Speculative post on why GTA V on the PC seems likely.

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  1. Skars says:

    Maybe it will be released to PC, but like GTA IV, a little time later.

  2. j.g.k says:

    I can’t even imagine GTA without PC. I’ve been playing GTA from its very first title and since then it’s always been amazing to see the innovations in this series.
    I really hope they don’t make us wait for THAT long, like Assassin Creed did with one its title (for almost 5-6 months).

    I am not against console but I just simply can’t get the feel & comfort of playing some games on consoles. For me, some games are truly meant for PC and GTA is at the top of that list.

    • UE says:

      porting is much easier this time around with x86 architecture.

      • UE says:

        infact the ONLY developer to say otherwise is bethesda softworks, and frankly… they may create big worlds but their coding has ALWAYS Been rather lacklustre.

  3. god says:

    I thought this was coming out for the pc the same time as console versions. What the heck, I have to play this on dated *** hardware like the ps3? I don’t even like the ps3’s controller for gaming.

  4. phil87700 says:

    Want for Vita pleaseeeeee…. 😉

  5. 110706 says:

    GTA5 will come to PC eventually. Im sure of it.

  6. Erich says:

    Really, there’s no need to speculate. It’ll happen.

  7. Hardin says:

    Most games of any era are repetitive and unenjoyable. That’s why we’ve always had the need for reviewers. Quit pretending like you stumbled upon some grand revelation or that the current gen is worse than the last. Spoiled brats…

  8. KELOS says:

    can wololo make a explot by with patapon 2 plezz bicus it was allredy using and i think it can be using agen

    • DQEight says:

      Here is not the place to ask.

    • Ryan86me says:

      Mate, you should probably look into how these things work. The fact that it was used once means that it can never be used again (unless there’s another exploit found within the game, but that’s an extremely rare occurrence), since Sony has patched the OS to block the exploit.

  9. aerinas says:

    I really don’t get what’s so great about GTA…. I played vice city for a few hours when it was still new, got bored, never touched the series again.

  10. Bronson says:

    GTA2 was the first GTA I got and it was awesome the red guys were hilarious

  11. Thrawn says:

    Rockstar is not that dumb to say “ONLY FOR”, this cuts your sales in half and only angers a potential user base. Bring it out on all platforms.

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