FAQ: What is VHBL (and what it is not)


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  1. Enrike says:

    okay… i guess my crash/freeze is not portable ?

    • wololo says:

      I takes some time and work to get from a crash to a VHBL port. You can start here: http://wololo.net/2009/03/11/finding-gamesaves-exploits-on-the-psp/ . I can’t spoonfeed the whole thing for you simply because I don’t have the free time to do it, and also because of my “teach a man how to fish” philosophy. If the tuto is not enough to get you started, please ask for help on the forums (without revealing the name of your game) and people there should be able to help you faster than I would.
      Good luck.

  2. phil87700 says:

    Thank you for you hard work guys.
    But Wololo you said you are following up with another Hacker for EU game exploit?
    How far your convincing went with this guy?

    • azulaeu says:

      The EU guy goes by the name of The Z. He said he won’t be releasing until Sony implements some new major feature in a newer firmware.

  3. psvita says:

    Hey I have a problem with ps vita,
    Since the update of maybe 2.02 Sony has announced email app for psvita. I have using for a while and checked through Internet about how to set hotmail account on it.but after the update of 2.12 their has been a little change In setting up a hotmail account.can you wonderful guys help in setting a hotmail account on ps vita “2.12” email app. I would grateful.
    PS ignore spelling mistakes.
    Please reply,

  4. FreeMyVita says:

    All dimensions of the vita device should be explored. Bluetooth. Ps mobile. Etc. We want More than a kernel exploit. We want the ability to make the hardware do what we want & take it to its Max potential. Half of the improvements made with updates were things already being improved by plug-in’s and CFW. Like screen shots & the capture card. Next they will have the music plug in. “Allowing “us to listen to our own music and play games???

    • hgoel0974 says:

      okay, first of all, it isn’t easy.
      also, I think you mixed up some things, the music plugin and stuff were for the psp, the Vita allows you to do it. same with screenshots, what we can say (and maybe its what you were saying) is that Sony needs to learn the full lesson from the psp scene.

  5. FreeMyVita says:

    ^Full potential of vita device would be best. CEF in psp emulator is good.

  6. Sakke says:

    Will you release the game in twitter after ninja release? I check on twitter hourly on daily basis and your twitter feed is worth of reading anyways.

  7. pspfanMOHH says:

    I thought I would release a vHBL in this firmware, anyways once I refill my wallet I will start hunting, of course ISO or pirated games don’t have eboot.bins so its useless, I rather buy games then pirate.

    • hgoel0974 says:

      actually, they do, have you never mounted an iso? just double click on windows 8

    • yukon says:

      Shut your lying *** up. Its like you see $500 in someones pocket and you won’t get caught when you steal it. If you have a chance to get something free, your gonna go for it Mr. “Good guy”

      • pspfanMOHH says:

        See people like you doesn’t appreciate. At least I am helping out with useful posts, I am in vacations so yea I am not releasing.

  8. zerobacker says:

    wo0o0 very cool
    only i wait to use vhbl on my new vita
    i ready to buy the game
    come on wololo and team vhbl
    you can doit make more for vhbl goob luck

  9. zx says:

    why dont keep the exploitable game for a better hack on this or better OFW?

    • wololo says:

      Long story short, because there are dozens of exploitable games, we might as well release a few for VHBL, since people who have “better” hacks don’t seem very eager to release their stuff.

  10. renejr902 says:

    Hi Wololo !! Thanks again for this release. Where in the Talk forum i can find the information to install homebrew, emulators and my own roms. i dont find the information. i use custom firmaware on my psps for years, so it should not be hard to install emus and roms and homebrew on PS vita. can you give us a specific LINK in the talk forum to find the installation information. i heard about a no Wireless utilitie to transfer files PC to vita still cant find it too. THANKS FOR ANSWERS OR LINKS

  11. franz says:

    I am using sixaxis for my epsxe emu on my acer a500. and I must say that it really is a wonderful app although it would be great if they will make the ’tilt’ function compatible as well…

  12. e Rata says:

    does anyone know if the ninja release is already happening?

    • FreeshootXiggy says:

      If you paid attention to the rules of ninja releases you would know. go on the forum, sign up and follow instructions

  13. GlueGun says:

    every one, check the zetts site,
    he said in the comments that it may be release in 2.13 well its not going to be 2.13 2.15 yes, because the last FW update was may TWO MONTHs ago!.
    better off learning computer programming brcause…
    i want you in the programming !

    lol pay 1500$ to take a class for 3 businessman days. about MIPS or terabytes xD.

  14. Madblaster6 says:

    I’m confused. the previous VHBL ran PSP ISO.

  15. clicks says:

    Now that Dragon’s Crown is finally coming out my interest in the Vita is back up!

    Perhaps this post should be kept on the front page otherwise you’ll have people CONSTANTLY being linked to it by other commenters for a LOOONG time to come.

  16. Kenster240 says:

    Would it be possible to, in the future, obtain an eCFW from this exploit?

    • MarSprite says:

      When the last eCFW was released, they ported it to alot of older exploits that had been used to run VHBL. However that’s no guarantee that the next big thing will be able to be ported back.

