PSVita TN-V Update Coming, Possibly New Kernel Exploit Release Soon


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142 Responses

  1. a.c.hunk says:

    really? .masters i love you

  2. icyheart says:

    Realy Iam so much happy

  3. FishStick says:


  4. Maning says:

    Yeah oh yeah..!! Baby oh yeah lets dance Wololo..!!

  5. Raizuke says:

    if im already on 2.60,will i be able to use the kernel exploit?..

  6. I do hope this is released after the PS4 updates for the Vita. I would love to have a KExploit and ps4 connectivity. It is a long time to wait, though.

    • RedHawk02 says:

      Even if that does happen, you would still need to update the firmware to keep the connectivity unless there’s a way around it like openCMA.

  7. Jv says:

    Nice news, worth the wait

  8. x-eye says:

    …and that’s the news. Now for the weather: cloudy with a chance of no excusive triple A titles followed by heavy showers and endless updates from Sony. Up next sports.

  9. Lennyvita says:

    Cannot wait for this, it is amazing news. I have 2 Vitas wanting this update. I already enjoy 2.06 apache, but any update is a great update. All the people here that work hard on the vita, my hats off to you….

    • tinostar91 says:

      Leave at least one of them on 2.06, TN just posted on /talk that since FW 2.60 there is no way how you can get 32MB memory, sad but true.

      • LennyVita says:

        i will leave both to 2.06 until the release if ever. there is no rush, i am enjoying apache 2.06 and the emulators. There isnt any game i need an updated firmware for so 2.06 is fine. Again thank you to all the people who work hard to bring us the exploits. it adds value to my vitas.

  10. wartaf says:

    that’s a surprising news!! great! i thought, there’s no more chance of having a new update of any eCFW, but now, there’s even a new kernel exploits..

  11. CrystalMusic says:


  12. Lai says:

    hohoho i can’t wait for the next exploit! 😉 now gonna till release.. need to stay with my uno wd 2.02 exploit…

  13. Ryan says:

    TN rocked my world on the PSP so I know this dude is something else. I am really looking forward to seeing this guy’s work, even if it isn’t for my current Firmware version (not saying that about this specific post, but others in the future etc)

    Best of luck and I really hope you realize how much you are helping all of us. People like you guys don’t get enough thanks, you too Wololo.

  14. mike says:

    I think christmas just came early this year yea baby thanks for all the hard work

  15. RiotDX says:

    I just spewed milk all over my monitor. Huge thanks to TN for his continued support of the Vita scene.

  16. mike says:

    To make things better cobra ode is shipping to resellers this week…

  17. zqlzql says:

    can carry on 2.12?

  18. chineseman says:

    Asia server can use?

  19. tinostar91 says:

    “poll in the forums if you’d like to see TN-V4 and a new kernel exploit release, so make sure to go vote”

    Pool is ONLY about update, nothing in the pool says something about exploit, he just mentioned it in his topic but almost everybody took it as “Should I release a new exploit?”

    • Jd8531 says:

      Actually it does, read it again. TN-V requires a kexploit and the last one was for 2.02.

      • tinostar91 says:

        “Are you interested in a TN-V update?”
        Pool question says nothing about exploit..

        TN can release V4 even without new exploit, as he already said somewhere support for more memory is also available in older FWs but it’s little bit tricky so release only for 2.02 is possible too.

        • Jd8531 says:

          I see what you’re saying now, but its all in the same context. The new update would most likely coincide with the new exploit.

          • tinostar91 says:

            Now it’s official, increased memory support doesn’t work since 2.60 so V4’s main feature will be only for Uno exploit (also for GOLOR exploit with newer exploit ported to it)

  20. Mich says:

    Awesome, can’t wait for this! :)
    I used to have 2.02 kexploit, but I upgraded my Vita, so this is going to be exciting for me!

  21. trololo says:

    now in these days ps vita are used like psp lol..pfff

  22. omnipotent says:

    Keep the exploit private. Use your psp to play emulators and psp isos. Dust that thing off and put the useless vita down until the vita is fully hacked.

