Exploitable Game for PS Vita 2.12 announced (VHBL)


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311 Responses

  1. mavman42 says:

    Thanks wololo, got the game yesterday and its actually pretty fun and worth the money.

  2. xxmooneyxx says:

    I heart you =)

  3. thanks for the work guys,cant wait for the actual files so i can play snes on the vita

  4. Louie says:

    got the game just now thanks

  5. Dutt says:

    As soon as you have install/Copied it you your Vita I recommend backing it up to your pc..
    A lot of Ppl accidentally delete it and there is no way to re-download it after Sony remove it.

    • haunders says:

      How can I back up the game to my pc?

      • RedHawk02 says:

        Using Content Manager Assistant(CMA). CMA is a computer software that is used to connect your Vita to your PC to copy files such as photos, videos, music, and applications. To back up the game, connect with your Vita via USB or Wi-Fi (USB recommended) and select PS Vita to PC, click Applications, then search for the game and copy it to your PC. Now whenever you delete it by mistake or format your memory card, you can simply connect to CMA and copy it back to your Vita.

  6. renejr902 says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!! Thanks for your kindness and generosity. πŸ˜‰

  7. renejr902 says:

    i just backup the game to my PC too. !! :)

  8. fatman01923 says:

    Thanks again Qwikrazor87 and Wololo! πŸ˜€

  9. Sebastian Torron says:


  10. ViRGE says:

    Hopefully this is just a fluke, but it looks like Sony is already blocking the PS3 CMA route. As of an hour ago (when I first tried it) I cannot use PS3 CMA to copy the game from my US store connected PS3 to my 2.02 Vita.

  11. Alosho says:

    Just two *** dollars away from that purchase :C
    I guess i’ll just wait until the next exploit.

  12. renejr902 says:

    I READ THIS COMMENT AGAIN made by Wololo : I have not tested this personally and would still recommend to go with the US version of the game if you can

    Why? i bought the game on the PSN Canada store… Is it any chance that the game is not 100% the same than US VERSION? if yes does it means that the canadian psn game could not be working with VHBL.

    I just wanted to be sure… THANKS WOLOLO for ANSWER !! :)
    otherwise i will create a US account and bought the game again.

    • killthealias says:

      Thanks for freaking me out buddy.
      That shouldn’t be a problem though, it’s usually sorted by region, which would make this the exact same as we are in the same region.

      • Arash Andalib says:

        He meant that he has not tested the other routes so he doesnt reccomend them but i can confirm that i have bought the game using my pc in the UAE (eu country) store then downloaded onto my ps3 then transferred to my ps vita and the game fully works πŸ˜€

    • wololo says:

      Canada is not a problem, it will run VHBL since it is basically the US game.

      Actually, the exploit works on all versions of the game, the only problem is being able to install the game on your vita. If you managed to install it (either because it is available in your country, or through the PS3 trick mentioned above), then you’re good to go.

  13. overdriver says:

    I just got ninja-release announce msg few minutes ago and I was so excited and purchased the game… then few minutes later I saw this oh LOL… i guess my priority is so low LOL…
    anyway, thx for info!

  14. Shatain says:

    Cant wait for the release, I guess I’ll have to stay away from Super Mario Bros, don’t want any malicious software on my shiny Vita(hehe).
    But seriously the game is pretty fun, worth the $4 even without VHBL.

  15. izzy says:


  16. Thank you, Qwikrazor87 and Wololo for all your hard work and testing πŸ˜€

  17. Kevin says:

    I can’t find the game ! did Sony delete it ? if not how can I find it ?

  18. AlphaKiloCharlie says:

    Got it two days ago, the game itself is actually very fun, can’t wait for the files. Also, what exactly do you mean by malicious content? Is it even possible for the Vita to get some kind of virus?

  19. Cello says:

    I just purchased the game. Waiting on the VHBL release..thanks alot!

  20. Dmaskell92 says:

    Let me get this streight… Sony is making updates automatic? I enjoy my WiFi features and this worries me a bit.

    • gunblade says:

      not realy jus after the 202 update the vita has an option that download the update automatic and then it like wen u wont to do online stuff the vita checks if the vita firmware is up to date( weirdly i would think the best firmware would be the one after 1.80 wen sony added the save game update think its the update that was messed up)

  21. SPoONiE_16 says:

    Qwikrazor87, Wololo, and everyone behind the scene, thank you.

  22. zerobacker says:

    thanks for the great feat for the opportunity
    to play our childhood games like mario or pokemon

    I have only one question?
    There are some kernel exploit game that has this feat

    I do not ask any name or something like that
    just a question that I have on there’s a kernel?
    no more to say

    thank you very much friends

    • fate6 says:

      kernel exploits are not in games but in the firmware
      the games are only used as a way to start it

      so if another kernel exploit is ever released then the most likely thing that would happen is a port to all available user exploits would be made just like last time

  23. JA says:

    Thank you Qwikrazor87 and Wololo! Your awesome πŸ˜€

  24. jaythegreat008 says:

    So once we get the VHBL we can never turn the wifi on without us losing it? Like if i just want to buy a game in the store or play multiplayer.

