My experience with Sony’s appalling customer services.

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  1. miko says:

    thats why sony sucks.and how come sony makes a perfect product only samsung can

  2. jvhellraiser says:

    O god my serial are long gone! this things came out on there own and i lost them i don’t even know where they are both of my serial stickers gone, cause the glue use to put these sticker it sucks! moral of the story, i you buy a Psvita remove them and put them in a save place. cause they will fall and you will loose them without you even noticing.

    • mlc says:

      i’m pretty certain that Sony and retailers will consider the Vita “out of warranty” if you merely *have* the stickers. Although if it’s true that Sony can get the number internally from the Vita, it is possible that they’d be nice about it. I would highly doubt it, though.

  3. SubZer056 says:

    I haven’t needed to go through customer service yet but since day 1 of having my ps vita ive had the wierd black cracks along my screen in the dark. Annnnnnd my serial number is smered but my model number is their. meh

  4. Thrawn says:

    You know, I would have gone the “a*s-hole way”, purchased a new vita form amazon, take off the model and serial nr label, packed the dead vita in the box, send it back to amazon!!!
    Went destroyed during transport or something like that, of course cleaning it before sending to amazon goes with it.
    Amazon than complains to sony, sony of course replaces that product due to the fact amazon is one of sonys global resellers. :)
    Resell or keep the new vita 3g you got from amazon.

    • MarSprite says:

      It sounds like they may have some other method of identifying the vita, so perhaps committing fraud like that would be a bad idea.

      • Thrawn says:

        Of course those guys at sony can. The serial and model nr is burnt in the nand. The thing is it only needs to pass the check of amazon, they unpack it, start it, see it lights up to gray and shuts of immediatily.
        And if they send it to sony for repair, they cannot get any info out of that device unless they repair it. That shutting of is a security feature to prevent guys like me from tinkering with it. The nintendo dsi/XL and 3ds/XL has the same feature, if one of the displays is not connected correctly or away at all, it does not boot, it lights up and shuts down within a second.

  5. Obito says:

    Well thank you! I’m sticking two strips of transparent screen protector to both the serial number and the barcode, so that they never ever get erased 😀

    • Thrawn says:

      Well also make photos and store them somewhere save (excluding cloud), they might come in handy, you never know.

  6. FireCracker says:

    Wow, im sorry to hear that your vita broke, and im incredibly suprised that you replaced it, mine has been gathering dust given that a relative small amount of titles reach my country(Argentina). My experience with customer support from sony was no different from yours, i got ps plus during the spend 50 get 10 back promo, never got my 10 back even if i called, emailed and chat with a bunch of monkeys. They told me that my billing address should have been in the US, when the promo was clearly getting 10 usd back in the PSN Wallet, whatevs, i enjoy ps plus but definitely sony is not doing good while communicating, they can create the hype, but making sure you have the structure behind to support it is… something different

    • Thrawn says:

      I got thirty back, I live in europe too.
      Did you buy that psn + during 26th feb and i guess 1st march?
      What was your billing methode? PS Prepaid via amazon or different reseller or via paypal / debit or via psn debit?
      If you paid via debit / credit card I wonder how it even accepted that?

      • Thrawn says:

        sorry 31st march

      • FireCracker says:

        Got a year card from, my credit card is not valid for sony 😛 doesn´t matter how much gold platinum black legion or whatevs, they dont accept it unless the billing address is in the US or Canada, which would make sense given that the account i use is registered in that region, however, if you check the Arg PSN Store…. you would have a laugh, its empty, if you know a way to get those usd back, i would appreciate very much, i already lost all hope on getting it back

        • Thrawn says:

          And there is your problem, it stated back than, that only buys directly via PSN were legit for that repay.
          Not buys from anywhere else, only in the stated time frame and only directly via psn.