  23. Raphale says:

    I guess that would be available for PSVita 2.60 or I’m wrong?

  24. fatman01923 says:

    I may be in the minority here but I don’t think he should release that exploit just yet. I believe a better time would be after the inevitable PS Vita update to enable PS4 connectivity. That’s my only reason but hey its ultimately up to the TotalNoob when to release it. Either way thanks in advance.

  25. Moi says:

    To head off any *** and complaining, particularly for those that have Uno on 2.02, I’ll remind you as Wololo has that you should stay on 2.02 until everything works for this new exploit.

  26. meler-andy says:

    hehe 😀 happy days for those witch stayed with uno :)
    I would recomend to get it fast goin before ps4 arrive and with it new update comes up :(
    Well in this case we need to be patient and just wait ….

  27. Thamauturge says:

    Soooooo happy about this. Really want it to come to fruition! I’ve stuck with UNO since it was released! No regrets, but it would be nice to be able to play all the games released since January and be able to synch the trophies that I earned months ago.

  28. FreeMyVita says:

    And the Internet united in cheers! yay for Total Noob and Dev’S

  29. yanni says:

    Oh my god !! I LOVE YOU TN ! i’m so happy so exited and so IMPATIENT to the release

  30. phil87700 says:

    yooo hoooo

  31. Roman says:

    “Good! Great! Awesome! Outstanding! Amazing!” Sonic Colours (c) I hope TN will release it in this month.

  32. BeastyX says:

    You See You Can Never Lose Faith In A Subject Your Outside Of The Box On. We Live Amougst The Kings Of Hack, And They Are Good Kings For They Bare Gifts To Thier People. I KnewThis Would Happen And After All The Hate That Came On That Last Post, Way To Silence The Haters Guys. Thank You Can’t Wait For This!

  33. Snake says:

    TN is da best.

  34. francis says:

    wololo rocks again! tnv4 for fw 2.60???? wata heck! nice work guys! the latest the better! excited i am…yoda yoda yoda

  35. Jdub says:

    Best news ever!! Updating now. Dragon crown, here I come!!

  36. Rei says:

    what i’ll be able to play all my other vita games like soul sacrifice, dragon’s crown that required a FW update and use netflix for a while?

    lies this is too good to be true.

    somebody pinch me, ok dont but this is amazing news, at the very least it means theres progress going on.

    keep up the hard work

  37. yoon says:

    nice awsome keep up the great work
    been waiting for this long time :)

  38. Kaxalot says:

    Nice work Total_Noob.
    I just found the same, u know what i mean 😉
    If you need help on releasing, just PM me.
    Great work!

  39. AliFOJ says:

    Now that made my day. Can’t wait for it to come out. 😀

  40. what is it says:

    kernal exploit for FW 2.6 yes oh no ???

    I love Tn TN-v4 hahaha

  41. Dmaskell92 says:

    Forget the PS4 update! Even if he DID release Kernel on newer FW with PS4 support, there is no doubt Sony will require you to be connected with firmware version checks. Lets face it, we know nothing about PS4 and it’s Sony we’re talking about. They won’t make it easy, and I won’t be surprised if PS4 has a built in CMA like the Vita. I am not saying release this asap, I just know we know nothing about the PS4 and it could be a huge waste to wait for nothing.

  42. The Kick says:

    It seems only moments ago people claimed there would never be anothe K-Exploit….Oh,wait.

  43. Thanks says:

    That is good news, but hopefully, TN postpones releasing it until the PS4 release.

  44. owanef says:

    Dam whenvi saw this I got really depressed. I just updated :(

  45. vanngoctien says:

    Total_Noob. I love you.