    • fate6 says:

      you can go online just fine till Sony releases a update to the firmware

      after that you can kiss PSN goodbye cause I can guarantee you any update past 2.12 will patch this exploit

  25. dacer says:

    Hey thanks to wololo and Qwikrazor87 you guys are awesome im tune for the files :)

  26. The Kick says:

    LOL. malicious software. Oh, you sony!

  27. Djonesy01 says:

    Just got it thanks dude :) and keep up the good work :)

  28. renejr902 says:

    i still believe that you could go to psn again, but using the internet browser should be ok! Right isnt ???
    For now my vita is in PLANE mode, but if i need internet browsing i will turn plane mode off, and after browsing, i put plane mode ON again. IS IT SAFE ?? what do you think ?

    • AlphaKiloCharlie says:

      Yeah, you should be fine. However when Sony releases an update you won’t be able to use any online services if you do not update, so you can keep your Wifi on for now, I recommend disabling it when the update rolls out though.

  29. renejr902 says:

    i made a error in my answer:

    i still believe that you COULD NOT go to psn again, but using the internet browser should be ok! Right isnt ???

    • gunblade says:

      if ur on a firware above 2.0-2.12 there should be a update feature in system turn that off if anything but i would jus use the computer for internet n leave the vita in airplane mode.. but if anything the vita might download the update wen ur on the internet which will then hve the u need to update the vita message if u try going on the psn…

  30. J_lo1992 says:

    oh my goodness.tanks qwikrazor87 and wololo.after one month.anyway thanks.

  31. qwikrazor87 says:

    “This critical vulnerability puts the Sony PSP and Sony PS Vita at risk of running malicious software such as Super Mario Bros, Sonic, or Quake.”
    Still gets me good, lol.

  32. yanni says:

    Thank’s Wololo and Qwikrazor ! :)

  33. jakechapy says:

    Aw damn it I got the mariocart virus again. I hate having hours of fun on a $250 portable device.

  34. xmff00 says:

    Got a working copy from the US store using your guides for a PSV bought in Italy, confirmed WORKING, waiting for the VHBL release!!
    Will there be a particular topic in the /talk forums where we should post “debug” info about the VHBL “installation”?

  35. renejr902 says:

    PSN CANADA STORE GAME IS 100% working with VHBL, i got a 100% sure confirmation. So you dont need to freak out LOL for canadians people at least :)

  36. Max7731 says:

    I can confirm that it is available on the store “North America” via the playstation vita!. Thank you for this exploie ..

  37. m1k33 says:

    “This critical vulnerability puts the Sony PSP and Sony PS Vita at risk of running malicious software such as Super Mario Bros, Sonic, or Quake.”

    LOL!! Always the funny guy

  38. Jkoiou says:

    Why are Canadians do worries it wouldn’t be available or work?! I live in canada an not once have I been worried about a “US” psn release. And thanks everyone involved! Can’t wait to play my FFv gba again.

  39. george says:

    i downloaded it in the uk from a pc but the game wouldn’t let me download it from my vita but i downloaded it on the ps3 then copied it from ps3 to vita and it works :)

  40. ironchefion says:

    thanks Qwikrazor. Now I will finally have all of the Donkey Kong Country on the go including RETURNS 3D. i also like the fact that the screen on emulators can be re-sized to fill the whole screen on the portable device.

  41. quetz says:

    unfortunately i ain’t got a ps3 ;( and buying froom pc app doesn’t make it visible in the ps vita downloads history… ;( let’s hope to see another exploit maybe next firmware πŸ˜‰ good to know scene is still working silently πŸ˜€

  42. zqlzql says:

    How to load vhbl

  43. zqlzql says:

    I have to purchase and download games

  44. fenice57 says:

    Hi all,
    I’ve bought it on psn store ( europe – italy ) but can’t download it in to ps vita.
    Only in to psp via psp psn store or pc psn store.
    Could you help me?

    • fenice57 says:

      More info
      Italian PSN store says that this game is compatible for psp – ps vita – ps3 but I can download it only from psp o from pc but with psp connected via usb

  45. x-eye says:

    I asked this in the open cma blog: is there open cma for Android? I just don’t have access to a PC right now just a smartphone.

  46. Teleus says:

    Great news that the game is available in Europe. I have just downloaded it PS3 in the UK and have transferred it to Vita with no issues. Just hope that qwikrazor releases the EU files now.

  47. NeoGeoMVS says:

    thank you guys for the hard work.worth the wait for sure.

  48. Max7731 says:

    @ Wololo: Note that open CMA R5 no longer works FW: 2.12

  49. catfungus says:

    still up on the AU store which I believe is a truncated version of the EU store. downloaded on ps3, transfer and install had no problems. playing the game now.

    thanks dudes.

  50. Chen5441 says:

    Great job to all the developers that worked on this exploit(:

  51. Obito says:

    I bought the game from Europe at the official Sony website, but then on the Vita it says “Cannot download via PS Vita system”, and I don’t have a PS3 to transfer it, haha.
    I’ll try to get a refund from Sony for misleading information on their site as soon as they remove the game from the store (since it says it’s Vita compatible :D)

    Thanks for the release though, looking forward to the next one.

