Qwikrazor87’s VHBL exploit might be available on EU stores after all


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69 Responses

  1. ChaOS says:

    Seems like you’re dropping enough hints for Sony to figure out which game this is before the exploit ever even gets released.

    They’ve known for a month now that it’s a game that is in the US PSN but not the EU – there can’t be that many of those…

    Every day we sit on the exploit is another day closer we are to Sony pulling the exploited game and killing 2.12 VHBL.

    • wololo says:

      Yes, the risk grows day after day. We do our best to give people enough information that they can decide if the exploit is good for them or not, without giving away too much info. It’s a fine line.

  2. Carlo says:

    Just tried it from The Netherlands.
    I can buy it, it does show up on my downloadlist on the Vita but says i cant download it on a Vita.
    I downloaded it on my PS3 and with Content Manager i was able to get it working on my Vita.

  3. Tony86 says:

    I think it works in Sonys interest to have the VHBL enabled game on the store for a short while because they benifit from the sales of the game that VHBL users will quite obviously buy.

    They would be foolish to nip it in the bud before it happens because it will mean they lose out on money for something that to be honest they probably dont consider it much of a security risk to their console… you cant play “pirated” games or dive in to the Vita internals using VHBL but only run emulators and Roms of old consoles which to be honest not many companies if any care much about anymore?

    If Wololo and co released the name of the game, Sony would probably leave it for a few couple days just so they can soak up some profit from it all, obviously they have a duty of care to blacklist the exploit because thats something they would have to do.

    just my opinion.


    • D-TeK-DeV says:

      Sony knows that people will want to play newer titles and would update, anyway. The VHBL and sony’s late updates would repeat over and over.

      • NNNRT says:

        Yeah, all exploits are being released when their current firmware has been available for a long time, but still that makes Sony release a mandatory update with no fixes. I don’t know how they think VHBL is related to piracy. 😐

        • Jomann says:

          Tell me how you would feel if you were sony and your customers wanted to hack their device so they could play games from their competition?

          Also nintendo roms are still illegal because of the addition of classics on the 3ds and wii.

          finally just because wololo says that their exploit is only a homebrew exploit doesn’t mean that it actually is. Sony will take all precautions necessary. and as a side note they don’t take wololo’s word for being pro user. for all we know wololo could be trying to give us a virus and then ask us for money to fix it? this is why its taken down so quickly. to protect the user.

          • wololo says:

            Jomann, although in theory I agree with your points and the business justifications for Sony to react quickly to exploits releases, I would like to point out several things:

            – first, it seems Sony trust my reputation enough that they are pulling their games out of their store before we even give them proof that the exploit is real. hopefully, it means they also know I don’t have the reputation of installing malicious software on the devices of the people who follow this blog.

            But the point above is just an anecdote. More importantly, I simply can’t accept that you believe Sony are patching these flaws to protect the user. If that were true, they would treat all similar security threats identically, but they have proven several times they don’t actually care about protecting their users: The infamous hack debacle from 2011 is the best example of course; but also the rootkit scandal from 2006; the fact that your password is stored in plain text on the PSP ( http://wololo.net/talk/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=8799 ); or more recently and directly related to the Vita, a dangerous javascript vulnerability found this year that they never fixed despite being contacted by a white hat security researcher repeatedly: http://wololo.net/2013/02/14/major-security-issue-url-spoofing-found-on-the-vita-browser/

            Clearly, if Sony can react within 48h to prevent us from playing homebrews, but on the other hand take several months or years to fix a vulnerability that could allow a malicious hacker to steal some of your personal information directly from your browser, they are showing they don’t care about protecting their users.

          • Aces says:

            Also need to remember that any and all kernel exploits require that you first have a user exploit such as this.

  4. outoforrder says:

    i must be off the trusted members list still no ninja for me :(

  5. ozzy1990 says:

    same here bro lol just be patient it will come. it seems i been waiting for ever but it will totally be worth it :)

  6. i just got really excited you guys. Don’t toy with my emotions like this! I nearly dropped everything and skipped class because i left my vita at home! Sigh. Back to waiting patiently. >.>

  7. phil87700 says:

    Wow thats great news

  8. ien1587 says:

    i hope my months of months of waiting wouldn’t be a waste.. still hoping though..

  9. A7mad Boss says:

    Yub i downloded it via ps3 store the first time i saw ninja release 

  10. Lyian says:

    Since I am back from London today, I cheked out whats new on WOLOLO.

    So, to be quick, I purchased it, downloaded it and of course installed it.

    Everything is fine from Germany :)

  11. Ax23 says:

    Can confirm downloading to the PS3 and from PS3 to PSVita works (EU store) 😉

  12. Joshua says:

    could someone please let me in on this game .. ive been here everyday for the last month and a half waiting and searching.. ive only been a member for about a month but i really dould like to figure this out :)

  13. Lyian says:

    Joshua please, login in your account in the forum, then check out if the ninja release box appears, if not, just wait a few days, probably one or two :)

  14. Max7731 says:

    @ Wololo : hi Is the game is available on the playstation store north america. thank you.

