PS Vita: Day 1 Hello World on firmware 2.60


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  1. skyrock21 says:

    sold my ps vita for 200usd..i’ll buy again if this site release a kernel exploit for me to play my psp iso backups… ^_^

  2. Jr Mo says:

    Can’t believe you guys still come here VHBL? You serious? The vita is a FAILED device, nothing and. I mean NOTHING can bring it back only a VITA KERNEL EXPLOIT

    And also can’t believe none of you realise what Sony is doing they are using the vita as a DECOY so hackers will focus on the vita and not the ps3, its pure genious , wonder why vita has so few games and the devs here are not willing to release a vita kernel exploit becaaue they “believe” it will kill the vita even more LOL Sony’s plan is going along perfectly as plant NO VITA HACK, NO PS3 HACK, PURE GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!

  3. abdou005 says:

    because of persons like you, i want to commit crimes and become criminal Temme !

  4. codetvirus says:

    Excellent! Hope it comes something soon. Thanks!

  5. ROOKI3 says:

    just buy a psp go for that and it’s more portable then the vita.I take mine to work and play some nes on it when I have a few minutes. the vita is to big to carry in your pocket.

  6. JiachengWeng says:

    Of course there’re not many excellent games on Vita now, but the awkward situation started to change this year and I believe that we’ll see the big change of Vita in 2014. Before that, VHBL is the best approach to know more about the framework inside the Vita.
    Thinking about native Vita exploit, it might be super difficult to design it as the way happened to PSP, because of SONY’s special memory card and cryptographic photo format, etc. We may try something entirely different. A few days ago, I tried to watch videos using HTML5 and found out that the files could dirrectly download from the web(mp4 files). Baced on the approach that bind torrent files or txt files with rar or zip, I guess if we can bind some code with a video file and use some special method to run the code inside the Vita to break the security shield. Haha, that’s all I guess for fun. Don’t take it seriously!~~

  7. Vegas Ace says:


  8. Kyu says:

    And people like you are basically the cause that devs go away from the Vita scene.

  9. D-TeK-DeV says:

    I understand the reason why PS Vita games are so wack and there isn’t many of them. Who would want to make a game for 1 year for a handheld? The most ones that plays the Vita are little ungrateful kids. Also, they don’t want to be doing update patches every month. For example, what if Call of Duty Declassified got more updates than black ops 2? The Vita is powerful, but not powerful enough. GTA III on the Vita instead of san andreas?? That’s just another old school liberty city.

  10. D-TeK-DeV says:

    I understand the reason why PS Vita games are so wack and there isn’t many of them. Who would want to make a game for 1 year for a handheld? The most ones that plays the Vita are little ungrateful kids. Also, they don’t want to be doing update patches every month. For example, what if Call of Duty Declassified got more updates than black ops 2? The Vita is powerful, but not powerful enough. GTA III on the Vita instead of san andreas?? That’s just another old school liberty city stories.

  11. Jacob says:

    I still have my vita on version 2.12 is their any way possible that i can get the cfw on the older version or do i need an update for 2.60 and wait for the new exploit? ive been waiting to get my vita hacked ever since i bought it which was 7 months ago.

  12. fate6 says:

    Don’t worry I still <3 you

  13. rafael707 says:

    Hey wololo theres a new ps4 devkit vid take a look in the ps4 Section of talk

  14. willsan says:

    So much fun watching you *** about a kernel hack. Just get a job and buy some games 😀 enjoying Dragon’s Crown right now.

  15. Liviu says:

    Wololo, should i update?

  16. chu says:

    the Z …ZET how he says it lol needs some english lessons… or to put subtitles on his videos …seriously, put the cc on and see what happens lol

  17. dragonkid6 says:

    I have said this before, and it has been said years ago when the PSP scene started to die; Video game sales are not effected by hackers, the people who play un-owned backups were never going to the game anyways. Yes it’s “unfair” but none-the-less they were NEVER going to buy the games they play anyway(reference to Jr Mo who sold his VIta till kernel exploit). But what hacker can effect is system sales. When the PSP, Wii, Xbox260, PS3 got hacked systems sales skyrocketed. But video games sales did not drop, at the very least since the only to hack the system was thru a game some game sales improved.

