Release Date for TN-V4/kexploit & OFW 2.60 Disables Increased Memory Support

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  1. dimighost

    excellent =]
    like someone said before about it
    very smart wait the biggest update for vita

    thanks for hard word!

  2. zakaiya

    Damn im on 2.60 on both my vitas, gunna keep one official and the other on 2.60.

  3. So if im on 2.12 can i update to 2.60 and still get the tn-v4 when it releases?

    • mlc

      “So if im on 2.12 can i update to 2.60 and still get the tn-v4 when it releases?”

      Yes, but if you currently have a working VHBL then you won’t be able to use any homebrew until the release in a few months. Also, 2.12 will have the capability to use more homebrew (and perhaps better) than 2.60 due to the expanded memory. (64MB like a PSP Slim, instead of the 32MB like a Fat)

      • Great. Thx for the clarification

        • mlc

          Oh, just in case my post was unclear, the 2.12 exploits will probably be available to you if you have a PS3, due to the OpenCMA trick. So even if you can’t get a 2.12 exploited game right now, staying on 2.12 might be more beneficial when you can transfer Gameocracy from a PS3 later. (assuming that you want the additional homebrew memory, instead of whatever Vita games require 2.60 minimum firmware)

  4. Drake Jones

    Well, it sounds as if SOme oNY has took it back a step, Resolved an issue, then went forward a few steps. Some how you guys always out do them. Good luck and great work. Cant wait for the release.

  5. mlc

    This article states that the expanded memory is only available on 2.10 to 2.12. TN seemed to indicate that it was merely most stable on 2.12, but would work on any exploit below 2.60. Does anyone know if this expanded memory will work on 1.81, 2.02, or 2.06? I’d definitely prefer to keep this Vita on 1.81 and just get another Vita whenever there are a lot of games I want, but I’ll probably have to update if the additional memory is only available on 2.12.

  6. FishSticks


  7. Max7731

    So I think I’ll stay in FW 2.12 in May is what the thing with open cma + PS3 still works?

    And it must be my PS3 connect to PSN when I transfer the game?

  8. wartaf

    well, i wonder, if TN-V4 will going to release soon? or is it gonna release on same date as that unknown kernel exploits? i wish, TN-V4 release first!! 😀

    • Minimur12

      …….. It was said in the article that it will be released some time after the PS4 release date

  9. JiachengWeng

    Thanks for all hackers!!!
    It’s really smart to release the kernel exploit after the launch of the PS4. PS Vita’s update at that time may last for a long time that allows us to enjoy bith kernel exploit and PSN service.

  10. b2p1mp

    I assume the extra RAM will be accessed in another method eventually (for those on 2.60). That I cannot guarantee though. The extra RAM is just a bonus and do not let it bother you if you updated to 2.60. As for those on 2.12 or below: Pro Online “might” be possible on the Vita with certain games (many) and it would be so awesome that words cannot describe it.

    • Gunblade

      Vita still got four fifty sum thing of ram.? New firmware probly use chunk .think the flash is half way full still probly have to add the streaming function and the video app.. .? Watch red dawn once really wish Korea would invade….

  11. china

    my God ! We need to wait 2 months?

    I don’t have any vulnerability game now.!!! QAQ

  12. phil87700

    Its worth the wait.. will stay on 2.12 for while.. i simply added funds to my wallet so soon 🙁 ….
    You guys are really awesome…
    Looking forward to it.. want to play Exit2, Flatout Head-ON, Prinny 2, etc.. on my Red vita.

  13. mangosteam

    well aslong as psp games and patches and ps one games runs smoothly and with sound ill update so i can also buy the newest vita games.. im not trying n64 and ds emulators anyway..

  14. xj107359

    “Its unfortunate however, that with the latest firmware that space that allowed us to use the extra RAM is no longer available.”
    @_@ How bad will it be ? Will it be slow when run big PSP games like FF ?