      • pspfanMOHH says:

        Games are what runs exploits, usermode exploits are exploit that uses the return address to run homebrews, don’t go around tell others kxploit can’t ported to vHBLs like I said kxploit is the address and games are what loads/runs them (long explanation short description), @OP(of the question) yes future kxploits can be ported to this.

        • MarSprite says:

          I gave information that supported my opinion that it would be possible, but also made it clear that my facts don’t give me certainty that it will happen the way I think it will.

          But there you go kenster240, pspfanMOHH has given you their personal guarantee that such a thing will be possible.

          However, even if I take pspfanMOHH’s words for fact(which, not recognizing their name, and not being more knowledgeable on the subject, I don’t), they still didn’t say that it would happen, just that it could.

          Still, Homebrew can be quite fun on the PSVita, so I urge you to check it out if it’s in your budget.

  17. GlueGun says:

    varibles ints char make,AFTER ABOUT 900Lines of make files,

    no no got to keep typing!!

    title!?! where is edword??!?!?!?

    you, your lieing let me inject!!!

  18. Perone says:

    Christ, all I want is to play SNES and GBA/GBC games on my Vita. I don’t care what the game costs, I’m putting HBL on my Vita if that’s the last thing I do!

  19. trey says:

    I know everybody gets mad when someone asks these questions, but it has been a while and i, among many others, have been wondering about Coldbird’s progress on solving the “lack of media engine” problem, and whether or not sound is even possible, because he said it was.

    • stop says:

      No. Don’t talk anymore or you’ll just *** everyone off. Thanks.

      • trey says:

        Wow, ok. Your username is even “stop”, now that’s pretty neat. Whatever you say, Stop… I guess you’re probably close friends with Neur0n, Wololo, Frostgator, Coldbird, Total N00b and everyone else in the scene, since you feel the need to speak for them. Someone should give you administrative privileges on this site. While you’re at it, change the name of the site to Stop.net.

    • wololo says:

      @trey, I think Coldbird is extremely busy with real life right now and this is why we dont hear from him much recently.

      • trey says:

        Thank you for the cooperation, Wololo. I found out a couple days ago that he was juggling 3 jobs and wouldn’t be free for 4 months. He did say that he gave his work to TN hoping he could finish the job and get sound working.

  20. n/a says:

    Welp, im still on 2.02 with TN Menu,, been many months and still nobody has done anything better. Tho this vhbl release puts a smile on my face because the scene is still doing the best they can. Theres hope for vita owners out there to now run emulators on their stock vita and that in itself is whats cool with a current firmware exploit.

    Tho i know someone already broke into the system and is executing unsigned code. Just waiting for that to be build up and have some homebrew for us to *** with,, maybe a pspfile kinda thing,, i expect big things soon.

  21. renejr902 says:

    The instructions to install homebrews and emulators and roms are not in Talk Forum, you can find it at the top of the page in VHBL section. I didnt find any information useful about installation in Talk Forum. i said all of that for people that searched like me the installation FAQ for VHBL.

  22. decookaaron says:

    Wouldn’t it be better to wait for the PS4 release and another update for the PS Vita to be release before releasing the exploit?

    • pspfanMOHH says:

      Why do you say that? PS4 comes out September long time, and new firmware who knows when, vHBL forces new firmwares. vHBL is a common thing now, there are countless amount of untested games. PS don’t go around giving clues to the release date like that.

      • decookaaron says:

        If the VHBL is that common of a thing. There would be more release or more claims then the very few they already have. There hasn’t been that many release and they go through a lot of work to just get it patched afterwards. Their are a lot of fake claims and no proof of their claims. So I’m sketchy when people say the have a exploit except for a very few well known devs.

        • pspfanMOHH says:

          I have to disagree, you probably new, but you can just buffer overflow and crash. There are many who trying and those who do claim they have an exploit, they have proof, they share the exploits with the staff. And whats the point in releasing multiple vHBLs in the same firmware or right after a firmware update since every day new people finds /talk.

          • decookaaron says:

            What I’m trying to say is release one for this firmware and then release another for the new one that will be released after the new PS Vita update which they will have to since the Vita is suppose to have ps4 remote play and other things. Cause the one released for the 2.12 will more likely be patched or take off. Sony is pretty fast acting at patching stuff. And the PS4 compatiblity with the vita just imagine what other cooler stuff you can do with it. But then that’s my opinion. I’m new to the vita thing. Just trying to het more info and people’s opinion on these things.

  23. decookaaron says:

    But if they release the ps4 in September they would have to add PS4 compatibility to the Vita. Its is promised to have remote play for it along with a few other things. So an update for the PS Vita would come soon after PS4 release. Which they usally do update the console when a new system is release. Just like the update to support file transfering and limited remote play for the PS3 when the PS Vita was released. And 2 and a half months isn’t really that long at all. Just people are impatient to get VHBL. If I was a dev which I’m not, I would wait just a little longer for a more recent update when the PS4 comes out and then release it. But its the devs decision to release it when they want. They can be jerks and keep it to thems selves. So imma sit there and watch for a release and get it asap and appreciate their hard work. But that’s my opinion on releasing the exploit.