  52. ZeroSkys says:

    Know about this for about 2 months now….

  53. azi says:

    it is also available in UK store as well!

  54. k3nn says:

    can’t seem to sign in on us psn from my psp :( i think $ony is onto this

  55. TXT0 says:

    thank Qwikrazor87

  56. nooo says:

    Im at work till 2 and its 8 in the morning…hopefully I can get it before they take it. Out /:

  57. codetvirus says:

    Thanks for your work!

  58. bruce says:

    Confirmed bought and transferred from ps3 to ps vita in here Australia. Mission successful, now awaiting the final release of this great VHBL exploit o!

    • bruce says:

      And of course, a BIG thanks for all your hard work! man I can’t wait to run these old emulators again (previous had an exploit but bought a new game which forced me out of the loop now I’m ready to jump back in!!!)

  59. psych13 says:

    Thank you Qwikrazor87 & Wololo!

  60. After installing the game on the vita, is it safe to transfer it from vita to pc to ensure i always have a copy of the game that never gets patch just in case i enable the wifi to wanna check out PSN?

  61. Lisandra_brave says:

    Welp, time to buy a third vita.
    One for US, one for JP, and one for homebrew

  62. Frezzno says:

    Think Sony knew about this and suddenly decided to put this game to the rest of the world just to fork in some more cash. I live in Sweden and I promise you that PSN here is really limited. Now suddenly you can download this game and transfer it as you please to your Vita.

  63. ignacio says:

    I find the game in the store, I have retired?

  64. Yeah says:

    Got the game thank you

  65. Benthum says:

    Error E-80551071…
    Hopefully it fixes soon.

  66. jlo138 says:

    Malicious software. Lol

  67. tntxx9 says:

    Hi there. Can confirm, bought the game trough my PS3 and copied it to my Vita with no problem. EU Store !

  68. Edzo says:

    awesome glad i checked this site before i left for a couple days. would have missed this πŸ˜›

  69. Sakari says:

    Just bought the game to PS3 and copied to Vita. Finnish PSN store. Thanks to everyone who had part of this. Soon i can finally emulate pokemon and link to the past on bright screen of the Vita. You sir just made my day.

  70. lowsnamebrand says:

    Got it and now its time to play shadowrun on genesis and snes before shadowrun returns comes out

  71. flash_falcon says:

    Finally go my ninja release, thanks gals/gals.

  72. monkey says:

    i still in 2.06 apache overkill , i this game available in ksa store

  73. pinzj says:

    Thank you for the hard work!

  74. Je-Al says:

    darn it..i dont habe credit card or codes but my friend has a credit card..but the problem is…its 1:20am here in philippines he might sleep already..i might not get the exploit game again…waaaaaaaaaa can anyone help me.!!! ive been dying to wait this exploit since cant buy games!!!! *** waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  75. Fougeta says:

    Just waiting the proper VHBL release.

  76. eder000077 says:

    Wololo what would be the right way to unlock the ps vita or document exchange software or decryption, or only contact with the nand system

  77. mrcrew says:

    working fine in UK cant waite. XD come on hackers work your magic

  78. Edd says:

    PS vita update in 3,2,1…

  79. TJ Johnson says:

    Question: Is it absolutely neccesary to keep my Vita off wifi? What could happen if I wanted to go on Youtube or play Soul Sacrifice online? What are the consequences? Sorry for the noob question, I was just wondering:)

  80. lennyvita says:

    For someone on 2.06 apache, is there many improvements over homebrew compatibility. the only difference i see sofar is it supports an early version of Deadelus64. if i am already at 2.06 is it worth the update?


    • Multiboy2k says:

      Yes. It is definitely worth it if you want to take better advantage of your Vita.

      The newer update allows for more games like Soul Sacrifice and offers a much improved web browser experience. 2.12 fixed the buggy issues with the browser. You may also want to take quick advantage of downloading games on your downloads list as well since you will have temporary access again.

  81. supra718 says:

    I’m still on the UNO exploit and use it for backups, should I go ahead with this and wait for a TN-V port or stay?

  82. Nani says:

    OMG Got the game , I entered US PSN from INDIA. Asked my bro in US to send a 20 $ code .

    My vita has to do some hard work from now for all its heavy hardware.

    And Now Time to play some “ROBO7″

  83. Enrike says:

    Can’t wait for the files now.. thanks again for you’re hard work guys..

  84. njhightower says:

    Thanks for the hard work, Qwikrazor87

  85. je-al says:

    im having problem w/ credit card now im here in philippines but ive got error the account is correct..do you think
    it has something to do w/ the address?

    • Anonymous says:

      The same thing happens to my card in the US, try adding funds to your wallet online, they have an option to add money with paypal.

  86. je-al says:

    *** i think i messed up..guys is this also available on asian country if yes i will immediatelty create asian account…?mine is US account but live here in philippines…the credit card is not working due to country!!!***!!

    • je-al says:

      can anyone answer me plsss..is thi exploit will work on asian..?HK,japan or something plsss…!?

