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More petitions regarding the Xbox One… Bring back DRM and other restrictive policies?

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60 Responses

  1. kopko says:

    I think this is just troll from playstation fans. IT HAS TO BE lol..

  2. JeoWay says:

    Of course I signed this a while back :D

    Why? I would love to see Xbox go down harder :)

    • Riku says:

      See, that’s ***. Competition is a good thing, if there’s no competition then they have no reason to improve. Stop slowing progress

    • Thrawn says:

      Uhm no good decision.
      If the competition becomes weaker, the prices of actual hardware and software become “harder” meaning there is little fluctuation, so a company like sony would be animated to hold their prices cause they can charge it. Due to the fact the competition is weak.

    • Davee says:

      This guy probably cuddles his Sony products at night.

      • Dmaskell92 says:

        I respect JeoWay for speaking his mind, I would gladly sign this petition. That could hinder the sales of the Xbox One. It would only be slight payback for the way Microsoft sc*** me over time, and time again.

        • james way says:

          That’s ironic…respect JeoWay’s speaking of his mind, but please let’s not respect Davee’s. Thrawn’s and Riku’s. One it is malicious and two IT DOES have consequences on the future of console gaming. The competition drives each other to make themselves better, make better games, improve games and features. If only Sony existed or maybe two consoles only, then you’d be stuck with what THEY choose to give you. Perfect example the Vita. You got the Vita and the 3DS/DS. Both completely different markets though, so for the “gamer” market, just the Vita. Thus we ended up with a sandboxed system with 3G not 4G, promised features that we got late, got half what was promised or will never get until the PS4.

      • JeoWay says:

        How did you know Davee!?

        My PS3 cant stay away from me :D

      • I have actually cought myself doing that lol

  3. anthony says:

    Microsoft: here is our new console you cant use use games and it has a 24 hour online check

    Gamers: that’s BS change it

    Microsoft: …well fine here we will take away the no used games and the 24 hour online check

    Gamers: change it back

    Microsoft: you mother f**kers

    lol just a comment someone posted that i wanted to share.

  4. kuagelo says:

    Haven’t read the petition yet, but I guess they could bring back the non-crazy parts of the policy, if they really wanted to. I mean, check-in every 24 hours? Really?

  5. gunblade says:

    well i had no problem with the 24 check in herd was for games updates n patches think they download in the back ground wen system was in stand..n if ur playing online 24/7 24 hour check in be no problem unless u have no internet… the online passes was the only thing i dident like much…

  6. Chuckthetekkie says:

    My original 4 complaints about the Xbox One are:

    1. Stupid name
    2. Can’t play 360 games (MS said a fews ago it would)
    3. Mandatory Kinect
    4. Always online or no games

    Now it’s the 1st 3.

    I won’t even consider an Xbox One unless I can use the system with the Kinect device unplugged from the console. With Microsoft’s partnership with the NSA, they may secretly turn on Kinect and record even if you have set Kinect to be disabled. Until Kinect doesn’t have to be plugged in, I won’t even consider an Xbox One.

  7. Thrawn says:

    Uhm *** is going on, I mean ***?
    Is the xbox community really that dumb? They would have never gotten that feature for reselling, sharing or treading their bought licenses.
    Not even steam allows that.
    Why should microsoft allow reselling, sharing or trading on their platform, that destroys the market prices of the products and scares producers away.
    If they would have implemented that, than everything would be different, but they didn’t intend to do it that way.
    Every license is and was a one time buy without refunds.

    • the3 says:

      Yeah really who is gonna pay full price for someone elses licenses the who pupose in reselling used games is to make them cheaper but a digital only xbox 1 could be a hackers dream and get raped worse then the psp did. I say make 2 versions one that only dose digital and has to be online and 1 that does br and no hdd that has no network connection then every one is happy

      • the3 says:

        And only 20k ppl out of the 5to20mill ppl that will buy in the first few years aint much prob just the few hoping the 24hr drm check will defer piracy

        • DrDOA says:

          Again. Majority of PS fans are signing it. They want to see Xbox burn up in flames for some reason. That’s unfair and that’s sabotage. I mean, PS fans wouldn’t like it if the petition was to bring DRM to the PS4, would they?

  8. Alex says:

    Who knows, It could have been a good console. The problem is, they failed to deliver the console correctly, fans didn’t understand what these features would mean, how it could benefit gaming, only the negitives.

  9. Anthony says:

    bringing back drm will make xbox one better

  10. zorrodood says:

    this is so immature on both sides. if there’s a game on xbox one that i wanna play then i have to buy the console regardless.
    btw wasn’t the ps4 supposed to have a fancier name than ‘ps4’?

    • tinostar91 says:

      Why do you think so? It’s 4th Playstation then why not Playstation 4?

      btw. number 4 is in Japan considered as lucky

      • Akutare says:

        It is unlucky, as it sounds like the word for death.
        From what I am given to understand it is less prominent now, but in the past, buildings would even be built with the fourth floor being skipped, and being named the fifth.

