Minimur, WTH Happened This & Last week? GTA V News Blowout, Conversation With Creators, Tekken On Vita?


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. natsu

    tekken revolution will be the reason why i will update my vita to latest firmware ang get rid of uno exploit…

    dang it, i miss going online/multiplayer…. my ps3 is so awesome that i can’t go online with it. if you know what i mean. 😀

    • FreeMyVita

      Really you would get rid of your uno. My vita seems so worthless after mine got deactivated. I would only give up a k exploit for another k exploit.

      • natsu

        If you are in my country i’d love to swap my vita with yours.. LOL

        as i have said, i spend most of my time with my ps3… my ps3 can’t go online..

    • Ivan

      yeah, i agree with you.
      exploit is worthless for your vita.
      but still a lot of people (a newcomer one) searching for it.

  2. pspfanMOHH

    Hey Minimur do you take the whole week to type these?

    • Minimur12

      I draft it on my Ipod throughout the week, then email it to myself and re-write most of it and add photos, videos, hyperlinks 🙂

  3. nomeleeman

    Guten Tag, you may or may not know this but just yesterday three games got announced to be localized on the vita:
    Holy Sorcery Story from Aksys, Danganronpa and Demon Gaze from NISA.

  4. x-eye

    I hate that they keep including Indie games on gaming lists. No disrespect to the Indie devs but they are throwing the gamine industry back fifty years. Oh yeah and it’s official: i hate ps3 >:-[

    • Hellbelial

      Yeah i personally hate indie games because they are skipping great games.Not only tekken needs to be released:Castlevania 2d/3d style like SOTN,dawn of sorrow and the others of NDS console,Resident evil,a new silent hill old style not rpg and no online,grandia 2 at least,tales games,more jrpg,naruto and fairy tail,fatal frame with motion camera will be great,bloody roar,soul calibur,skullmonkeys 2,crash,spyro,croc 3,KING OF FIGHTERS!!!,why not a cloc tower game and many more.But think about it,it’s not Sony fault,Crapcom say that there will be no resident evil on ps vita,and others companies are not interested in ps vita games so they just dont release the game we want just because they dont want it.

  5. S1NFUL

    Thanks for the shoutout man. Really appreciate it 🙂 And also, whenever I see a piece of Vita news that I feel everyone should know about, I put it on /talk right away 🙂

  6. tinostar91

    Not only Naughty Dog has numbers to “them”, I remember NES game “Who framed Roger Rabbit”, at one point you got tel. number which is now used for this purpose. And don’t forget about Atari 2600 game “E.T”, there is number on cartrige which now has the same purpose.

    They need to learn that only 555s which are for these purposes are 555-100 and 555-199

    btw. I know that in the games which I’ve listed up the numbers had their original purpose playing you prerecoded message whenever you call but now it’s something else

    • Minimur12

      Im in UK so I don’t know about the 555-100/199 rule, I was just going by the numbers I’ve used in GTA IV ! 😀

      • Thrawn

        You know that censoring those numbers is completely useless?
        2 seconds on google and a hundred pictures showing those two numbers XD.
        Oh and btw. patch 1.02 censores that stuff, it places a dirt decal directly above the last part of the number. I mean how prude are americans?
        On the other hand metro 2034 shows awesomely much :), of course it is not produced by americans and there is no patch censoring that XD.
        And something typical american in the last of us: a kid using a rifle. °n_

  7. Draven

    I wouldn’t really count quoting other articles and interviews, word-for-word, as contributing to a word count.

  8. Zer0numbers

    if i have idea for an exploit or specific hack how would i get into contact with wololo to privately discuss it?

    • Minimur12

      hey, if you wish to privately disscuss somethingwith wololo regarding exploits – PM him through /talk

  9. zerobacker

    i have psvita v-2.12
    please have 35 dll on psn card on my vita only i wanna play snes on my vita i like very much super mario world

    please only send me mp name exploit please


  10. zerobacker


  11. trey

    I know everybody gets mad when someone asks these questions, but it has been a while and i, among many others, have been wondering about Coldbird’s progress on solving the “lack of media engine” problem, and whether or not sound is even possible, because he said it was.

  12. Kyu

    Your post reminded me how I broke my Vita’s screen and that I cannot replace it just yet :'(

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