      • eighthdayregret says:

        If I know Qwikrazor87, he’s working on making sure that all versions of the game will work. I know he’s currently asking around for people who have the different region versions of the game to port it.
        Snatch the game up (it’s cheap) just in case.

        • Je-Al says:

          the problem is….i cant buy cause im here in philippines psn store wont accept my credit card due to different card no….any suggestions?plsss

          • Tha boss says:

            Find someone who has visa or mastercard or something like that and let them buy it for you. Then you can just pay him/her back. πŸ˜‰

  87. Anonymous says:

    Looking forward to the emulators, the exploitable game is actually pretty fun! Thanks again guys for all of the hard work.

  88. Damp Galaxy says:

    been waiting so long and now it’s here thanks so much guys

  89. Mud says:

    Haven’t played my Vita in a long time need to let it charge then update then DL the game from the store… Hope its still in the store in an hour or so. :/

    At least with this exploit I can start buying Vita games again. I’ve been on the Monster Hunter exploit for so long I haven’t been able to buy new games for fear of a system update to play them.

    Just my story.

    I’ll miss my PS1 support.

  90. Does Daedalus X64 work on this?

  91. Mr Rab says:

    Don’t have enough funds. Oh well, i will just keep playing gravity rush.

  92. Cloud says:

    I just downloaded it with media go to my pc and transferred it to my jailbroken ps3.
    Then recently copied it from ps3 to vita. Cheers!
    Greetings from Germany

  93. eder000077 says:

    Wololo what would be the right way to unlock the ps vita or document exchange software or decryption, or only contact with the nand system……

  94. mlc says:

    Just a note for the article, since it says “this exploit works on firmware 2.12 and below” :

    The exploit cannot be transferred to 1.81 or 2.02 Vita firmwares, so presumably there is no way to get it on a firmware below 2.05+ (and that’s generous, as it might be 2.12 only)

  95. Je-Al says:

    can anyone help me…cant DL it cause psn store wont let my credit card..due to my credit card country..mine is philippines so my account is in the US…? wololo any suggestions?plss

  96. mavman42 says:

    Like I said before, owning an emulator and playing games you don’t physically own are pirated games even if its a simple Pokemon GBA game. Stop acting like these emulators are “homebrew” they are not because they were made by Nintendo and Sega etc.

  97. GBOT says:

    “This critical vulnerability puts the Sony PSP and Sony PS Vita at risk of running malicious software such as Super Mario Bros, Sonic, or Quake.”


  98. OwAnE says:

    Plesse Tell me that in the future this will support PSP ISOS PLEASE :(

  99. Je-Al says:

    is there any way to download the game…?like media go..?

  100. ozzy1990 says:

    Hey Je-Al i had i same problem simple to fix, all you have to do is sign up with paypal put your crdit card info in paypal then go to https://account.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/login.action sign in then and the botom you will see add funds hit it then check out with paypal easy

    • Je-Al says:

      ok lemme try…ty for answering me

    • Je-Al says:

      *** im having problem…uncessfull darn

    • Je-Al says:

      bro im here in philippines is that matter..?cause i already cr8 my account on paypal..then the transaction fails…zzz

    • Je-Al says:

      bro do i have to verify my credit card cost me 100php in philippine damn!!!!

    • Je-Al says:

      bro…you i think it will affect the philippines visa card to my account on paypal once i add funds..? cause i get the same error….transaction unseccessfull!!

      • mangosteam says:

        its easier to use psn cards than credit cards.. u need to have us credit cards and adress to make it work so i suggest u buy at malls like sm moa they sell psn cards there or use your card to buy psn cards at online stores

  101. Raziel says:

    Gots the game. i had the 2.02 UNO one but i killed it after i bought soul sacrifice. i wanted to demo and all my DLC. This time around i am ready for the hack as i got a 16gb memory card now

  102. ien1587 says:

    i already made a us account and bought a psn network card here in s.a… sadly didnt see its for eu store.. anyone there want to trade 20$ eu network card for is network card.. i really want to get this exploit.. help there pls..

  103. ien1587 says:

    i already made a us psn account and bought a psn network card herebin s.a. sadly i didnt see the card was for eu store only.. anyone there want to trade eu psn card for us psn card? pls help me i really want to get this exploit.. T_T

  104. ironchefion says:

    thanks again

  105. Michael Palacios says:

    Hey guys, just wondering, would it be possible to port the Gamecube emulator onto the PS Vita? It’s probably not, but why? I think it’d be pretty cool to have.!

    • Tha boss says:

      It would be awesome, but the psp emulator is not fast enough for it. The vita him self propably isn’t as well, but there is no kernel exploit given free for testing. There is a kernel exploit but there has not been worked with for almost a year and the owners are not planning on giving it free before they know it cant be patched.

      So if this is possible (and i hardly doubt it is) we will have to wait untill we break free from the psp emulator in the psvita. :(

    • Tha boss says:

      It is possible to run a gamecube emulator on a pc and then remote your pc with a psp or ps vita so you can play these games on handheld btw. This is possible with a playstation mobile app and with a psp homebrew

  106. Skullboy99 says:

    Yay, i got the game while it was still in the stores!