        • Thrawn says:

          Omfg XD watch out when the psFOUR will be available in SNOWWHITE!!!
          Nippon makebelieve i love it :)

        • HayAnonynony says:

          Wrong base language.

          In Chinese 4 is “si” which also means death. Technically it should be lucky because it’s formed of two pairs (2s). The Japanese ‘borrow’ those same words in their own language, so naturally, the superstitions have carried across.

          And yes, it’s not unusual for traditional buildings to be missing a fourth floor (or not exceed three stories) and properties numbered 4 are cheaper (or non-existent) on most streets. Even heavens stairs on the great wall has a double rise so it totals 443 instead of 444 (because that would be REALLY bad).

          Sorry, I’m rambling.

      • minimur is gay says:

        So…the Xbox one is the 2nd Xbox does that mean it should be called Xbox 2?!?!?!?!? =°X

        • tinostar91 says:

          I’ve just replied to his comment that I don’t see any problem with naming 4th Playstation as PS4, nothing else

          btw. it’s 3rd xbox

          • Thrawn says:

            Omfg nippon people are just so uncreative. :)
            Tthey could have called it the Quadstation.
            Or psIV or ps cuatro or ps quattro … they don’t need to name it with a 4 they could make a roundabout.
            The vita wasn’t named psp2, it got its own name.

        • thediamante says:

          its the 3rd xbox already.

  11. compccs says:

    I come down on this like this. .. sure both consoles have positives and negatives but what has separated them thus far is the initial announcement and delivery of that announcement. I mean we really know very little of both consoles and the public hasn’t had a real good look at them to decide. Now where it seemed to go wrong for Microsoft was what they decided to show first and their general attitude about this new piece of hardware. I think marketing at Microsoft needs some real work and not just for their Xbox division which I guess might happen with this whole restructuring idea they have now which is a problem of it’s own. Sony decided to play on the strengths of the hardware and hope that’s enough for now till they decide where to go from there. I think it seemed to work for them plus making a mockery of their competition which I guess is part of the game in this industry. I just hope Microsoft gets their act together or Xbox will be the least of their worries… As for Sony let’s just hope their console works as well and magical as they say it does or I’m sure you’ll see angry fans coming from a different direction. Both companies aren’t living the high life right now so I think either side to act like they know what’s best is ludicrous. But I guess in the end it comes down to … build it they will come

  12. svenn says:

    Honestly, internet always on is just a console aka 2013; Most games need internet connection aswell … ’bout DRM or policy; while Sony might be the friend of the gamers, the company’s making games only do it for money, and if XONE is more strict they will be more reluctant to make games for XONE;

    As to those “check-ins” well, I think its a marketing failure; I assume this is linked to the software, a console will “catch” the user data for around 1 day, so you will need to login every day to access your user data, that is implemented in every game; Lets say username, your funny avatar, ect ect. Thought to consumers this is like you need to tick a clock to be able to game … bad marketing.

    As to who has the best console, purely spec there non-comparable; They are very alike, and the difference in performance variate on the game and other factors; Fact is, that 99% of performance is based on the game maker and not on the console itself;

    I’m not a fan of Xbox nor Sony and I don’t plan buying any of those consoles; (I’m a PC user)

    • MarSprite says:

      99%? you say you’re a PC user and you disregard hardware limitations? I’ll admit you can make wonderful software for inferior hardware, but there are limits. If you surpass those limits, it’s going to take better hardware to pull it off, or you’re going to have to cut corners. That said, from what I’ve seen of the specs they seem very similar.

  13. tinostar91 says:

    Many xbox fans still think that MS took down their DRM policy just because of gamers but I don’t think so, imo they did it because of money, as always. I really don’t think that in case there will be no PS4 they will take it down. It takes 1 update to remove it, how many updates would it require to bring it back?

    • ndh777 says:

      That is the same principle. Fans = Paying customers. If their fanbase hated the product, chances are high that the sales will plummet because if fans won’t verbally support a product, why would they spend their hard-earned money on the product?

  14. Crzylegz says:

    For all the brain dead “Fan Boys” signing this petition just shows how ignorant you are. Think about this, as “Gamers” why would we want only one home system to play? Let me guess “Because PS is better” , thought you say that. As being gamers it’s all about the experience, the story, the connection, that makes a game great. Yes we have our opinions about which systems reigns suprem, but to completly try to cripple a console that has brought us “Fun” cause that’s what it’s about is absolutely absurd. You should be ashamed as “Gamers”. I own and play all systems because There is to much fun to be had.

  15. SSJ-Vita says:

    I actually want both ps4 and xbox3 to fall on their face but only in the proprietary sense, not at the expense of the end users experience and causing them to have less fun. Pretty much everyone at one point or another has been shafted and almost no platform has bragging rights of a history of making the end users experience better, usually more complicating. Eeh maybe I’m a dead wrong negative nancy who knows.

