Exploitable Game for PS Vita 2.12 announced (VHBL)


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302 Responses

  1. Dogggieee says:

    Think it will be better than 2.06? What are the differences between 2.06 and 2.12?

  2. Oscar says:

    Hi Wololo, can I buy PSN CASH CARDS through you?

  3. Oscar says:

    Ok, I will try that.. either if Im a dumb-head or if this method will not work for me, I will write you back. Thanks man!

  4. ijnmko says:

    when the new exploit games vhbl release?

  5. Oscar says:

    So, I couldn’t complete the transaction for some reason at pcgamesupply. How do I send you a private message if im interested???

    • Raisin says:

      Just wanted to let you know (It is a bit irrelevant) but that site, pcgamesupply, IS LEGIT. – Just in case you were doubting (= I know many who have doubted sites so just thought I’d add that in. I got a HK PS card from there for the first PlayStation All Stars beta

      • wololo says:

        Yes, although when it comes to US PSN Cards, the amazon method I mention works better and is cheaper. pcgamesupply have an *** series of Security check, and even though I was able to buy from them in the past, now all my attempts with them end up in a rejection. So their dumb anti-fraud system is not even able to realize I am a customer who has paid them correctly in the past… crazy.

        • Raisin says:

          There’s that too haha! I totes agree with the Amazon thing, by FAR.

          I just wanted everyone to know that that option isn’t a scam (=

          But thanks for the adding on, Wololo!

  6. ijnmko says:

    why we should turn off vitas WiFi after download ex game?

  7. SakkeMO says:

    Are we expecting release of the files today, should i start ramming F5 already? :)

  8. MattAV2012 says:

    Hey Wololo, My friend also has a vita and said that he will buy the game so we can both use it, can i download it on my PS3 and transfer it over to my Vita? Thanks.

  9. Nicholas says:

    So if I have an HK psn account without the game listed on psn, does that mean I have to set up a new account based on a US psn store? And does that mean I cannot install my HK psn store games on the same card of my exploited game from a US store?

  10. Omar says:

    Game has been removed from both EU and US stores.

  11. acknologia says:

    has it been pulled already? i can’t find it

  12. Dafuq says:

    Nooooooooo, the game is not available anymore … :-(

    It was still here 2 or 3 hours ago when i was at work.
    I come back at home and it’s not here anymore …
    I am cursed … :-(

    • Raisin says:

      I’m sorry man :/ I feel ya. I’ve been in that scenario.

      There will be another exploit at some point! Either soon or in a while, but eventually another will pop up, and you’ll grab it!

      This may not work, but try searching on your vita/ps3 for the game. it probably won’t work, as its been pulled, but yeah! Worth a last-minute try!

      It’s still in my DL list

      • Dafuq says:

        I checked on PS3, PS Vita, and PC, and the game has totally disapear from every DL List. :(

        • BahmatLord says:

          I just checked the web store. The game is gone for sale, but if you look at your purchase history on the web store it still shows in the media list. It has a download button on the web site. It might push the download to your vita if you need it. I’m not sure because I have a Vita, PS3, and a PSP on my account so it might just push the download to PSP or somethiing

          • Dafuq says:

            I have an idea.

            I have the *.pkg file of the Game.

            If I install a Custom Firmware on my PS3, then use the “Package File Installer” to install it on PS3, then transfer it on Vita.

            Do you think it could work ? :-/

          • wiktor96 says:

            not work, checked :)

  13. Dj says:

    Game is now pulled from psn :-) files incoming

  14. Rasingaantr says:

    Hi wololo, i have downloaded the game and i was just wondering, do you THINKE there will be a ecfw port?(kernel) because a lot of the vhbl exploit had a ecfw port.I know we can’t predict the future, but still. ( sorry for my crappy english i’m french)

    Thank you again

    • Raisin says:

      I know you didn’t ask me, but in my opinion, I’d say it’s unlikely, even if we were to find a Kernel exploit. Reason being, there won’t be many kernel-exploitable games out there, if any. So if an individual were to find one, they’d likely keep it to themselves.

  15. Raisin says:

    So, FINALLY, the game just got erased from my DL-list.

    I’ve noticed I have the Apache exploit still in my DL-list…

    Do they just add it back to your DL-List once it gets reuploaded? Or did they take it off your purchase list, permanently?

  16. DJ says:

    I am calling sony right now ask them where the game I paid for is not on my download list damn it ;) lol

  17. Revilo62 says:

    I’m crying… I always miss the release by a day, or this time by just a few hours T.T

  18. Julianni says:

    ammm i live in Belize alil country and i want to do this but i dont have the psn card to buy the game and it sucks i have a us account but no money idk if anyone can help me

  19. dj says:

    The game has already been pulled Julian

  20. george says:

    wololo is there a way i can go on the ps store without updating the vita? and also i have the 2.12 exploit game. is there anything i should get like open cma?

  21. salvatore says:

    removed from store usa

  22. PeffHD says:

    When will the download be released so I can download the VHBL for free of the website?

  23. Evilevoke says:

    I was just wondering will there be a how to video cause im noob at this :p

  24. Melon says:

    Jesus did they take it down already? I can’t find it!

  25. Hassan says:


  26. Recoil says:

    Well the game is off the shelves, Software?

  27. icyheart says:

    Please File to Eu ver

  28. zqlzql says:

    i cant wait Today is Tuesday

  29. BeastyX says:

    Don’t You Just Love It When The Comments Explode!! Its Pure Chaos Around The Release Of These Things Good Thing Im Faithful To This Sight And I Just Picked Up On Wagic Since I Found Out Magic Was Cool But Thought DOTPW Is Kinda Stale Anyway Thanks For The Release Picked It Up Saturday Soon As I Seen It Guess It Was Just Meant To Be :)

  30. Fingloi says:

    No asian love huh? wololo?

  31. bucelic says:

    wowwwww stupid internet I missed it by half a day

  32. zqlzql says:

    where is vhbl2.12

  33. Hassan says:

    I cannot find the game :( what can we do now?

  34. meganubis says:

    Hey guys Australian User here, I managed to download Gamocracy onto my PS3 last Monday, just got my vita back from my brother today. I tried to copy gamocracy over to my vita but it doesn’t appear on my vita from the copy from ps3 menu. Anyone have any idea why?

  35. asdf says:

    I’m not giving sony another cent of my money.

  36. k8y3 says:

    see you can not get the game if this game is not on store will never display the same on cma cma use playstation sever

    the real you copy files form the server not direct ps3 if you have network will say log in and when you login you copy files form the server ps3 sendig data on the server server sendig data to ps vita

  37. perargus says:

    BahumatLord, are you charging 10 dollars for the game if so i want to purchase it but can it be done tonight (today) i live in Australia and am going away tomorrow so i would like if you could do it tonight if possible

  38. fucktard says:

    Just buy a freaking PSN Card you idiot.

  39. je-al says:

    can anyone answer me plsss..is thi exploit will work on asian..?HK,japan or something plsss…!?

  40. Je-Al says:

    the problem is….i cant buy cause im here in philippines psn store wont accept my credit card due to different card no….any suggestions?plsss

  41. Tha boss says:

    Find someone who has visa or mastercard or something like that and let them buy it for you. Then you can just pay him/her back. ;)

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