[PS4]You Cannot Turn The DualShock 4’s Light Bar Off, But Developers Can


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. jake

    Hmm… that would seem quite annoying for me at night. I just can’t handle the brightness haha D: The main reason I don’t play PS Vita at night =/
    I hope the light is just a glow then and not some 10000kW torch! 🙂

  2. Chasez671

    Does the light bar only show on that area? what’s the point of it? other than it being kinda neat, I don’t see any use for it. Plus, it’ll be kinda annoying if you have to take your eyes off the screen and turn the controller towards you in order to actually see it. If anyone can tell me any other uses for it, please do.

    • UE

      It allows for very accurate tracking with the playtstation eye… coupled with nineaxis sensors this should produce some rather accurate and fast movement controls, theoretically better than anything else we have had so far.

  3. Obito

    My eyes hurt when I play games without any lights, also it is not recommended to do so, thus that function will be a bit useless for me :P, it’s cool though.

  4. CyKo

    But this is ***. If I’m going to play a game, I’ve got no time to watch my controller changing the light. So what’s the use of this feature?

    • UE

      it is for 3d space sensor fusion with a playstation eye camera.

      Theoretically this should provide really accurate motion control in a 3D space.

  5. Thrawn

    I don’t think the light bar is intended to directly impact the players experience. I mean look on where this light bar is centered, on the plain front of the controller.
    So who would turn his controller up during gameplay, just to see the controllers color?
    There is something else, they need the light bar for camera tracking, like the wii does it, but the way is turned around. For the wii, the camera is built in the wiimote, and the light comes from the wii lightbar above or under the tv. For the ps3 you have that move controller and the camera connected to the console, for the ps4, I think they just integrated the function of the move controller thus the light bar and the separate available camera.

  6. werg

    It’ll be an update later on.

  7. mike

    my guess is that the lightbar is meant to shine on whatever is in front of you and not for direct eye-to-bar contact. example: you are getting shot at in a game= flashing red glow of light around the tv/wall. not effective if you have the room lights on, but w/e

  8. Youkosnake

    As a semi-competent programmer, I’d like to say that programming the lights really would be that easy. A couple if then statements at max depending on the number of colors you’re using.

  9. tryrush deppy

    maybe he means Devs can include the option in games for players to be able to turn off the light. THAT would make sense.

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