PSVITA Mandatory OFW 2.60 Now Live

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  1. Thrawn says:

    Did anybody read that? Is something slowly crawling up to the surface of the psp/vitas scene? Has somebody with a kernel exploit thought of preparing to release it? Just speculating about that sentence.

    “A new folder, e.g. /PSP/ECFW/ would be recommended for future kxploit usage, similar to the /PSP/VHBL/ folder for the VHBL homebrews.”

  2. filodude says:

    I am going to stick with staying on 1.81 enjoying playing MHP2G/MHFU on adhocparty

  3. jayyyy says:

    Wololo, if you press Square in the browser a pointer appears. Like of a mouse on the psp or ps3…its pretty cool…idk if there’s copy paste or anything im still playin with it :p

  4. Crimson says:

    CMA does work IF connected to the internet ONCE. Tried it myself & when the next time i opened my laptop without internet connection & plug-in my vita, doesn’t work when trying to copy pictures offline :/

  5. PsVitaAddict says:

    dude i will ask you a question, If i hack my vita (hack that will allow me to play PSP games on my PS VITA ) -> can I still play PS VITA games ? (the one i have bought )

    thanks !

  6. PsVitaAddict says:

    Is there a way i can downgrade my PS VITA ?
    2.60 -> 2.12 or something

  7. PsVitaAddict says:

    what is the best PS Vita game worth buying ?

    hehe , cause soon i can buy myself a vita game 🙂

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