  46. mlc says:

    “Soon” as in Winter 2013/2014? ;P

    Because while that does start to feel “soon” as you grow older (ugh, time passes so quickly!!), a lot of the people on this website probably don’t think that 3 to 5 months is soon. =)

  47. Tnutbutter says:

    I know this may seem cool to some people, but with the psp already being able to play “backups”, and applications like PPSSPP, TN-V is a complete waste of time. If I had the knowledge to create an app for Yifan Lu’s UVLoader, or the ability to reverse engineer the ps vita, I would focus on a native hack so we could play the N64 emulator and so many other custom applications at full speed.

  48. Multiboy2k says:

    Easily the best news all day.
    This is awesome!

    Im on Golor like many of us, but it would be much much better to have access to the entire library of psp stuff again. It’s a real shame that the system has to be compromised just to get normal use.

    Wololo, is it possible to use the Golor vhbl to access the tnv4 exploit? Or, will we need to purchase something new?

  49. afehst says:

    i’will be waiting for this!!!!!!

  50. prouddad says:

    Thank god!!! finnaly a dream come true. keep up great work thx

  51. xj107359 says:

    Wake Up to Good News :)

  52. JiachengWeng says:

    That’s awesome!!
    But still a little thing, I’ve already held two Vita and one is still on 1.81 with kernel exploit. Should I update to get the new xeploit??? Is there any big differents between this one and Mad Blocker Alpha??
    Somebody have any advice??

  53. GlueGun says:

    Hummmmm… is it actually legal to jailbreak the vita?
    Toggle Support:
    3G/4G: SIM:
    Android: PSM:

    DMCA &others For Phones Are Legal To Hack,

    • mlc says:

      Well it obviously should be legal, but it depends what technique is used.(ex. leaked code like official SDKs makes derivative works illegal) DMCA makes circumvention of several types of security “illegal,” so it complicates the release of any serious exploit. Anyone smart would release anonymously if they were worried about that, but it’s hard to be completely anonymous if you already have a web presence or there are a limited number of people with your skills in your general area.

      The court probably saw public utility and security in allowing people to control their own phones, along with allowing them to switch to other carriers, and that can’t be guaranteed to be upheld for a purely entertainment device like the Vita. I wouldn’t trust an extremely corporate friendly judiciary to rule in favor of a hacker over Sony.

      For hacking their security, you might be able to publish a book filled with the code (as was done with PGP) even if you are banned from distributing the compiled software, but it’s unlikely that the courts would uphold that today. (they’d most likely say that the “free speech” of the source code that allows circumvention of Sony’s product’s security is derivative or representative of Sony’s intellectual property, and therefore Sony can block its publication and sue) PGP had the benefit of having great public utility for secure communications, and therefore protected some speech that most needed protection (along with some illegal activities, of course), and these arguments founded on freedom or rights can’t be made as easily for toys or purely entertainment devices.

      I do believe that you should be able to do what you like with your property, but most current courts would probably accept that the risk of huge losses to Sony outweighs the moral benefit of creating open source firmware for a video game system. It’s possible that some future highly restricted phone will lead to a court case that removes the teeth from provisions about breaking the security on one’s own devices, though.

    • Jd8531 says:

      Well for beginners, there’s no such thing as a Jailbreak for the Vita.

  54. DaRk DeDe Z says:

    Excelente notícia.
    Continuem assim.
    Obrigado! (thank you )

  55. xlovenuggetx says:

    wow this is great news. i’ll be checking back frequently for updates!

  56. HaYNigloo says:

    I don’t recommend updating either, even if there is a new kexploit! Don’t forget $ony removed the ability to change file names within homebrew, with update 2.06, I believe.

  57. BahamutBBob says:

    I would very much like a kernel exploit. I’ve wanted to re-play Crisis Core for a while now, but don’t feel like using my PSP to do it.

    I’ll be watching for good news!

  58. chenwk says:

    hopefully it will be available for asia regions. am looking forward to play crisis core and kingdom hearts:birthbysleep again on my vita..

  59. Bruhbruh says:

    I really like that there is a new TN-V coming out! But I hope that they release it after Killzone comes out.

    I think and also hope that the developer Total_Noob has more than one game that can run the exploit because we all know that Sony will find a way to block it. Again great work and keep it up!

