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You can play your digital games on a friend’s PS4.


I like beer.

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  1. aaronar says:

    Cool, But I doubt that sony won’t have a limit

    • Leires says:

      Well, to be fair, they used to allow you to share any of your games with 4 other people (for a total of 5 accounts)on PS3 for a very very long time. They eventually lowered it to one other person, but there’s no limits, currently, on PS3. So it’s very possible they’re just going to follow that. Wish vita worked the same way, though..

    • UE says:

      There is a limit, your account cannot be logged in at all elsewhere or it won’t connect, ergo you won’t have people logging in to the same account from multiple places to play games at once even if they are separate games.

  2. k3nn says:

    aside from that: when I get home and play it online AND my girlfriend starts playing it at the same time…what happens then?

    • Acid_Snake says:

      probably won’t work online as the same accounts will try to connect at the same time on the same console.

      • somthing something something light side says:

        i wonder, because say it was ur GF you would be ok with having your account on her console, because your game is now installed on her console, presuming she is using her acocunt and your acocunt was still on her ps4, the game would still work and both you could play the game, there for owning two consoles and only buying digital games would allow you and someone else in your household or your girlfriend to play online or system link and both play the same game with only ever buying the game once

        • UE says:

          You would have to claim her ps4 as your home ps4 and then log in from the other ps4 and play on that while she could play your games on the “home” ps4.

          Just having your account there doesn’t let you play the games, you have to be logged in and only one person per device can be logged in at any one time.
          This will be more a system for taking your digital games to a friend’s house rather than a system for sharing your games, the only way to share your games would be to really really trust that friend only to use the account and games when you say it is okay for them to do so.

          The way the dedicated home console works is that singular console is identified as your home console and your playstation + benefits and all digital games are accessible by every account on the system but on any other console this is not the case.

          • gunblade says:

            if i onnwed two or more ps4 and had them as my home ps4 could they be activated to the same account? will there be like an admin an guest account thing for the ps4 like a desktop?

          • UE says:

            @gunblade: The way it works is you can tie your account to one PS4 as your “home machine” this is your primary machine and any games you buy on it via the online service can be played by ANY account on the system.
            Also any account on the system can purchase games through the playstation + network if you are a member and play their games online.

            You can use the account on any other ps4 however any games you download won’t function unless that account has purchased the game or is using your account while playing the game.

            Basically both will worth with your account, you just won’t be able to use the same account on both at the same time (a perfectly fair thing)

  3. FoxSevent says:

    Another question comes to mind.
    How will this work with sand box games? Games with huge open worlds.
    Obviously downloading only portion of game wont work with these,as there are no separate levels in them.

    • DQEight says:

      Downloads the world and objects first and then the missions in order

    • ZacUAX says:

      It’d work just fine. They could toss you in a small tutorial area, or put up road blocks saying ‘UNDER CONSTRUCTION’ on them or something. Developers just gotta get creative.

  4. Arash Andalib says:

    Let me clarify this post :
    First you can only set one console as your home console and your games will always be available on that console to you and anyone that uses that console. Second when you go to a friends house you can login to your account and play your game library but only until you are logged in as soon as you log out your game library will disappear from that console.

    • Acid_Snake says:

      actually no. They said the game is downloaded on your friend’s console so my guess is that it stays there unless your friend deletes it or formats his drive.

      • jlo138 says:

        But it won’t be playable if that account is logged off.

        • Death of Chaos says:

          What source are you getting your information from?

        • gunblade says:

          yea kinda like the vita were the game r like restricted to the account that it was purchased on.. but i guess if like a start a game at my house then go to my cousin house n play it there i can use the save game feature to continue from were i left off. it seems that if the game r restricted that if one was even able to make a backup of the download game that it wont make much use for like distribution cuz u wont be able to play that game unless ur long in to the account the game was purchased with (piracy be shi**) i guess the ps4 would be able to know the difference from a ps4 game and a bluray rw too..