  107. Je-Al says:

    can anyone plsss let me barrowed your account then after i download the game you change the password…?its just a little price…for you..guys…i having problem…cant buy that thing cause..my credit card is not compatible…in US…? anyone plssss

  108. Je-Al says:

    why i am so unlucky..!!! damn..i have all i need but its now valid damn..!!!i hate sony for not let philippine have psn!!!

  109. pirateningadog says:

    Thanks so much homies!

  110. Dath Vada says:

    For people having trouble buying the game try adding funds to your account by going online to the Sony PlayStation Network store with a computer and add funds with the PayPal option. That is what I did and was able to add 5 dollars to my account and did not have to buy a 20 dollar PSN card.

    • Je-Al says:

      bro..i wish i could just done done but the case of mine is valid my visa is not for US…even paypal…all fail….?can i borrow your account bro plsss..as soon as i DL the game change the password plssss…?

    • Je-Al says:

      ive been sitting around in my chair almost 6 hours trying to add funds but all fail…maybe because im my visa its not US visa….damn…..plsss help…im not scammer……….

  111. Michael Palacios says:

    So how long for the files to be released? Any guesstimation?

  112. k3nn says:

    for some reason: my psp access on psn yesterday was giving me error in DNAS connection but this time i checked again and it’s working. I don’t think $ony is stupid and they replaced gamoracy with another. perhaps something with a tracking code or somesuch. I’m sure they’re monitoring the boards and laughing at all of us for being naive. oh yeah call me paranoid: even if this xploit works, how can we be sure gamocracy isn’t tainted and calling home?

    • wololo says:

      You are paranoid. Most Sony employees dont work on weekends, and for every single vhbl release so far, their course of action has always been to pull the game on their monday. They wouldn’t have the time to do what you mention.

    • anderpanda says:

      apart from being completely illegal on their part, their game cant call home without notifying you first :)

  113. Dath Vada says:

    K3nn what are you worried about? All we are doing is buying a game legally..

  114. Dath Vada says:

    Je-Al I will make a new psn name and pw and add 5 dollars paypal to it. I will try and email you in a hour. Even if you don’t get the game in time do not worry. You can still get it at a later time and transfer it to your vita using a ps3

  115. AfterCool says:

    For EU Card Psn πŸ˜‰ http://www.pcgamesupply.com/buygames/sony-playstation-network-cards/

    I bought the game πŸ˜€

  116. locomicoc says:

    i thot patapon was the exp

  117. icyheart says:

    Please I buy the games on Two accounts I buy it from EU store so please realse file for EU region
    Thanks Great works very very thank you

  118. mike says:

    im from the Philippines and I juz bought and download the games.. waiting for the files now.

    • Je-Al says:

      how did you download the game what did you use.im from philippines to my visa is not working on psn cause its not visa from us…?any help im still waiting to the guy who will create account for me n add five bucks..i guess hes serious qbout that..plss anyone help

      • mike says:

        sir i juz bought a psn card from a local gaming store and add it to my psn funds then juz buy and download the game

  119. zMiraiNikki says:

    T-T this game is not avaible in CZ Store :(

  120. zMiraiNikki says:

    some 1 with US accoutn want Share it ? i give him my EU Czech Account a lot of games for PS 3 and Vita pls i want play GBA games on my vita but this game is not avaible in Czech Store :(

    skype : angel–war ( zMrsNightMare )
    Pokec : nikolka zboronova

    PM i pay u 10 € on PayPal or PSC or ukash or etc

  121. Je-Al says:

    “Dath Vada” where are you now…plsss are you done bro…plss i need the account you said…before its to late i dont have ps3 to transfer the Xploited game :(….

  122. zqlzql says:

    where the actual files

  123. ien1587 says:

    tnx wololo and the people behind. i follow all you instructions and got the game.. thnks guys.. :)

  124. Je-Al says:

    “Dath Vada”where are you…..can anyone plss lend me a 5bucks on my account using your paypal..plsss..i know some of you are rich..its just cheap for you…i cant buy it cause of country issue…!? plss im begging you…i want the exploited game…

    • mike says:

      sir its very easy even though ur in the Phil. .. just buy a psn card in a local gaming store and use that to add funds like 20$.. that’s wat i did and now i have the game

      • Je-Al says:

        i know its easy..but i only borrow my friends visa..and i dont have enough money to buy $20 psn codes.. :(

      • xlovenuggetx says:

        i would not recommend giving out any of your PSN information… i see many people asking for passwords and such. don’t do it for obvious reasons. there are many who would take advantage of kindness.

  125. Je-Al says:

    i guess im going to missed another exploit again…. :(

  126. Je-Al says:

    =( darm i think i really gonna missed this chance again.

  127. Herbert says:

    i have the game.. now we wait patiently….

  128. Je-Al says:

    guys can i borrow your account change your password as soon as i download the game plssssssss..if just my visa is compatible in us i dont have to post so many comment here plsss can someone help ke plsss

  129. max says:

    What about BreakQuest?