  7. capcomlegend says:

    I got the same case but the madcatz one that protects the rear touch…id really would pay 60$ if they ever came out with a OutterBox case for my vita,that would never happen tho…

  8. seddik says:

    me too the same problem please help

  9. hammer says:

    I think Sony’s customer service is hit or miss, I’ve had some bad calls. But also some good ones like when I bricked my pspgo messing with custom themes, I called sony and said the battery died while it was updating.Sony replaced my go free of charge even though it was out of warranty:-)

  10. alpmaster says:

    Gamestop sold me a used Vita without a serial just a grey sticker. :/

  11. Mreich says:

    Meh. Sony’s Customer service isn’t bad in general, it’s just that SCE’s customer service sucks.

  12. dan says:

    what if i copy the numbers, do i need original stickers ? or just the *** numbers?

  13. Chezni says:

    Sony may not be perfect, but this is a terrible example of their faults.

    Any major hardware manufacturer has to be on the lookout for scammers. And, at a glance, that’s totally what you appear to be.

    At the end of the struggle, you came out on top, more or less. I’ve been totally shafted by Microsoft and ended up set back 200 usd (and disc 2 of lost odyssey which it chomped).

    You are luckier than you think.

  14. jlo138 says:

    I bought a PS1 classic of RE off PSN. Well the game has a glitch where if your carrying certain combination of items in your save box (so I’ve heard) then you can’t pass through a door around the corner. Screen goes black. I don’t remember the exact details on how it happens but your far in the game and you’ll have to start over or use someone else’s save file. Here’s the issue: Anyways I emailed them over and over and eventually they refunded me the purchase. Saying they can’t normally do that and aren’t supposed to but I guess they seen my $400-$500 of purchased games so they did. I still have the game too. They were pretty nice to me but emailing them was a hassle to explain what happened.

  15. JeoWay says:

    I have never had any problems.

    These are the reasons I called:

    -Banned Account (I was unbanned thanks to them)
    -Faulty Funds (I couldn’t get one otherwise I would be banned)
    -Hardware & Software help (Always get it)

    I really don’t have much of a problem to be honest.

  16. Kyu says:

    I was told by a local e-shop that they would act as a connection bewtween me and Sony,in order to replace my broken Vita.Will cost me 150eu.

  17. NinjaKakashi says:

    I have thrown my Playstation Vita at someone then it landed on concrete and my Vita is perfectly fine.One question what *** fks with there model and serial number? Even on PSP that effected the ability to even sell it let alone repair it…

    • stOneskull says:

      so did throwing it around

    • mlc says:

      You have to play it. So if your hand ever touches or rubs against the serial number while playing, going online, watching a video, or whatever, then you are “fking with the serial number” and reducing the lifespan of that little sticker due to friction.

      Your point is why I have reservations about suggestions to take off and protect the serial stickers, though, as I’m 99% certain Sony will say that the serial number being removed means it’s out of warranty. (even if you have the serial number from the box, the sticker off of the device, or the internal number that Sony can access)

  18. mlc says:

    I’ve had a Vita die this same way, except they insisted there was no way they would repair it without the serial number sticker still attached. But, yes, the Vita appears to have some issue which causes completely random screen cracks. I had assumed that my cat stepped on it while it was in it’s case (which shouldn’t have been enough force; he’d have to jump on it), since there was no impact or damage to it that I was aware of. (and only the “inside” screen portion was cracked, not the actual protective/glass portion)

    But, yes, the lesson is that Sony has terrible customer service, and will seemingly intentionally put the serial number stickers in a place where they will quickly wear off (or the numbers will wear off) from normal use of the console. And, even more annoying than that, they’ll charge you more than half of the console’s price to repair it for an issue that appears to be a design flaw. (even if it only will affect a minority of consoles – though I would also assume that such a fragile design means that many consoles will be damaged by an “impact” that wouldn’t damage most devices with better designs)

    Really no loss to Sony, as the people who won’t buy another one will probably be outnumbered by the people who buy the next model after their original Vita inevitably breaks.

  19. Buck01 says:

    I sure am glad that the serial and model number stickers that eventually came off, are now kept in a place I could always find it. Although, since I got my vita used, I do not know if it still has a warranty.

