touch screnn scratch proof, slightly bigger start and select button and analogs, make better chargers that dont break easily cause mine is showing wires, voice control(option to turn it on or off), better wifi connectibility, wayyyyyy better camera and resolution,….all that and i have more ideas, it would be worth however mush i would pay for it

  3. ManOverboard says:

    They should add clickable analog sticks a better camera and hdmi out would be great.

  4. Vitality says:

    I don’t think I really want a slimmer Vita, but I would love if they can increase slightly the size of the buttons and make a bigger gaps between Dpad and left analog because I have problem when playing a fighting game (like DOA5 and Mortal Kombat) using Dpad, which I always accidentally pushed the analog stick, thus performing a false move and breaking my combo.

    • ReapersRage says:

      I second that! Very frustrating in a heated fighting match were it is toe to toe, next thing you know you drop your combo and then open for punishment 🙁 I wish there was a way to disable the left analog playing some games

  5. me says:

    could an new revision come with a new firmware? 2.70 or already 3.00?

  6. mike24 says:

    If they made another vita I would hope they get rid out the touch screen bs and add triggers for L2/R2 , bigger analogue sticks with L3/R3 , and a better selection of games… You know similar to the famous ps3… That would be great … A portable ps3

    • silkyskeeter says:

      LoL, they WONT get rid of the touchscreen (maybe the back touchscreen, but touch (in general) will never leave the Vita). I am fine with the touchscreen, what Im NOT fine with is the over-use of it in games. If it compliments gameplay then its fine. But all this having to swipe the screen to do things that can CLEARLY be done with a button press (Uncharted Golden and Assassin’s Creed Liberation.. for example).

  7. Multiboy2k says:

    You know what?
    At this point, im seriously thinking about jumping ship and joining Team Nvidia.

    Wololo, have you seen this?:


    Im buying one as we speak.
    And, yep it emulates PSP games at almost top speed as well. But, Drastic is what sold it for me.

  8. adx2 says:

    Big screen dosent matter but specs does matter they should increase the ram to 1gb and should increase the screen resolution to full hd which will look more Vibrant on 5 inch oled and an increased processing power of the cpu and the gpu aswell sgx543mp4+

  9. Romu says:

    LOL. I even not started to play serious games with it… appart 1 or 2 and shewill be an obsolete model.

    I hope the first model will be the easiest to hack when the day will come.

  10. Tonakai says:

    This has since been removed from the site, claiming that the source could not be verified.

    There was rumour some time back about there being a release with the HDMI port (obviously not the devkit) but that never materialised.

    Due to the lack of sales and companies willing to make games for the console; I highly doubt they’d re-create the console just yet. It’s not like the Vita hasn’t already been a waste of money for them, so why waste more? A few hardware differences will not change the general opinion of the console.

  11. Mr MaGoo says:

    I wonder if this has anything to do with the 4g model that we saw patents for a couple months ago

  12. pkmaximum says:

    If anything, SONY would redesign the console with the intention of making the manufacturing process cheaper to cut the price for consumers. One of the definite Vita hang-ups is the high-price point for software that doesn’t justify the cost. That said, even if SONY redesigns the Vita, they still have a bunch of inventory at retail outlets and warehouses that need to be depleted.

  13. svenn says:

    Increase of RAM comes as no suprise, it might even be cheaper to increase RAM then to keep these low number RAM chips.

  14. zakaiya says:

    I’ve spent around 500-600 bucks on my vitas alone. I don’t think i can handle getting a slim model. My obsession with adding leds pushed me to this length. Now that it’s done i can say that i won’t be putting anymore money down, up , left , or right towards any vita model. If they give us better wifi chips i MAY consider but seeing how it will be cheaper i’m sure it’ll be the same *** chip. I wish the wifi would work without me having to restart my system everytime.

  15. vicsidious says:

    Seriously, what I (maybe we) want is to be able to play on the vita, through the ps3, on the tv! That seems like something VERY possible to do with “only” a firmware update, don’t you think people?

  16. Kyu says:

    This rumor rustled my jimmies.