  24. GlueGun says:

    well i agree,
    its not that hard to find a exploit, you can even encrypt for your free will,

    well one encryption = used, used and publish = more money for your self….

    [102] [103] [104] hey some one might appreciate your work,
    its just about timing not what others are speaking about, but september no one well like you. and a thats fact.

    • >_> says:

      You and your off the wall comments again…… XDDDD

    • decookaaron says:

      People go long lengths, time, and money to find a exploit in a game. You can’t just up and find one. An exploit isn’t easily found, other wise you hear a lot about it. There would be proof and proof of concept with out releasing the name of the game. You have to hope that the game you pay for can do what you want. There are a lot of fake ones out there. I have nothing but pure free time I sit at home physically disabled and watch videos and study as much as I can about the vita and its exploits. And I see there isn’t that many release or easily found. But then I can be looking in all the wrong places.

      • pspfanMOHH says:

        Wrong again, usermode exploits are not hard to find as long as you know how to use controlled register to control the return address. I am a dev(not in the staff) and I find many useful crash that can be ported to vHBL, yes your right about time and money which I don’t have right now, will when I go out tomorrow. The exploits that are hard to find are kxploits as you would need to access prx files in the flash use prxtool to decompose(to make it readable) and then its not as easy as buffer overflowing easily. And this requires alot, I mean alot of knowledge on MIPs and C which is the basic building block of a PSP.

        • decookaaron says:

          Then I’m doing something completely wrong or looking at wrong type of games and game saves. And I don’t want to exploit the psp emulator that runs on the vita I want to go further and mess with the vita os. I don’t want emulator running on top of a psp emulator. Cause there is a psp emulator on the vita thats how your able to play psp games off of it which is said several times in the website that there is a psp emulator running on the vita. I want complete access to the PS vita it self. But I know it won’t happen at this moment. It might take some time for it to happen but who knows.

          • pspfanMOHH says:

            PSP Emulator is the first step to that success, there is a possibility to crash the psp emulator! TO GAIN CONTROL to a vita usermode. 😉

  25. GlueGun says:

    its just hours, im trying to dump ram form the vita
    and publish it like some1 did and find a exploit and let them use it for cfw
    and have fun with it, and title and upload it as annon its very fun.

  26. Zix says:

    @wololo…. do you think we will ever have an exploit that can make use of the vitas full hardware, ie, an exploit that does not require to be ran through the psp emulator.

    Id love someday to get dreamcast or even ngc emulation on vita, zelda tp on the go would be awesome.

  27. Max7731 says:

    Merci à vous tous pour cette exploit.

  28. israfel07 says:

    Veo con mucha tristeza que la scena de psvita no avanza, es como si no existiera y todo se quedo en la psp, necesitamos un dark alex ya mismo.

  29. Max says:

    With the UNO thing it could run a hombrew called pspdisp (control your computer from vita) would that still work

  30. Max says:

    And I also would like to know if lame craft works right this time (on UNO hack u couldn’t save . .

  31. vince says:

    is that the feat UNO is compatible with the new update???

  32. ironysteeth says:

    noob here so thankfull for the demystifying what this vhbl is and isnt. I hadda few misconceptions on what it was. seeing that line about no iso play=useless kinda irrarared me just cuzz id love to just get pspfiler and bookr on my vita but havnt had the chance yet.

  33. -.- really dude... says:

    Just hurry up and release it already… We’re gonna have to wait even longer for the files to use it anyway I could see waiting this long if it could play psp isos but it can’t so just release it already damn…

    • ZeroSkys says:

      You are free to find one yourself if not, wait.

      • decookaaron says:

        I rather wait for the release and have a stable one then one that could screw up. I have all the patients in the world. But I can’t wait to see it though 🙂

    • Shingeki no Kyojin says:

      It’s probably going to be another month before they release it, you know how these *** are.

  34. Shelton Lee says:

    Any news from SKFU or Luyifan?

  35. Max7731 says:

    Moi personnellement j’attends avec patience, et je préfère un exploit user qui va être avec une bonne compatibilité(comme présentement. En tout cas merci à ceux qui travail dessus.

  36. Ps Ninja Vita says:

    Coldbird Returns To Work With TN And Team PRO , Coldbird has a real life to attend to, and not all of his time can be spent making our PSX games audible , until he comes back home, TN is in possession of the plugin to work on and hopefully make some progress with , Coldbird should be returning in around 5 months .
    Stay patient, enjoy what you have on your Vita right now

  37. Sparkey says:

    Am I too late for the public or Ninja Release?
    It’s been over a year since I last logged in, hahah.

  38. ivo says:

    hi, are there homebrew or psn stores for more targets onto native vita kernel or usermode ? thkx

  39. Perone says:

    Wow, some people here are so ungrateful! without Wololo, you would have NO way to hack your PS Vita, so be thankful you little ingrates! Wait however long it takes, or don’t. But don’t complain about it, that just makes you look self entitled and self righteous.

  40. Swiswi says:

    Can anyone tell me if updating my ps vita will “remove” my hack?
    I have the Uno app that was exploited..
    Thanks 🙂