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Android gaming with your PS3 controller


I like to get everyone the right info and I like to help others get the most from there electronic devices. I enjoy playful cleverness and the exploration of technology. My Motto: You own it, you can do whatever you want with it.

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  1. Itherian says:

    This is cool. I ended up buying a mini bluetooth keyboard for my Nexus tablet. cost 20-30 bucks depending on which model u get. I got the mini suit ultra thin and it works great.

  2. aerinas says:

    “they almost work on everything”, they don’t even work out of the box with a standard windows pc xD You always need crappy tools to get your controller to work on anything but the ps3 itself.

    • Thrawn says:

      This is sony, what else did you expect? Their stuff only works on their stuff great. Evetything else is not intended to work. Smart move from m$ to make their controller pnp. 🙂

      • aerinas says:

        Only the wired one though, for wireless x360 controller on your pc, you need to buy a separate controller (wireless xbox360 controller for windows).

        • Ragi says:

          nah, they say that but what comes in the pack is an original xbox360 controller + a radio usb adapter to connect the controller to the pc.

  3. psYos says:

    As awesome as this app is, it doesn’t work with every rooted phone, it depends on the bluetooth stack in your phone. Most AOSP roms have the proper version though.

  4. jlo138 says:

    I use my WiiMote on my jail broken devices. A little bulkier when using the classic pro controller but it works.

  5. bob4real says:

    This is cool for older android devices. Most new devices with android 4.2 support six axis controllers out of the box. My Asus Transformer Infinity tablet supported six axis controller day one with no roots or apps.

  6. AMTF says:

    Newer android devices can support a PS3 controller connected with a cable. This app is only needed for a wireless connection

  7. Weeman says:

    Been out for a while now but is really useful!
    Pairing also works via OTC-Cable on the nexus 7 (and i guess same applies to other tegra3 devices)

    The ps3 controller also works fine on osx but the xbox is harder to use (not sure if anything changed lately)

  8. alex says:

    Is it possible to play like SuperN64 (n64 emulator) with a “real working analog stick”.
    I tried playing Super mario 64 on the emulator, and everything worked except the analog stick only lets me run and not walk.
    There is just like a on and off mode, from standing still to running, nothing inbetween.

    Can someone tell me how to get the analog stick working like a real one?

    • thedicemaster says:

      if you get the right emulator, you should be able to use the analog sticks as the n64 analog stick.
      just make sure you didn’t map the analogs to buttons in the sixaxis app.

      I use mupen, and it supports analog input just fine.

  9. Fredrick Sylar says:

    All you people needed was the OTG adapter and you’re done.
    Android come pre-configured to work with almost anything eanging from keyboards, mouses (or mice???), mics to your desired controller.

    All you really need is the SixAxis application on your rooted phone, the OTG and your controller for a perfect wireless gaming experience using your PS3 controller.
    Just open the application and press “Start” then “Pair Controller”.
    You can then disconnect the controller and still be connected over BlueTooth.
    Happy Gaming! ^_^

    • Fredrick Sylar says:

      BTW, I use my MicroSoft Wireless KeyBoard and Mouse 3000 on all my Android running gadgets and they’re AWESOME!!!
      For you whom didn’t know, connecting a mouse to your Android device will show a pointer on your screen just like Windows and Mac that has even the “Right-Click” functionality.

  10. TheHollander says:

    I’m good using a Wii controller and the WiiMote program. Even though my Galaxy Tab 10.1 is rooted, My daughter’s isn’t. And the Wii Controller works fine on theirs without root. Good Tut though, for those who wanna use the PS3 controller.

  11. franz says:

    I am using sixaxis for my epsxe emu on my acer a500. and I must say that it really is a wonderful app although it would be great if they will make the ’tilt’ function compatible as well…

  12. Tenerezza says:

    Just want to mention that some devices support PS3 cntrolles without ANY form of modifications nor need root and so on. So test it out before you go that far.

    To do that, you basically just need to plug it into your tablet with USB once, turn it on, sync it iwth BT and your set. however not all tablets can do it. Asus transformer linup can.

  13. decookaaron says:

    I’ve been using sixaxis for a very long time now. I use it when I play dead trigger, modern combat 1,2,3,and 4, mass effect, dead space and other games like that. I use the androids that support mini hdmi so I can play off my tv. I prefer any of the droid razr instead of other phones that uses media link which lags a bit. But its fun play games with sixaxis and easier.

  14. Fantomphox says:

    i like this app. i’ve been using it for my old droid from when i was on Verizon. now use it on my N7, this is the best even for games that are gamepad hid compatible. if i remember there is also a function for linking your ps3 controller to your android device provided you have an otg cable.

  15. Phil87700 says:

    Hav earl ready tried this on my Xperia P, sometimes it tries your patience. Doesn’t connect whatsoever. 😉

  16. DarkVolkaN says:

    I already used a PS3 controller via bluetooth on my tablet 9 months ago. Some games recognize it like a generic gaming controller and it works helluva nice 😀
    But some games dont, for that my program has a function, that i can configure screen-touches/slides on several points, triggered by buttons on the game pad. Generic controller works better (analog sticks) but it works really nicely overall 😀 (GTA III etc)

  17. drebin says:

    i always receive sa notice which says i dont meet some requirements microsoft visual c++ 2010 distributable tool to run the sixaxis pc tool setup. but i have that microsoft c++ 2010 tool. but still the setup does not install.

  18. david says:

    Microsort c++ 2010 tool how would I get this thanks

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