  130. Anunknownauthor says:

    After a bit of faffing about I managed to get it onto my vita. I live in the UK and bought it from the ps store using my phones browser and tried to download it using the vita but it says it can’t be downloaded using the vita. I set up my ps3 and was able to download it with that and connected the vita to it and it didn’t show under vita software but it did show under psp/other. And now it’s on the vita yay.

    I thought I would clarify these points here as I didn’t think I would be able to do it as there is lots of reports on the net about not being able to transfer minis from the ps3 to the vita if that mini isn’t able to be downloaded on the vita from the ps store. That is not true and it works like a dream.

  131. rewz says:

    I cant find it in the US store

  132. Je-Al says:

    anyone plsss help meee..!!!!tomorrow the game will patched i dont wanna missed it…ive tried everything…even in UK my visa is valid its from philippines….guys can i borrow your account change your password as soon as i download the game plssssssss..if just my visa is compatible in us i dont have to post so many comment here plsss can someone help ke plsss im begging you

    • mike says:

      You can use your visa card to purchase psn cards on stores like game shops.. why not use that to buy cards rather than buying online?.. if you bought a psn card just use it to redeem funds and then buy the game as simple as that

      • Je-Al says:

        yeah..pero po..gabi na panu pa ako makakahabol…? :( ang malas ko nmn..pde poba hiramin ung account mo…pag na DL ko napo ung game palitan nio nrin po ung password..plss po mpapagkatiwalaan ako..ndi nmn po ako scammer…eh my visa nmn ako ayaw lng….plss po

      • Je-Al says:

        plsss po ikaw nlng po maaasahan ko dito..plss

      • Je-Al says:

        almost knina pa po ako nag hihintay n may 2mulong skin d2 pero wala po eh…lht n po gnawa ko paypal…visa card failed… plss po pde pa iram saglit ung accout nio plsss.?

  133. Alkalinefiend says:

    So how will this work if Open CMA no longer works with 2.12. Can anyone confirm that it doesn’t? I don’t actually know for a fact but thats what i’ve been told

  134. Je-Al says:


  135. andrea says:

    will this exploit support ARK? there are any chance?

  136. Je-Al says:

    can anyone plsss let me borrow your account…just need to download the game…?anyone……untill now.. i cant use paypal to add fund…i dont have prepaid card can anyone plsss help me ive been dying to download this game since 4:20am philippines time and its 10:32pm already…the psn migth patch the game….ANYONE PLSSSSS who already downloaded the game can i borrow your account..no need to worry cause you already buy the game it wont pay another…once i downloaded the game quickly change your password plssss……anyone im not scammer…? :(

    • wololo says:

      JeAl, I have already told you how to do it with Amazon. I dont have a us credit card either and had no problem. Stop posting the same stuff over and over again if you are not willing to go with methods that work.

  137. mavman42 says:

    Je al , people on here are telling you alternative from buying it on psn but you keep trying to do the psn way. Which make me think you’re a scammer. Go to a local game store and buy one, ask a couple of friends can the give a couple of bucks to you.

    • Je-Al says:

      lol even though i cant afford psn prepaid i can still be trusted. even if you have lots of bucks in your account.the only thing i want is to download that game.i understand what you feel cause im just stranger.if only my friends visa is workng i dont have to post so many comment on this article.hope u understand..tomorrow psn might patch this game.i guess no luck for me

      • Balki says:

        Stop begging for people’s accounts. You’d have to permanently use that account to keep the exploit and I seriously doubt anybody’s gonna let you do it. There are plenty of ways to get PSN cards from different regions. If you want it – pay for it. It’s 4 bucks not 100. If you don’t have the money go do an odd job in your neighborhood

  138. Je-Al says:

    ok tnx for everything hehehe..im so stupid….. ‘,..,’

  139. zqlzql says:

    I cant wait the actual files

  140. MrAyzarC says:

    it’s funny to see how some of the people above are begging others for their accounts and other things, the only thing i would like to know is if we might get a eCFW with this exploit i have plenty o psp games that never made their way to psn like KH BbS and secret agent clank (at least not into the AUT store).

  141. Hellbelial says:

    JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3.86 on my wallet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jajajajaja,well then,i guess i will keep buying orginal games.Goodbye to another one exploid.

  142. ForteGS says:

    guys i have a question, Can I deactivate my 2nd PS Vita and still play games on it if i never access the internet on it ever again?

  143. AliFOJ says:

    I’ve downloaded the game on my Eu account PS Vita after purchasing the game from PC then downloading it on PS3 and the transferring it to the VIta but what should I do now? Is the hack in it already or I have to wait? Please help!

  144. ModH4ck says:

    Just sent 5$ from my paypal to my psn accout! I was a day late but luckily i got the game! :)
    When will link be released? Thanks! :)

  145. DoNuS says:

    I bought/downloaded it on EU psn! Will it work for me?

  146. AliFOJ says:

    I’m telling you there is something f**king wrong on this website. My comments always disappear for some reason I don’t know! Mehh… I’ve downloaded the game from the Eu store to my PS vita after purchasing it from the PC then getting into the PS Vita from PS3 so what should I do now? Is the hack already in the game or do I have to wait for the hack files to be released?