    A good example would Legend of Zelda TW, it was a launch title but because it was used to hack the Wii it was sold for $50 for years. Yes it’s unfair that people play these games without paying but they never intended to pay for these games anyway. It’s a moot argument to say releasing such hacks would “kill” the Vita. I’m willing to say less than 10% of PSPs sold were used by people playing un-owned backups. From business standpoint this must be stopped but from a realistic standpoint, they should stop releasing PC games then since EVERY single PC game can be played for free. Same for phones apps.

  18. BeastyX says:

    I can’t believe people can be so disrespectful…I like this site I come to it everyday to read articles, check for updates on the scene and check the forums for info sometimes. this site isn’t a place for people to come and bash on the work everyone has put into the psp or the vita it’s a lot of hard work that goes into it. Just because you don’t have access to or the knowledge to figure exploits out on your own doesn’t mean they don’t exisist or can’t be created that being said have a nice day to the haters your fonna have to wait for the scene to mature like the rest of us gosh the vitas only beenout a year and some months what do you want?? Thanks to Wololo and The Z because you guys keep me updated.
    #Psvita 2.12
    #Gamocracy One Exploit

    • VHBLFAIL says:

      I respect from where you are coming from, but what these “haters” hate about all these exploits are that it is the same things that came from the psp. The psp was badass console and I loved all the m-33 firmwares up to me cfw’s, but all these exploits are useless. Honestly Sony is using all the devs to their advantage. They are a business and when devs find these *** exploits all of us go and give them our money to get the homebrew we ant then couple days later they patch it and make a profit and we can no longer get online until we update and then the cycle repeats again. Just think about it.
      I am done with this and just gunna enjoy online while the rest of you suffer without it, those homebrews can be emulated on a computer too ya know

  19. xhax says:

    where is COLDBIRD???

    or who else can hack the ps vita???

  20. Tnutbutter says:

    If only someone could start creating apps for Yifan Lu’s native vita hack.

  21. xlovenuggetx says:

    that didn’t take very long 🙂

  22. sup says:

    can you use a expolit thats stars with p and end with a number

  23. chrisgomez says:

    hope we really get a kernel exploit from total_noob

  24. Randy Steele says:

    Still have my Vita on 2.02 TN-V. Should of never wasted money on the piece of sh*t. Useless device. Fortunately got myself an Nvidia Shield. Much nicer console,all my vita does is gather dust. Utter junk.

    • BubloZX says:

      Oh? Please share with me all those great games N Shield has. That thing is an overpriced piece of *** only good for android games and small indie games. Instead of waiting for a legitimate Vita hack to come why not play some games? There are a ton of great games on the store and more on the way.

  25. Acid_Snake says:

    chillout guys, this is just the typical fat ugly kid living in his moms basement

  26. Acid_Snake says:

    the problem with Vita is not the lack of games, but the type of games.
    console-like action games on a handheld are never appreciated as much, hadhelds are best fitted with RPGs and the like. Just look at Peace Walker, it’s a big pile of junk from a metal gear fan perspective, but players praise it because it’s a great mix of RPG and Action <- those are the games the Vita needs, more RPG, less CoD action

  27. 110706 says:

    And the VHBL train keeps going.

  28. Legend says:

    damn my vita on 2.60 need a hack.

  29. Skullboy99 says:

    I did get the 2.12 exploit and VHBL awhile ago, but i decided to update my vita because, if i can just play quake 1 and quake 2 and even quake 3 on my smartphone with a controller, why even bother have VHBL?

  30. godvsmon says:

    dam this is suks so ever one that buy the exploit game and have the exploit what else can you do with it since the new update 2.60 is out hows ever one can open cma since ppl aready say they cant even open cma or transfer any thing on the ps vita unless you update your psv to 2.60 i read everbody comments and it same there no hope of exploit it or kernel it,how come just creat a jailbreak file or something that easyer,if ps3 can jailbreak im guessing there should be away to JB a psv

  31. godvsmon says:

    and by the way i know you can do it just keep trying i know yu guys can hack the vita i know is hard and take times but atless gave Ever one a answer that there well be away….

  32. Aaron says:

    So is this worth updating to 2.60 from 2.12 if you dont have CFW?

  33. german says:

    hola porque no sacan un exploid para un juego card o un juego fisico que cualquiera pueda comprar en una tienda sin ofender esa es mi idea y mi duda!

  34. gerson campos says:

    is there a refund if i bought gamocracy and cant reinstall it on my vita? does sony put banned games back again once fixed? i bought game but cant reinstall on my vita anymore.. where is the refund?

  35. juking says:

    wololo go go go go go!!! yo dependo de ti soy pobre XDDD

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