PSVita TN-V Update Coming, Possibly New Kernel Exploit Release Soon


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142 Responses

  1. phil87700 says:

    Somebody please tell me.
    Im on VHBL – GOLOR 2.12 Vita… Will i need a PS3 when this TN-V expolit is ported to GOLOR-VHBL.??????
    Please reply…coz im planning to sell my PS3…

  2. Mike says:

    Got voucher for early access public beta for Killzone™: Mercenary that begins on August 20th. But I’m on Vita 2.12 VHBL. I knew this would happen. Or should I update to 2.60 and get less memory when xploit arrives. Decisions, decisions.

  3. Leon Soryu says:

    Hello there.
    Sorry for my lack of knowledge, but I would like to ask:

    How is the progress on the PSX Sound Plugin for Vita?


  4. antonio says:

    Sorry to post the same question, but after the announcement of 2.60 exploit for vhbl, I was afraid about the possible impact of it on tnv4 release: my question is… the publicated exploit games are possible candidate for tnv4 or can I ignore them? Thanks a lot..

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