  20. Chris Beanz says:

    My one experience with Sony customer service was actually pretty good. I got my first vita around the time when the UNO exploit came around last year and loved everything about it. My only problem was one time after my system had frozen I noticed my 16gb memory card wouldn’t detect when the system was turning on. I tried every different method I could find online but to no avail. I eventually figured out that my vita fried my card when it had frozen earlier in the day, after explaining all of this to a Sony representative and sending the defective card in, I was rewarded with a free replacement because it was ruled to be a defective card. Was very happy I didn’t have to spend another $90 on a new card :)

  21. gunblade says:

    I vita mostly plastic playing video games on it even puts strees on the board. Think I could snap a vita in half holding the arrows while pressing the x and pressing the front screen.. Think I would have to get another Vita but trying to save for a ps4

  22. Gandalf says:

    Frustrating, wish you friend improvements.

  23. dan says:

    could i copy the numbers or i need the sticks here downside ofvmy vita?

  24. Z says:

    I don’t know why, but all the electronic devices I seem to buy seem to be tough *** motherf*ckers. I had a cellphone( not a smartphone), which I’ve probably dropped 100 times, with heights ranging from 1-5 ft. Even got it wet a few times. Still works to this day. Then I had a PSP( the old phat version from 2006). I also probably dropped that a few hundred times. I bet it would still be working now if I didn’t drop it in a bucket of water and still tried to play with it. Then I have a Sony laptop, which my friends and siblings have dropped a couple of times( heights of 1-1.5 ft.), and I myself have hit it on the wall a few times. Still works. I have an Android tablet, which I’ve also dropped several times from 1-3 ft. Still works. And now I have a Vita. I’ve dropped it a total of 4 times, with heights ranging from 2-5.4 ft. In fact, the time it fell from 5.4 ft, something broke its fall. A hard, metal bar, and it still fell to the floor. And I don’t have a case for it. It survived all that with just a small scratch on the back.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is, because my devices rarely break, I’m rather carefree about them, which might lead to my demise later on. Maybe I should get a hard case….

  25. sbsbzz says:

    you paid to them for a new or refurbished console,but you should sayd to them to send broken screen console too.why?you can use parts of broken one when somthing is gone on new dont need to pay for other parts in also should report SONY company for “abuse”.they cant fk with your money.

  26. AliFOJ says:

    It’s always a pain to complain to service centers. I didn’t have any issues with Sony but have with many other. The only one that I found best was Apple. My iPhone got bricked two years back and I sent to them back in UK because I was in Pakistan now a days and they replaced me with a new one after some questioning so that was cool.

  27. black10693 says:

    I on the other hand (so far) have a great experience with Sony customer service. In fact they helped me “give the middle finger” so to speak, to Verizon with my Xperia Play issues. They got Verizon to allow me to keep my warranty and root my phone! Also sometimes I buy psp games on the ps3 store and can’t transfer them to my vita so I send an email asking for a refund and I get one within 24 hours. Now granted I haven’t had a true hardware problem yet, but now that I’ve seen this I will be sure to keep documents on my Vita, PS3, and PS4.

  28. Gyrnno says:

    I’ve only had to deal with Sony’s customer service twice. First time they were horrible, couldn’t resolve my issue (old Sony BT Headset that came with that Socom game) that my headset wouldn’t turn on. After the call, I read online how to fix it (easy too, you just turn it on until it died, then charged it up and it fixed the issue). Sony wasn’t aware of this apparently.

    My second call to Sony was about their Pulse Elite Headphones for the PS3/Vita. They stopped pairing with the Dongle no matter what I tried. This time however, they asked me to send just the Headset to them to be fixed, or so I thought.

    A week later, I get a brand spanking new Box containing a new pair of Pulse Elite headphones. I now have two Dongles, and another audio cable to connect with devices.

  29. bruno says:

    mine only got one sticker for now,after reading this article i discover that the serial numbers of the vita was in a sticker in the box.

  30. joeb says:

    Jeeze that is ridiculous… I’m surprised this sort of thing isn’t illegal on the companies behalf, and that there hasn’t been any class action lawsuits for this.

    In fact, where I live the police are expected to seize anything with a ‘defaced’ serial number as stolen goods (not charge you with theft though unless they have proof of that), and since the serial is defaced even if you have the receipt they have no way to prove it is indeed the same unit… so you never see it again.