  60. Razor says:

    Sounds Great!!

  61. Please help me says:

    psvita 2.60

    can to crack ?

  62. Ryan says:

    Oh my god, oh my god, OH MY GOD

  63. L337Snowma says:

    Best news I’ve heard all day! I nearly missed the Gameocracy exploit, got in just a few hours before it was removed. Just a quick question, I have taken it upon myself to go through and test every single homebrew in that massive thread and I am nearly finished, so where exactly should I post these results?

  64. Shingeki no Kyojin says:

    Since a lot of people were complaining about how there wasn’t any Kernel Exploit for a long time, now all of a sudden you people found one. Lmao

    What is up with the stupid poll? It’s obvious that people want it. Pointless much?

  65. Taro says:

    Does increased memory support refer to use of RAM? If that’s the case, could it have any reasonable impact on homebrew like emulators and such? That would be extremely useful. Otherwise, it seems like the psp pirate scene is being opened up again for the vita. That sort of makes me sad.

  66. Lytera says:

    TotalNoob you god you… you deserve a cookie

  67. foruser says:

    I have a question:
    if we will download the game used for exploit, we need to connect to PSN, and we will be obligated to update to the latest firmware (2.60). Will the TN-V4 work on that?

    • NakedFaerie says:

      As the exploit will be for the latest firmware I cant see why people arn’t updating. You’d be stupid not to update.
      You need to get on PSN to get the exploit game so you need the latest update installed before anyway.

      • wololo says:

        I’d say that until everything is 100% confirmed, all these announces should be taken with a grain of salt. So I completely get why some people would not update immediately!

  68. sdf says:

    will these make vita able to support vita/psp backups?

  69. cybermage says:

    Is it possible to do it run PS2 game on PSvita?

  70. Liviu says:

    does it means i will can play pirated ps vita games??

  71. VictorWei says:

    Oh my God!!!New Kernel Exploit??!!!!That is one of the best news in August!!The another great one is that Gateway 3DS!!

  72. 110706 says:

    Holy sht people bought Vita so it can play nintendo games from the 80’s and PSP isos. LOL!!

    • CrzyLegz says:

      correction, we bought the Vita for the boost in graphics,features and the amazing games that were supposed to be released on the device….but the games seem to be incognito,so we do what we do best,Improvise.

  73. tryrush deppy says:

    ***, i had to check my calendar to make sure it wasn’t April 1st.

  74. loken2012 says:

    Finally, the hack will win forever ! 😀

  75. StepS says:

    Hey Jd8531, I guess you should update the article with info about 2.60 which patched the ability to unlock additional memory.

  76. NakedFaerie says:

    WHY are people not updating?
    He tweeted today its not coming out until the PS4 compatible firmware gets released so I’m guessing we’ll have to wait till the PS4 is released before he will release this TN-V4.

    So update, why hold yourself back for no reason? Enjoy the bug fixes and new features $ony give you.

  77. volume says:

    Have Kernel Exploit Work on Fw 2.60 yes or no???

  78. george says:

    can i get on the ps store without updating my vita? as i have my free games to get this month

  79. Auron says:

    I been outta this vita news, it seems still no CFW I would have expected one by now… this is good news I suppose…

    • fate6 says:

      lets see it took a few years for the PS3 to get anywhere
      now consider that the Vita is even more locked and secured then how long do you think it might take?

      BTW even the PSP did not have CFW in its first year

  80. Zan says:

    when will we get a CFW

  81. icyheart says:

    I wash it on 2.60 thanks…..

  82. rico says:

    I hope this update will have PS1 working with sound…

  83. Dmaskell92 says:

    Frankly the RAM patch is scary! If I don’t update, and keep my GOLOR exploit, I run no risk of this patch correct? Basically what I’m asking is: Will TN-V run on GOLOR with unrestricted RAM?

