Free McBoot v1.90 released – extra compatibility and new features.

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  1. Randqalan

    Well Glad someone thought this was news the PSX-Scene had first release and no one reported it

    Thanks Tonakai 🙂

  2. AliFOJ

    I would never consider doing this for my PS2 as I love it the way it is. It’s mod chipped and I never needed to upgrade anything in it for the past 10 years I’ve had it. It still works fine and runs all games.

    • Randqalan

      Well that is good way to but this will not modify any Hardware and allows almost all the same stuff except PSX booting and that as emu is in the works too

      • b2p1mp

        SMB games over network is so fantastic. The VMC gives you unlimited savadata space. This is unique.

        • LocalH

          For those with fat PS2s, HDD gaming is really the way to go. Especially with FHDB+HDDOSD. I’m currently using this setup on a 250GB drive, so the HDDOSD itself isn’t too much use to me insofar as much as the browser goes, but it’s great to boot up without an MC in, and launch OPL (or OPL+GSM) to make use of its VMC support. Basically, for 90% of average use cases, it’s possible to never need to insert a physical MC into your PS2 effective of this release.

  3. fate6

    I don’t use FMCB since I have HDDOSD+BBN but there is no denying how awesome this is

    BTW SP193 has been doing lots of stuff with the PS2 recently

    Its thanks him I can use my Phat PS2 at all

    Disk drive is broken so I put a HDD on it and use his tool to install my games and run them straight from OSD

    • Tonakai

      I need to look into doing that myself. I have a HDD but I’ve mostly just used OPL to play games from it, so I’m still relying on FMCB.

      I’ll be keeping an eye on SP193 though, it’s cool to see that someone’s still dedicated to the console.

      • b2p1mp

        They really have the network streaming of games working smooth for SMB protocol now. Try it out. Also many work just from the crappy usb1.0 stick if you want.

    • LocalH

      FMCB 1.90 installer also can install Free HDBoot – it does to the HDDOSD what FMCB does to the ROM OSD, so you can launch homebrew from the hacked OSD menu, launch games from the browser like you’re doing now, and I don’t think FHDB will affect BBN at all. This, IMO, is better than setting up homebrew to run from individual 128MB partitions, you can put your homebrew stuff into __sysconf/FMCB and save space on your HDD. I’m still using OPL to run games, as my drive is too big for the HDDOSD to read without crapping up, and I’ve just moved to an MC-less setup after this release, I wish to use standard OPL for its VMC support, although SP193 et al have done awesome work cutting the chaff from OPL to make their Diskload/Mini-OPL which SP193’s HDLGameInstaller installs to the game partition for HDDOSD usage.

  4. wraddek

    I know you said it can run a gameboy emulator, but would I be right in assuming that you mean all the gameboy handhelds up to and including the Gameboy Advanced? -Thanks

    • Tonakai

      No, as far as I can recall it only allows for Gameboy and Gameboy Colour games to be emulated.

      • LocalH

        I think there was an attempt at porting VBA-M to the PS2, and in fact I remember finding a release at one point, but I never got it to work. Can’t imagine it’ll run that well, SNES and Genesis emulation on the PS2 is pushing it, and I think the GBA requires more horsepower to emulate on average.

  5. SakkeMO

    Well i did not expect to see this especially from here. Couple years i was all over with my Phat PS2 with 500Gt Seagate filled from games.
    Nowadays i really don’t play it too much, kinda saving it for my daughter when she grows older, and who knows maybe i get a son soon enough 🙂 I’m sure we will have a blast with all those great ps2 multiplayers with my kid(s). Cant wait.

  6. zsld0423

    Pretty awesome that even after all these years, there’s still updates like this being pushed out. Guess I’ll have to boot up the ‘ol ps2 and try it out 😀

  7. Tnutbutter

    No support for 9000x and up? Guess my ps2 is gonna collect dust for another few years.

    • fate6

      Not possible as Sony fixed it on those PS2 model’s

      • LocalH

        Yea, it’s impossible to use any version of FMCB on a 9000x console that doesn’t already have code to search for MC updates in its boot ROM. With Swap Magic, it’s possible to have the same capabilities of homebrew launching, but you won’t really save your laser as much as one would with an FMCB-compatible PS2. Put your homebrew on a USB drive, put uLE on said USB drive as /SWAPMAGIC/SWAPMAGIC.ELF, and assuming the USB drive is compatible, when you boot with the Swap Magic disc in the PS2, it will load /SWAPMAGIC/SWAPMAGIC.ELF and run it, putting uLE there allows you to load any other homebrew you want, no actual disc swapping necessary. This can even be used to install FMCB on a non-compatible console, and it will successfully install, and assuming no problems with the card itself, that card will then boot on other PS2s (assuming a cross-regional/cross-model install was done). uLE can even launch the hacked OSDSYS on 9000x consoles, so if you wanted, you could set uLE up to automatically do so, and then other than having the Swap Magic disc in the picture, you can pretty much do on a 9000x everything that’s possible on an earlier slim.