  15. zqlzql says:

    I missed several loopholes

  16. zqlzql says:

    I missed several loopholes what a game

  17. Joshua says:

    thank you Lyian ive been checking but havent seen nothing. i will continue to wait patiently

  18. phil87700 says:

    Hope im too chosen for ninja soon…Im from EU store :-(
    I can keep my mouth shut for the rest of my life 😉
    Great news guys…

  19. zqlzql says:


  20. zqlzql says:

    i cant wait

  21. Max1990 says:

    Impossible to download the game with my PS Vita (from French PSN) :/

  22. areymuga says:

    I can’t see ninja release, bad luck for me

  23. xlovenuggetx says:

    i just wanted to say thanks to you guys. downloaded game and ready to install vhbl! in case people are oblivious to the fact, the game title info is not sent through your inbox (at least not for me). if you dont have a message yet, look for the new box that appears at the top of the main page. i didnt notice it for an hour or so. cheers!

  24. JeoWay says:

    Well then. Happy homebrewing EU people!

  25. xxxgreygh0stxxx says:

    just got the vita, but it has 2.12. can’t wait till you release it so i can play my nes, snes on the road again.

  26. zerobacker says:

    I have always trusted wololo work and great deeds you do so do not think you want to give us a virus or malware rather that our consoles since I had my psp 3000 version 6.20 golden grabbed all wonderful.

    you’re already a legend eventhough you follow on the scen beam left a big mark as the great dark alex to thank you all grab this possible

    I would love to help discover new exploit but I have no idea where to get started if someone could give me a guide I will be very grateful for the community

  27. Robert says:

    Do I need to be a member of the forum to receive the new release and the name of the game?

    • xlovenuggetx says:

      yes, but eventually it will be posted on wololo for all to see. google ninja release for more information and keep checking back.

      wololo delivered! today is a good day :)

  28. zerobacker says:

    I have always trusted wololo work and great deeds you do so do not think you want to give us a virus or malware rather that our consoles since I had my psp 3000 version 6.20 golden grabbed all wonderful.

    you’re already a legend eventhough you follow on the scen beam left a big mark as the great dark alex to thank you all grab this possible

    I would love to help discover new exploit but I have no idea where to get started if someone could give me a guide I will be very grateful for the community….

  29. Enrike says:

    Finally thanks to Qwikrazor87 and wololo team..

  30. patty says:

    i downloaded the game ,but when i go to my downloadlist it says that it cant be dowloaded to the Vita , help please !!

  31. booey24 says:

    Thanks wololo for the info. I appreciate your time and effort.

  32. scooter61686 says:

    Thanks Wololo & Qwikrazor87 updated from UNO exploit, Retro City Rampage is only $4.99 on the PSN so i had to update to get the exploit game AND retro city while it was on sale. you guys rock and I LOVE VHBL!

  33. CookyLUFC says:

    I can also confirm that you can download on ps3 via EU store and transfer to PSVITA. Thanks guys!

  34. areymuga says:

    Wololo, i need the game name please…..

  35. SPoONiE_16 says:

    Great news for EU users!

  36. Joshua says:

    is it out ive checked my messages searched the form everything im in the us does this matter someone please point me in a direction so i dont miss out. i see no box with ninja release and yes im a member

  37. Whitnom4 says:

    ohhh man i cant wait for my pm. I might be a few months new but hopefully im in the loop.

  38. Thank you got it to work.
    How to:
    1. Download Game on PC PSN Store
    2. On PC get the Game to Queue as a download to your PS3
    3. Once queued, turn on your PS3 and sign into PSN, also plug in your vita and run CMA (i did it to stop game from installing onto PS3), game should download
    4. Wait 5 mins, then disconnect CMA, Check XMB to see game is downloaded on PS3
    5. Connect vita to PS3 vita CMA and transfer game, Game located under Application > PSP


    You cant download the Game from download list on Vita, reason being is that it does not allow (Sony seem to have patched that)
    Game cant be found on Vita store but can be found on PS Store.

    Hope this helps.

    • Marco says:

      Thank you, I tried to use only PC-PS Vita since my Ps3 is at home and I’m on vacation now, but it downloads an .xpd of 1kb and if I open it with notepad it shows an URL of a .pkg (the game) but I think I can’t transfer it from the PC to the Vita, can I? Thanks.

  39. fatman01923 says:

    Hey Wololo, how long does a warning last if not forever? :(

  40. Mr Rab says:

    So when should I start spamming F5 on the homepage?

  41. Dmaskell92 says:

    I appreciate all effort put into this, and have the game purchased. Just waiting for the files, they are released after the game is pulled like with Apache?

  42. StaticBalls says:

    Aww, I just ordered my ps vita today… Too bad it won’t be here until Wednesday :(

  43. outoforrder says:

    i got ninja release round 16.30
    big thanks wololo

  44. Himura says:

    i wish there is an asian version

  45. areymuga says:

    Thanks wololo, game purchased.

  46. mavman42 says:

    I got the ninja release! Thanks wololo and quickrazor! The name of the game is…. Jk!

  47. javon says:

    is it possible for this exploit to play psp iso in the future? im thinking of buying the game but if it is only for psp homebrew i rather not.

  48. StaticBalls says:

    Dumb question, but on average how long does it take them to take them game off?

  49. dorron says:

    I didn’t even know “it wasn’t available” on EU PSN.

    I bought it from my PS3 via EU PSN without problems. Downloaded it to PS3 and transferred it to my Vita.

  50. Hamza says:

    I don’t know, I don’t think it would work with me. So, I think I’ll wait for another exploitable game.

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