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Release: VHBL for Vita 2.12


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186 Responses

  1. geo

    can somebody give me a link to a snes emulator that works plz

  2. peter

    could somebody please help me how do i install vhbl im in australia and im really not sure where to put the vhbl files i have 3 directories for gameocracy where do i put them>

  3. Hellbelial

    If anyone bought psp games or psx games please add me Belial7858 is my id,i’ll share whatever you want,all i want is psp and psx games such as:Kof,kingdom hearts,god of war and others like parasite eve 2,final fantasy vii and viii,megaman and chrono cross,even castlevania will be nice,let me know ok?.

  4. chu

    jumm…. i couldnt get the gpsp to keep the saves i make …. bummer

  5. Skullboy99

    Hey, i have the VHBL and the game exploit, but i dont have any psp saves, so i think i may just update it, is that a bad choice?

    • wololo

      you can easily find psp saves with google. I am not sure I understand your question. What update? There is no update beyond 2.12 as of today?

  6. usernameno1willtake

    I’m sorry for asking this again but could someone please help me I’ve tried to find more on this issue but can’t seem to find anything I’ve got vhbl running but can’t seem to install any HB on it I extract the rar file archive it change it to store with the name in caps installed.zip and I take that zip file and put into a random game save but do t have any luck installing g the homebrew. I’ve made sure the HB is for golor and I’ve tried different menus and homebrew and game saves.. Does anyone have any idea what I’m doing wrong? I’m running 2.12 with vhbl..

  7. Michael Palacios

    Hey guys, I was looking on the deep net, an I found that there are actually already Vita FW exploits.

  8. zqlzql

    I put the game backup in the computer, I change the other server after back when the game can also be used?


    im a first user first time use VHBL. I hv install the patapon 2 in my psp vita via UNO game follow the step as u show on YOUTUBE. After, tat done all remove memory card & restart & updating then I click UNO then the VHBL show tis message[couldn’t find any homebrew in ms0:/psp/vhbl].
    So I saw u write a news at WOLONET when hving about tis problem [couldn’t find any homebrew in ms0:/psp/vhbl] & I really confuse wat u said in WOLONET go 138Menu & watttttttt
    ok nevermind so nw wat so I do able me to play PSP game on my vita

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