      • gunblade says:

        i guess it makes sense that i buy a game download n get to use it like a game disk or play it at my cousin house

    • L337Snowman says:

      It will stay there, because otherwise that would be plain dumb and a bit of a timewaster. Xbox Live currently does the same thing, you migrate the account to your friend’s Xbox, download one of your games, play it, and then when you leave, the game stays on the console but it can only be played when the Xbox is logged in to your account.

  5. The Kick says:

    Sony has poor execution when it comes to some things; We’ll have to wait and see before judging. Sony’s concepts always seem good on paper, because they are. However, we never really know how they’ll implement somethings. I’m interested in the Launch consoles. It doesn’t seem as though they’ll have the same buggy start. (Bugs will be present but not to a extent worth talking too much about.)

    • Acid_Snake says:

      If there’s something Sony always does good is Hardware, they always make the best quality, but when it comes to software they overly focus on security rather than features and this is something you can see on the Vita (what the Vita OS is today is what it should have been from the start rather than constantly updating things)

      • Leires says:

        Cept the whole backwards compatible PS3s being a timebomb thing. 😡 Makes me sad, man. I’ve owned several CECHAs and they all died (cept my current one, which sounds like a wind tunnel if i leave it on, and according to multiman, the RSX goes to like 85-90f and the GPU goes to like, 95-100f, with brand new thermal pads, the supposed ‘good’ PSU, the better fans [the 18 blades, was it?] and new thermal paste) because of sony’s ‘good’ hardware. :/

        • Leires says:

          also, ignore the angry face, : x to me is a sort of hushed face..but the blog assumes it as an angry face, which is not the emotion i’m going for in the statement T.T

          • gunblade says:

            u should upgrade n rebuild the ps3 i wana put like a Thermoelectric Cooler Peltier in my ps3..but my ps3 working fine as i took it apart n didnt realy put it all back together i just got the cpu plate thing skew on the rest of the ps3 jus placed to gether..

        • Acid_Snake says:

          that’s odd, my cecha still rocks and plays anything I throw at (no overheating, not dead laser…), I guess some were faulty and others weren’t. I personally think european models were done better as they were created later than US models.

          • Leires says:

            Never heard that most BC models get YLOD’d? I’ve seen an 80GB’s laser die, i know a guy who’s cecha YLOD’d, sent it to sony, they gave him another just for it to die again about a year later :/ It might be that EUR models are better made..It’s just (from what i’ve read) that they..god, what was it..poorly soldered? something like that..something about basically the only way to fix the problem is to reball which is expensive as heck, not many people do it (since it’s difficult) and usually not worth shelling out for..the lasers dying was a common problem, but they were cheap enough to fix..Maybe you got lucky D: Wish i had yours T.T

        • gunblade says:

          i had to clean my fan in my ps3 the thing was dirty..

      • Death of Chaos says:

        I love my Playstation consoles, but hardware durability HAS to go to Nintendo. I haven’t ever seen a Wii *** out unless the owner was hard on it in some way for a long time and I’ve only seen on Wii with a bad disc drive, lol.

        • UE says:

          Easy to do when you are using the same generation of technology from the last generation… Things get really easy to perfect when you have THAT long to work on them.

  6. capcomlegend says:

    lol everytime I see something writen by Acid_Snake I think about the first MGS Acid game for PSP with the 2 *** puppets hijacking a airplane, dont ask me why,I get graphic,vivid visions, but then I get this itching urge to play it for like maybe 2 days just to get that “old portable feel” <— non-sexual lol then I return to normal onto a regular console… just thought u should know Acid_Snake that some of us still do think of you <— non-sexual 😀

  7. Hi!
    Sony already has lock that function to only 2 “mainly” consoles in the PS3, when a few months ago you could that in 5 consoles… You can log in 5 different consoles, but you can only play your digital content in the first 2.
    I hope they set a lock for playing them only when you are logged in at any console. And of curse, let us have 2 o 3 consoles as mainly consoles, where you don’t have to be logged in to play that content. This will help us for people that have more than 3 consoles.

    I hope that this move from Sony make Microsoft to restore the “Family” option. Because they already said that you can log in with your MS account at any Xbox One and you have access to your digital library.

    • UE says:

      go do a little bit of reading, they have released all the final info about how accounts work… there is no need for speculation and I cannot be bothered to explain it.