  16. NNNRT says:

    When signing the petition, I put the reason as “Because this makes it look new, not like all other consoles.” :lol:

  17. ken says:

    I assume the “this” and “it” in the petition meant the DRM feature. But I thought the purpose of DRM is to prevent you from trade, share or sell the games you bought, is it not?

    “consumers were uninformed” 100% true.

  18. Ryan says:

    People just need something to make a stink about. We don’t know what will happen until it comes out anyway. – Peace

  19. Dragonxtamer596 says:

    The thing I find the most funny is all the ps fan boys/girls who ride ps’s d all day long. Most Xbox fans aren’t rude enough to tell you all the issues Sony faces day in and out. I have all the consoles up to date so I can actually express this. All consoles have pros and cons. A few from each ps- pro free online, you can use real avatar to play games with, cheap blue ray player, good series of games. Cons- it can melt, light on fire my first ps3 model did this, yellow dot, security can be iffy, most games resell at new price changing over to a newer console. Xbox- pros- unique indie development, good games series. Cons- pay for online if your poor its a con, red eye. Wii- unique mii creation play games with them, multitasking watch movies and play games, fun classic video game series (Pokemon, Zelda, Mario). Cons- they need more uniques game series, online is a bit scetchy, they come out with handhelds to fast.

    • Thrawn says:

      I’m with you, each console has it’s own pros and cons. Now making one of those look like a bad choice is not good for competition and reselling prices nor new buy.

  20. Anonymous says:

    What are people thinking?
    Do they do this just to screw Microsoft now?

  21. Lawliet156 says:

    Eff DRM, just sell the Xbox One without a Kinect and Im sold

  22. Warlord698 says:

    they only need to bring back certain policies, and only to the DIGITAL side, make it more of a dual format system (kinda like the PS3 is now, but better). The trading, family/friend sharing, that can all be done with digital, all the while leaving the physical format the way it is now

    then they would each have their upsides downsides depending on the situation.

    live out in the boonies and you don’t have a reliable internet source to connect and wait for all your licenses to renew (or wait over a week for a game to download), or just wanna be able to take your game anywhere and play it right then and there (traveling or a gaming party somewhere) go physical.

    live where you have a GREAT (it would really have to be) internet connection have plenty of friends/family on Live that you want to share with/want to share with you, go digital

  23. DrDOA says:

    I actually like the people on this site. There are barely any blinded fanboys who just hate each console neither any PC Master Race people who just say PC rocks etc etc. You all are really mature. Speaking of maturity. I was absolutely horrified at E3. So they went to show the reboot or remake of “Killer Instinct” and everyone was happy with the trailer and a bit hyped. Then everyone all of a sudden booed for it being an Xbox One exclusive. I’m glad people on this site are not immature. But about the Xbox One petition. I have a feeling the “Blinded Fanboys” like I said before that are on the PS side are really the ones signing it. They want to see the Xbox One Burn up in flames. I dislike it very much and they are being very disrespectful. This site is the opposite and give sane opinions on each console with both of them including pros and cons of each console. Too bad everyone can’t be like that.

  24. OGManBro says:

    Today, we learn that online petitions are absolutely meaningless, and that they can be started for any cause, no matter how absurd.

  25. The Kick says:

    DRM is not a good thing in this case. Personally, I don’t even care. I’m the guy who just wants to play the game. Not trying to have my device cook me diner or, in this case, sell my info to 3rd parties for money.

  26. Anger says:

    DRM – Digital Rights Management. I defy anyone to come up with a good reason for the use of drm that doesn’t benefit Microshit, the government, the devs or any other corporate waste – I wantr one person to name a legitimate use of drm that benefits gamers alone. in the case of this petition it technically isn’t drm however it does use elements of it and im for now and forever against it. in simple terms having to be online for a game to even load is ridiculous (yes this was a planned ‘feature’), having to check in every 24 hours also ridiculous – and it isn’t just for updating avatars or some *** like that its so microcrap can kill your game at the mere hint of unsigned software – read homebrew. I know they need to protect their investment (yes its all about the moolah) but this is just absurd. now im sounding like a pony fanboy but I hate them equally because they were intending to do the same damn thing, and only microcraps announcement scared them out of it, so they turned it into a plus – that’s normal for stony. I know im behind the times because I know theres games coming out that more or less require online all the time because they are doing away with the multiplayer aspect by integrating it into the main game itself. in theory a good idea – in practice yet again not everyone can do this. also I think I do agree copying the game to the hdd is a good idea HOWEVER not allowing the game to then be sold on is just backward. obviously they would need to restrict the game to the person who owns the disc but whats wrong with the good old disc protection? sure it doesn’t work if theres the slightest scratch but its still better than the draconian *** they had planned. Also one final thought – 20’000 signatures – almost certainly every single MICROSOFT EMPLOYEE – think about that one as well.

  27. Brandon Miller says:


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