  17. NNNRT says:

    The hardware the Vita currently needs is an internal storage (old Nokias have it), a vibration function (old Nokias have it), a flashlight for the camera (old Nokias have it), & a better camera (not the camera old Nokias have). 😛

  18. nigga says:

    PS VITA SLIM, 2013, PS VITA 3000 2015, PS VITA GO. 2016

  19. the3 says:

    Or they could just build a tablet form of there laptop with the button attachments

  20. Hellbelial says:

    The vita needs to be more powerfull in ram and other stuff also they need to release 80gb card and the games need to be released under 4gb,then we will play more hours and we will see more graphics on the games.When i bought LBP i say…what? already finish the game? some companies needs to learn of Uncharted,Dj max i know is not an adventure game but is adictive,Mk9 and Ninja Gaiden 2,those games are at least 3gb and the 32gb card is not enough for all of them.Now we need Kof,Tales of hearts R,Shin Goketsuji Matsuri,Nauto,Fairy Tail,Tekken and a god of war psv only not the HD version of the first games.

    • lennyvita says:

      all of those are great games, the 32 gb memory card is expensive and can fill up fast with the size of vita games. this is why i try to buy the card version not the dlc that eats up space faster than a starving person at an all you can eat buffet.

      it would also surprise me if sony released a larger vita. sony should focus on the current model vita and more good quality games, not stupid iphone type games. if i want those i will use my phone. i bought the vita for console games in my hand. that is what i want for the vita. i hope a gamescom they have some new titles not re-hash of psp games in hd.

      • Hellbelial says:

        I agree with you but imagine this,bigger screen and more power,more graphics in games and it will be like for example a portable ps2 “I wish XD”,they need to focus on psv games such as kof and tekken and others like naruto,tales of games,more jrpg,Borderlands 2? come on we already playing that game why another 2 on the go we need a diferent version on ps vita.I heard Castlevania LOS will be on psv but i was hoping to get a HD release ports of Nds games,i have played all of them in my pc but it will be great to get them on psvita,Fatal frame with motion camera,clock tower….forget it CRAPCOM solt out their *** to nintendo so *** NINTENDO AND GET *** HARD CRAPCOM XD,a silent hill game i know there is one on psv actually i have it but i didnt bought it it was free,how can you explain:Psp Silent Hill Origins survival horror and Psv BOM Rpg -_-.

  21. BigOLcock says:

    Amazing why would sony even bother making a less attractive ps vita for kinks knowing the product they have at the moment is at its worst stage of production it doesn’t make sense.
    With the cash they would spend on redesigning the same unit the money should go to video game development teams to make better coded games that will be as smooth as butter without the lame patches sony loves to do.

  22. makak1984 says:

    Nope new Vita is bad idea, still lack of games, even if on bigger screen it is gadget than good handheld… So even if I will buy it I will wait for few months… If game library will not raise I will stay on Vita Rev. 1.

    I think that releasing two consoles on one year isn’t good idea :/

  23. StaticCodex says:

    Hah, I highly doubt this one. Lets be realistic here that website looks like something I made back in 8th grade..

  24. dragonkid6 says:

    From what we’ve seen in updating handhelds, the systems always gets smaller. The LLs DSs are an exception, since they cater to bigger handed gamers such as myself.

  25. skpg says:

    Sony is losing money on the Vita, and it still hasn’t reach it’s expectations when it comes to sales. Why would Sony waste millions of dollars on a new design? Anyone with a brain can see that would put Sony deeper in debt.

    The issue with the Vita is that it’s expensive and it has to many hidden fees. What Sony needs to do is lower the cost of Vita that includes the games, the accessories, and the system itself. Not add more bells and whistles that will increase cost, and most likely will turn off consumers.

  26. xoombie503 says:

    Dont worry guys,its the vita with no gps,wifi,bluetooth, for $199 XD

  27. Deamon says:

    Sony is pulling the same *** with the Vita that they once did with the PS3, they expect every Consumer to be mindless sheeps that buy their Overpriced Products like it would have an Apple Logo on the back….

    And the “Designs” of some Users here just blow my mind…

    Why not add your own Satellite Antenna and some Wheels to it?
    With a steering Wheel i could finally Experience the thrill of Racing Games, without having to wait for actually one to get made on the Vita(And i dont mean something like WipeOut, more like GT5).

    Give the damn Device what it needs the most, A *** CONSUMER BASE!.

    That and of course NEW GAMES not any of those *** HD REMIXES of Games that i still have standing in my Shelf.

  28. ken2guy says:

    What IF we do get a 2nd gen vita model that comes with propriatry hdmi plug and brighter oled screen with the buttons being more seperated like on ths psp 3000

    Instant buy for me 😀

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