    • gunblade says:

      read on the guardian Microsoft going to have family sharing plan..

      • UE says:

        Time will tell, microsoft should have had their old sharing system in play but for digital games only, honestly the only reason they didn’t was so they could say that people would be missing out on something because they wanted the terrible systems gone.

  8. kupomogli says:

    It’ll probably be like the PS3 does now. Two accounts can be activated on one PS3.

  9. JoDe says:

    Yeah this is something Xbox can do already

  10. man_of_power05 says:

    this is good and all but lets not forget sony reduced the number of activated consoles and handhelds from 5 to 2 and some people might not know this but that INCLUDES psp and vita so if you have say a psp and a vita, that’s all. you can’t activate any more handhelds with an account. knowing sony they’ll have the same limitation on ps4.

    • ricerrr says:

      you can only activate one vita you cant have 2 vita’s under the same account. As for psp’s i thing you can only have one as well not to sure about that one

      • stOneskull says:

        i don’t think that’s a big deal.. what other handheld is there? one psp and one vita each is fine i think.. i’m happy with that.. i can play the one crash bandicoot purchase on ps3, psp and vita, even share the save game between them.. same with minis… and music unlimited, man…. pc, ps3, vita, psp and my android phone! 5 devices!

      • gunblade says:

        idk i have two vita active on my account i had to remove a psp but i got two ps3 two vita an a psp on my account but i think therez a limit to how much portable can be on an account think its tree since i had to remove one psp

  11. ricerrr says:

    This will probably eliminate 2 people buying one game online like the ps3 works today, because it sounds like you can only download the games on the 1st console you activate, and if you logging to another console like your friends you can only play them over SONY’s servers while logged on.

    • stOneskull says:

      it could be… like remote play..

    • UE says:

      Nope not how it works, go google and you will find your info.

      They released all of this a little while back with how it will work and what systems are in place including the whole “home console” concept and so on so forth.

    • gunblade says:

      heard on wikipedia the sony playsation app let u use tablets and phones as a second screen.. saw a picture of the ps4 ui or the orbis os weird as i kind of dont like the xbox 360 ui..think i read that the gaikai game streaming is jus for trying out games would be cool to jus stream games

      • UE says:

        Gaikai streaming is for playing games, ps3 games will be played through gaikai (we know this from the initial launch back at the start of the year)

        When it will be effective is another matter, personally it matters little to me because I don’t live in america ergo I will get terrible latency and gaikai will be useless to me and most of the world.

        I don’t know about iphones/pads as sony is pretty anti apple (not a bad thing to be when they are in direct competition) however yes definitely with android systems this is true and they showed it working as an app in playroom.

  12. gunblade says:

    coool.. think sony should do this for there game disk… um streaming media from my ps4 to like my cuzens ps4…

  13. Tnutbutter says:

    They won’t sell many games this way. Am I correct?

  14. shenmue says:

    Physical game discs or the old-style cartridges still the way to go. I like to own physical things and not some phantom *** on a server. If there’s a company now that can make do the old-style things, it will beat both Sony and Microsoft.

  15. Kyu says:

    Sony deliberately wants to do the exact opposite of what Minisoft originally proposed and more,lol.

  16. Anunknownauthor says:

    This is really good news. Hopefully some of this forward thinking will extend to the vita and sub accounts. Really odd though that they are pushing this now due to Microsoft but with Sony if I buy a game on my account I can’t download it on my daughters sub account ( or even play it at all when it comes to vita titles and some ps3 ones) so whilst its great news for future ps4 owners I wish they’d stop crippling their existing systems. There’s loads of games I want to play for the vita using my account that I have legally purchased on my daughters sub-account but Sony won’t let me. And I refuse to purchase the same game twice as I wouldn’t ihone to if it was a physical copy.

    If Sony do stick to this I can see digital downloads for games going through the roof as that is one of the only downsides to digital copies.

  17. gamerguy4life says:

    kind of sucks.. on the ps3 you could log into your account on your friend’s console, download a game and they can keep it and play it on any account on their console.. i guess it’s to keep you from buying one copy of a game and let a bunch of other people download it and keep it for free

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