        • nany

          se puede cuidar el lector con las nuevas ps2 pero con chip matrix 1.93 y colocar ulanchelf en la memory y luego lanzar cargadores de juego. ya que el chip lee el ulanch desde la memory . (solo colocar una carpeta BOOT y renombrar ulanch a BOOT.elf

        • kirubale

          so can i boot fmcb on schp-90006 with out any cd

  8. Shuyin

    I just reopen my ps2 with 500 gig and i am glad that a new free mcboot is out! Keep going the good job!

  9. Byron

    deberian hacerlo compatibles para las ultimas consolas de play station 2 las que tienen el scpch 900010 o deberian encontrar una forma como como cambiarle es os deberian hacerlo porfa ya que habemos varios que tenemos una play 2 con esa version y el fmc no es compatible


  10. JC200X

    This sure is a surprise. I still use my PS2 today with FMCB. Nice to see this is still being worked on.

  11. b2p1mp

    I have a deep “love” for this application. Holy Wow Thanks. This is of the top 10 best apps of all time.

  12. Oreo

    How would i go about updating my memory card that has 1.8?

    • Tonakai

      I used my 1.80 FMCB memory card to launch uLaunchElf and install FMCB on a second memory card – this is probably the safest bet.

      Basically, you WILL have to use uLaunchELF to install it on another card, since FMCB needs to be installed, so you cannot just copy through the PS2 Browser, sadly.

  13. StaticCodex

    Yes! Finally they have HDD support! Its been years but I still actively use my ps2 on fmcb so great share!

  14. Mr Rab

    Well i guess its time to drag my ol’ ps2 out again…let the nostalgia begin!

  15. Orohu

    A while back, I used the Sony PS3 Memory Card Adapter to put Free McBoot on my PS2 memory card, but this will make it a lot more convenient, loading straight from the hard drive.

  16. internally-blazed

    Guess I’ll be dusting my ps2 for this good update.

  17. stOneskull

    i’ve seen ps2s so, so cheap second-hand.. they’re almost given away.. i think i’ll get a couple old ones and experiment..

  18. Francois

    Nice one ! I’ll stick on my Swap Magic for the moment but it’s a wonderfull news for those who don’t have access to Swap Magic (hard cover modding).

  19. schmief

    the download link doesnt work 🙁

  20. Vahkiti

    Well… that’s just marvelous. I had my reservations about installing this over 1.8, but I did it anyway for the sake of keeping things up to date. I ran it through Ulaunchelf and the installation completed just fine. NOW whenever I start the PS2 I just get a black screen. Meaning I have to do the whole damn process with SwapMagic over again from SCRATCH.

    ….Exactly why is this a problem that I have to deal with? >_>

    • Randqalan

      What model PS2 let me guess just recently we found a bug of BSOD on 70012 model

      If not that model please let us know what model

  21. Mizu

    This is a nice surprise 🙂
    The HDD support – does this require additional hardware besides the PS2 itself (& memory cards, of course)? I’m currently running backups using SMB, so a HDD solution would be nice as I’ve heard its faster.

    • Randqalan

      Once installed to Hard Drive on network adapter even the Memory Card is not required it will boot for Hard Drive after that

      If you want what FMCB without taking space on MC then this will do the same Thing and can install FMCB as well

      No need for browser 2.00 unless you want to boot games and apps from HDDOSD then it is required

  22. Steve

    wait, so this version can be used on the japanese PSX dvr too?

  23. ~paulo

    this version 1.9 works for the european new ps2 scph 9000x????

    its already tested in a 9000x series??

  24. Greg Liptai

    The link doesn’t work anymore 🙁 PLEASE someone reupload the file!(Try filesmelt)

  25. SpideRaY

    You can download a 7zip version on be sure to use 7zip to unpack it. You will also have to add your desired ELF files to the install folder on your USB stick when unpacked before booting your PS2 with Swapmagic (You will need at least the BOOT.ELF (uLaunchEFL) and the ESR.ELF (beta r9b mcard) and and extra SWAPMAGIC folder containing the SWAPMAGIC.ELF file to allow installation to your official SONY Magic Gate 8MB minimum MC. And of course at least a Swapmagic v3.6 DVD to boot for the FMCB install.

  26. arya

    what this can instal in PlayStation2 – Charcoal Black (SCPH-90006 CB)


    HI my playstion2 optical pick up is damage is there any possible way that i will install free mcboot to the PS2 without the disc

  28. ismail abukar

    hi i bought japanese memory card and i cant install FMCB so is there a way or aguode you have for me to install FMCB help brother

  29. PS2-Mod

    Hi. For anyone who doesn’t want the hassle of doing it themselves, I offer a service that does this. I currently install Free Mcboot v1.94. Checkout my website at Thanks

  30. SCPH-900...4

    Why dont you support SCPH-900…4

  31. Marc

    Hoping for SCPH-90006… it’s collecting dust

  32. wisdom

    pls i dont know much about fmcb how do i install it on my ps2

  33. Deyan

    I want to show the clock’time in osdsys menu.can i?In windows mirc script i remember that was something like $$time$$.This is challenge for me;thanks

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