Release: VHBL for Vita 2.12


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186 Responses

  1. delta191 says:

    cheers to wololo & Qwikrazor87, much appreciated……you guys rock!!

  2. SPoONiE_16 says:

    worth the wait.

  3. Bryantrr31 says:

    Thanks wololo and qwikrazor87.

  4. Blablablabla says:

    Thanks to wololo?? my god, 2 month’s anounced that!! and the only day coldn’t check it, is the day that releases the patch…

    THANK YOU FOR NOTHING!! go to other scene dude!

    • wololo says:

      People who got the ninja release got the information up to 1 month before the public announcement. At worst, people got the info about half a day before the public announcement. After the public announcement, it took Sony about 50h to take the game down.

      After all is said and done, you had somewhere between 3 days and 5 weeks to get the game, not only one day. Maybe you’ve missed something.

      We do our best so that as many people as possible get the exploit, sorry if you didn’t get this one.

  5. yanni says:

    Thank’s for all, wololo and qwikrazor, we love u

  6. Omar says:

    When VHBL boots it says freezing memory and VHBL fails to load, any help?

    • qwikrazor87 says:

      Which region are you talking about?

      • Dennis says:

        I have to trouble with EU version

        • wololo says:

          can you try to switch your language to English on the vita and see if it helps?

        • qwikrazor87 says:

          Damn, I didn’t have any EU testers, but it’s working on my PSP.
          Maybe the initial port will work.
          Let me get it out of my other hard drive, go to the forum.

          • wololo says:

            My bad, some people offered to test in EU but the release had been going for so long already that I didn’t synchronize anything with them. To anyone having an issue with the EU version: I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before this gets fixed. The fact that you see the VHBL loading screen means the exploit works, the rest is only a matter of fixing a (probably tiny) bug.

      • Omar says:

        The EU Version

  7. ironchefion says:

    I see Wololo hasn’t said nothing on using Open CMA here. So is Open CMA not necessary anymore?

    • wololo says:

      It is not necessary, until a new firmware is out. By default you should try and use open CMA as much as possible

  8. Blablablabla says:

    I know dude!! but i’m waiting for that one, until uno’s…. and i know it will be a laaaaarge time to get next one… is because of thaat… that im *** off,.. is not your fault i know…

    but you have to do something dude!!! u have to get the EMAIL ADRESS from all your “interested users” and the day u want to do that, just send a mail, to all that people,, i think its an easy mode…..
    sorry for my english is really bad…

  9. walala says:

    while the latest firmware still 2.12, can I use the Sony CMA instead of OpenCMA to backup and apply the vhbl files?

  10. Wenuz says:


  11. xlovenuggetx says:

    everything is working great! wololo delivers! :) :) :)

  12. Thank you wololo and Qwikrazor87

  13. lankyjon says:

    Got a problem here. I copied the data into the save folder for my copy of the game, but when I go to load the save file, the vita freezes on a black screen for a while before telling me “An error has occurred. (C1-2858-3)” Note, this is the US version.

    Any help?

    • wololo says:

      – First of all, try to reboot your vita and run the exploit again. Sometimes, this happens.
      – If that doesn’t work, try to copy the exploit again. I’ve seen CMA fail to copy stuff. Reboot, and try again
      – Try to switch your Vita language to English if that isn’t the case already. Some exploits don’t work correctly if your language is not the same as the one the hacker used, we only tested in English

      Please report if you still have issues

  14. L337Snowman says:

    I just got into bed as I checked to see if vhbl was out and I literally said to myself ,”don’t worry, vhbl won’t be out until tomorrow”. I now have to get up and fetch my laptop in my freezing cold house! All *** complaints aside, thank you so much quikrazor87 and wololo for doing all of this ***, vhbl should keep me alive and running on my ps vita until more anticipated titles come out!

  15. Wenuz says:


    The release does not work! I do not understand :(

  16. Jkoiou says:

    Psvita battery died on me last night :) no power cord for charging, and them te VHBL files are released lol oh well. I’ll have to get these tonight and do some testing and installing :). Thanks to QR, wololo and all the testers involved to make this happen.

  17. PeffHD says:

    Its not working, when I copy it to my device, it doesn’t up on my device home screen. PLEASE SOMEONE MAKE A VIDEO! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. shay says:

    im trying to run gPSP and Dragonball Z game and both gives me errors after installing.. idk why

  19. qwikrazor87 says:

    A fix for the EU port has been posted in the forum.