  15. AliFOJ

    So if we stay at 2.12 that is better then updating as TN-V4 will be better suited for 2.12. But the release is a little later then expected but honestly I wanted it late for some reason. Btw because I am new to this stuff so wanted to know how do we get this kernel exploit in Vita? By putting some save data into the VHBL or something like that?

  16. Kamil

    I have a question about this release:
    1) I’m on 1.81 FW with Gravity Crash exploit, and I’m thinking about update to 2.60 and getting new kexploit. But I heard something about Sony blocked renaming files on FW 2.06 or something like that. Can any1 explain me what is that about?
    2) Recently my Vita started rebooting itself often with some numeric error (even if I wasn’t using VHBL) – the solution was to format memory card and reinstall FW. I succeeded activating my PS Vita by trick with transfering app from my PS3. BUT I red that this trick is working only on Open CMA 4.5, version 5.0 already blocked this trick. Is that mean that with updating to 2.60, when the new FW will be released I’m stuck and in any case I won’t be able to restore my PS Vita system, because there is no way to activate it?
    Thx for answering.

  17. Lennyvita

    This is good, it pays to wait. if you already have an exploit its better to wait. Like most all consoles and systems the earlier the firmware the more open it is to exploits. You can always upgrade firmware but rarely able to downgrade.

    for my 2.06 apache does 99% of what the latest vhbl exploit does. so why update? i dont care for $onys lack of games for the vita. So be happy with what firmware you got now and when Total Noob releases his TN-V4 and exploit, you will have the best options available. All the devs are working hard on VBHL and TN-V4, great work i thank you.

  18. zakaiya

    I got two vitas and my cfw psp. So w.e happens im a happy camper. Ill stick stay on this 2.60with my other vita and update the other that way i can get the best of both worlds.


    These hackers are corny no wonder why ps3 hackers laugh at this community.

  20. schmief

    so TN CFW will work with the GOLOR exxploit? And also will I still be able to run homewbrews with this CFW?

  21. User1

    What will be the point to wait until after the PS4 releases? What I mean is, how will be know if there will be increased Ram in the next firmware?

  22. meler-andy

    the best way for us Noobs is to stay on 2.0.2 with uno(full mem) and tn v-2 and buy second vita for ps4 support 🙂 i am considering my self to do that 😀 🙁

  23. meler-andy

    everything means …. if u wanna play backups and enjoy full memory in psp mode,and isos without any freezes stay on 2.0.2 uno kexploit,,i am goin to staty with it ,,and i dont care if i got to spend another 150 £ hope ther is better future for vita users without limits LoL 😀 (not possible)..when ps4 comes out big decision to make update or not …
    I am Saying Not 😀

  24. Jdub

    Hmmm….that’s disappointing considering I just let go of my uno exploit to update and play dragon’s crown (which is so totally worth it btw). But beggers can’t be choosers. I know you guys will be able to pull some strings with some hard work, and you guys always work hard. Thanks!!

  25. Techni Myoko

    “That update (which should be 3.00) will most likely incorporate features for the PS4 such as Remote Play. ”

    We’ve had that in PSP since the day PS3 launched… RemotePlay is identical on Vita…

  26. whackm

    Hey All, what about firmware 2.11. Should I do a partial upgrade to 2.12?

  27. ken2guy

    no dont update

    Only update if you want acess to PSN, current games that need OFW 2.60

    i for 1 will stay at 2.10 <3

  28. Jimmy

    What I don’t understand is what does the extra memory do? What is the difference in practice with this the memory loss?

    • Jd8531

      It allows for better compatibility with homebrew (including faster loading) and better compatibilty with ISOs. Things run a lot better, but its not drastic.

  29. phil87700

    Somebody please tell me.
    Im on VHBL – GOLOR 2.12 Vita… Will i need a PS3 when this TN-V expolit is ported to GOLOR-VHBL.??????
    Please reply…coz im planning to sell my PS3…

  30. antonio

    What about the exploit arcade darts? Could it impact the TNV4 release?