Announcement: I will release a new usermode exploit soon


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  1. DarkenLX says:

    when vhbl exploits are made is there any effort to try to make sure the game used does not cost alot?. not everyone is able to buy stuff off ps store for various reasons.

  2. sdf says:

    will these make vita read vita/psp backups?

    • avasdv says:

      o.m.g. read..

    • Casavult says:

      Read the damn post!

      “Now, let me make this clear: THE EXPLOIT WILL BE RELEASED WITH VHBL UNTIL TN CONFIRMS A NEW KERNEL EXPLOIT, so I don’t want anyone asking “d0es it pl4y 1S0s?” cause I’ll directly ignore you. If TN decides to release a kernel exploit, YOU WILL SEE THE NEWS HERE, until then: VHBL IS ALL YOU GOT.”

  3. luis says:

    why not announce three sets exploitable (or more), two are lying and only one is the exploitable to have if sony so takes longer to withdraw the game.

    • Alexander says:

      It would be the same, we would have to buy a few games, that cost us a lot more money, and sony would remove all the suspicous games for a couple of days, until they get the real. So, the sadly truth is that Ninja Release is the best way to do it… PS: sorry for the bad english

  4. internally-blazed says:

    Thanks Acid_Snake!

    I’ll update my vita to 2.60 and await this!

  5. Gyugyu says:

    Usually how much time do we have before they remove the vhbl? Hours, days?

    • Lennyvita says:

      VHBL will stay for ever and is available here. If you mean the exploited game it is usually a day or two at the most. If you wait a week it is too late. exploits are provided by ninja releases in the forums. Sign up and in time you may get notified of the next ninja release. The best way to not miss the next exploit is to sign up on the form and check regularly.

      if you are notified of the newest exploit you should get that game as soon as possible, if not instantly. Sony will pull the game once it is known to them. so to answer your question it is hours to a few days.

  6. pspfanMOHH says:

    @Lennyvita vHBL is limited source to amount of vita/psp games and minis there are

    @Acid Post the leak reports have to have proofs or else for example some can randomly point to me

  7. joey says:

    wi11 thi5 p1ay i5os?

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