  20. Tjoeb123 says:

    I fear that Sony may take drastic steps to patch this, such as remove the PSP emulator entirely…

    • CarBoyCam says:

      If Sony were going to remove the emulator, they would have done it a long time ago. VHBL aren’t very damaging to the PSP or Vita ecosystem because they don’t allow piracy. We’ve had one kernel exploit for the Vita’s PSP emulator since launch and they patched it. Kernel exploits are needed for playing backups which is Sony’s main worry. But, as has been explained before, kernel exploits are like gold dust these days. There’re very few of them left undiscovered.

  21. mculver87 says:

    I dont know if im doin it wrong but im having some compatability issues on mine. Iv tried the snes nes and the filer manager. The only one I got to work was the nes emulator. The file manager makes the game auto quit as soon as i run it and the snes emulator says loading then flashes some words for 1/10th of a second and goes back to the menu. Has anyone else had this problem.

  22. CarBoyCam says:

    Excellent work, Qwikrazor87! I’ll be installing this on my Vita when I’m home. Managed to get a friend in on this VHBL goodness too! He’s a VHBLV (Vita Half Byte Loader Virgin)! Haha!

  23. psvita_user says:

    Great Job!!! Qwikrazor87 and Wololo!

  24. santiago says:

    daedalus dont work on my vita :( please help°!!!!!!!
    i just dont have psp or ps one games, how can i have savedatas? i just download one saveda of dbz and install daedalus but didnt works…

  25. L337Snowman says:

    I am SOOOconfused right now. I don’t quite understand the tutorial about the installation of homebrew! In the part where it says “use any savedata, just not the one used by hb;” what exactly does that mean? Do I download some savedata off of the internet and place the INSTALL.ZIP inside that? I am really confused.

    • wololo says:

      Yes, that will work. Or try some of the prepackaged ones from the forum, and just replace the INSTALL.ZIP from there

  26. shay says:

    when i try to use gPSP and Dragonball z after installing them they both give different error, is there any fix for that?

    • wololo says:

      Try to ask on the forums, you’ll probably get more answers than here

      • b2p1mp says:

        gpsp requires the GBA bios file to be added to the INSTALL.ZIP. The bios file is illegal to distribute so you will have to find it and properly place it yourself.

  27. psp411 says:

    Thanks wololo and qwikrazor87, great job, I was expecting this, I don´t have the ninja release, (but not baned or warned), so, I visit every time I can, the works have rewards, now I have the exploitable game and can´t wait for booker one´s again in mi vita, quake and doom too, tnx to you my friends, am so glad and so gratefull, vita games suck for the big one actualy, except for ninja gaiden 1 and 2 my vita is dead allready, now is time to take it away the dust and used the way I spected the day I buy it.

    I haved the kernel exploit from MHU, but have to take it down becouse my little one I´m not regreat that, now, back to the scene tnx to wololo and qwikrazor87, you are the best tnx again

    cheers and respects

  28. Wenuz says:

    Je ces pas comment installer un Homebrew, vous pouvez m’aider ?

  29. Gandalf says:

    Unlocking a “healthy” for sony because sony games not being” the pirateing. “It would be nice if there were only destraventos so only with emulators and some applications.

  30. Wenuz says:

    Why you deleted my post, I asked for help, :(
    My question is “How to install homebrew?

  31. Uneckra says:


    I seem to be getting error (C1-2858-3)… I have tried all of the following methods to fix it:

    -Reboot your vita and run the exploit again. Sometimes, this happens.
    -Copy the exploit again. Reboot, and try again
    -Switch your Vita language to English if that isn’t the case already.

    Not sure what else could be the problem. Please help if you can :-).

    • RickyD says:

      Unfortunately I’m getting the same error message. I have a US vita, a US psn account, a US copy of the game and have transferred the exploit several times

      I’ve tried loading all 4 slots of the save game and all give the same error message

      • Uneckra says:

        Interesting… well maybe there is a simple fix that I’m not seeing :-/. Oh well, I’ll wait and see if anyone else has found the fix.

  32. Wenuz says:

    Can someone tell me how to install homebrew please!

  33. ZaDev29 says:

    got BUG here..

    my gpSP wont save at all..

    even with save state :\
    how to fix that ?

  34. RickyD says:

    Which save file are you guys loading up? I see normal mode and lunatic mode and 4 slots for each and all that I’ve tried just give me error C1-2858-3. I’ve transferred exploit several times with no luck

  35. andrea says:

    someone knows why vhbl install games on the vhbl folder and not anymore on the game folder?

    • wololo says:

      Recent vita firmwares prevent us from writing in the GAME folder. There are ways around this, qwikrazor decided to use a different folder.