    • phil87700 says:

      The hack is not in the game….Make sure you have completely installed the game into your Vita…. backit up using CMA (just-in-case)… wait for a day or two for the exploit files to be released….

  147. xlovenuggetx says:

    the game is still up as of this writing. is it taking longer than usual to pull the game? if they don’t pull it for example, until wednesday, will that delay the release of the files?

  148. Alexander Miranda says:

    I’m hoping for future Kexploit will be available for 2.12 because I can already Emulate roms on my Tablet/3DS/PSP and PC. I’ll be super excited when CSO/ISO are running on 2.10 and above.

  149. BahumatLord says:

    Anybody struggling to get the game I can do it for you. I live in the US, I have a US credit card and a US paypal account so I have no trouble buying from the US store. Send me $10 through paypal. I’ll make a new PSN account or use a US PSN account you’ve already set up, put 5 bucks on it and buy the game. You can then download the game to your vita. The other 5 is for handling and any foreign currency exchanges that may apply so I don’t end up coming out of pocket to cover fees

  150. BahumatLord says:

    setting up a button so I don’t post my email publicly. Give me a minute

  151. BahumatLord says:


    Must include in the comments of payment your email address and desired PSN account name if you need a US PSN account. If you made one already send the login details. I need this to make sure that the right person gets the account back

    • wololo says:

      Although I don’t doubt you have good intentions, I’d advise our readers against sending money through paypal to a “random” commenter on the blog. Also sending your PSN credentials to somebody else can get you banned from PSN, so beware

      • BahumatLord says:

        Just trying to help these guys out. I’ve seen a lot of people struggling to get it done and it’s a piece of cake for me to get it done. If it feels too random feel free to contact me on the other sites I’ve been active on for years so you know it’s not just some random guy using the name

        • wololo says:

          I know and this is why I didn’t plain remove your comment. I am just giving “official” word that my site is not associated with your activity here, in case anything goes wrong for the people you help.

          • BahumatLord says:

            I hear ya. Looks like nobody needs the help anyway. Either people have figured it out by now or given up. Please remove that link. I’ll help anybody that needs it between now and then but don’t want to leave it up if I’m not around and Sony pulls the game

    • FishSticks says:

      Alright thanks! I’ll send you the $10 a bit later.
      Can i still have the purchased content from my current account while logged into the US one?

  152. Michael Palacios says:

    Alright, so I have the game. What else do I need to be prepared for this?

    • wololo says:

      Run the game at least once to make sure it runs fine. So many people assume that keeping the game in their download list is enough, but the game needs to be installed before Sony pulls it from their store. Running it once is the best way to confirm you have the right one.

      • Michael Palacios says:

        Oh I see, yeah I’ve actually been playing it haha. Do I need to do anything to Open CMA? This is my first time actually participating in this.

        • wololo says:

          yes, you can try and see if you can connect your Vita to openCMA while your wifi on both the vita and the PC are turned off, just to see if OpenCMA works as expected.

  153. SmurfyD says:

    Terrible timing. So broke right now I don’t even have the $5 to throw on psn. Oh well XD

  154. Dogggieee says:

    Think it will be better than 2.06? What are the differences between 2.06 and 2.12?

  155. Oscar says:

    Hi Wololo, can I buy PSN CASH CARDS through you?

  156. Oscar says:

    Ok, I will try that.. either if Im a dumb-head or if this method will not work for me, I will write you back. Thanks man!

  157. ijnmko says:

    when the new exploit games vhbl release?

  158. Oscar says:

    So, I couldn’t complete the transaction for some reason at pcgamesupply. How do I send you a private message if im interested???

    • Raisin says:

      Just wanted to let you know (It is a bit irrelevant) but that site, pcgamesupply, IS LEGIT. – Just in case you were doubting (= I know many who have doubted sites so just thought I’d add that in. I got a HK PS card from there for the first PlayStation All Stars beta

      • wololo says:

        Yes, although when it comes to US PSN Cards, the amazon method I mention works better and is cheaper. pcgamesupply have an *** series of Security check, and even though I was able to buy from them in the past, now all my attempts with them end up in a rejection. So their dumb anti-fraud system is not even able to realize I am a customer who has paid them correctly in the past… crazy.

        • Raisin says:

          There’s that too haha! I totes agree with the Amazon thing, by FAR.

          I just wanted everyone to know that that option isn’t a scam (=

          But thanks for the adding on, Wololo!

  159. ijnmko says:

    why we should turn off vitas WiFi after download ex game?

  160. SakkeMO says:

    Are we expecting release of the files today, should i start ramming F5 already? :)

  161. MattAV2012 says:

    Hey Wololo, My friend also has a vita and said that he will buy the game so we can both use it, can i download it on my PS3 and transfer it over to my Vita? Thanks.

  162. Nicholas says:

    So if I have an HK psn account without the game listed on psn, does that mean I have to set up a new account based on a US psn store? And does that mean I cannot install my HK psn store games on the same card of my exploited game from a US store?

  163. Omar says:

    Game has been removed from both EU and US stores.