  31. Evil_Dooms says:

    Even if the serial number is faided on the bottom of the vita the information is still in the vitas dmi.

    Sony can check the dmi details using there own bootable programs and can prob change it aswell.

    Its the same with oem manufacturers for pcs and laptops, dmi information is stored on the pcb chips regarding the make, model, os type, any injection keys for windows 8 / windows 7 activation, serial numbers, when the warranty expires and so on.

  32. Coraje187 says:

    Agree and a silicone case might work or a nerf but they should be able to tell other than stickers and if it was registered when bought.

  33. CaptainObvious says:

    Wouldnt a cheaper option be to write down these model and serial number on a sticky note and keep it with your receipt?

    or perhaps put tape around the serial and model number so that the tape would get scratched and smudged but not the numbers

    • Tha boss says:

      If you cant read your nr’s you will lose your warranty and it doesnt mattervif you have written them down or not. You can indeed put tape your nrs so they wont be damaged but most people will get ennoid annoyed of the tape and get rid of it. And you alse have to be carfull so you dont rip off your nrs when you get your tape off it.

      Hopes that clears it up.
      Ps check other comments because there are propebly 10 other people who misread the article and asked such a question.

  34. EJ says:

    I’ve dropped my Vita so many times, left it smothered under pillows and everything. It’s still going strong, with only a couple minor scratches, I’m pretty surprised really. Yeah, my numbers been scuffed off for a while now, oh well, least I’m having good luck with it. *knock on wood*

  35. o.o says:

    I was actually quite satisfied with their customer service.

    I had a PSP Slim that had a few dead pixels on it and Sony instantly replaced it with a brand new one. The dead pixels were barely noticeable too. They basically told me that they want customers to be happy and had no problem exchanging me a new PSP Slim.

    That was way back in 2008 or something. Maybe their customer service has gotten crappier over the years. =/

  36. TelgarDrakore says:

    The stickers are designed to come off with general use on purpose just for this reason. Mine came off within 4 months of use.

    • wololo says:

      I don’t usually like conspiracy theories but I’d be inclined to believe this. The devices far outlive those stupid stickers. If the things printed in there are that important, they should be engraved in the plastic, not printed on a sticker with ink that goes away literally within weeks ( that’s what happened for my first psp, and the only reason it didn’t happen to my other psps or my vita is because I barely use them)

  37. The Kick says:

    What are you talking about? Sony doesn’t HAVE ANY customer service. XD. Seriously, my vita had screen oddities right out of the box that never went away. It massively *** me off. My serials stayed intact, but only because it statys in the case and out of light until I remember I bought it and play with it. Has anyone used a coating to try and protect the serials? (On the back or front of the stickers.) Either way, where was the QC and QA? Come awwwn sony. You either get excellent QC or excellent service. Sony thinks they can get away with neither and still force people to take it with a smile. We shall see, sony. We shall see.

  38. rubnvdub says:

    Constantly hear about these horror stories with Sony’s customer service. However you got all these PS4/Sony fanboys out there who trash talk Micro$oft lol Sony seriously seems to have more problems than it seems worth it. I still love my vita dont get me wrong. I just dont understand the hype.

  39. zorak_torok says:

    My original… and second vita serials rubbed off… my third got pulled of and put somewhere safe.

  40. raizuke says:

    same thing goes for me, *** sony, including their nonsense recent released games

  41. Je-Al says:

    im using ah jelly/plastic case not hard case…to protect my vita..

  42. PS_VITA_SCREEN says:

    PS Vita OLED Screen with Digitizer £86.67

    The site also sell in other currencies.

  43. PS_VITA_SCREEN says:

    Don’t know how you ever managed to do that, I dropped my down the stairs with no damage at all, ever used it all day in the hottest day of the last 7 years, it’s fine but was like holding a lava rock.

    Sticker should be laminated.

  44. THWIP71 says:

    LOL….you bought a Vita.