  36. RickyD says:

    Sorry guys – I found out why I was getting that error message. I was trying to load the save game. I didn’t realize you have to go into the high scores menu on the title screen. Everything is working as it should. Thank you so much for your work on this

  37. ZaDev29 says:

    @ Wololo
    Please Update this one that i fixed it

    gpSp FOR PS VITA ( VHBL )

    Working Save / Load
    Working SaveState / LoadState


  38. Ryan says:

    im having a problem @wololo everything installs fine i installed gba emulator and snes they installed fine but when i go to load up rom the screen stays black i tried with several different roms please help

  39. Wenuz says:

    I would really like someone to help me, I do not how to install there homebrew, I try all :(

  40. evilevoke says:

    why is it not working it just gives me an error message …. when i try to install the homebrew… (US) (2.12) .

  41. evilevoke says:

    someone should make a detailed video that thez94 video was too fast

  42. Wenuz says:

    When I but a homebrew and I run VHBL I Still error ”Error! Couldn’t find any homebrews in ms0:/PSP/VHBL/ Please check your config file and/or restart VHBL” and I have but homebrew.

    Game U.S. 2.12

  43. Superr says:

    I have trouble to install via CMA it says Corrupted file and i cant copy it on my ps vita…Is there a way to fix it? Please answer

  44. Ryan says:

    Wololo Please Need Help Emulators install fine but dont load up roms Ive followed all videos and ive been patient . All im asking for is assistance… Thanks

  45. evilevoke says:

    @wololo can you help me my ps vita doesn’t want to install the files it just keeps giving me an error message saying (an error has occured) (C1-2858-3) (US) (2.12) no homebrews want to install

  46. owanef says:

    Someone please help me. I have been stuck on this part foe 3HRs now. Can u guys please tell me why when I choose ro install hombrew it says 6 files remaining and it just keeps making a ticking sound HELP

    • geo says:

      make sure you have winrar install on your computer and then right click on the homebrew you wanna zip and click on the option add to archive and change the name of the file to INSTALL.ZIP and click on the zip option and go down and it should say normal change that to store and it should work now i was having the same problem

  47. evilevoke says:

    @wololo ok it lets me install it now, but after it installs there is no game ..

  48. geo says:

    hey how do you exit the homebrew is there any way or do i have to close the game and start vhbl again

  49. evilevoke says:

    you CAN close it ,

  50. evilevoke says:

    push the home button and close

  51. owanef says:

    Why does it keep saying installed to mso:/

  52. Nick says:

    I got VHBL installed, but just can’t figure out how to get the Homebrews loaded or even install. i can’t locate how to install either on this site. I guess i don’t know it to well….any help would be nice…just want a few homebrews installed

  53. evilevoke says:

    @wololo any help ? files install but don’t show up on my ps vita

    • phil87700 says:

      Press L (shoulder button) when on the VHBL page to see the installed games/homebrew.
      i.e after you you install the same.
      And R (shoulder button) to go back to savedata folders..

  54. chu says:

    i got a ton of errors when i ran the openCMA run.bat file …. >.> so im guessing it didnt work…. any help?

  55. owanef says:

    I have failed :(

  56. InuJulio says:

    I Have Problems To Open Snes9xTYL :(… How Install This??

  57. Wenuz says:

    I managed to install it but it does not work! when I start a game it does not matter the blocks….

  58. owanef says:

    I have wasted about six hours and now its time for me to give up before I waste another six trying to figure this out. Hopefully there will be a better version of this exploite and a good Tutorial cause I have gotten nowere. Thank you guys for the help u to Wololo but it just wasn’t enough, My final cry , WE NEED SOMETHING NEW :0

  59. geo says:


  60. owanef says:


  61. kenn says:

    i ve been trying to load the vhbl but everytime i click the load file the game blacks and the vita gives me an error code i have the initial release US version somebody help :(:(:(

  62. owanef says:

    Holy *** Prometheus Iso loader is working but how do I get iso on my vita any ideas??

  63. ryan says:

    My literally going crazy here im installing emulators and no roms work im going to give up and sell my vita @wololo please help

    • RickyD says:

      There’s a number of reasons for roms not to work. You could be using a bad set. You could be using a no-intro set without headers. You could be missing your system BIOS file which has to be added in manually since it’s illegal to distribute it with emulators

      You give no info about what emulator or what roms you’re using. I take it you’re expecting people to guess what the problem is? Give me a minute to check my crystal ball and I’ll get back with you

  64. owanef says:

    All I have to do now is get my little brother’s psp and use adhoc file transfer to transfer his iso folder to my vita and bam I got psp iso yeahhhh

  65. evilevoke says:

    @geo can you send me the like to the savedata cause everytime I download a save data it comes out weird

  66. evilevoke says:

    @geo nvm you really really REALLY helped me wololo should share that video thank you sooooo soooo much bro.