    • mlc says:

      barring some unforeseen problem with that particular exploit, yes. the high memory support should work on any exploit below 2.60. 2.60 exploit will just be normal ECFW, though the newest version. (TN-V4)

  84. terry says:

    question is there a way we can get a notification when the new game is re-lease because i miss the other game i just wanna play mario and sonic and pokemon

  85. arielber says:

    Im probably dreaming but just in case:
    Great work,i wish you goodluck with it!

  86. ivo says:

    i want patapon2 on vita xD

  87. Darrell Vital says:

    Men i cant still wait for the isos of vita games :(

  88. tangra87 says:

    great work :))))
    It will be great play kingdom hearts on the ps vita :)))

  89. Car says:

    Sony probably checks Wololo every hour of the day for such updates and goes into prepare-to-counter-firmware mode.

  90. 3D2Y says:

    So this is my story, my 14 years old brother wanted to use facebook in my vita and needed to update and that crazy brat updated it from 2.02 tn-v to 2.60, can i do something…. give me tips should i kill that *** or hang him to death SHISHISHI xD…But seriously im in trouble

  91. Seto says:

    this news has me desperate, i would like to play again gow or dj max in my vita

  92. CHEN says:

    WOW! That’s GOOD NEWS! Thanks you ALL! Miracle Exists!

  93. phil87700 says:

    Hey Jd8531, Wololo… just one question to clear my doubt..Is this going to work on any ps vita with 2.12 or just the once which already have CEF 2.02 TN-V??????????
    Please reply…
    Thanks for the good works guys…

  94. jiang says:

    please tell us ,the game will come out in which one place , US,EU or Taiwan Hongkong ,wo can buy it from where ???thanks you all!!!

  95. sdf says:

    I hope the time comes, vita will be able to read vita/psp backups

  96. whackm says:

    It would be nice to run MAME again on the Vita, although you can do most everything on the PSP already, some games (most notably Robotron 2084) just work MUCH better with two joysticks….

  97. jiang says:

    thanks for wololo ,wo have hope to see more,maybe from psv , from the Homemade software ,not only psp ,emu ,but also Android ,ps2 ,nds
    even psv have no enough soft or app ,wo still can though transplant

    Android and get more
    and game also have chance play ps nds game by hackers gods

  98. Colorless-Scream says:


    I would think that this exploit would be through one of the programs located on the Plastation store like the last one, right? Well, if that is so…then how would be someone be able to access them if people can’t get to the Store without updating their Vita.

    Sorry if I sound like some kind of *** or something. I have to admit that I’m new to ‘exploits’ and the sort so I seriously don’t know.

    • Jd8531 says:

      The exploit is universal, so it would be ported to those that already have a usermode exploit on previous firmwares. But if they dont have any exploit, they could use a PS3 to transfer it.

  99. asdfasdegf says:

    please stop caring about that psp kernel stuff and aim for the main thing, there is no intellectual gain in doing this over and OVER AGAIN

    • Jd8531 says:

      Thats some good advice there, you should do it.

    • ... says:

      I don’t know if you read half the articles on here about attempts to hack the Vita and run native Vita code, but if you had, you would know that yes, people are working on it, and no, it isn’t as easy as you seem to think it is.

  100. phil87700 says:

    Somebody please tell me.
    Im on VHBL – GOLOR 2.12 Vita… Will i need a PS3 when this TN-V expolit is ported to GOLOR-VHBL.??????
    Please reply…coz im planning to sell my PS3…

  101. Mike says:

    Got voucher for early access public beta for Killzone™: Mercenary that begins on August 20th. But I’m on Vita 2.12 VHBL. I knew this would happen. Or should I update to 2.60 and get less memory when xploit arrives. Decisions, decisions.

  102. Leon Soryu says:

    Hello there.
    Sorry for my lack of knowledge, but I would like to ask:

    How is the progress on the PSX Sound Plugin for Vita?


  103. antonio says:

    Sorry to post the same question, but after the announcement of 2.60 exploit for vhbl, I was afraid about the possible impact of it on tnv4 release: my question is… the publicated exploit games are possible candidate for tnv4 or can I ignore them? Thanks a lot..

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