  45. Chuckthetekkie says:

    One of my PSN accounts was wrongly banned and I called up and was told I was a criminal. On the other hand when I called up MS because I couldn’t log into Xbox LIVE due to a billing error, the lady was so nice and my issue was fixed after about 2 hours on the phone. The problem was due to Call of Duty Elite and my account was on the Family Gold Plan.

    Whats funny is that when I had some issues with my PS2 and called them up, I explained that the warranty sticker came off and they told me no problem.

    I remember that the Xbox has issues with the serial sticker wearing out. My Kodak digital camera had the serial number wear off. The serial sticker on my fat PS3 is pealing off. On my first 360, the warrant sticker fell off.

    With the Unibody MacBooks, the serial number is etched into the bottom panel.

    Companies really need to test location and stickers before selling products to see if the sticker or label comes off during normal use. The serial sticker on my Vita is placed poorly so part of the sticker is outside the recessed area.

  46. anon says:

    Am I the only one who has a blank model number?
    There’s a grey sticker with a white box on it but no text or bar code…

  47. omnipotent says:

    I had same problem with the stickers coming off after 3 weeks of light use….no games…
    One redicously easy solution is to buy scotch tape rip it in half and tape over the stickers. My stickers are still in place and easy to read. Hope this helps.

  48. name says:

    “Have you ever had any dealings with Sony’s customer services? If you have; how do you describe that experience?”

    a *** experience!
    they are sooo stupids

    i never bought sony pcs, tvs etc.. and i think my last sony console is the psvita

    *** you! u.u

    • Chuckthetekkie says:

      My parents bought a 27″ CRT Sony TV about 20+ years ago. One day the remote fried itself. Sony quickly replaced the remote with a new one that eventually did the same thing so they replaced it again. All of this out of warranty.

  49. Wenuz says:

    Moi, j’ai aussi sa dans mon écran mais elle marche encore, ces risqué ou je dois vite la mètre en garantie et en plus elle a que 1 mois !!!! :(

    Translate my message :)

  50. ZeroSkys says:

    When I see a sticker on something I have to take it off… its fun….

  51. Michael Hodge says:

    Any company that puts a serial number on a sticker and leaves no other way to identify a unit’s serial number (i.e., electronically) are idiots.

  52. Yaga says:

    protecting your vita…now say about all that ,id like to share some about those clear hard case that i got one for my self right away i got my vita ,(got a clear case for my psp slim still works like a charm with that hard case totally protected)but on the vita its a diferent story, on the back screen have been scratched badly by the back cover lid, so i got me a diferent one a biger one from nerf and get more grip and no cramps in your hand after half hour of play,, and a situation with sony that hapend to me last Friday night i wanted to buy an add-on on the ps store for a poker game and after cliking it and login in my password it say ty blah blah but i see an amount thats way over of what i got the addon cost not more that 3us dollars and i got charged 52 it was 2 am so i had to way till morning to call them again cus no service at 2 am so i called at 10 and told them that there as something on my cart that i dind t knew and i payed but not even download after seeing the bit total of my purchase,so i told the story and told me they were gona help me finish taking my info blah blah and was gona be contacted by email and i still havent got no response on my email account or my money back so i guess i have to wait till tomorrow after i get out of work and call them again cus i havent download the content yet!!!

  53. psnhater says:

    ya actually i bought 2 psn cards yesterday and i go home and put one in and it works, but the second kept giving me error. so thinking it was just not activated i go back to the place i bought it. she says it was activated and had receits to prove it, (witch she didnt give me) so i call sony and tell her whats up, and she tells me that she cant activate it cause she was not sure it was already activated. so ***! im out of 20 bucks cause some hacker or watever got the best of them? this is ***

    • Jimmy says:

      Not actually a hacker. One of my old friends did this ***. He steals the card copy’s the code and returns it. Upon someone buying and getting the card activated he can redeem the code.

  54. VicSidious says:

    Thank you for your article, very interesting, as always.
    If I may add something and it’s not advertizing of some sort, simply a satisfied customer ready to share some great product. All my gadgets are covered with ZAGG product. Vita, Ipad, Iphone, WiiU Controller… name it! Those plastic films are resistant as heck, the WILL NOT break, yellow or roll up. And if they do, they are covered by a life long warranty. They are a little costly but if you want to protect your gear, Zagg is the best. End of conversation!

