My experience with Sony’s appalling customer services.

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  1. decokaaron says:

    When I bought my 4th Vita the U.S. 3G model I bought a hard case for it also. About 3 months later my cousin got a hold of it and dropped it and the camera just stopped working it gave me some error code. I took off the hard case and there was not signs of damage so I called then and told them the camera stop working. I got worried about sending it, I read a lot about all these issues that customers are having with SONYs support so I decided not to send it in. Well later on I noticed the paint was like flaking off. I dont know whats wrong with this Vita but it was driving me mad. My other Vita’s aren’t like that at all and they are from different regions. I live in the desert were it get up to 121 decrees but I dont think that has anything to do with the paint or anything since i leave it at home. But I could be wrong. But I took apart the Vita and the ribbon on the Vita’s back camera was cracked the black paint on the ribbon was cracked, like the copper was cracked too when I took a magnifying glass too it. So I figured it wasn’t connect because of that. So I bought one off of ebay for 10$. And now its working like new. just the paint is my issue now. But sony scares me with all those stories on how bad their tech is.

  2. decokaaron says:

    OH and for those with the serial number and model number issue just put a thin peace of tape to keep it from fading. I did that to my friends when he first bought it. I put a a small peace of tape on it and took a hobby knife and cut it so it doesn’t look like it was there. Just be very careful not to cut the frame. But about 5 months later the right joystick stopped working it wouldn’t go back to it’s normal standing position, it just flopped around, so he sent it in and got the same one back with a new joystick. So I figured it worked. He’s on that thing almost all day and everday. So the tape helped a lot.

  3. dragonkid6 says:

    It’s too bad you didn’t know about the serial number thing. Ninty doesn’t(they might do it these days?) except any console without the serial numbers. But I don’t get the charger part…$ony and Ninty have always told me to never send those in as they will not replace them. Also any memory sticks/cards.

    @God Handheld gaming will never die because the country on gaming console origin, Japan, has a much larger user base for handhelds. Japan is a much smaller country and has “key” areas where gamers come together.

  4. RooKata64 says:

    well, its too late for me! i got mine the day the regular version came out for the U.S. 2/22/2012 my stickers are long gone xD

  5. NNNRT says:

    I have removed the serial stickers from my 2 bricked PSP 3004’s but not on my current one. I used to think it was ugly until I knew how important it was. :P

  6. jd20dog says:

    Sony’s teck told me to put some clear scotch tape over the serial stickers before it peeled to much, havent had an issue sense,
    Cheap glue and cheap plastic stickers is the real defect on the vita

  7. ndh777 says:

    I learned the serial number the hard way. These companies are pure evil when it comes to serial numbers because it has happened to all of my laptops and I’ve had an Acer, HP, Compact, and a Toshiba and the same problem persists. It even happened on one of my old PSPs and GameStop refused to buy it because the serial was so worn. So I always put a piece of tape over it to protect it.

    That’s a shame with customer service. That’s one of the things I look for when I buy something. If it doesn’t have good customer service, the thing better be safe against everything or I’m not buying it.

  8. stOneskull says:

    so did throwing it around

  9. mlc says:

    You have to play it. So if your hand ever touches or rubs against the serial number while playing, going online, watching a video, or whatever, then you are “fking with the serial number” and reducing the lifespan of that little sticker due to friction.

    Your point is why I have reservations about suggestions to take off and protect the serial stickers, though, as I’m 99% certain Sony will say that the serial number being removed means it’s out of warranty. (even if you have the serial number from the box, the sticker off of the device, or the internal number that Sony can access)

  10. Chuckthetekkie says:

    My parents bought a 27″ CRT Sony TV about 20+ years ago. One day the remote fried itself. Sony quickly replaced the remote with a new one that eventually did the same thing so they replaced it again. All of this out of warranty.

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