  67. Louie says:

    MVS and most of emu works :)

  68. Mr.Kaos says:

    can some one help me please I tried using the masterboy emulator but it does not recognize any of my roms

  69. ien1587 says:

    tnx guys for the vhbl.. you sure help a lot of people.. :)

  70. CH3F says:

    i have the game and the exploit file but when i go to high scores the screen goes black and i get this error C1-2858-3 can someone help

  71. chu says:

    so how do i delete something that i installed but doesnt work? trying to delete a gpSP that didnt work

  72. chu says:

    ok forget it i just installed it again and i just copied over the one that was installed

  73. Skullboy99 says:

    Hey, i thought you guys said that Quake works for this, i went to check what Homebrews work for VHBL 2.12, and none of them say the GOLOR

  74. usernameno1willtake says:

    hello everybody i had a few questions i finally got vhbl running and im trying to install home brew. ive finally understand how to start the install process but when i click yes to install it sits the clicking and does nothing i have to close out of the game in order to try it again and it still doesnt work? should i try a different menu to install? also im a little curious about the kernal and how i might be able to run isos i was really big into psp but this exploit stuff is new to me could someone please help me out abit you can pm or just help over chat i dont care any help or links would do thanks agian community!

  75. Zaca PiPo'S says:

    PSP2600 not work. Error C1-2858-3.

  76. Carlos says:

    The CPS2PSP works fine, but, unfortunaliy, dont charge roms.. Just me or somebody have same problem?? The homebrew show the roms, but, after charge, appear ”could not open cache file”..

    Daedalus R13 dont show to install, in VHBL.. Sad..

    Im using PSP Vita 2.12 with Gamocracy exploit..

    • Dante69 says:

      You need a program to help you make cache files for the games you want to play. They usually bundle the program with the emu.

  77. Haze7 says:

    Why don’t you just exploit an indie game?

    Sony needs permission from the dev before removing the game. So the dev could be someone you know….

  78. usernameno1willtake says:

    ive made sure of the on multiple homebrews but still not having any luck. i uncompressed the rar file zip archive and store, CAP INSTALL.ZIP tossed it in a game save and no luck thats all correct right?

  79. geo says:

    can somebody give me a link to a snes emulator that works plz

  80. peter says:

    could somebody please help me how do i install vhbl im in australia and im really not sure where to put the vhbl files i have 3 directories for gameocracy where do i put them>

  81. Hellbelial says:

    If anyone bought psp games or psx games please add me Belial7858 is my id,i’ll share whatever you want,all i want is psp and psx games such as:Kof,kingdom hearts,god of war and others like parasite eve 2,final fantasy vii and viii,megaman and chrono cross,even castlevania will be nice,let me know ok?.

  82. chu says:

    jumm…. i couldnt get the gpsp to keep the saves i make …. bummer

  83. Skullboy99 says:

    Hey, i have the VHBL and the game exploit, but i dont have any psp saves, so i think i may just update it, is that a bad choice?

    • wololo says:

      you can easily find psp saves with google. I am not sure I understand your question. What update? There is no update beyond 2.12 as of today?

  84. usernameno1willtake says:

    I’m sorry for asking this again but could someone please help me I’ve tried to find more on this issue but can’t seem to find anything I’ve got vhbl running but can’t seem to install any HB on it I extract the rar file archive it change it to store with the name in caps and I take that zip file and put into a random game save but do t have any luck installing g the homebrew. I’ve made sure the HB is for golor and I’ve tried different menus and homebrew and game saves.. Does anyone have any idea what I’m doing wrong? I’m running 2.12 with vhbl..

  85. Michael Palacios says:

    Hey guys, I was looking on the deep net, an I found that there are actually already Vita FW exploits.

  86. zqlzql says:

    I put the game backup in the computer, I change the other server after back when the game can also be used?

  87. JAMES-THEE says:

    im a first user first time use VHBL. I hv install the patapon 2 in my psp vita via UNO game follow the step as u show on YOUTUBE. After, tat done all remove memory card & restart & updating then I click UNO then the VHBL show tis message[couldn’t find any homebrew in ms0:/psp/vhbl].
    So I saw u write a news at WOLONET when hving about tis problem [couldn’t find any homebrew in ms0:/psp/vhbl] & I really confuse wat u said in WOLONET go 138Menu & watttttttt
    ok nevermind so nw wat so I do able me to play PSP game on my vita

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