  55. mikhail says:

    my vita had the battery issue .. and sadly when i called and emailed the customer service guys .. their response was .. since your in a different country not covered . i bought it from amazon sad.

  56. decokaaron says:

    When I bought my 4th Vita the U.S. 3G model I bought a hard case for it also. About 3 months later my cousin got a hold of it and dropped it and the camera just stopped working it gave me some error code. I took off the hard case and there was not signs of damage so I called then and told them the camera stop working. I got worried about sending it, I read a lot about all these issues that customers are having with SONYs support so I decided not to send it in. Well later on I noticed the paint was like flaking off. I dont know whats wrong with this Vita but it was driving me mad. My other Vita’s aren’t like that at all and they are from different regions. I live in the desert were it get up to 121 decrees but I dont think that has anything to do with the paint or anything since i leave it at home. But I could be wrong. But I took apart the Vita and the ribbon on the Vita’s back camera was cracked the black paint on the ribbon was cracked, like the copper was cracked too when I took a magnifying glass too it. So I figured it wasn’t connect because of that. So I bought one off of ebay for 10$. And now its working like new. just the paint is my issue now. But sony scares me with all those stories on how bad their tech is.

  57. decokaaron says:

    OH and for those with the serial number and model number issue just put a thin peace of tape to keep it from fading. I did that to my friends when he first bought it. I put a a small peace of tape on it and took a hobby knife and cut it so it doesn’t look like it was there. Just be very careful not to cut the frame. But about 5 months later the right joystick stopped working it wouldn’t go back to it’s normal standing position, it just flopped around, so he sent it in and got the same one back with a new joystick. So I figured it worked. He’s on that thing almost all day and everday. So the tape helped a lot.

  58. God says:

    My Vita has collected dust ever since I bought my Macbook 2009 May 13″ used for 171 bucks. I got it dirt cheap because it has a mild crack on the left corner of it that is barely notice-able and small blemish on the screen that isn’t notice-able unless I look for it. My vita is still cfw for psp games, and maybe that why it collects dust since no ones cracked this so I can play vita games on it. But the titles out right now still look like *** to me.

    I am not impressed by the library of the Vita personally. I only see Uncharted Vita as being pretty good to show the power of the vita off, but once you beat the game the fun factor is kind of over at least to me.

    I think Handheld gaming is near it’s end, especially for Sony, because I don’t think they can do anything to make anyone else want to own a Vita. It even has screen problems when you see weird stuff when its black or too dark when its playing a black video.

  59. dragonkid6 says:

    It’s too bad you didn’t know about the serial number thing. Ninty doesn’t(they might do it these days?) except any console without the serial numbers. But I don’t get the charger part…$ony and Ninty have always told me to never send those in as they will not replace them. Also any memory sticks/cards.

    @God Handheld gaming will never die because the country on gaming console origin, Japan, has a much larger user base for handhelds. Japan is a much smaller country and has “key” areas where gamers come together.

  60. RooKata64 says:

    well, its too late for me! i got mine the day the regular version came out for the U.S. 2/22/2012 my stickers are long gone xD

  61. NNNRT says:

    I have removed the serial stickers from my 2 bricked PSP 3004’s but not on my current one. I used to think it was ugly until I knew how important it was. 😛

  62. jd20dog says:

    Sony’s teck told me to put some clear scotch tape over the serial stickers before it peeled to much, havent had an issue sense,
    Cheap glue and cheap plastic stickers is the real defect on the vita

  63. ndh777 says:

    I learned the serial number the hard way. These companies are pure evil when it comes to serial numbers because it has happened to all of my laptops and I’ve had an Acer, HP, Compact, and a Toshiba and the same problem persists. It even happened on one of my old PSPs and GameStop refused to buy it because the serial was so worn. So I always put a piece of tape over it to protect it.

    That’s a shame with customer service. That’s one of the things I look for when I buy something. If it doesn’t have good customer service, the thing better be safe against everything or I’m not buying it.

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