  164. acknologia says:

    has it been pulled already? i can’t find it

  165. Dafuq says:

    Nooooooooo, the game is not available anymore … :-(

    It was still here 2 or 3 hours ago when i was at work.
    I come back at home and it’s not here anymore …
    I am cursed … :-(

    • Raisin says:

      I’m sorry man :/ I feel ya. I’ve been in that scenario.

      There will be another exploit at some point! Either soon or in a while, but eventually another will pop up, and you’ll grab it!

      This may not work, but try searching on your vita/ps3 for the game. it probably won’t work, as its been pulled, but yeah! Worth a last-minute try!

      It’s still in my DL list

      • Dafuq says:

        I checked on PS3, PS Vita, and PC, and the game has totally disapear from every DL List. :(

        • BahmatLord says:

          I just checked the web store. The game is gone for sale, but if you look at your purchase history on the web store it still shows in the media list. It has a download button on the web site. It might push the download to your vita if you need it. I’m not sure because I have a Vita, PS3, and a PSP on my account so it might just push the download to PSP or somethiing

          • Dafuq says:

            I have an idea.

            I have the *.pkg file of the Game.

            If I install a Custom Firmware on my PS3, then use the “Package File Installer” to install it on PS3, then transfer it on Vita.

            Do you think it could work ? :-/

          • wiktor96 says:

            not work, checked :)

  166. Dj says:

    Game is now pulled from psn :-) files incoming

  167. Rasingaantr says:

    Hi wololo, i have downloaded the game and i was just wondering, do you THINKE there will be a ecfw port?(kernel) because a lot of the vhbl exploit had a ecfw port.I know we can’t predict the future, but still. ( sorry for my crappy english i’m french)

    Thank you again

    • Raisin says:

      I know you didn’t ask me, but in my opinion, I’d say it’s unlikely, even if we were to find a Kernel exploit. Reason being, there won’t be many kernel-exploitable games out there, if any. So if an individual were to find one, they’d likely keep it to themselves.

  168. Raisin says:

    So, FINALLY, the game just got erased from my DL-list.

    I’ve noticed I have the Apache exploit still in my DL-list…

    Do they just add it back to your DL-List once it gets reuploaded? Or did they take it off your purchase list, permanently?

  169. DJ says:

    I am calling sony right now ask them where the game I paid for is not on my download list damn it πŸ˜‰ lol

  170. Revilo62 says:

    I’m crying… I always miss the release by a day, or this time by just a few hours T.T

  171. Julianni says:

    ammm i live in Belize alil country and i want to do this but i dont have the psn card to buy the game and it sucks i have a us account but no money idk if anyone can help me

  172. dj says:

    The game has already been pulled Julian

  173. george says:

    wololo is there a way i can go on the ps store without updating the vita? and also i have the 2.12 exploit game. is there anything i should get like open cma?

  174. salvatore says:

    removed from store usa

  175. PeffHD says:

    When will the download be released so I can download the VHBL for free of the website?

  176. Evilevoke says:

    I was just wondering will there be a how to video cause im noob at this :p

  177. Melon says:

    Jesus did they take it down already? I can’t find it!

  178. Hassan says:


  179. Recoil says:

    Well the game is off the shelves, Software?

  180. icyheart says:

    Please File to Eu ver

  181. zqlzql says:

    i cant wait Today is Tuesday

  182. BeastyX says:

    Don’t You Just Love It When The Comments Explode!! Its Pure Chaos Around The Release Of These Things Good Thing Im Faithful To This Sight And I Just Picked Up On Wagic Since I Found Out Magic Was Cool But Thought DOTPW Is Kinda Stale Anyway Thanks For The Release Picked It Up Saturday Soon As I Seen It Guess It Was Just Meant To Be :)

  183. Fingloi says:

    No asian love huh? wololo?

  184. bucelic says:

    wowwwww stupid internet I missed it by half a day

  185. zqlzql says:

    where is vhbl2.12

  186. Hassan says:

    I cannot find the game :( what can we do now?

  187. meganubis says:

    Hey guys Australian User here, I managed to download Gamocracy onto my PS3 last Monday, just got my vita back from my brother today. I tried to copy gamocracy over to my vita but it doesn’t appear on my vita from the copy from ps3 menu. Anyone have any idea why?

  188. asdf says:

    I’m not giving sony another cent of my money.

  189. ahm,ed says:

    i give up and i think of this time to sell or buy ps card to buy a games for the ps vita
    i have been wating for long time for hack my ps vita
    f:k it im sorry for myself to buy this bad *** device
    and bye wololo i there was hope for it but its seems to me now there is no any hope to hack ps vita ,

  190. k8y3 says:

    see you can not get the game if this game is not on store will never display the same on cma cma use playstation sever

    the real you copy files form the server not direct ps3 if you have network will say log in and when you login you copy files form the server ps3 sendig data on the server server sendig data to ps vita

  191. perargus says:

    BahumatLord, are you charging 10 dollars for the game if so i want to purchase it but can it be done tonight (today) i live in Australia and am going away tomorrow so i would like if you could do it tonight if possible

  192. Pretty! This was a really wonderful post. Many thanks for
    providing this info.

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